Sunday, September 08, 2019

be compassionate

Religions are taught
Be compassionate with other faiths
This is to bring the world at peace
Living in many colours

No religion can claim
The best in every part of it
By right it should view as guidelines
Do the good all the times

Be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Other types of faith flourishing for the human world
The doctrine basic concept is to be compassionate
We all come from the same family tree

Until God splits it up with different colours and languages
In the early stages it was one language to communicate
God decided to break them up and introduce various languages
Into the geographical world of different cultures and religions

It has been till today
Everyone wants to sound superior
By race, by religion, by weapons
All by the bad influence of the Serpent

Now we have the religious bully
Harassing the smaller groups
Though they pray and study the same book
They have committed sin forgetting to be compassionate

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