Wednesday, September 11, 2019

freedom of religion

Freedom of religion
Everybody can practice
It is guaranteed in Article 11
Of the Federal Constitution

Why the religious agencies don't understand?
Because they are Sunni Muslims
They can't accept other Muslim faiths
They are considered deviant

These deviant groups use the Holy Quran
They follow the same SOP of their faith
Why should Sunni Muslim authorities harass them?
Malaysia signed for the Amman Treaty

These Shia Muslims are foreigners
They have their right to practice their faith
We shouldn't interfere with their religion
These officials bring bad publicity to the nation

We don't need it
Islam suppose to be compassionate
Maybe the Sunni people don't understand
These foreigners have their embassies here

Learn from the Vatican City
The Roman Catholic doesn't persecute different groups
Because these groups sing praises to the same God
God allows many religions to flourish

Because He knows who His children behave
They can't be held under a monopoly
We need different ways to go home
We don't like to be stifled in our destination

Let freedom of religion flourish
We don't want any authority to raid other faiths
They aren't sinless in their lives
Be compassionate and humble with grace

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