Thursday, September 12, 2019

the opposition can't escape prison

There is no reason to talk on race and religion
The political opponents and extremist groups
What is it they are afraid in their lives?
The policing and economic cake they rule

I see they will implode
The decades of addiction
They can't see beyond
They always want to find a new fix

The moderate groups have found out
They have walked out of their addiction
They know the consequences of being lazy
The consequences of their own hand-cuffs

I watch the one track way
The opponents once they ruled
They could take as they like
Sinking the nation in bad vibes

The rumours in the grapevines
They took care of their own elite groups
Until the people voted them out for good
Out of ruling but still behave as if they rule

So the rumours were true
The new government found out the details
The leaders of the opposition now facing graft charges
Yet the race and religion still carrying on

I see the opposition want to escape
The dragnet of prison times for good
IRB is chasing after them for income tax dues
There is no way they can hide

The formation of the pasembo party
The moderate race will know the truth
They will not be duped into stupidity
These opposition leaders want to escape prison

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