Wednesday, September 25, 2019

don't let poor barricade the enterprising spirit

The family doesn't say
Life will be a sad affair
There is still tomorrow
Work hard on it

I can understand
The poor students to make end meet
They must have the determination to succeed
But some drop out and join gangs

I used to drink tap water for school break
My single mother tried her best to bring up her children
I used to cut wood to sell from the secondary forest
Sometimes I got free tapioca from the farmers

I used to sell nasi lemak* in school breaks
I got my commission and free nasi lemak
I even worked in gambling den
One man always kept coins under the mat

He said it was for me
A few ringgit for a night work
I did quite school
Until my form teacher came calling

So I was back to school
I had to do catch up for my examination
In the end I did average with my result
Still I didn't complain

The grounding makes me good
I can take any job comes my way
In time I learned a lot with experiences
Did my own studying for advancement

I guess the girl student will do fine
In later years of her life she will understand
When others facing the familiar predicament
Don't let poor barricade the enterprising spirit

*rice in coconut milk

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