Monday, September 30, 2019

the old things

The old things
It may have value
Many aren't in the know
They throw it away

The items of decades ago
Many thought it is trashed
Out they dump in the garbage tongs
Somebody will collect and make fortunes

Once years ago I read about a story
The generations past they kept the round stone
The owner didn't know what it is
He sold it off for a song

The buyer went to appraise it
He found out it was pure diamond
He collected a cool US$12 million
An asset of the past the owner didn't know

Even old photographs have monetary value
For the right historians they will pay premium for it
Don't ever think of the past decades of photographs
It may worth something to somebody

The old things
Don't think it is past history
It has its value
To the right history hunters

the master of puppets

The master of puppets
PH leaders must wake up now
They can't be drowning in power
They forget their agendas
For the people and nation

Do not let the master of puppets
Make you dance to his tune
Giving you enough rope to feel free
But you aren't at all
You are hooked by the lines

The master of puppets
He doesn't want to tell it straight
He always gives a different signal
He shouldn't forget the arrangement
The time of 2 years

Stick the oral plan
Hammered out in GE14
There is no reason to give different cue
He can't stay over the agreed frame
Be a gentleman step down quietly

the sexual acts in the open

The report on sexual acts
In the open or high rise apartments
But don't forget of the many eyes
Once it is recorded nothing will stop it

Though many couples want changes
The pursuit of something different in locations
It may pump up their sexual relationships
They must make sure they don't fall

A couple in overseas
They fell naked from a high rise apartment
To the ground below once they lost their footing
Dead with unfulfilled sexual act

No doubt it makes the sexual act pumping high
Safety is an issue couples shouldn't forget
Once it is forgotten a tragedy may happen
Why be so stupid then?

the lies keep spinning

The lies keep spinning
Out in the open afraid to lose
Even the fear of its own shadow
The lies to stay relevant

Praying has no meaning
When the 7 sins keep running
God's command shouldn't disobey
Yet the liars keep harping on issues

One that we hear often
The Malays have lost power!
Is that a truth or a lie?
Today the people will have knowledge

They can't be misled by the liars
They don't want to fall in the lake of fire
Believe me it isn't a good place to swim
It is best to tell the truth in our lives

The Malays have not lost power
They are still in control in every web
It is only the zombie followers who can't see
They are the ones easily manipulated

Let us not think of our race
We should be united and forged ahead
We can't be addicted to get free alms
Else be colonized by the economic powerful countries

Sunday, September 29, 2019

let kampong baru kl stay

Let Kampong Baru KL stay
The way it is now for generations
It doesn't have to fix into the development progress
Let this place be the history of the nation time

Let Kampong Baru be the centre of tourism
Let the owners have their stream of income
The owners shouldn't be so eager to sell
Maybe the millions cross their minds

Once Kampong Baru is sold
Its uniqueness will be gone
It can't be replicated
It will lose its appeal

The government is eager to develop it
Is it necessary in KL city with traffic problems?
It is best to concentrate how to disperse traffic
Let Kampong Baru KL be as it is

But they say millions make decision
The owners are looking the millions coming in
Some are ready to off-load it
Others are waiting for the final quote

I grew up in a kampong
The development came kampong disappeared
The concrete buildings set on it
It is only memories in my mind

the politicians once in power

The politicians once in power
They forget why they have the roles?
Because power blinds them
They can't see who elect them to office

They will show their arrogance
They aren't serving the constituents
They think the people should serve them
They will brash off if they people want to meet

They are paid well by the people
Yet these politicians in office behave badly
Once some politicians champion the poor and destitute
When in power, they seem to forget all about them

Tunku* used to say
Politics isn't a gentleman's game
At least the elected politicians should care
The complaints coming from their constituents

But we always vote base on parties
We hardly base on the personality in contests
This explains why most elected representatives are arrogant
We don't see them around until the next election season

* gave him free lunch during the time of Semangat
when they stopped over in Mersing Asked him to sign
autograph but forgot to take picture with him

the poor in our backyards

The poor in our backyards
The nation leaders can't hide them
These are the real people
Living in dire consequences

What are the ways to help them?
The Welfare Department waiting report
The officers aren't going down the road
They hope the many NGOs will help

In villages hardly politicians know
These poor people will depend on neighbours
The good people who will try to supply essential items
But it isn't a long term solution

In the city we still find the poor
It is through NGOs mobile kitchens
Feeding the poor for meals and drinks
Hoping the authorities will wake up to see

It is again through red tape
The way things are today
The poor will accept their fate
Maybe during elections the politicians will notice

The poor in our back yards
Charity should start on our land
We don't have to go overseas to get notice
Whereas our poor who will help them?

the terrorists in our midst

The terrorists living in our midst
They blend in to feel relevant in society
Behind the back door they are planning
The chaos for the nation

They are the tools of Lucifer
They think they will go to paradise
They can dream all they like
Doing evil ways will land them nowhere

It isn't in paradise they dream
It is in the lake of fire they will soak in
There they will cry for compassion
Sadly they will hear their own echo

Satan will not any thing
He has no power to rescue
He can only watch and say
Don't do what I tell you!”

The terrorists hiding in sheep clothing
They can't fool the men in blue
The police will hunt them down
In every part they try to run

They can hide in darkness
but the light will expose them
Once they are in the light
Nothing will hide their evil ways

the old man shouldn't stay his welcome

The Old Man has to go
By the year May 9, 2020
There is no reason to stay
Let the nation has a new CEO

This is the date
He should resign
He shouldn't stay his welcome
A chance he hasn't used it well

He shouldn't give any conflicting time
He is suppose to hand over in 2 years
This is the oral agreement during GE14
He shouldn't try to give any excuses

The Old Man knows his time
He is given a chance to do amends
But sadly he tries to do on his own way
He forgets the reason he returns

Let Anwar Ibrahim take the rein
By May 9, 2020 should be the time
The Old Man doen't have to give excuses
Be a sport let the new man take the nation forward

Saturday, September 28, 2019

the little sisters of the home in Penang

The Little Sisters of the Poor in Penang
The nuns help the sick and elderly to live
In their sunset years care by these unpaid nuns
They arrive from France to do a service above self

Yet these nuns face difficulty to renew their working visas
The lawyer and advisor says they need at least a 5 years visas
But the immigration officials can't help citing the policy
They can only give 12 month visas to the nuns

Though the lawyers write letters of appeal
To Home Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and DAP leaders
Everyone keeps a cool silence
DAP should wake up it is in Penang the Little Sisters of the Poor

The aging population will hit the country hard
Not many can afford to take care of their old parents or relatives
Many have their own families to feed and support
Where will the poor elderly go?

The Little Sisters of the Poor in Penang
The home provides a care to the aged and sick
None of our people want to provide services for free
Mind you the nuns aren't paid for their care

PH leaders better wake up now
Don't let power erode your values
Don't be arrogant the voters will punish you
You use to champion the poor and marginalized

walk to Jeriau waterfall

Walk down to Jeriau waterfall
Walking the winding road
In the morning of the morning sun
Listening to the wind and insects

The peaceful walk
In the eyes of nature
The long stretch of freedom
The whispering of heartbeats

Occasionally, a motorbike will pass by
A local who stays for years working in the corporation
Living in the company of the natural way of nature
Never stops but hurry to reach his destination

Reach the Jeriau waterfall
No crowd in the water
The area is quiet as well
Sit down near the edge

Listen to the whispers
The wind will make it
Let one imagination fly
The easy living on the hill

Sometimes there will be water snake
Swimming in the pool of water
Though the locals say it is harmless
But who want to believe it?

Walk to Jeriau waterfall
In the morning of the cool wind
Let nature embrace you
Even it is for a while of bliss

the forgotten sports persons

The forgotten sports persons
The years the nation celebrated with them
The high and low of their careers in sports
When these sports persons leave the stage

The nation hasn't heard of them anymore
We don't hear what have happened
Until the newspapers report of the dire lives
Living in old folk homes or struggling to live

Even their teammates hardly bring up the news
Those sports persons living in poor and forgotten
Is this how the nation remember them?
Out of stage out of the news?

The nation should set up a fund now
Maybe through Socso which has so much surplus fund
It can help to alleviate the hardship facing by these sports persons
They brought glory to the nation

They brought the name in high esteem
At least the government of the day
Find ways to assist these forgotten sports persons
Let them know the nation hasn't forgotten them

the light of shadows

The light of shadows
The bad will not sleep in peace
The plot to create chaos
Harmony isn't the cup of tea

The bad strives in chaos
This is how it will survive
The spreading of fear
The losing of power

The light of shadows
In the game of hollowness
They pray but they are empty
In their minds are chaos

The men in blue
Catch these bad elements
Do not spare the rod
They will trigger protests

The light of shadows
They have bad vibes in their minds
They are corrupted to the core
Without power they have nothing

So, they will bark
With the old ways of doing
The 2R or 3R or 4R*
The light of shadows

* race, religion, royalty and rural

Friday, September 27, 2019

success in life

Success in life
It isn't sleeping on it
It needs hardworking and networking
Learn the skills of social mixing

Success in life
It doesn't say you need a good degree
It says you need to work at it
Stay on it to get your dream right

Standing on handouts
In long run it will not taste success
It only build false confidence
Eventually it will drop out of radar

I remember a company
Every year declared profit and dividend
During the economic crisis
It went under for good

What happened to the profits made?
Maybe it was the creative accounting
Shored it up to look good but in the end collapse
It couldn't stand on when facing major crisis

Success in life
Truth is the way
Honesty in dealing and relationships
No lies or creative accounting

don't worry about growing old

Senior people
Don't live in worrying
Go out and enjoy life
Count your blessing too

The old age
It isn't the end of life
It's the time to read and learn again
About a religion and its ways

Don't hide in sorrow
Complaining about the time lost
Yesterday is gone nobody could do a thing
It is today and tomorrow something good to do

Learn to accept aging
Everyone has to go through with it
There is no exception in its rule
So, don't keep complaining

Take up a course or degree
Keep the mind busy to stay alert
Set up a blog and write on it

Senior people
Enjoy the sunset years
Don't worry about chapters closing
It's the footprints of memories living behind

the police keep the nation safe

The religious fanatics
They aren't keeping low
They have the habits of hitting
When an incident suits their taste

They can tell others
But they can't see the other way round
They will say they may go amok
It shows they have a weak foundation

The police should monitor these fanatics
They aren't the peace loving group of people
They will try to push their aggressive agenda
The Taliban way of life

It isn't the Islamic way
These are the people who have gone astray
They think they will go to paradise
Most likely crying in the lake of fire!

The police must monitor the pasembor party
There are members who have gone to fight for Isis
Many died there believing in their cause
Against the same faith and book of scriptures

There is one person the police have to do
Speed up the investigation to deport him
He shouldn't be allowed to stay
He isn't a citizen yet he got more out of it

Nobody is above any law
Let us see there is no double standards
Kick out the bad elements or jail them
We can't sacrifice our peace for bad agendas

The police so far done a good job
Capturing some of the religious fanatics
Before they do more harm to the nation and people
The illegal and local religious fanatics

the black dogs run

The black dogs run
Barking at certain corners
Showing off their sharp teeth
Only its own kind will be glad

We can hear the familiar call
The spread out among the other dogs
Barking to say we back you up
You aren't alone in time of adversity

The truth the black dogs are afraid
They want to run afraid of the raids
The blues gang will come along
With nets and containers to put them in

Only those on the run
They will bark incessantly
Telling all and sundry it isn't fair
Giving them the bones

But the black dogs don't want to say
They have it good once upon a time
Living in styles; fancy food and restaurants
Living the life of the rich and famous

Now they can only bark
Sometimes aggressively sometimes out of fear
On the streets; on every shady corners
The black dogs afraid to say

Thursday, September 26, 2019

hippo joe can't hide now

Hippo Joe
He will be sent back
By end of the year
IGP Hamid Bador says

Hippo Joe uses money
Buying his freedom to walk
In other country breathing his days
He stole the nation's monies

He lives like a king
With bodyguards to watch over him
He doesn't have to worry
Only sometimes he issues statement

He always says he did no wrong
Yet he is afraid to return to face his trial
The court has issued orders to arrest him
And he keeps hiding his physical self

The count down has started
The police networking officers will stake out
Hippo Joe can't hide forever
It is best he returns to face his trial

we don't need banks to squeeze us

The bank charges
The banks buy the machines
The banks set its IT systems
The banks pay millions

When bank customers start to use it
The banks impose service charges
Through the years the bank reap in profits
The banks will still say it is on upgrading

The banks say it is for the customers convenience
The banks don't say the customers have to pay
Through the years BNM stays quiet
It never wants to interfere

Now giving cash deposits over the counter
The banks will impose service charge
Even payment by credit card or loans too
The customers give the banks monies still have to pay

This isn't the way forward
The banks can't squeeze the customers
They forget who sustain the banks
Bank Negara Malaysia must investigate

The Finance Minister too must come in
He mustn't allow the banks to reap in more profits
Don't tell us like Bee Anne ways
The merging of banks have the drawbacks

The people are complaining
The cost of goods spiraling
We don't need banks to squeeze us
Like merchant of Venice another pound?