Wednesday, September 18, 2019

the sedition act must go

The Sedition Act
It has to go for good
It isn't good for democracy
There are enough laws to deal
With those trouble makers
Who will create fake news

What has PH doing?
The leaders once were caught
They cried bad about the Act
Now they are in power
What have they done?
They are still sleeping on it

They have forgotten
How they were punished for it
Don't power blind them
The voters aren't very forgiving
We want change quickly
The draconian laws have to go!

If the Old Man doesn't agree
He has to step down
There are many draconian laws
But PH leaders seem to be blind now
The sentiments are running low
The dawn of change mustn't disappear

The Sedition Act
One of the draconian laws
It has no place in our society
PH get it done don't sleep on it

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