Sunday, September 29, 2019

let kampong baru kl stay

Let Kampong Baru KL stay
The way it is now for generations
It doesn't have to fix into the development progress
Let this place be the history of the nation time

Let Kampong Baru be the centre of tourism
Let the owners have their stream of income
The owners shouldn't be so eager to sell
Maybe the millions cross their minds

Once Kampong Baru is sold
Its uniqueness will be gone
It can't be replicated
It will lose its appeal

The government is eager to develop it
Is it necessary in KL city with traffic problems?
It is best to concentrate how to disperse traffic
Let Kampong Baru KL be as it is

But they say millions make decision
The owners are looking the millions coming in
Some are ready to off-load it
Others are waiting for the final quote

I grew up in a kampong
The development came kampong disappeared
The concrete buildings set on it
It is only memories in my mind

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