Monday, September 09, 2019

where is hippo joe?

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borrowed wikipedia/jho low

Where is Hippo Joe?
IGP says he knows where he is
But the pigeon hasn't flown in
He is still cooped up in China?

The reports say he is hiding there
He played his role in 1MDB
The billions flew into his accounts
He lives a luxurious life now

The case has started in court
He is still nowhere to be found
The former prime minister is facing his demon
The many charges related to 1MDB

Hippo Joe
Be a good man clear your sins
You can't hide forever
You will have to pay for your misdeeds

You can change your face
You can cut down your weight
You can't change your finger prints
You can't change for your crimes

You will face the law
Today you can hide
Tomorrow you can be cooked
The country will take back every cent of it

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