Thursday, September 26, 2019

we don't need banks to squeeze us

The bank charges
The banks buy the machines
The banks set its IT systems
The banks pay millions

When bank customers start to use it
The banks impose service charges
Through the years the bank reap in profits
The banks will still say it is on upgrading

The banks say it is for the customers convenience
The banks don't say the customers have to pay
Through the years BNM stays quiet
It never wants to interfere

Now giving cash deposits over the counter
The banks will impose service charge
Even payment by credit card or loans too
The customers give the banks monies still have to pay

This isn't the way forward
The banks can't squeeze the customers
They forget who sustain the banks
Bank Negara Malaysia must investigate

The Finance Minister too must come in
He mustn't allow the banks to reap in more profits
Don't tell us like Bee Anne ways
The merging of banks have the drawbacks

The people are complaining
The cost of goods spiraling
We don't need banks to squeeze us
Like merchant of Venice another pound?

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