Friday, September 06, 2019

the unwelcome faces in pictures

The mystery faces in pictures
Appear when the cameras click it
The capturing spirits get caught on camera
There it will stay as a collector’s item

Once I remembered of a case
A group of students visited Kelly’s castle
They took pictures of themselves
Among them was a face of a spirit

The photographer fell sick one day
The doctor couldn’t find any fault
But he seemed to lose his life away
In desperation his parents consulted a medium

The remedy was to go back to Kelly’s Castle
Brought along that picture of the unwelcome guest
They offered praying and finally burned the picture
The student got well and he was saved

We believe of the fallen angels
They are with Lucifer banished to Earth
They can shift change themselves
They are the ones who know the tricks

Burn it or keep?
It depends how the photographer behave
He falls ill without any symptoms
It is the fault of the picture

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