Sunday, September 29, 2019

the old man shouldn't stay his welcome

The Old Man has to go
By the year May 9, 2020
There is no reason to stay
Let the nation has a new CEO

This is the date
He should resign
He shouldn't stay his welcome
A chance he hasn't used it well

He shouldn't give any conflicting time
He is suppose to hand over in 2 years
This is the oral agreement during GE14
He shouldn't try to give any excuses

The Old Man knows his time
He is given a chance to do amends
But sadly he tries to do on his own way
He forgets the reason he returns

Let Anwar Ibrahim take the rein
By May 9, 2020 should be the time
The Old Man doen't have to give excuses
Be a sport let the new man take the nation forward

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