Friday, September 20, 2019


India wants her man*
She keeps calling his name
She even issues order for him
Come home to India

Now the preacher man hides
In Malaysia the Old Man refuses to listen
The call from India to return her man
The Old Man says no country interested

India calls him bluff
There is no reason to delay
There is the Extradition Treaty
Let the preacher man go

He brings no benefits to the nation
He brings bad news to most of us
It is only the zombie followers
Who can't see the right and wrong

The Old Man should understand
He can't harbour fugitive from India
Do not think on race and religion
The preacher man isn't a citizen

Let the preacher man go
India wants her man to face his charges
A man of religion must have balls
To face the truth and clear his name

The Old Man shouldn't say
No country wants the preacher man
Send him home to India
This is where he will learn the truth

*Dr Zakir Naik

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