Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the barking dogs

The barking dogs
Every time day or night
Any stranger who passes by
Nothing will stop the dogs to bark

The owner just keeps quiet
Carrying on the tasks at hand
Let the dogs barking
Disturbing the peace at night

Dogs sometimes are good
Dogs sometimes are bad
It all depends on the dog owners
How the dogs are trained and behaved

We have our barking dogs
Running after the law abiding citizens
Carrying out the tasks of intimidation
The snarling teeth to show how tough they are

In a pack they are brave dogs
They can be dangerous too
This is the truth with all animals
Unless they hunt alone

But dogs can be taught
Teach them to behave
Teach them to recognize friends or foes
They will our best friends

the net affairs

Single women
Married ladies
On the market
Looking for pleasures

The bachelors
The married men
They too make the grade
No need face to face

Just the click
The world wide web
There the fun games begin
The rules naturally apply

It is still the chemistry
The needs each party wants to find
Will it happen in the net?
Then into the physical contact

As reports have indicated
Many have gone played the game
The secret affairs or one night stand
The unwinding pressures or lonely life

we can't hide away

The tax will come
We can't hide away
We have to face it
Though we will pay

We can argue
We can put on our views
We can protest
But where will it end?

The tax will come
The new era of discontent
Our pockets will be light
The daily chores headaches and cry

Do we know what to do?
Bee Anne has failed us
For decades we are blinded
Now we realize it too late

The devil that we know
And see what we got into
We are asked to pay more
Top to bottom we can't hide

It is still never too late to change
Let Bee Anne has its final round
The road for justice and freedom
It is just around the corner

are we ready for GST?

Are we set for GST?
Honestly we aren't ready
The government still struggling
But why in a hurry?

It's the money
The Bee Anne government misadventures
Through the decades of the country
The leakages aren't fixed

We will be forced to pay
The rising costs hitting our pockets
The people first slogan has gone to the bin
We are left to worry for ourselves

We aren't in the developed status
Until we do GST should wait
Owing to the leakages of Bee Anne government
The people are squeezed to pay

GST will operate on April's Fool
The costs of food have increased
No need to do the PR exercise
We know what to do come next GE

young women

Rumour has it
A young woman lecturer
Trying to find a sugar daddy
She will ask if she sees a posh car

She wants to get hitched
The only thing she can see
The posh cars parked on the street
Innocent question with eye for wealth

Eventually she finds her sugar daddy
A man whose restaurant is popular in town
Rumour has it
He buys her a house

Now she becomes his mistress
A house to stay and enjoy
How true is it?
Maybe it is the truth

The aged old men
The score sheet can be new page
There are willing young women
Money and opening gates

Monday, March 30, 2015

we have to keep scores

We don't have to cry
The tears will not make it right
We will have to make a decision
What now when police don't play fair?

The majority wants a change
GE13 had spoken but not the seats
We knew why it happened
We won the race but lost the seat!

Kita Lawan rallies
It may have made a point
It will not change the government
Now the police hunting them down

Judges decision can't be absolute
They are humans so they will make mistakes
It is a sad case when judges can't accept criticism
Learn it to progress in one's reasoning

But no...the police will knock doors
With ski masks and guns on the go
The opposition members will be remanded
Put in prison garb and in lockup for short stay

We don't have to cry
Where to Malaysia?”
We have to keep scores
The day will come we will see the change

the rules of the game

The rules of the game
We give them the power
We become the slaves
Is this the way to live?

The Members of Parliament
The opposition members will agree
The police never show fair play
They are bundled up in disgrace

These are the law makers
They pass laws so the police can act
What an ironic situation for them!
They become the slaves

The police never play fair
For the opposition law makers
GE14 will come to play
We will exercise our rights

the chips and eggs

The chips and eggs on the plate
The wholemeal bread on the table
The HP sauce standing upright
The smiling face says it all

With fork and knife
Peter Morris smiles
This is it man
I miss this meal”

The morning rise
The sunlight bright
The camera clicks
The picture of the day

Well..Peter Morris
We can't share with you
We are on our sick bed
Drumming it up in our heads

pota is the new isa

Pota is..
The new ISA
It is just another name
This time it is about Islamic militants or terrorists

When ISA was formulated
Razak pleaded with his honesty
It was to fight the Communist insurgents
We knew what happened of ISA law

When Chin Peng signed the peace treaty
The Communists insurgency was officially over
But ISA wasn't canned
It was used to silence the opponents!

This law the Preventive of Terrorism Act
Now the government under Najib will plead
It is to fight the Islamic militants or terrorists
But the Members of Parliament must learn from history

Bee Anne will turn its gun on the opponents and critics
They will be branded as terrorists and put in jail without trial
The Members of Parliament don't be just a rubber stamp
Learn from history enough laws to contain terrorists or militants

life is simple

Life is simple
We only make it difficult
We make many laws
If only it is fair and just

But we don't
We make it to side one party
The other party has to fight for it
Until the light shines

The going makes it tough
The party who is afraid to lose
The using of law and force
To make the people kneel

The people aren't fools
They have their rights
Justice and freedom
It isn't just mere words

Life is simple
Only the power crazy leaders make it worst
Implementing laws for their own agendas
Leaving the others fighting hard to live free

the real crooks running free

The day of darkness
The police takes to the street
Crushing the peaceful rallies
They forget to protect

The police should patrol the street
Catch the criminals preying with no obstacles
The criminals know police are busy
Planning hard to catch the opposition

The police say work around the clock
Monitoring the opposition members
They show how efficient they are
On the wrong side of the fence

The real crooks running free
Murders and billions disappeared
The white collar crimes
The police never say

Work around the clock
They show the blue on their faces
They have no clue to catch the culprits
Only small fishes in their net

The police should go to the ground
Listen to the people complaints
The lack of enforcement is true
Even increasing force will not help

Sunday, March 29, 2015

marching for a cause

The people march
The concerned youth went
There must be a reason
But the police cracked it down

The people marched peacefully
The police didn't care
They came by force
The police thought they could

The people of youth
They didn't fight back
They heeded the advice
But the police didn't care

Opposition members
They were caught in the morning raid
The police have no sense of fairness
They seemed to work for Amno baru

The Constitution
The police officers swear to uphold and protect
In the end it is the brute force
Intimidating the marching people

The justice and freedom
It will not go away
It has to stay in time
The black knight has to go

the pages of our lives

The pages we see
The divided nation of people
Each wants to go his way
Nothing on the middle

The dawn raids
The men in blue
The opponents and critics
They think they are nuisance

The cowing of the masses
It will not change their minds
They want a change for the better
Voicing out their demands

Then we see the Islamic groups
They just want the hudud law
It is God's law they will say
Nobody should question it!

They forget in religion
It is a private affair with God
God's law needs no middlemen
God can handle it in His wisdom

We are living in our time
The land of our Constitution
Crafted for all to live in harmony and unity
That's the way it has that's the way it is

Saturday, March 28, 2015

mat sabu

Ski masks with guns
The police came for Mat Sabu
Imagine that for a moment
Pas deputy president would not run

The misplace police officers
Carrying out orders
In the middle of the night
Just for Mat Sabu

What did he do?
Ski masks officers came
Just to arrest a man
Just to intimidate others?

The IGP didn't play fair
Amno baru minister still free
No statement was recorded
For his seditious remarks

Though police report made
IGP just waited for him to arrive
So far nobody knows at yet
Has he made his statement?

The people aren't afraid
Men in blue use your compassion
Mat Sabu can come when he is called
No need to show your strength

planes crash

Pilots suicide
Every time a commercial jet falls from the sky
The overwork pilots or depression of personal affairs
The innocent passengers gone with their lives

The investigation team assembled
Quickly they probe and search
When they find the black box
They will determine the causes of accident

Pilots suicide
It is always the first impression
Taking the jet plane down
It takes an unstable mind to do

The innocent passengers die for nothing
On a jet plane going down to pieces
The cry of sorrow and anguish
Even compensation will not soothe the souls

So many cases happened
So many reports filed and archives
What are the action plans to evaluate the pilots?
It is a sad case when lives are lost in plane crashes

the silence in the corridor

The silence in the corridor
The shadows stay in one place
They don't dare to make a statement
Closing the doors waiting for the go sign

The wind of breezes flow
Rustling the leaves dropping a few
The silence in the corridor
The rats crawl out from the drainage holes

The smell of bad timing
Letting the events unfold
The silence in the corridor
The statement takes so long

The advisors work overnight
They can't find a suitable words to say
The grounds of stomping feet
They hear it in their sleep

They don't have to go far
Open the pages of the Constitution
It is written so clearly to understand
But the silence rings in the corridor

i hope i get it right

I hope I get it right
I hope I get it right
Wishing all the way
Set the time pray it works

I hope I get it right
You stay on in the night
Don't go changing your mind
Leaving me alone chasing shadows

I hope I get it right
You don't change your mind
The night of colours bloom
There is something to do

I hope I get it right
I hope I get it right
You stay on in the night
Don't go changing your mind

and don't think we live forever

People die everyday
The stories never go away
Natural causes, murders, accidents
Motor vehicles crashes, planes explodes
People suicides or drugs related high
Bites by poisonous insects and snakes
We are surrounded everyday
The hard fact is majority still alive
Though we have our fear every time
We may not think about it
Every waking hour till we go to sleep
But death is stalking us
Since the day we were born
Within the waking hours
We better do all the good deeds
Small ones or bigger
As long as we cheer up the suffering
The destitute, the homeless, the beggars
Giving a helping hand or contributions
Knowing somebody will smile with our charity
And don't think we live forever
We have our fixed time to get it right
Turn our pages of intangible goods
Into a beacon of hope of our own salvation

Friday, March 27, 2015

we have the minds to reason

Man can't use God's law
He doesn't have the capacity to judge
With training he thinks he has
By whom is he trained?

It is another man's knowledge
Personal prejudices will arise
Otherwise there will not be many signs
Telling him something isn't right

The defeat leaders will say
Don't question God's law
It is there for our own good?
But is it the truth?

The whole books of religions
It tells of God who cares and love
He doesn't want to destroy what He creates
God always forgives our transgressions and sins

So Man can't use God's law
For Man can't be a better judge at all
The power on the chair he will behave
Like a god wielding the rod of power!

God gives us minds to think
He wants us to question everything in place
Once we do that we will learn

For we shouldn't be lambs going to be slaughtered!

the sick baby 1MDB

They tell lies
More lies coming up
The sick baby called 1MDB
Crying out loud for all to hear

The honest answer
It never came
Once it said from funds returned
Cayman Island to the rescue

The $2 billion loan repayment
Catching 1MDB for months
The rope squeezing in
Until Ananda Krishnan came

But lies were spinned
Until layer and layer of half truths
One covering the other
Until it becomes too big hole

Macc and police should go in now
They don't have to wait for Auditor General's Report
Our financial burden will pull us down
Stop telling lies it takes us no where

the militant islam

Political Islam
The politicians gathered and hope
Through the democracy means
Thinking they can rule

Participating in elections
The political Islamic party politicians
They fail to garner votes
They fail to gather the result

One thing they can't hide
Religion isn't a political tool
It is a private faith with God
No law should come into it

As the political Islamic party fails
The politicians turn into God's law
Saying nobody should question it
But God gives us the minds to think

We shouldn't be lambs
Meekly going to be brainwashed
The gift of God in our minds
We mustn't follow blindly at all

When that fail we will see
The rising of the Militant Islam
It is like history repeating itself
Once we heard of Militant Christianity

This is what we have seen
The Taliban and Isis militants
They came in waves pushing the boundaries
Killing unnecessary in the name of God

They will have short reign
God will punish them for deceiving
The crimes these militants committed
They will pay with their lives

In this country the Constitution rules
There is no leeway for any militant groups to emerge
The men in blue and soldiers must keep watch
The people will not allow it to rise to create chaos

it gives me the wings to fly

The bird flies out from the cage
Tweeting to the sky of freedom
The bird thinks it has its case
Putting it away for good this time

The years of waiting
Dreaming of the opportunity
When it comes one day
The bird doesn't wait

Now on the branch
Surveying the new found freedom
What will it do to live now?
All those years the food in the cage

It finds the way
Singing the tunes in-born
The melodies bring in the crowd
Other birds fly in to lend support

The bird watchers wait
Using binoculars to watch and record
They can't find a name to describe it
They see it what bird is that?

The bird takes flight
Flying from tree to tree
I like my freedom
It gives me the wings to fly”

our men in blue keeping watch

Isis landed
On the land we slept
We hardly realized it
Until the police woke us up

Our men in blue
They hunt Isis members down
Many were caught and in remand
But the financiers aren't caught

It involved students and lecturers
It involved government servants
It involved the radical Islamic faith
It involved some of the ordinary people

What were they thinking?
They think they can get short cut to heaven?
They have lives to make good use of it
It doesn't make sense to die unnecessary

God doesn't need hire hands
He knows what He wants to do
He makes the world; He makes humans
So we shouldn't go destroy each other to make points

Our men in blue
They watch for the signs
Isis members now hiding
They mustn't be allowed to grow

skill needs practise

Oral techniques
A lot of patience and practice
It doesn't come in seconds
It takes time to get it right

Everyone thinks
It's like sucking the lollipop
But it takes many variations
Many have missed the point

Some during the years
May have fallen on the wrong side
Using the wrong movements
The men thought it was right

The women didn't complain
Maybe they were afraid to say
Thinking the men would become aggressive
Turning into a nightmare

But years down the road
Improvements have done to it
With your work of knowledge sharing with us
The men must have learned a trick or two

For guys who have premature ejaculation
One trick shared with us by our late scout master
Go and shake it off before the real run
It will keep you in the loop

We have gained many through your work
We do make many mistakes along the way
With your insight experiences to share with us

We will be better on the next round of golf

the blame game

The blame game
The political parties came
Talking about it
Pointing fingers at will

They don't want to look
The mirror of reflection
There in lies the culprit
The politicians should admit

Don't move the musical chair
The need to change must be there
Moving it around only different face
The ultimate aim still the same

It's the blame game
Giving excuses so lame
Pointing fingers at will

The elephant in the room don't see