Saturday, September 21, 2019

the bad motorists

The bad motorists never flow with traffic rules
They are stubborn as the mules
They don't see the signs or they pretend
They expect others to give way

There are no police officers
They should station during peak hours
They can easily summon these motorists
Stop their cars ask them to walk to the police station

This may help these stubborn motorists to learn
Walking in the hot sun to realize rules must obey
It isn't put up for the sake of it
It is to help to reduce accidents on the road

Though I concede some notices can't be seen
It is printed too small letters to be seen from afar
But common sense will tell on yellow lines
The motorists must slow down on speed

Most of the times I observe
The motorists don't obey the signs
They drive through on “Stop sign”
Because there are no police officers

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