Friday, September 27, 2019

the black dogs run

The black dogs run
Barking at certain corners
Showing off their sharp teeth
Only its own kind will be glad

We can hear the familiar call
The spread out among the other dogs
Barking to say we back you up
You aren't alone in time of adversity

The truth the black dogs are afraid
They want to run afraid of the raids
The blues gang will come along
With nets and containers to put them in

Only those on the run
They will bark incessantly
Telling all and sundry it isn't fair
Giving them the bones

But the black dogs don't want to say
They have it good once upon a time
Living in styles; fancy food and restaurants
Living the life of the rich and famous

Now they can only bark
Sometimes aggressively sometimes out of fear
On the streets; on every shady corners
The black dogs afraid to say

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