Sunday, September 29, 2019

the poor in our backyards

The poor in our backyards
The nation leaders can't hide them
These are the real people
Living in dire consequences

What are the ways to help them?
The Welfare Department waiting report
The officers aren't going down the road
They hope the many NGOs will help

In villages hardly politicians know
These poor people will depend on neighbours
The good people who will try to supply essential items
But it isn't a long term solution

In the city we still find the poor
It is through NGOs mobile kitchens
Feeding the poor for meals and drinks
Hoping the authorities will wake up to see

It is again through red tape
The way things are today
The poor will accept their fate
Maybe during elections the politicians will notice

The poor in our back yards
Charity should start on our land
We don't have to go overseas to get notice
Whereas our poor who will help them?

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