Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the rules of the game

This Ship is Sinking 6 by david.marrufo
This Ship is Sinking 6 by david.marrufo from flickr

The rules of the game
It will be soon in our lives
Say what we want now
The battlefield will be passed

A new general taking charge
Yet we have known his arsenals
Money, submarines and women
And a big fat lie.............

The cruising speed
Steer steady keeping on even keel
The sea water splashing waves
Crushing into seaweeds entangling engines

The general barking orders
Eyes staring at the swallowing sea
Fear creeping into his mind
As the naked shadows arise
Dancing flowing naked in the roaring waves
The past deeds come to haunt him again

The general knows he isn't a seaman
The roaring wind and the rolling waves
Raising high stakes and vengeance writing on it
The white womanly shadow floating angrily away
As the underground sea waves engulf the ship

So it is said
The general finally meet his doom
In the shadowy mist of a pretty woman
Raising from the sea taking him away

the death traps

Color: Verde by ÐÂnNY ○○○ ¡esta foto es mía!

The death traps
People make a living
Fear and misery
Afraid of robbers and thieves

Grilled outside premises
Grilled outside windows
At a glance it is safe
Don't worry about thefts

When fire raging in
The escape routes sealed
Trapped in own hands
The grilled shut it out

The crying of pain
The agony of life disappear
Of humans mistakes
Living fear and misery
Of robbers and thieves

the heated colours

Symphony of Colours by Garry'
Symphony of Colours by Garry' from flickr

Politicians promise many things
On the seats they coveted
They don't want others to do
Bring on the good wagons
Be Santa then you are planted

Symphony of colours
They make your eyes glow
They weave the art of magic
The grandeur of images
You think you will get it
You can dream on

On the campaign trails
Know the honesty and lies
Wagons of goods to give
Corruption coin with a smile

The heated colours
Mixing the glow and flowing truth
The symphony of lights
Sparkling yet illusive

Don't be fooled
The sweet colour tones
Branding minted goods
Remember the past understood

camouflaged of politics

The Colors We Can't See by bob1217
The Colors We Can't See by bob1217 from flickr

Camouflaged of politics
The chameleon changing
The maze of hiding
Honesty is a hard game

The colors changing
On places and interests
Of people and support
Words play intruding the mind

Camouflaged of politics
Don't go in if lying is impossible
For principles will be hard to invest
When it is power and wealth

The chameleon changing
Of interests and power play
It happens all the times
Of tricks and lies

When God play a second best
Be very wary of these leaders
They can even sell your soul
For them sacrifices for profits

camouflaged of life

water color by Nora Al_F
water color by Nora Al_F from flickr

Don't follow the pack
You never learn its shadows
What they do; what they want
You will always fall behind
Learn to be yourself
The way you want
On your own terms and turf
You will feel better in the end
Short term glory
Long term misery
When the time is over
You realize all are just emptiness
You think you have arrived
Yet you are so far behind
Every one has certain gifts in life
The way God make and the values create
Use it to build your own way
Following shadows aren't the way to appease soul
You lose your foundation and the time
When the game is over
You are bitterly distressed
The camouflaged of life
It is a short holiday

Monday, March 30, 2009

let the votes count

Penamaan calun P59 by wira620
Penamaan calun P59 by wira620 from flickr

The atmosphere tense
Controllable by themselves
FRU and police personnel
Dividing the line
Stay on peaceful rally

The wishes of many
Be fair to all
Don't do the back door trajectory
Fight like a man

Bukit Gantang
The forces of good and evil
And the little napoleons
The people must know

Let the votes count
When the day arrives
On 7 April 2009
Write into history
Let the dogs run
With tails between legs
Barking cowardly every where

bukit gantang

Penamaan Calun Bukit Gantang by wira620
Penamaan Calun Bukit Gantang by wira620 from flickr

Bukit Gantang
The face off of people and the Sultan
The choices made
This will tell

The droves of people
The candidates supporters came
Bringing flags, placards and shouting match
The sound of voices ring far and wide

Pakatan Rakyat must win
There is no two way about it
This is the peoples' loving PR MB
Nizar cuts across racial boundary

Let the people decide
Chase away the back-doors liars
Holding fort as if they had won
The lies and corruption allegedly committed
It is better the people buried them
In this by election

Bukit Gantang
A signal must be sent
By the people to the Albino
The end of Bee Anne

Racial solidarity
It should unleash convincingly
The votes let it all matters
Crush Albino and Bee Anne
It is time for a new light
For the country sake

history telling stories again

(photo taken from street version of The Star)

The faces of triumph
Cunningly display pushing the one over
When they had done
Quickly offering apologies

The sleeping beauty
Long time in dreams
By the time he woke up
It was all over for him

Look at their eyes
The signs of Brutus
Golden opportunity mischievous smile
It was the day they planned it well

They talked of changes
They better start themselves
Baggages plenty allegedly hidden
For the years down the well

The sleeping beauty nightmarish dreams
At long last he gave it away
He couldn't stand the antics
He wanted to sleep his way

The cohorts got it
Now the iron fisted rule display
Only the people standing in
Watching them every detail writing down

For history has repeated it
Tunku, Hussein Onn and now
The time of ending
GE 13 the day the light bloom

Sunday, March 29, 2009

we better change the scene

Trees of hope by novodonz
Trees of hope by novodonz from flickr

It is greed and power
Corrupt Bee Anne absolutely
Hacking social contract
It is them to rule

Bee Anne changes rules
With the obedient greedy hogs
Feed them with power and projects
The dominant party chalks its ambitions

Only Harm Noh can decide
No other party has a right
Saying this is democracy
Our rights diminished

The rights of this land
Belonging to all Malaysians
It isn't to a class of a race
It never is the way

Gerakan, PPP and others
Talk about race and its rights
Forgetting the root
We are Malaysians

As long as they don't wake up
We better change the scene
Through the ballot boxes
Exercising our rights
To pick our leaders
Managing the affairs of the nation
Else we are on the down slides
On this borderless world
Be in or be out!

the face of Nizar

Perak State Assembly Rumble by barracuda.fish
DS Nizar by barracuda.fish from flickr

The face of Nizar
The glue to bring all
Religious belief of many
Into him he enjoys
The support of the people
Color blind religious tolerance

We don't see such support
For a Pas candidate in election
Nizar will bring the good cheers
For the country and her people

No doubt Harm Noh and its lap dogs
Going out in full force to derail it
Every agencies and its little napoleons
Bullying the people creating fear

Nizar still the MB of Perak
Many people still hold he is
Though Harm Noh denies him that right
The people will not forsake him
Nizar will win this by election
Sending signals end is Bee Anne

the hammer will keep knocking in

Dollar Koi fish by The Macgyver
Dollar Koi fish by The Macgyver from flickr

Let the Albino play
The way it wants to
The hammer will keep knocking in
Until it can't push out
Dead silence underground

We have seen
Ah the little napoleons!
In Perak working for Albino
Quickly take the decisive steps
Banishing the people's government

Give Albino enough rope
Let it wind it up to its head
Like a python squeezing it
When the black crows flying in

The old habits can't change
Speaking of it hiding the truth
When power and wealth clinging into souls
Greedy of projects selling principles

We hear the knocking
The evil traps in its own game
There is no way out
It is happening......

the old general

DSC09684 by LelaMajnun
money fan by LelaMajnun from flickr

The old general makes a return
On the day the army celebrates
He can't leave his troops
He knows them in his palms

Though he has retired years ago
The rumbling and passion brought him in
Walking proudly showing his mischievous smile
The troops stood up and clapping hands
The old general has returned to bury his enemies
Within and outside of his camp

He thinks he has balls
Shooting off on his range of subjects
Time he should stay at home
Repent of his sins seeking ways to forgive

Yet in his mind
He can't let go
He wants a piece of the war action
So he returns to his former barrack
Unwilling to change unwilling to let go
Now he thinks he can do better

The troops he left behind
All have learned his tricks
They are now hard, lost souls and power greedy
Of wealth and projects

He forgets it is the end
He can't salvage for his troops
They are lost with greed
Money politics and greased palms
It is time to change
For the future generations
The old general he lives in his time

the pact

Pact* by aoifejohanna
Pact* by aoifejohanna from flickr

The rats run
Into its holes
Bringing with it
The food collected

The cat sleeps
The whole day long
Eyes open ignoring the rats
In its mind it is just the crumbs
Clean it up let no one sees

The formula exchanges
It is the working out schedule
The cat and the rats
Working in gloves

When the owner returns
She screams out loud
All her food gone
Leaving out the crumbs

The cat wakes up
Walking proudly out of the door
Leaving the owner heaving her frustrations
Of thieves robbing her clean

The rats munching cheese
Crumbs of biscuits
The owner listens attentively
Take out her insect spray
Give it a move over

The soft running noises
Then the silence stays
She walks to the wash basin
Washes her hands
Thinking what to do
For tomorrow it never changes
Unless she improves her security

Saturday, March 28, 2009

the buy elections

penyokong PKR di Bukit Gantang by kerangeleber
supporters PKR in Bukit Gantang by kerangeleber from flickr

The buy elections
Hot on the trails
Giving out cheap signs
Writing on the walls

The truth and principle
The power and greed
Opposing opposite
Fishing for the right to prevail

The blue pets on the roll
Trucks and cars driving in
Dividing line and its rules
Intimidation for Albino
Catch the rats put them in prison

The lap dogs running
Putting up signs
Let the people know
Don't mess with the ruling elites

Our tax money
Wasted on one sided shows
We won't let them change
The way they wanted
It has to be our direction
We decide who win and lose

It is hot
Both parties need
Stay relevant for change
The people decide
The future generations

Let Albino go
Too much baggages
Too many lies and corruption
Post in for change
The way the people want

the 3 empty nests

Bald Eagle & Nest by Dan's Exposure Compensation
Bald Eagle & Nest by Dan's Exposure... from flickr

The mint of gold
Now it is in hands
Glowing in the darkness
The smile of greed spread

Cars and cows
Ah nothing to sell!
Small is big
This is what it said

The ravishing eagles
Hungrily pursuing of its needs
The taste of fresh meat
Never know when to stop

The 3 empty nests
The eagles want to rest
Enough of the flying
Breezing with the wind

They fly around
Hunters wait
Knowing habits
It is time to catch them
Change the course of direction

power blinds completely

FRU guna pemedih mata di Bukit Gantang by kerangeleber
FRU guna pemedih mata di Bukit Gantang by kerangeleber from flickr

Albino got its wings
Now flapping eager to win
Sending soldiers to the buy elections
The bad writing graffiti

Bukit Gantang
The demons running in
The moon still dark clouds changing
The people better take pictures
The group leader will unleash
The black smoke in the sky

The alleged barking dogs
Wagging tails smelling the greens
The demons arise cracking disturbances
On the walls they paint

Over in Bukit Serambau
The Indians cannot agree
They don't think of the bigger picture
Narrow view downfall many

It is their own folly
They better wake up early
Fight for it against Albino
Minor differences better put aside
You want to progress or live in limbo?

The cracking whips
The bandwagons on the roads
The little devils running to put marks
For the benefits of Albino

The people better send
The clear message to Albino
Close shop walk with the ground
Power blinds completely
Until the whole splintering holes
Dripping uncontrollably

tell them sweet goodbye

Foreign politics... by Moondancer (sounds and visions)
Foreign politics... by Moondancer (sounds and... from flickr

Money politics
Albina says it isn't corruption
It tells a lot the mindset
The present leaders got elected

Albino talking of change
In what way it is going to be?
The last few weeks before its election
it is the iron fisted rule and back door tactics

These leaders will bring the house down
Burn it to the ground ashes blowing away
It is enough of its lies and wealth pilferage
Look at them all rich and powerful

Cronies and linked companies
Winning profits at the expense of the people
We pay our taxes the funding go into projects
Linking cronies and companies and one sided contracts

Enough of the rhetorics
Enough of words play
Wait for GE 13
To tell them sweet goodbye!

Friday, March 27, 2009

the vagrant and hopeless

vagrants and hopeless in penang
borrowed from http://anilnetto.com

The vagrant and hopeless
Begging alms on the streets
The lowly lost souls
Will there be compassion at all?

What make them roam?
No relatives, no friends, no homes
Maybe they were born to test our compassion
Share with them what they don't get?

Maybe they made bad decisions
Lost everything no wills to go on
Chased out from loan sharks and banks
They become the lost souls

Reporters and politicians
Police and welfare officers
Rounding them up
Get rid of them off the streets
The vagrants and beggars will return
The root problem
Find out why they become
Find out what make them beg on the streets

The volunteers will have the reasons
When they mix and counsel these vagrants
Don't forget these people are humans
The authorities shouldn't treat them as nuisance

My view they made wrong decisions
In their young lives when they started out
As years took its tolls on them
They lost no where to go
Family, relatives and friends shunned them
They are all alone growing old

Some for repentance of their sins
Young able bodies begging on the streets
Others on sympathy of the masses
An easy way to earn a living

Majority are sad cases
Mental problems alone in their world
We must show compassion try to understand them
As the Lord says
“The vagrants can enter heavens easily
They don't have baggage to hide
They have their souls they give it all”

the last change

Howling wind matting down my world by lepiaf.geo
Howling wind matting down my world by lepiaf.geo from flickr

The moonlight
Beam out its light
Caressing the dark shadows
Waiting for the opportune time
I walk I listen
The whispering whirl
The ghosts can't sleep tonight
As my eyes watch
The leafy branches wave
Many shadows many caricatures
Bewitching my eyes
I feel a shiver
Imagining it in my mind
I know changes will come
As the light beam it bright
The dead branches
Rising out to the moonlight
Hooking it up asking for alms
The last attempt before it dies
Into the ground where all are done
As I walk
The silence greeting me
The wind breathing at my neck
The coldness bringing no cheer
It is a trick to hide the real purpose
For change will take a back seat
Unless purge the whole systems
I know I know I know
Words easy to say
Implementation will take ages
By then the ghosts ask
The last change..........

it is said it is written

Howling With The Wolves by Cybergabi
Howling With The Wolves by Cybergabi from flickr

Political rhetorics
It isn't anything new
Playing it up to hold one's position
Of power, projects and prosperity

The same hole digging again
Telling new stories ingredients familiar
Race, religion and last country
The hammering will be in
So sad these politicians don't think of country
Of one nation one people

The racial party presidents
Each on its own bunker
Currying favors protecting each other
The present and past presidents

The awakening sun
The light penetrating in the darkness
The awesome golden ray of golden beams
Exposing the lies and greed

The hammering nail
The Lord has said
The evil doers must go
There is no place in His heavens
So it is
So it is written

the president's dogs

Howling Blood Ships in the Night! by Hadassah28
Howling Blood Ships in the Night! by Hadassah28 from flickr

The dogs bark
Near the fence
On lookers stare
Some throw stones at them

Give the dogs the staring eyes
The dogs keep barking
“Who are you?
Our leaders running the realm!”

So it is
The cats, cows and buffaloes
Panting hard to breathe
The dogs bark
“Now the ending begins
It is written so it will pass”

The cats running to the fence
Meowing loudly showing cat fangs
“Don't be so sure dogs
Night ghosts appear
You will howl like mad”

“Yeah!” cows and buffaloes say
“We are watching you all day long
For dogs you will be so tired watching it
You never know what walks in the back doors”

The dogs bark
“Jealous fools!
It is our turn so it is”
And the howling late at night
Of ghosts floating by
The dogs shiver
As ears pick up signals
Of the whispering wind
Caressing through its skin

Thursday, March 26, 2009

light will shine

-- [ J U S T I C E ] End of Tragedy -- ..Through Darkness Comes Light.. by Yousif [ J ]

Through Darkness Comes Light.. by Yousif [ J ] from flickr

Justice may escape
In the hour in the day
Selective prosecutions
Of the uniformed agencies
Harm Noh sneezes
The whole gang rushing in
Consoling the 'victims'
Leading them to hospital
The laws and rules
Bending to suit Harm Noh
The hour of darkness
Carry on in the years
Justice may wake up
When people finally realize
They have the power to change
Do it before they lose all of it
Through darkness light appear
As with changes justice reign
The sweeter song of light
It makes it worthwhile
The darkness will go away
When every light shine on it
When people come to see
The glory in their eyes
They have made it happens

the new generations

Darkness in the sky by sara'sfriends
Darkness in the sky by sara'sfriends from flickr

Harm Noh died decades ago
This one is a new party
Arrogantly ignored its birth
Still stuck to its old keepsake
Racial parties will disappear
When GE 13 arrives and beyond
Any leader of the racial party must know
The old method of protecting race
It has long gone into dream
The new generations
They want leaders who can lead
No extra baggage clean bill of health
Nothing to cling on backs
Everything open book
Some may try
The old timers cling to familiar turf
For the next few years maybe
The new wave will not wait or change them
They have no time
They are in a hurry
On the borderless world

the cats

Cats the Musical by Fotografie Van Kolck
Cats the Musical by Fotografie Van Kolck from flickr

The 3 musketeers
Size isn't the matter
Together they go
The cat ways of living
Nothing about colors
No race relation problem
Together they seek
The world they find
Big or small
Who is counting?
To their world
Together they survive
Telling each other stories
Which house to visit
Which house to snooze
Sharing secrets
Which house has plenty
They can be a nuisance
When they are on heat
Fighting and cat calling
Disturbing the quiet night
Yet they show respect
On each other rights of way
Division of prowling
On the streets and houses
Only humans should show compassion
Don't just throw them out into the streets
Animals are God's gifts
To test the people alms

the ghost watching

Day 63/365 (04 Mar 09) - Ghost Watch by CB 357
Ghost Watch australia by CB 357 from flickr

Albino unleashed
Others are wrong
They are right!
In running the affairs
Of the country

Mind you
The country comes last
That's telling the people
What these selfish leaders intend to do
Power, wealth, race, religion
Royalty and country last on its list

Read about it
The rhetoric statements
The country's economic nosedive
Albino takes potshot at its opponents
We don't need these leaders
They never learn to see the bigger picture

The economic agenda
Don't they realize how bad it is?
They want to show
How relevant they think they are!

We already know
The agencies at Albino controls
Separation of power on paper
In reality it is under Albino

Only one ghost appears
The vengeance slowly arise
Nothing can stop now
The hungry ghosts unleashed
In April the gate opens

One country one people
Is it that hard to say?
Changes will come
It has to for the country survival
It is what we are
One people one nation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

into fire crying with shame

Lightning, South China Sea by Paul O' Connell
Lightning, South China Sea by Paul O' Connell from flickr

The opponents stand on the border
Surrounding by rocks and boulders
Beyond the sea.....the vast space
Eyes all glue to it

The clouds turning ugly
Dark meaning hatred in its eyes
Swarming with pockets of dim light
Let the opponents glance
The fury of what they will get
Trying to bring down barriers
Of the power absorbing it

The opponents run to the boat
Quickly rowing out to sea
They know they have to
On land they may not get a chance
To fight the evil war lord
Branding his type of game
The fist of power crazy
creating fear to stamp his rule

The dark clouds loom
The evil lightning strikes
Hitting on the shore
The boat sails quietly
Sending ripples to the coast

The opponents of truth
The last hope escape
Into the darkness
On the sea

The sting of the scorpion
Hitting empty air soft targets
The war lord thunders loudly
As the lightning change direction

The Lord never lies
He hits whom he likes
Summon His angels
Order right on schedule
The elimination of the wicked
Into fire crying with shame

the Lord never lies

Dramatic by Justin Liew
kuala lumpur city lightning by Justin Liew from flickr

The magical colors
Raging hard to the sky
The race to ease burdens
Let the people strike

Wake up and believe
The Lord says don't forget
“I send you signs so you know
I am still around with you”

The thunder rolling
The multiple effects
The dancing of lights
And the bolt hit the demon
One more time

The sparkles in the colorful sky
Raging with the glorious sight
It doesn't want the people to forget
The artistic pictures for the minds

In our daily busy lives
We tend to forget the simple things in life
Once a while we see sights
“Behold The Lord never lies”

the wrong choices trouble we bring

Dark day by dappled_dawg
Dark day by dappled_dawg from flickr

The dark days
Ahead I see
The rolling thunder
It doesn't stop ringing

The Albino cracks whip
Hitting the opponents
Rolling out billions
For the people
Calling it stimulating packages

Is it for the people?
We will know when the light shine
Right now it is still unclear
Who will be benefiting it?

The alleged running dogs
Barking wild every part of the streets
The bitches wowing on the sides
Ears raise smell the sweet notes
Nay it is for the thorough breeds
The ones living in the posh establishments

The dark days
The Albino says changes will come
Into darkness I am afraid
Only the people can decide
We live in enlightenment
We live in controlled environment

There is no ping pong about it
Don't make mistakes
The wrong choices trouble we bring
Into our lives don't blame
Again people you decide

dont lose identity

Fading Identity by ThE~uNiQuE
Fading Identity by ThE~uNiQuE from flickr

Don't lose identity
It is what made the difference
In a life journey to the end
Know who you are; where you come from

Living in every part of the world
Enjoying the perks and good governance
Sometimes the bad thinking it is good
Don't lose identity
It is what made the difference

Don't be shy of a skin color
Don't forget what you are
It is this identity
The angels will help

You aren't alone
Into the journey to seek fate and fortune
Destiny has either put you up or down
You have to find out
Working hard for the life expectations
it isn't easy

By now you know the difference
The rich and the poor; the vagrants and homeless
In one journey on the roads
There are many differences for eyes to evaluate

Don't judge others; others will leave you alone
They know the rules-the invincible ones in harmony
Give a little kindness; show some respect, give a smile
into life expectations will arrive safely.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

camouflage in colors

Grasshopper - Master of camouflage clothing ;0) by ! Artist - Carolyn Hietala !
Grasshopper - Master of camouflage clothing ;0) by ! Artist - Carolyn... from flickr

Camouflage in colors
The Albino quickly acts
Getting off into the high gears
Let the opponents lay waste

In the boardroom
The strategies apply
On the print media
Hit the nail banned them

Unless Albino wants to shut down
The MSC and back to the old under coconut trees
Swaying with the breeze listening to the falling waves
So simple nothing to worry the affairs of the world

The Albino knows
This can't happen
The country has to move with the times
Involving every aspect of a person life

The harsh reality
It is the wealth protection
We elect leaders to fight for us
They are biting us instead

there is hope yet

Rebak beach in psycho-active technicolour! by h00j-A
Rebak beach langkawi by h00j-A from flickr

The dark clouds floating
In the sky I see today
In the morning sun
Suddenly it turns away

I know the reason
The angels aren't smiling
Telling us we have sins
Big time in many ways

Praying many times in a day
Light up candles to seek the truth
Yet in our leaders we put so much hope
They take us for a ride into the underworld

The dark clouds painting images
There is the sad day looming near
Of the tainted leaders holding courts
I know it will be hard to ease the pain

We have sins big time
Casting our votes on the wrong guys
Belittling us in many ways
We haven't learned all these years

Now there is a window of opportunity
To right the wrong and put it right
Don't give the tainted leaders
A chance to steal from us again

GE 13 will arrive
The tainted leaders can't hide
This is our time to make it right
I look at the sky
There is hope yet
When the sun golden rays shine

GE 13 goodbye

Malaysia Politics by pinkturtle2
we pay them they chase us away
photo by pinkturtle2 from flickr

Tear gas, water cannon and brute force
The people know; they will put in the ballot boxes
The time of the Bee Anne is near......
The last breath by the uniformed agencies

The alleged running dogs
Barking wildly chasing ghosts
When they see it
Tails wedge between legs
Running in shock
As the angels claim
“You are no more
It is the time to go”

The Albino arrogantly pursues
Cracking whip giving lame excuses
For the ground has cracked wide open
The day of recognition the demise of a name
It will be recorded in history
Forgetting root whence it came

Fairness in game
Fairness in competition
Bee Anne dares not pursue
The leaders know they will lose
Big time in Casino Royale

Tear gas, water cannon and brute force
On civilized gathering wanting to listen
The ills of the country inflicted by Albino
GE 13 is its goodbye

the game of ping pong

Ping Pong by askeStick

Ping Pong by askeStick from flickr

The game of ping pong
The adversaries wait
On the side when the umpires decide
The appeals of misusing rules

The onlookers gathered
They want a fair game
The adversaries staring
The game of ping pong

The supporters carrying banners
Disturbing voices arguing on the sides
Some wager on it
Who will be the umpires decide?

In a hush atmosphere
The tension seems going high
Every one waits for a winner
The game of ping pong

the Lord knows

Sunset @ Langkawi by BeeCay
Sunset @ Langkawi by BeeCay from flickr

Tainted agencies
Corrupted officials
Red tape divisions
The frustrations on the people

The way the law flowing
They take you in before reading rights
Into it the darkness get into your eyes
You don't know what hit you

They use laws
For them to interpret
Twisting it to serve them
The people can only rant

Denying through
Hitting it off
Lying straight in their eyes
“I am no bad guy
I will make you cry”

We know the drills
It happens so often
Deaths in custody
Reporting something else
Self inflicted injuries
Die of suicides

The tainted flow
The angels cry
Of humans atrocities
In the name of law and religion

The Lord knows
He will punish them
In His ways
As angels will go
Into the souls
The wicked will know

Monday, March 23, 2009

tainted colors

Tainted series- Blades by Altamash Urooj
Tainted series- Blades by Altamash Urooj from flickr

The tainted colors
Drying it out for all to see
Some agree others frown at it
The artists don't care
It is the rice bowl
They think about
The public flock in
Gazing at the tainted colors
Displaying on the walls
Telling them this is art
The harsh criticisms
The artists eyes roll
No money in the till
What now?
The rice bowl
It is the people who decide
The artists should learn
The marketing tools
Don't go by tradition
Creating values none want to buy
Living must be through people
They are the ones deciding the sales

the choice

You always have a choice by edwindejongh
You always have a choice by edwindejongh from flickr

The King has a choice
Under the Constitution
To bring the country forward
Else internal sickness beacons

The King alone has to decide
The choice of a leader to manage affairs
Of the country for the King
And his people the King shadows his umbrella

This time the King must pick wisely
Listen to the people and opponents
It is said one got a better feel with one's enemies
Then with one own party and supporters

The role the King will play
He will decide the course of our history
In the years we walk with the nation
Let it not be wasted picking a wrong choice

The trying times
The financial turmoil
The economic downturns
The King must choose wisely
For the country progress and prosperity

1 country 1 people

Flags II by Birger Hoppe
Malaysia flags by Birger Hoppe from flickr

Talk of race again!
Do we ever learn at all?
We are Malaysians
Once and for all

Time moves on
The thinking stays behind
Amongst the older leaders
It is sad to hear it
When we should be Malaysians

United to challenge the world
Borderless now never stop for the weak
Never think alone you will win
It is a different battle field

We must move as one nationality
If the current leaders still harping on race
Here, there and every where
We will be colonized again
By our race running on race

I still remember my kampong life
There wasn't race barrier
Every one playing as one nationality
On the field and weddings

Now it is about race
What's wrong with our leaders?
Can't they just say we are Malaysians?
No Sir.....they still want to talk about race

Maybe we should be colonized again
Then we can go back to our earlier struggles
To understand it better to be free as a nation
Apparently our leaders seem to lose it

We are Malaysians
Living in this peaceful nation
For better or worst
We should stay united as one country one people
Is this so hard to do?

double speak

Double-speak by ericla11
Double-speak by ericla11 from flickr

Double speak
I hear so often
Amongst the ruling elites
No changes at all
On their ranks
The Albino doesn't say
Caught on money politics
Holding on to the jobs
The Bee Anne leaders
I know they don't listen
Eyes of money days to die
It will come
When GE 13 arrives
PR hiccups
Bee Anne leaders pointing fingers
They think they are so good
Why don't they clean up back doors?
Double speak
It never fails to bring
Albino rings its bell
Bee Anne dogs barking wild
Listen to the echo
I know it is hard to believe
The waste in the back doors
Get it clean before you run

toad sweetie

Toad, Sweetie and Aunt Lady  by Relea/Semi/Mom/Fiance'/CMA/Daughter/Friend
Toad, Sweetie and Aunt Lady by Relea/Semi/Mom/Fiance'/CM... from flickr

Toad Sweetie
Hopping mad with twinkling eyes
Days nearer to the pot
The brewing hasn't stopped

God says it is his turn
So it must be.......
The cauldron stirring
The outcome seems conclusive

Only the humming bird
Pestering and singing its way
Small miniature bird
Heart of gold mind of Solomon
“I will fight
Until the day arrives
Now I sing pestering songs
Let the kingdom knows
Don't pick a wrong choice
It will be the solemn rides”

Toad Sweetie
Dancing all round
Counting the days
Aiming at the bull's eye

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the illegals

FILIPINO REFUGEES, Stilted Village near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia by kk_wpg

Stilted Village near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia by kk_wpg from flickr

Come in the night
Group of Filipinos
Looking for a better life
Into the coasts of Sabah
Sometimes knowns as “land below the wind”

These illegal immigrants blend in perfectly
Into the main society of the Sabahans
Some by the politicians to maintain power
Soliciting favors granting help

By running into corrupt practices
Many illegals managed to get PR
Into the system favoring the politicians
“Operation Mykad” loomed in the 90s

The power play
The voting system infringed
It is all about political expediency
The power corrupts absolutely

Now in colony of its own
On stilt houses multiplying quickly
The illegals become a feature
In the Sabahan political landscape

the river streams

Great Egret contemplates life's unfairness by jumpingspider

Great Egret contemplates life's unfairness by jumpingspider from flickr

The river streams
Loading debris polluted water
Strolling aimlessly
The living testimony
The greed of human race
The darkened bushes
Oil spill camouflaged darkly
Trees fall streams polluted
As the egret flies and stop over
Staring at its favorite haunt
Taking away natural gifts of lives
The river streams dark color cry
Sailing with sadness no shadows of life
The sharing of nature gifts
It is broken into pieces
The handiworks for all to see
Greed spoilt the landscape
The egret stares
Take the whole picture
Then he flaps his wings
Away he flies
Shading tears
For humans better learn quickly
Time is running out soon
Stop watch 2012......
A new place; a new star?

the people decide

Malaysian Cartoon: Delivery system by kertoon
Delivery system by kertoon from flickr

The mandate belong to the people
So it has to go back for them to decide
Let nobody decides otherwise
It will bring discontent amongst the ranks

Constitutional monarchy
It should be remained as such
A ceremonial role without interference
The politics of the nation

Currently the laws
Giving ways to interfere
It isn't an absolute monarchy
It is the people who decide
The chief to run the country

I suppose changes must be made
Clearly define the areas
The appointment and sacking of a chief
It should be done in state assembly or parliament
By the elected representatives of the people

In this way there will not be
A crisis or unhappiness amongst the people
The future of the country
It should be in the hands of the voters
Through the process of parliamentary democracy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

you think life is fair?

Life is unfair by Alharbiseye
Life is unfair by Alharbiseye from flickr

You think life is fair?
You must be dreaming whole day
For reality strikes it hard
When you have nothing
It really sinks
The patches of life
It doesn't bring smile
Maybe a hope to fight
For a better way of living
Life isn't fair
When you are born unlucky
Sure you can climb it out
Of poverty flight of good life
Only a handful who make it
Singing, dancing, acting and football
And through education
With a mind and determination to change
One's fate in all souped up stories
It is said you made the change
When in reality living in the slums
Finding ways to stay alive
It is a full day job.......
Life is unfair
It is the way it is structured
There is a purpose to it all
Live through with it
Learn why it is there
Tomorrow is a whole new day
It is easy to walk in heavens
When you have nothing to carry
Living free breathing fresh breeze

the black dog

The Unfairness of Life by Missy2004
The Unfairness of Life by Missy2004 from flickr

The black dog chained
By a leach on the fence
Under the hot sun
Raging heat burning skin

He doesn't complain
He puts out his tongue
Puffing away knowing it is no fun
Under the heat of the sun

Life unfair
We complain
Doing injustice
To others without a second glance

The rich and the poor
The social divide hardly equal
The power and the weak
The ruling dictates

So the black dog knows
The line of hand outs
The line of saving own skin
Pretending to be good
Obedient dog to many
Only counting the days to be free
Like the breeze blowing across nations

destiny writes

Cenang Beach, Langkawi by kristaline_tears
Cenang Beach, Langkawi by kristaline_tears from flickr

Live and die
Sickness and hell
It is the living
It is the way to go

Destiny writes
The day a child is born
It is the way life
Tweaking it to test
The effectiveness of planned programmes

Some get it good
Some blended it perfectly
Others suffer in agony pain
Others cry in loneliness

We can't choose
We can only take precautions
When the time arrives
God calling angels wake
We can't checkmate
We have to sacrifice

Live and die
The renewal in after life
Believe it
Our time here is already fixed

the breeze of change

Purple breeze of change by Sator Arepo
breeze of change by Sator Arepo from flickr

The breeze of change
Blowing left and right
Leaving the undecided
Walking far behind

The world has changed
Economically it evolves
Denting with the financial pressures
Business houses collapse
Jobs opportunities gone
When you don't change
You walk alone in the dark

Yet we hear
Racial sentiments roar
These politicians should put race aside
And fight like one for the country
For divided we will fail
In our economic pursuits
In the end we are to blame

The breeze of change
It has arrived at our door steps
We can't hide; we can't ignore
We have to embrace it
For tomorrow is what we must initiate
Else we feel sorry for ourselves

Friday, March 20, 2009

change is hope

You Can Change The World by oclark53
You Can Change The World by oclark53 from flickr

Change is hope
It is in our hands
We can't let our changes go
Be a servant forgetting our values

The authorities try
Inflict pain of the minds
Curtailing freedom
Putting in jail
Change is hope
It is in our hands

Don't sell your power
Don't sell your rights
Don't sell your dignity
And don't sell your freedom
To the politicians
They want it all
Nothing gearing to you

So change is hope
It is in your hands
Don't believe what you hear
You better decide

give the best for the country

Waiting on the World to Change by FotoRita [Allstar maniac]
Waiting on the World to Change by FotoRita [Allstar maniac] from flickr

Fear make changes difficult
When the powerful tries every trick in his books
Using all the available resources to inflict pain
Of the minds, bodies and souls

The country wealth going
Truck loads off loaded somewhere
The people sit and watch it disappears
The peoples' wealth the future gloom

There are the modern gold miners
Come to the land of plenty harvest what they can
Into politics as the way to enrich its game
Bleeding the land controlling the people

The charms of magic
Throwing some minerals here and there
Allowing some leeway so people don't get angry
Dull their senses bring fear into their homes
They completed wipe out of minds and bodies
The modern slavery the crumbs they get

So it happens before
Now it makes a return
Of years living under the corrupted regime
Fear makes its way to the homes

The darkness swipe
People put up different attitude
Negatively giving up for change
Thinking it is hopeless........

Think of Gandhi
Think of Ayatollah of Iran
Alone the country fell
It tells fear is in the mind
We know we all die one day
So make the best of it
Give the best for the country

the tradition must change

51 / 52: Change by -Teddy
Change by -Teddy from flickr

The tradition must change
Nothing must be followed blindly
Through the ages of times
It breeds autocratic leaders

The Albino shouldn't allowed to take all
At best it should be taken votes of confidence
In the Assembly to prove its worth
At least show there is democracy at work
Even it can be seen as a forgone conclusion

The country needs the best brain for her job
She doesn't need to fight off every dirty baggage
On the leader running the her affairs of state
No Sir the leader must be seen to be upright and clean
Any hint of corruption or criminal intentions
A leader must come clean to explain

The best forum do it in Parliament
Telling fellow MP in debate
Now the arrogance of it all
The Albino will run its own death call
The leaders don't see it that way
Blinded by allegedly corrupted intentions
The fall will come as surely as The Lord says so

GE 13
The beginning of a new eagle
Soaring high spreading its wings
Calling its troops now to the world

the black bird

Black crow, black crow, tell me where you really go by monkeyc.net
Black crow, black crow, tell me where you really go by monkeyc.net from flickr

Is it crow or raven?
Black color bird perches on the roof
Flapping wings sharp peak and claws
Eyes surveying challenging

What now in the crowd?
The hypocrisy of the elites
Telling stories looking so saint
Branding own marks village folks smile
Listening to the lies propping up as truths

In their own internal homes
Every allege scene breaking rules
By the laws and religion
Nothing lasso in

The black bird eyes it coldly
On the crowd many hide the truth
Under the shadow of trees and buildings
Sometimes in the cars, buses and lorries

The truth runs
They pretend with their work
The black bird records it
In future there is a demand
When sins arise, payment comes
In the world of darkness
The black bird rules supreme