Tuesday, July 31, 2012

raining money

Bee Anne raining money
The villagers get happy
A few miserable thousands
They think they strike lottery

The decades of the familiar tales
Near to the general election
The Bee Anne roll out the machines
The sweet coated honey let them fall asleep

Bee Anne raining money
The black dogs go barking
The crony newspapers published
They don't say it's taxpayers monies

One half of society
They are left to fend themselves
They don't see the meaning
They know it's fishing for votes

The villagers have to wake up
Enough of the Pied Piper's dream
Learn to work hard and be your own
The world is borderless to everybody

the black art 2

You do the black art
You think you can get it easily
Take away others hard earned money
You feel the warm of it

The demon that plays on your greed
He lets you stay within his reach
When the day he will take it all
You will learn the pain and the truth

The growing up years in the village
Heard about the black art and its woes
Nothing is free on others misery
The practioners will have to pay

The short sighted individuals
Learning the black art for greed
The payback doesn't worth the pain
The burning cauldron it never fades!

sebatien musings

Look at me
I am like my dad
Clean head no hair
It shines all the time

Maybe I bring the sun rays
Brightened up the house...
Then I can run around
Let my dad chase after me

Right now I am in pictures
My mommy taking it to show around
The small circle I can be popular
My big bright eyes and chubby cheek

My grandmother will carry me
Walking around the house
My big sister? She always hang around
Hoping she can rock me gently on her lap

Look at me
In no time I will be grown
Like my dad maybe in the years
I want to see the world..

the art of black magic 1

The art of black magic
The practioners will have to pay
Nothing is free in its world
The payback time will be the pain

I heard of a story
About a man who practised the art
He could summon any woman he desired
By just touching her hand or any part of her body

He didn't have to say anything
The woman would find where he lived
He had his time and his lusts
Until he got married and had children

His children died one after another
Until he realized what he had done previously
He swore he would not teach anybody
The art of black magic

Many guys approached him
Passed his art to them
He told them his pain
So he said he would take it in his death

His wife eventually left him
When she realized what he did
The man died a lonely death
He took his art with him

Now there are syndicates
Using the familiar art of black magic
The women target the old folks
Take their monies and jewelry

The pain for the women
They will receive the just treatment
Now they don't think of it
The punishment will come eventually

Monday, July 30, 2012

it's saturday night

It's Saturday Night
The midnight date
In the city of lights
Where nights never sleep

The city of fun
The joy in the company
Know where to hit the drinking holes
The eyes glow the body talk

It's Saturday Night
The women and men meet
In the watering holes
Forgetting reality for a while

The boom boom music
It block out any conversation
It's just drinking and touching
Of the night of strokes and smile

The boom boom night
The foreplay in subtle strokes
The joy and lust in bottle beers
It's Saturday Night

the goal keeper must change

The bags of money
He brings on his rounds
Felda settlers again
Tens of millions to smile

Suddenly Felda settlers
They are the wooing crowd
It leaves the farmers
On the wayward road

The farmers in Bidor
They are crying hard
The land they grow greens
The bulldozers came

These farmers don't ask for money
They just want land to farm produce
The agricultural products for the Nation
They are left behind to cry

You don't hear Am See Egg
Fighting for them
Pakatan can only talk
It's not the government

Now the time
The goal keeper must change
Too many goals no defence skills
It looks on the face of the Nation

if proton can't box

If Proton can't box
After nearly 3 decades
It's time to close shop
Cut the losses

Hyundai cars
The South Koreans make it global
It has the reach and skills
It can stand on its own

Here Proton
Crying like baby
Even the cronies and rent seekers
Thinking of their own

The taxpayers shouldn't fund the parasites
It has been for decades to prop up cronies
Even Thailand becomes Detroit of Asia
Proton can't even rev it up high

Pakatan is right
Cut the taxes
Let the competition begins
Proton wake up on your own

ah guan's apom balik

Ah Guan's apom balik
On the island of Penang
His tricycle waits at Burmah Road
The best on the island

Many cars will stop by
Every model will arrive
The day will never stop
He's busy getting it done

Once you taste it
You will not stop eating
The apom balik just waters in
Even keeping it overnight it tastes good

The last I was with him
It was years ago waiting at his stall
I ordered 200 pieces.....
Sharing his tales and the hard times he had

He has one student
In Malacca he stays
He never simply teaches any one
He says he has to keep his value

Ah Guan's apom balik
He's still operating on the same spot
His customers base aged gracefully like him
He stays there from morning to at night

Sunday, July 29, 2012

one day at night

One day at night
In the closing time
In the night club
The night intercourse ruled

The music had died
The lights had gone
The smell of sweat, cigars and beers
In the basement night

The bouncer and one GRO
They had the relationship in the night
Nobody was around to witness them
They thought they were alone

One day at night
In the Century of time
The night copulation
The sound of hitting board

The story went around
The bouncer couldn't deny
He didn't say yes or no
He had nothing to defend

One day at night
In the basement dark dim light
The bouncer and a GRO
They thought they were alone

wave bee anne goodbye

Bee Anne tricks
The leaders always say
They can bring developments
But at price to the environment?

The leaders keep harping on it
As if the people never know the truth
It's the money machine on the roll
Let the cronies take the toll

Pakatan can do it
When the party takes over Putrajaya
The party has the leaders
The visions and the go getter

Bee Anne has its time
Time for us to wave goodbye
Goodbye to the side alleys
Alleys to learn how to be humble

Bee Anne wants to cement its role
The people shouldn't allow it to happen
It is too long for the party to stay in power
Until the leaders forget the people are kings

Now we should wave them goodbye
Let them live in the opposite camp
Let them learn the role of self service
Bee Anne leaders have forgotten the role

Saturday, July 28, 2012

the rivals

The two rival business
Adjoining side by side
For the young crowd
Of university and college

In the night of neon light
The waiting for the crowd
The parking bays available
In this part of the new town

One unit is fully occupied
The young crowd walk in
With cars and motorcycles
Parking front of the shop

The rival business
It is empty of crowd
Maybe it is the price
Maybe the food...

In food business
Once you make a mistake
It sticks like a sour thumb
Customers will talk a long time

The two rival business
One a thriving crowd
The other empty in the night
Maybe it is the food and price

the baby boy grows

A month old
The baby boy grows
In the light of many eyes
He knows he isn't alone

He sees the familiar faces
They are always around
Sometimes he wonders
In his eyes sparkling bright

He looks at the young girl
She always looks at him
She whispers “I am your big sister
You can play with my toys”

The baby boy smile
Imagine of the toys
In his mind he knows
He will have his own

A month old
The baby boy called Sebastien
He wriggles his small fingers
Smiling the familiar faces

they don't tell they are the cause of it

The running dogs
They bark and they go
In the day in the night
Behind backdoors

They whisper
The way of lost empire
In the distance they echo
The drum beat of their barking

In behind the scenes
The running dogs hatching plans
They can't sleep peacefully
They dream of their lost of income

They stare at the master
Growing fat and no generating skills
They don't complain
They have the crumbs falling

They tell the good parts
They don't tell they are the cause of it
On the streets of the people's minds
They can't fool them again

Friday, July 27, 2012

together we make the difference

Alone we can't make a change
We can shout until our voices float away
Nothing will be heard; no echo no solution
We are just alone in the numbers game

The dictators and leaders of power
They will divide making fear the solution
They bend the will of the people
Divided people the dictators flourish

They don't listen to our cries
They know we are alone no base to fight
We are at their mercy day and night
We are fools and we know it

Then people change
The organization of people
They speak in one voice one determination
One drumbeat the people make the waves

Young and old the world over
They join forces in the cyber world
Together they make the difference
Together we are a force to be recognized

you have a chance to change

Now you have a chance to change
You shouldn't lose this opportunity
In the months on your way
Take it to change the face of our time

The corrupted and greedy face
It has to go before we can achieve our potential
The country is crying for us to help her
This is the moment a chance to make history

We have been fooled many times
In the decades under the ruling elites
The leaders are still manufacturing their games
They don't want to change

They just want to transform
When the structures still the same
The tentacles just coated with new paint
The faces painted in bright red colour

We have seen the old foundation
The rotten smell the sign of diseases
We can't be hanging around for long
Now we have the opportunity

We must strike the gong
Let us all united and march for change
We can't live in the debts of the country
Make it worst by the spending spree

the beauty in the eyes

The plastic surgery
On the face to look pretty
There are no spots to find
Even the aging lines all disappear

The fable of mirror, mirror, on the wall
It's the plastic surgeon to make it tall
You pay the money the aging can be reversed
On the physical appearance the beauty glow

The women in our society
The glamour and gossiping flow
They can't live with the aging souls
Mirror, mirror, don't let us grow old

The physical beauty
On the cover of men's magazines
The ogle in their eyes
The dreams of the moonlight

The plastic surgery
The pain for beauty sake
The painted face when it comes
The beauty in the men's magazines

second chance

Second chance
Don't lose your way
Use it to change
Live in the positive days

Every moment a blessing
Don't you know about it?
The life you walk
It brings you joy

Second chance
Sing it every day
You should feel bless
You shouldn't feel sorry

The day it brings
Live the moments
You mustn't throw it away
The gift doesn't come easily

Thursday, July 26, 2012

go into the ring proton

You were made for a ride
In the beginning
So much hope and pride

Now you are a burden
You can't compete
You have no direction
You have no skills

You need handout
Millions of taxpayers' monies
You give us a tin can car
You don't have guaranteed

It's time you compete
In the international markets
You can't be spoon fed anymore
We have enough of your burden

The ruling elites
Lift the excise and import taxes
It is time to play a fair game
The people will change

it doesn't worth the money

The matured women
In the market place
They will talk and gossip
About the victims

The China Dolls
Brought in by the syndicate
The women duped the matured women
By using charms or black magic

There were a few
They lost their monies
One was $20k another $200K
The China Dolls got it away

Now the women are on guard
Don't talk to strangers don't go alone
It's better to be with company
The China Dolls will run

The China Dolls
It doesn't worth the money
There will be no redemption
You will always go in pain

don't go sleeping

How many times we have to listen?
When the truth they want to hide?
They never want to share with the masses
They just want us to be the fools

They don't look at the water flow
The rubbish clogged the rivers and drains
They just want us to forget
When the truth they want to hide?

The logging activities run
They think of the wealth they get
Behind the scenes they just approved
Until the nature lovers drumming cry

The laws they want to change
The sincerity never in the first place
The clout of the law still remains
They don't want to lose their games

How many times we have to keep watch?
The leaders we put them up to serve
They just want us to be the fools
When the truth they want to hide?

the old lady walks

The old lady walks
In her morning days
Even it is haze
She will not forget

She walks upright
The backbone straight
Walking with ease of flow
She walks at her steady paces

She will put others to shame
The way she makes herself feeling fit
In the morning of her walk
The old lady never forgets

Though her skin aged
She walks with her speed
For her age others should look up
She may tell something or two

wake up and change your thinking

The time for the people
Wake up and change your thinking
The goods and money you received
It isn't the ruling elites money
It is your money returning back to you
The taxes you pay for the years you work
It is your right to receive it
It isn't from the sweat and tears of the ruling elites
So you mustn't get fooled to believe it is
You mustn't get influenced by the sparkling gold
You know the drill by now
Every time the election is near
The ruling elites rolling out its machines
The goods and money and everything can be done
Within weeks you will see the results
But you know it will not last
When you vote them in
You will lose more than before
So you better wise up
Don't get fooled again
You have enough for the last 55 years
I have; now I am going to change it