Friday, September 13, 2019

don't let the small party play big brother

The pension scheme should be abolished
It will drain the country's wealth in the long term
Currently, reported in the media it involves $28 billion
In time it will balloon up which will cause us dearly

Besides the civil servants on the scheme
It involves ministers and Mps too
The pasembor party leaders can't see it
These leaders will bankrupt the nation

Luckily for us we changed them
Let the pension scheme change to EPF
The fund can use for other purposes
It is all for economic benefits and income

If the pension scheme is a form of welfare
Then it should cover the whole nation
It mustn't be on a selective purpose
The pasembor party leaders will say otherwise

PH leaders must not flow with the opponents
You have a job to do for the nation
It is better to lose than drag the nation down
The moderate Malays will understand

The pasembor party has no economic ideas
Its leaders will keep harping on 2R or 3R or 4R
This is the topic they are good at
They have it going for over 6 decades!

PH leaders don't flow blindly
You have the mandate to make the grade
Don't let the small party play big brother
It must be on the coalition efforts

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