Tuesday, September 24, 2019

the night of the dogs howling

The night of the dogs howling
There is no time to say when
When they sense something evil
The dogs will keep on with it

The growing up years the elders will say
The ghosts are marching in the nights
Close all the doors and windows
You don't want to see them

If your spirit is low on fire
You could be a candidate to fall
You will get sick no medical doctors will help
You have seek the traditional ways to solve it

Once evil spirit hangs on to it
You need a priest to chant him away
Normally it will happen
Provided the evil hasn't planted root

So, if you hear dogs howling at night
Don't brush it aside of no importance
The dogs are saying there are evil ones around
They are looking to collect souls

Stay indoors close all windows
Better be safe then feel sorry
We will never know the time of day
When marching of ghosts passing by

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