Thursday, September 26, 2019

the changes are slow

The changes are slow
There are no urgent efforts
Working for the Old Man
It has to be on 3R template

Every change has a note
It is about a race fear of losing benefits
Every where we look now
We see their shadows

Yet they say they have disadvantages
Do we believe what they paint for themselves?
The country has many colours group together
They have to shoulder the burden and hardwork

Alone we will fail
Unity will forge us forward
Unity is the rallying call
It isn't about 3R

The changes we need
The nation requires it to progress
Stand tall among the giant of nations
We can't be hiding in a cave, can we?

PH leaders turn the pages of the manifesto
See and read what need to be done quickly
No monetary value can be implemented now
Let the people know you are serious about changes

Don't let the Old Man box you in
He always wants his way
He mustn't allow to get away this time
He has to work with consensus

By May 9 the Old Man has to step down
He hasn't brought the changes we need
In fact he seems to stick to his old ways
He still harbours on 3R

Let the Renaissance Man do
He was in prison got black eye
He had learned his lessons well
He may be good; we have to give him chance

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