Saturday, September 07, 2019

religions in our minds

Religions in our minds
Many believe; many disbelieve
Religions are guidelines
It shouldn’t stifle the growth
The many earthly ways to enjoy

Look at the laws we have enacted
Sometimes the laws are good
Sometimes the laws served a certain group
In the political sphere to cling on to power

In the beginning there is no religion
It is the paradise living in harmony and joy
Until Adam and Eve made the wrong choice
Swayed by the snake to taste the fruit of good and bad

Out in the cold
Banished for life
There was still no religion
It was God dealing directly with them

Time changes God gave His guidelines
Sent Gabriel to do His work

Let the people know then
“Do not forget my commandments”

The guidelines propped up as religions
Maybe it sounds better in the humans
But this is the problem
It becomes a tool to control and suppressed

Now we have seen how it is
The politicians used it to prop up their hidden agendas
They want to control the masses through religions
Give them the knowledge of fear and division

Many don’t read the guidelines
They want for others to give a summary view
The hidden agendas spring to the fore
Religions in politics; a lake of fire

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