Tuesday, September 10, 2019

the corruption

The corrupt officials
They will eat up the fabric of society
They have the power to implement
Once they fall ill into Satan's trap

Everything will be under the table
The subtle messages will be told
The runners will get their cuts
It is obvious they couldn't escape

The runners will become the pawns
They are the middle to decide a decision
When the corrupt officials make a stand
When monies have changed hands

Though PH government will try
Implement gates to control corruption
Be honest we can't totally pushed it out
Corruption will stay for Macc to be busy

Though society as a whole should not encourage it
Let corruption sleep in eternity
But we must be honest with ourselves
There are always givers and takers

We are living in the world of good and bad
It has been with us since the expulsion from Eden
We have to limit its ugly head to make us bad
We know it is there we mustn't let it spread

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