Monday, September 09, 2019

beware of the sleepers

Malaysians who left to fight for Isis
They mustn't be allowed to return home
They are classified as terrorists
They have the superior mentality
Other religions don't count in their believe

There is no reason to offer olive branch
These people have a taste of killing people
The police do not say you can change them
These people will become a cell
Waiting for the opportunity to strike
They will become the sleepers

The police have put people in prison
For different type of crimes committed
Have these people changed their ways?
Many will go back to their old trade
So, these people fighting for Isis will change?

Currently, there are people in lock-up
The terrorists police managed to round them
They can't change their spots once they went over
They believe they are the superior being on Earth
The police shouldn't waste time and effort
Let these terrorists rot in Middle East

The country can't afford to have sleepers
These sleepers will wake up on call
Once the opportunity strikes they will
Will the police guarantee the changover for good?
Remember the leopard will not change spots

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