Sunday, December 31, 2006

end of 2006

Nak habis tahun 2006.....apa cerita orang? Ini adalah hari terakhir tahun 2006..sememangnya saya tidak buat apa2pun. Masa pergi begitu saja. Let the time flow. I dont have to think until I grow up with worries. I have left those behind me for a long time. I am now enjoy my own bliss with no worry to cripple it along my way. What I am going to do for next year? Saya tak cadang apapun. Biarlah masa menuntunya. Perhaps I will continue to do the same thing.

In the internet world surf until I lose count of time hehehe
Get into sexual activities why waste the opportunity right?
Write poems on any topic that crosses my mind

For those of you who visit my blog....get a blast tonight I will fly into the world of my own

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Snoring is a sleeping condition that disturbs the sound asleep of others. Many people snore one way or another in their lives. It doesn't make it a good night sleep. At one time I thought only fat people snore because of the blockage to the nose or perhaps the breathing condition is blocked. Now I find it isnt fat or thin people. It affects people who may have medical problem. Science is still finding out the problem. People snore owing to the vigorous exercise too. I know for a fact it happens to me. Of course it doesnt happen all the times. It happens occasionally when I do heavy exercise. Though I always check my body weight but it still happens. Anyway I am a light sleeper....I find this article in the Yahoo website on snoring interesting read :-

No, I'm not talking about the thoughts that have raced through your bed partner's mind! I'm talking about obstructive sleep apnea.
Approximately five out of every 100 snorers have sleep apnea (that's 2-4 percent of the adult population in America). For most people, snoring is just an annoyance, but for sufferers of sleep apnea, snoring can be a significant alarm system.
People with sleep apnea have short periods during sleep where they stop breathing. These periods last anywhere from 10 seconds to 40 seconds and can occur as many as 400 times per night. If you do the math, this means that the average person with sleep apnea spends more than three hours a night not breathing normally or not breathing at all. That can't be healthy.
It's not.
Symptoms of sleep apnea include:
Loud snoring
Choking sounds during sleep
Falling asleep during the day
Trouble with memory and attention
Decreased libido
Impotency in men and menstrual irregularities in women
Dry mouth in the morning
Morning headaches
Do you recognize these symptoms in yourself or your loved one? Persons with sleep apnea have a higher death rate than the average person, are five times more likely to be in a fatigue-related car accident, are 10 times more likely to have a stroke, and have high rates of hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias.
Snoring is one of those things that we don't tend to pay a lot of attention to. In fact, many people don't even bring it up when they talk to their doctor. An overnight sleep study is necessary to document sleep apnea, but, trust me - everyone will rest easier if the condition is treated properly.
Perhaps this is one item you should add to your new year's resolution list. Do any of you know anyone with sleep apnea? Or do you suffer from it yourself? If so, share your experiences.

Posted by S Brent Ridge MD

rendezvous in a taxi

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What has happened to the college students? Having sex or sex romp in a taxi. This was highlighted in the Star newspaper. The uni students paid $100/- for the taxi driver to cruise them around while they were having sex. Mana nak letak muka ni? Tak malu ke? Sampai macam anjing direka...The taxi driver must have blood pumping into his veins though he has to concentrate on his driving. The uni students can check into a a cheap hotel in the city. It costs maybe less than $20 or the most check into a modest hotel which I think the rate is $60/- per day. Aren't they forget about using their minds? Or I had read the message wrong....perhaps they dare each other as human beings we dont remember much the next day...I mean the spectators...only the actors and actresses will remember...Flood in Johore water flow in the taxi..

Malaysia slow coach on internet services....losing uncount time to blog!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

wide world wait

The WWW is in emergency ward. The doctors are attending to it. Along the corridor they whisper what to do with it. It is now on life supporting gadget pumping it up to stay alive. The world will go on living as usual. Some will get angry; others will curse out loud and they are others who just dont know what to do....Back to the old fashioned way I suppose. Pen and paper to write..I had this problem many days ago. Sure I grumbled at TM Net. But when it is a monopolistic company one cant do anything about it. Unless the government opens it up for other players to come in then we can have good value on our subscriptions. Then my keypad got angry with me - it went on strike. So I closed my notebook and kept in the bag. When I returned back after a few days in Kota Kemuning I got my notebook out and what did I find? It is recovered for now. I find so far nothing is wrong with it. Yet the line is still very slow...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my experience in floods

I had my fair share of floods. During my early kampung days I had seen flooding in my village. It came suddenly in the early morning. The water raised up to 3 feet in less than 5 minutes. At that time I thought it couldnt happen but it did. The house was flooded but we didnt have many things of value so I swam out to take care of the logs. Many kampung friends came out to keep things or help others in need of extra hands. The only fear we had then was the water snake. It used to happen during flooding times. By afternoon the water subsided and we managed to wash and keep our things in order. The other was along the Temerloh trunk road on my way to Kuantan. The water level raised up which I didnt know then. I listened to the weather forecast which was sunny and I didnt know it was flooding in the town. My car managed to drive through but it was stalled in the middle of it luckily for me I managed to restart the car and drove to higher ground. The last one was quite scary. I was going to Bahau. The police man asked me to drive through the oncoming water and my car swerved to the left inching nearer to the stream. I got my hair stood on end because of the pullin effect of the water. Again I managed to cross it safely. I blew a sign of release....Nowadays I am on dry land....selamat selalu...

Friday, December 22, 2006

flood here flood there and my pockets losing...

Flood here flood there and flood everywhere........even my pockets too get flooded with extra costs to pay to the government for its one sided contracts. Toll charges, electricity hikes, gas increases, water up the rate and cost of goods too. Yet a minister says the cost of goods shouldnt increase when toll charges hike. Does he know simple economic? When you increase one level it automatically increases another. Business shall not absorb the cost increases. It is profit driven not social contracts. So the people will pay. We elect this present government to look after the voters but we have been taken for a ride too long. Change the government since it doesnt take care of the voters. Every time the government increases rates supporting the business community, the people have to pay for its inefficiency. Long ago the government wanted to stabilise the DVD/CD prices but owing to the hue and cry of the business community, the government put a new minister to handle and that was the end of the story. The business community won and we have to pay higher cost to purchase DVD/CD. I go buy pirated versions to show my annoyance that the business community tries to make more money out of the people. It is no joke that it costs $45 for a CD on piracy I get it for less than $7. The business community in this case the music company can sell it between $16-18 and still makes money but no the company wants to make 2 or 3 times profit. So I have seen. The officers raid the piracy and music industry hikes up the price. I boycott it. Because long time ago I bought originals but its quality sulks then. So now I dont buy.....Cuepacs want to increase salary for its members. The government shouldnt give it to them. I dont think Cuepacs can claim it has done improvement in its delivery system. I wrote a letter to Majlis Bandaran about a road with two names and personally handed the letter; yet till today after more than a year I dont receive any reply or response at all. This one fine example that the delivery system should be working 100% all the times. Read the reports about complaints in the newspapers Cuepacs and from there make your own judgements. Every time the government adjusts salary, the people have to pay. It is better to be on productivity driven concept. Those who are really helping the people and proven they are the ones making the difference should be awarded not simply across the board. Do not claim that for more workers...I had seen before in the government departments. Go take a look and see what these officers are doing and then tell the government. Dont sit in the air cond offices go and walk about and multi tasks the jobs which can be done easily in the government departments. My rumblings have no bearing yet I hope somewhere some place people will go for the change. It is high time we change. It is unfair to hide behind OSA for the government contracts. Time it should be transparent and let the people decide.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

see who's talking?

Deputy Umno Youth Chief should advice himself and his party members not to string out the racial issues. The recent UMNO General Assembly had a go at the non-Malays. I dont know what the police will do. I read reports had been lodged and UMNO supreme council had severely warned these fire-brands. They should be sacked from the party. In a way the party allowed it to happen. Now the party wants damage control......After 49 years the leaders never learn. So I produce this article courted from Malaysiakini:-

Deputy Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin, when declaring open the People’s Progressive Party’s Youth wing convention recently, warned that there are limits to freedom. He said while there was the open atmosphere where government policies and leaders could be criticised by the media and where issues could be discussed, there were limits that needed to be adhered to. According to him, racial sensitivities still exist and that we should respect these boundaries. The government, he said, could revert to a more controlled atmosphere if certain people chose to abuse this freedom. He hoped that the few people who were bent on testing the limits would not be too extreme as this would prompt restriction. Khairy warned that: ‘Umno Youth will come down hard on those who breach the limits and ignore the boundaries of law and racial sensitivities’. The question is why warn others when much of the needless saber-rattling and blood-curdling talk comes first from Umno? In fact, for the first time Malaysians witnessed the worst manifestation of negative, divisive and destructive polemics when speakers at the Umno general assembly ignored the boundaries of law and sensitivities. Remember the Malacca delegate Hasnoor Sidang Hussein who bluntly stated that: ‘Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion’. Remember the Terengganu delegate Razali Idris who reminded that: ‘Malay rights cannot be challenged, or else the Malays will run amok and May 13 will recur’. Remember Umno Youth exco member Azimi Daim who said: ‘When tension rises, the blood of the Malay warriors will run in our veins’.
Remember the Umno delegate from Perlis who directed his question at youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein Onn: ‘Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Dato Hisham when is he going to use it’. Prior to these Malaysians have witnessed how Umno Youth members violently disrupted the
Apcet II conference and we have not forgotten that one Umno Youth exco member, during the Suqiu controversy, threatened to burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
We were equally alarmed when recently, a group of
Umno members barged into the MCA Kelana Jaya member of parliament’s office and demanded a retraction and apology for his speech in Parliament simply because he had raised concerns of the lack of non-Muslim places of worship.
Even the concept of Bangsa Malaysia held dearly by Malaysians has suddenly become unacceptable and untenable to Johor Menteri Besar Ghani Othman who fears that the concept could pose a threat to national stability. Instead of using the concept of Bangsa Malaysia to strengthen racial unity, particularly when Malaysia is just one year away from celebrating 50 years of nationhood, there are politicians who endure to ensure divisiveness. Thus it must have come at no surprise when New Sunday Times (of all newspapers!) recently reported that since November this year, more Malaysians than ever are selling their properties and cars
seeking to migrate.
According to a migration agent, they used to get on an average 15 to 20 enquiries a day. However between Nov 14 and Nov 19 alone there were 6,500 enquiries for Australia, 5,500 enquiries for New Zealand, 4,000 enquiries for Canada and 3,500 enquiries for other countries including Norway and Switzerland. And who exactly are migrating? According to another migration agent, the callers were of all races - Malays, Chinese and Indians. The newspaper also reported that real estate agents also revealed that an increasing number of people mainly from middle-income groups and above and owned properties worth RM250,000 and more. They wanted to sell their houses and the reason given by most of them is that they are migrating and needed to dispose of their houses. Like real estate agents, used car dealers are also getting enquiries from would be emigrants. A used car dealer is quoted as saying there was an increased number of sellers in the market recently. Irresponsible acts, divisive, provocative and seditious polemics from politicians hoping to score sectarian points has - without any doubt - done grave damage to the Malaysian psyche and to nation-building particularly. There is indeed quiet soul-searching going on. Importantly, Malaysians are most concerned about their future and more importantly, about the destiny of Malaysia. Many are fearful that recent events may well be the manifestation of a future Malaysia. Perhaps it is the apprehension and the wariness of the future which is forcing many to consider migrating. More worrying is the fact that even Malays are considering to emigrate. That to me does not bode well for Malaysia and Mala

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

here comes the brides 2

The menu chart was out of date. Now one gets to see the real models on display. The Chinese guys will go shopping. Young, vibrant and energetic brides and not forgetting pretty/beautiful and good in bed. These foreign women do not mind the ages of these guys. So these men should have a good time. Viagra to blame? Ahem! Anyone looking at me? Even the lonely old men who have the money will go for second helping..I think the China men got burned with the China Dolls. Now they have Vietnamese women to choose. Go select pay the price. They got brides on the spot. Like the olden days....let love blossom after this....But we are in the 21st century.......The price tag something like $15-20k. I think it is a good buy!!!!!!Pssttt...will you do it? I want to get it for free.....hehehe The Malays will go for the Indonesian women or the Pakistani women. So our local women have competition then or perhaps they too will find white men/black men leaving the local guys behind...What happen to our sense of direction? Too much work with too much money making minds? Book now pay later scheme? It is a degrading social structure.It shouldnt have happened here.

JB flooded

Johor flooded
courtesy The Star

JB flooded. Any new in the country? Nay! The city planners should walk over to Singapore and learn something there. Why Singapore never gets flooded? The town planners used to travel overseas on work study trips but in the end they never learn. Or they fail to put in place what they had seen and what needed to be done. JB as reported too has many potholes. The JKR engineers should walk the streets or cruise the streets to make sure the roads are potholes free or the drainage properly maintained. These engineers should be given say 5km to walk about every week. Find any problem it should be rectified within 24 hours. Look at KL -when there is heavy down pour it is flooded. Yet our government never learn at all. Every time developments come to the states, there is flooding in the low lying areas and at times in the towns/cities too. Profits shouldnt be the motive for upgrading living standards. Job creations shouldnt be at the expense of another social problem.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

perempuan lama tukar perempuan baru

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The headline here comes the brides. Now guys here are going for the brides in Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and or China. It makes me wonder why. Because these young brides want to get out of their own country or seeking new life elsewhere. China Dolls have been here for a long time. Many older men had fallen preys to these China Dolls. These women have one motive in mind - get your money or properties then disappear!!! My view scored from the sad stories published in the newspapers. Practically I see the older guys go crazy over these young brides. Have our women any difference at all? Perhaps our women are more aggressive and career minded and dont want to settle down so soon. Maybe after 35 years old...The guys will think they are too old for marriage. The question : Career or marriage? Now the guys go for foreign brides - young, vibrant, energetic, pretty, dont ask so many questions, etc..One of my neighbours landlord got swindled by a young bride. He is in his 50s. The young wife took all his money and disappear to her homeland. She never wants to come back. There will be many soap stories to tell......

Monday, December 18, 2006

khalwat raids

I agree with the Perlis Mufti's views on the overzealous religious officers raids on Muslim committing close proximity. If we take the view of the ancient texts, if you never commit a sin then you take the first stone throw. But if you have sins, you shouldnt do it. There are many issues for the religious officers to tackle. Policing religion isnt the way to seek enlightenment. It is the way of the corrosive mind. You harvest what you plant. In between of the religious texts every follower wants to claim the best. In the beginning there is already a conflict amongst the people. When Muhammed died, Islam is split into 2 groups. Sad isnt it? When Jesus died, the religion too is split. Very familiar isnt it? The famous quotes :-

There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
I am the Son of God. Whoever believe in Me will have eternal life

Currently both religions have over billion followers. But the followers dont agree on each other texts. The prophets were from the same family tree sent by the same God/Allah. So arent we have sinned through the ages of time?

But the religious office won't agree with the Perlis Mufti's view. Maybe next time he will be asked to attend for counselling for saying something different from the general consumption. Whoever sins...........he/she shall ask for forgiveness. Punishment is not by the mere mortals; punishment is in the hands of the Lord. The religious officers should go and spread the religion, explaining about the beautiful religion, the dos and donts and what needs to be done in case one falls on the way. Hell we will go through...dust to dust we all shall return....until such times when the Lord calls. Peace be to the Lord and all of us for our trepassing and sins

Saturday, December 16, 2006

live a simple life

Women die of heart problems. There was a survey done. So I believe it is the modern living and the pursuit of material wants that are besetting the women. Now the survey says it isnt breast cancer that tops the list. It is the heart problems which formed the highest number of fatal illness in women. True every one wants to be rich and live a happy contented life. But I always advocate simple living with the amount that one can spend. It is no use comparing with the neighbours or friends. Psst............jealousy is the fall of life. Besides, stress too plays a part in the fall of one who pursuits money as the ultimate goal in life. Pity. Life has many positive values to share. Maybe now the women should think it over. Seriously.

Malaysia....we are blessed all the times

Friday, December 15, 2006

toll hikes 2


It won't be a cozy Chinese New Year. The cost of goods will go up. The toll hikes will be from 10-60%. And our government tells us half baked story. The government thinks we are the small children or old people turning senile who dont know how to think. Samyvellu should disclose how the agreements are signed. How can it be at the expense of the taxpayers? Running business is a risk. Every one knows that but for the government to help these companies in the contracts are like daylight robbery against the people. We are talking about our own country. Why must we compare with other countries? It isnt the rationale to do it. Why not follow whole the thing? Why just to satisfy one own justification? The people should decide. Enough is enough!

toll hikes

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By next year 2007 the toll hikes will push for the New Year Every motorist will show anger silently with the government lopsided agreements. Why must the government allow this to happen? These Cabinet ministers should resign long ago. The Works Minister says it is the cheapest in the world. I dont know what he is talking about. He should check the the per capita income of the world before he opens his mouth to claim that. Our per capita income is something like US5,500/- We can't even catch up with our neighbour Singapore. He doesnt have to hookwind the people. The voters should send these Cabinet ministers out in the next election. We have to subsidize the companies so that these companies will show a healthy profit. As I used to comment the privatization scheme isnt working. UK did it but she failed. Why the government failed to grasp it? I think the government should buy back the contracts. Afterall the taxpayers are going to feed these companies. We may as well buy it now. Eventually we dont have to pay toll. It is better to bite the bullet now and forever we are free from the stupidity of the government agreements. I dont see this happening because it is linked. Unless if we change government in the next election.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

we are pendatang?

It is sad to hear the Malays called the other races like the Chinese and Indian as 'pendatang'. I view it as an insult to these people whose forefathers/mothers came here to help the country grow and prosper in peace and harmony. In history as recorded the Malays are also 'pendatang'. The Malays should have asked the same question of themselves before they called others 'pendatang' The orang Asli is the rightful owner of this country but......who was here before the orang Asli? Before the Malacca Sultanate it was populated by rulers of the Hindus origin. Then Parameswara founded Malacca and claimed the Sultanate Empire and later on he converted to Islam became Sultan Iskandar Shah and henceforth all his subjects too followed. It was from there that the Malays progressed. I just wish every one here should call each other Malaysian. If the disunity prevails just because of race base view, then I am afraid we will be colonised in time through world economy.

Monday, December 11, 2006

civil servants demands

The umbrella union for the civil servants Cuepacs wanted an increase of 40% in wages adjustment most probably by next year for over 1 million members. The Union is asking too much from the government. In the end it is the tax payers' dilemma to pay them. Citing that job improvements in their delivery systems, cost of fuel going up and toll charges, utilities rates, achieving ISO standards etc as the reasons for the demands is wrong. Any wage increase must be considered at all levels. The tax payers have to foot the bill in taxes. The government must find ways to pay the civil servants. During my negotiation with the Union in the company I didnt allow them to demand a hike of 10% or more. I had to tell them to work on a reasonable package that the company could deliver. Do they want the company to die? This was the message I told these Union officials. Because whatever quantum agreed I had to find ways to pay the employees wages every month. It was a headache which stressed me out every time. I couldnt delay payment which would become a slow death blow to the company and my own credibility. I had managed to pull it through. Likewise Cuepacs should understand. Maybe the government should privatise the civil servants jobs. In this way it frees them of the dilemma and let these civil servants find ways to pay themselves through a set of laws and guidelines to bill the public or let which company handles it under prescribed laws and regulations to bill according to the rates agreed by the people. The government likes to privatise services or create companies through shares to unlock the burden of the government. They shouldnt privatise the uniform police, navy, army, hospital, courts and religious dept...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

anwar should take his chances forget about PAS

Anwar shouldnt follow the shadow of Pas. The Islamic party is acting towards ala Taliban which is not suitable in the country of many races and religions. PKR must learn from the ground. The voters don't like Pas. He should be aware of the sentiments. He should make himself clearly to the people that he is the best alternative candidate to run the country. Before that he must make sure he shouldn't jump on the wagon with Pas. During the last election, Keadilan was totally wiped out because of its association with Pas. The Islamic party will spell doom for PKR because majority of the votes -Malays and Non-Malays- will not vote for them. So they will again vote for BN. Anwar should recognize the feelings on the ground. To get the votes, he should abolish toll collections because the BN gives the deal to its own cronies. The agreements have become a daylight robbery on the tax payers. They want business and they can increase toll as they like on the agreement. Why lopsided agreement PM? The Cabinet here should be totally voted out. Anwar should seize this opportunity. He was the former DPM so he should be aware of what was going on. Place ACA under Parliament. The DG should present his reports to Parliament and let the MPs decide the course of action required on those charged under the Act. If he can't abolish toll collections, he should limit the companies agreement. It isnt fair to the tax payers on the contracts signed by the BN government. The government may as well establish a company to collect tolls without using the private companies. After all it is the tax payers'money that is financing the project and pay for it for another 35 years or more....So these companies will not lose out in money..Legalized prostitution for a proper control on spreading of diseases especially AIDS and other STDs amongst the people. Nobody or government can beat prostitution at all. Like the adage 'if you can't beat them, join them'

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

no sexy clothes

The Muslim dominated state of Kelantan has decreed that all women should not wear revealing dresses. This is presumably to help them not to get raped or orgled at by the men. Or as the Muslim guys say tempt them to do the unwanted on them. This is the shallow thinking where it has no merit at all. Look at the state itself it has more rape cases that other states (I read somewhere in the Parliament through the police statistics) To me it isnt the dress that the women got raped or orgled at. It is the sick mind of the men - they can be Muslim or non-Muslim. I think Kelantan is bearing towards the Taliban state which will spell trouble in the state economy. The state government can kiss goodbye to tourism and tourism related products and services. The kampong folks should wake up and know the lies being told by the religious authority in Kelantan. We have our brains so used it wisely and not followed blindly. When we meet our Maker we can't say "We are told not to do this and that" Allah will say "Do you use the brain I give it to you?" The Kelantanese should say their piece in the box. This edit has encroached the privacy of the people. They should make a change for themselves and kick out the government for ruling it without consultations with the people and the Federal Constitution. I wonder what UMNO Youth will say...they are very quiet. Mind you they talk big when they are in the minority ruling and telling the majority of Malays what to do what not to do. UMNO has over 2 million members of over say 15 million Malays in the country. Will there defend the women or will they just keep quiet? Mind you either way this is the Islamic perceptive....

Monday, December 04, 2006

tougher cyber laws?

The government wants to introduce tougher cyber laws to curb the "freedom of expression"of the bloggers. On one hand the PM says he allows press freedom and on the other hand a minister wants laws to curb the bloggers from expressing seditious contents in the net. Every body is matured enough to understand what is written on the net. It is exposed through the borderless community and sometimes the bloggers may not have any visitors or maybe one or two who drop by to read. It is the way that the government of the day is afraid of. The government is afraid of what it is doing. Everything the government is doing is hiding behind OSA which nobody can say about. I dont expect full democracy but I expect the freedom to express my views in my own blog. The government should start its own blog too. Give the information or tell the truth about what it is doing. The opposition parties are blogging all the way. Every one who reads it will not just act on it; no every one will weigh the contents and discuss about it. If the government wants to curb bloggers' freedom, I think personally AAB and his Cabinet and parties will lose votes eventually.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

my view of 2 cents

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UMNO let go their fiery members with a strong and caustic advice. To me these speakers should be sacked or suspended. They were inciting racial sentiments which arent good for leaders in this multi-racial multi-religious country. They shouldnt be allowed to run the country. These leaders aren't moulded in the spirit of the multi-racial country. They knew they were going live by Astro. Every one knew it too. So they had prepared for it of which they knew they won't get sack or suspended but merely advice from the UMNO Supreme Council through its president. By then the damages had been done. This was the reason they went ahead. Now the MB of Johore is harping on the similar issue but with a twist. He is still thinking Malays should rule the country and the other races are subservant to the Malays. Dato Onn Jaaffar wanted UMNO to be for all races. This was the reason he left UMNO. Why didnt he explain that? Dato Onn Jaaffar founded UMNO but he left the party because the members couldnt see his vision. Why keep harping about Onn Jaaffar when they dont agree with his vision? We shouldnt have race base party now. If the MB of Johore wants to see the vision of Dato Onn Jaaffar, he should say all BN parties grouped under one banner UMNO and anyone can be elected as the party president. This is the vision of Dato Onn. He wasnt fighting for his race; he was fighting for the country. Without a country Dato Onn knew there would be no Malays. So his vision was a party for all Malaysians. The Malays then didnt agree. So he left the party. Najib should take action on the MB where Najib had already explained his views. Yet we have the MB of Johore kept going about in a wrong way. Just remember Malaysia isnt for the Malays; it is for all races in the country.

Friday, December 01, 2006

admit the truth it will set you free

Why people never want to admit if they are wrong? Leaders should recognize that their private lives arent private any more when they offer themselves in public services. Once you have the confidence of the people, the people respect you to carry out your public duties with honesty and sincerity. When you are caught in social nightmares or whatever that is wrong, it is good to readily admit it. Because trying to patch damage control will make people ask for more. Why? How? When? The decisive action will control the malicious talk which would spread through the internet or smses or whatever forms available. When the bud is nipped on time, it can control the malicious lies. What I have seen are leaders who refused to accept it. They go to deny all the way which eventually will make them keep defending themselves but to what ends? If they win or they say it is right they never do, they should say it immediately. Going out to get people to confirm this and that will make others think too. Orgy perhaps? Daredevil excursion too? Like some politicians always say they are misquoted by the press eventually they are the ones who look so stupid....Admit the truth which will set anybody free

Thursday, November 30, 2006

know one's weaknesses dont give excuses

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Public figures especially those in politics should be mindful of what they do in their private lives. When as leaders of the society they should perform their duties without any personal fallout or get entangle in personal affairs. Days of trying to conduct secret tryst have long gone. Leaders should recognize it and not trying to blame the press or the sick mind of the people destroying their lives. You are in the posititon because you wanted to enjoy the perks of 'tuan sini tuan sana' so people expectations are very high in the moral standards of these leaders. One of course can't say as a human being one isnt perfect....It is the conduct and integrity itself which every one could accomplish it. It doesnt need perfection...I dont believe in perfection unless one is a God otherwise one should recognize one own weaklings..Now UMNO leaders who have fallen on the integrity see what the leaders want to do.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Political connections

Razak Baginda out on bond without paying a cent! This is a murder charge yet he is allowed out on bail. His medical conditions is just a flimsy excuse to get out of prison. He should be denied bail. In fact there shouldn't be any bond on him. He has to stay in prison until his case is mentioned in the High Court. As I understand from the media reports he is linked to UMNO top leaders. In fact when I thought about Anwar's case he was denied bail eventhough he couldnt walk because of his injury inflicted by the former IGP. Anwar wasnt on murder charge but on a flimsy charge of sodomy and corruption which he had finally won in the Federal Court. How could the High Court grant bail to Razak Baginda on a capital charge of murder? I only guess it is the political connection to get out from prison...This is BOLIH LAND of politcs

Malaysia the world is watching play your cards magically!

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Annual Percentage Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate(APR) on purchasing on credit should be informed by the banks or finance companies. It is said that a consumer would pay more in a year. It is said if the lending is 5% per annum it may should up to say 10% per annum. This is the hidden cost where the banks/finance companies would not tell the borrowers. The Consumers Association of Penang had advocated that the financial institutions should be transparent and responsibile to lay out the actual cost of interest paid for the loan. The CAP gave an example of a loan -cash price $1,199 pays by 24 months instalment plan of $82. The APR will be 64% which isnt disclosed to the borrower. It is time the government should sit up and do its maths. I just dont get it. Dont the minister concerned look into this at all? AAB has appointed so many ministers in his Cabinet and what they are doing? If they say they have so many to look at, then they shouldnt be in the Cabinet. Let somebody who enjoys it to be the minister to help the voters..

1 sheep 45 firemen to the rescue

I heard over the morning radio that a sheep was rescued by 45 firemen in UK. That sheep must be something.....or either the fire department heard something wrong perhaps a ship in deep water...Anyway the sheep was rescued but with 45 firemen! I hope humans dont repeat this comedy of errors in our lives. I dont want a repeat in this country...I think I have seen enough of the comedy of our politicians....always taking the voters for fools

Saturday, November 25, 2006

the swinging people

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A grandmother was reportedly charged on running a prostitution. She is 70 years old. The authority should revaluate why she was running a prostitution. Maybe she has nobody to support or help her. What job could she do? By running a prostitution she thinks she can cari makan on commission basis. This is still the oldest profession where money is paid for services..Across the causeway there is this swinging club in operation. They meet in private or in clubs or in nightclubs and not forgetting on line too. Sex is the ultimate prize sharing partners is the sacrifice. It is legal between consenting adults. So this strait laced country is going full steam head on breaking down the social taboo in the city state. Anyway the city state is going to pass laws to make it legal between consenting adults on oral and anal sex. In my country it has to move with changing times and tastes. Yet I see it is going backwards by the religious zealots in the country. They think they know everything in the scriptures. Do they ever sit and think that the humans have been conned through the thousand years? Put it this way - every car must come with a manual telling you what needs to be done, how to get it done, where to check for problems etc..But as humans do we have a manual? We have so many manuals we dont know which one to pick. Even you pick one, you aren't sure it is the correct one. There is no self correction or how to heal yourself. It is strictly no this and that. It is a single one way street....

Friday, November 24, 2006

silly antics down the drain

SOURCE: Oriental Daily News, Nov 19 Pg A11
Sheath the kriss kiss it and then what? Is this how he is going to tell his students? He should be removed from his Cabinet post. This is not the sign of a good leader. This is a leader who wanted to stroke racial sentiments to score points for himself and his Youth wing. Not only the Malays or Chinese or Indian or Iban or Kadazan or Orang Asli will like the way it is spoken and done. In the first place he didnt learn his antics. This is the second time he welded his kris and kiss it....perhaps 3rd time he wants a war(?) The Chinese is everywhere in the world. The Chines is not a race to challenge with. It is better to talk in peace live in harmony and work together for the bounties of the country. The cake is big enough to accommodate every one who is hard working and sincere in approach. It is not for those who crave for power, greed and corruption. As some say it is better for him to kiss the Rukun Negara and believe in its values. Our leaders in UMNO have no plan for the country. They wanted to use the racial card to divert their own inadequacies as leaders in the party and country...I hope next year I wont read anymore of these silly antics of the leaders in UMNO

Thursday, November 23, 2006

anabess - the energy saving device

The anabess energy saving device has not proven its claim of saving upto 40%. I bought the gadget thinking that it can reduce the electricity bill. But it doesn't happen so far. I dont have to wait for end of the month to get and compare result. I use to record the meter readings everyday which I practiced in my former company and now at home. So immediately I can determine my saving. You can just imagine my frustration that before I installed the device the meter reading was fluctuating between 16-17 unit per day. When I installed the energy saving device sometimes it is 15 unit at times it shot up 19 units while yesterday was 17 units. Looking at its trend it means I only save 1 unit which to me is no saving at all. The energy saving device costs $349.00. Today the Sales Manager came to look at my new house. She checked where I put the device took some photographs and if I am not finding any saving from the device the company is willing to refund back my money. I did go to another company where a Malay woman demonstrated how her own company device worked. The more bulbs use the cost of energy drops as demonstrated on its equipment. Likewise it should apply on my case....the more I use it should be distributed fairly without incurring higher cost of units use. In my case I think it doesnt happen. On the whole I only manage to save something like 10-15% out of its claim of upto 40%. In this case my payback will be 30 months instead of 12 months. Provided I dont increase my electrical appliances usage in the house

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

it always rain on Wednesday

I thought today(Wednesday) wont rain. I tracked this Wednesday for over 2 always rain. Today one whole day it didnt rain so I thought the night market operators would have good business. They had it for awhile then it rained just now- like shower rain and thunder. Of course at night won't be hot and I can feel the soft wind in my garden with the soft lights brightened up the night. Living better enjoy it.

something happening in the country

Mascargo heist in Penang. The biggest thievery in the country valued at $47million! 20 welding parangs gang took control over 17 workers and transported computer chips in 2 lorries and got away in the early morning. Some one had SMS to the company a week ago yet nothing was prepared to control the perimeters until this heist in the country. As usual finger pointing will fly. Last night the police managed to nap 2 Indian forwarding clerks for investigation. By now the authority believed the chips had arrived somewhere out of the country. Prime Minister said he welcome criticisms but when his own party official did it every leader wants to punish Mukhriz until he had to admit he regret what he said. I think he shouldn't apologise for his statement. What's new in PM's presidential address? To truth he wanted is more time to blend his agenda. He has no idea what he wants. Say one thing and then does something else. No wonder his party leaders went overboard on the Seditious Act but he never even cautioned his party leaders/delegates in the UMNO assembly...Now the whole country knew about the antics of these bankrupt leaders in the party. They dare not talk about cronism, corruption, projects, accountability, transparency, responsibility etc. Because one delegate said he was stupid because some one was more stupid and I think they are very stupid...Hidup UMNO hidup Melayu without Hidup Malaysia where will they be in the end? In the moon perhaps? They should remember.."dont build on porous ground it will collapse in the end" On the roads there are still people never want to follow traffic rules. Some double park on the parking bays denying others a parking space. I had seen it quite often even in my own parking area....sang kancil double parked and the driver just coolly walked away to her apartment(Now I dont park there anymore. I have shifted my cars to my new house so I have my own parking bays. I still go back to the old house because most of my things are hiding there which will remain so. I am not shifting my things to my new house) Finally the police managed to catch the Malay woman who SMSed about Azahar Mansor baptising Malays youth or something in regards to religion. Didnt she know it is a very sensitive subject though the Constitution guaranteed religious freedom? Police too should arrest the Perak Mufti for relaying it in his sermon in the mosque. He should promptly relayed it to the police or the religious authority to take the appropriate action. As it was found out later, there was nothing about it. Why people want to create racial tension in the country? Taliban style? They dont have anything to do....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Seditious speeches will Police act?

I wonder what will the Police do if someone makes a police report on the recent UMNO General Assembly about the delegates seditious remarks? I believe the Police will not take any action at all. The PM and DPM were there too. So how can the Police arrest the bosses? UMNO has no ideas now. In the beginning there was something to fight against the British. Now there is no issue so they attacked the Chinese. Why dont they remember we are all Malaysians heart and soul? Why they want to follow the British style of rule and divide? Because they think they can get all the riches of the land? If MCA, MIC and Gerakan walked out of the coalition, UMNO will thte writing on the wall. This is too much. Even Khairy was cocky too.....if UMNO wants 70% of NEP so what? I think he is digging his own grave earlier than he expected. NEP is meant for all races but it is hijacked by UMNO for the Malays only leaving out the other races in the country. I still maintain I have a weak PM to rule the country. Look at his people speeches....unless he is encouraging them to go ahead. This is the classic case of poor leadership where the subordinates would dare to say something and get it off free.

Malaysia is a peaceful country only the people sometimes behave like spoil brats

toyota after sales service -Below average

On the way to the city I collected my last rattan chair for the new house. Earlier the guy kept the wrong rattan chairs for me. His company deals in export of rattan good overseas besides selling to the locals. It is of good hardy material and it costs me $90. So altogether I bought 4 rattan chairs for the patio cum garden area with a waterfall fountain up to the ceiling and a garden of many green plants and palm trees of yellow and red. I am living like a Lord in my own little kingdom...rasa macam itu kalau tidak bila nak buat kan? My mission was the Toyota workshop cum sales office. I wanted what the technician could tell me about my problem of my car remote alarm system. I have the problem of sometimes ok sometimes no response. You can imagine when the alarm go off when I can't open my car. From morning waited until nearly lunch time I managed to get it done. Prior to that I went to the show room to look at the Yaris car and a salesman came. I asked him did he know the cobra alarm guy and he said yes he did. So I told him I was rather annoyed to wait for so long and I said he did his best to sell cars but backup services were bad. He agreed with me. Because of this I told him I am not going to buy Toyota cars...why should I when I have to wait for so long? In fact one guy said he would look for him but nothing happened. Then asked another guy he called the operator asked to page him. After waiting like more than half an hour he finally came. He looked at it and took the car alarm and did the switching only...Initially I tried it didnt work so that give me the sour mood. I didnt go back in because I didnt think I want to sit and wait for hours again. When I reached home, I cuba it is okay! I have made up my mind I would not buy a toyota car.....

Monday, November 20, 2006

double standards

Double standards loud and clear. What the MB of Selangor said.......never mind what he said. MPAJ demolished houses in Ampang. Activists were arrested. When two councillors from UMNO didnt have approval for their houses nothing is done to them. No bull dozers to demolish the houses but give them time to submit plans and pay the fine. So far nothing yet. But the poor folks dont have a chance. It is time the government of the day needed to change. We can't have the same people serving the rakyat all these years. They have become arrogant and insensitive to people's needs. Words they use they can't understand its meanings...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

we are stupid in the eyes of the world!

We are, we are really stupid! In the eyes of the world, we are stupid. What am I talking? Space....people pay millions to go to space yet our government wants the spacemen to play Malay games in space. One time only? Then the Malays can tell see 'Glocal Malay' Aren't we pathetic? We should learn and study about space exploration and how to go there one day by our own space-craft. As usual we always go for the longest or largest this and that just to get a name in the Malaysia Book of Records. Like the one crossing the North is claimed she is the first Asian to do that. So what we learned from it? It had been done countless of times. We should go for something new or recreate or reinvent something the world doesnt know...The PM says people can criticize him...but when Mukhriz did just that every Malay leader wants nak hentam beliau and the Youth Wing gave him 2 days to reply on his comment. So we see every one wants to be the 'yes Sir, Man' I agree with Mukhriz there is nothing new in his speech. He should have tackle the present woes affecting his party leaders, the country and the poor and not forgetting the corruption and the internal affairs bureau for the police. To me his main crust is more time would be given to him to carry out his agenda (ala Samyvellu who never seems to finish his plans for the Indians) The president should advice his youth chief not to use kris in his speech. Isnt he trying to declare racial war, is he? How many times must he keep doing it? What educated mentality is he trying to tell/show to the secondary students? He is the Education wonder gangsterism in schools can't find a solution as yet. He shouldnt have done shows a leader lacks of perspective in his performance..

Every year orang Melayu nak hentam orang Cina...tak habis2 nak cerita..ajenda lain tak ada ke? The Chinese is the second largest party in the coalition.....the Malays should work hard but dont feel jealous when they can't make it. Look with NEP the Malays can't even make it to the top richest men in the country. You know why? Lazy and waiting for handouts. The Malays shouldnt think that way. They should think like the Chinese - work hard and sweat for it. The bounties will come eventually and the rewards will be bountiful!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

no democracy in party if.....

All the BN leaders are the 'Yes Sir, Man' They dare not criticize the PM for what he did. No doubt one should show respect but respect must be earned. It can't be had on a silver platter. All the while I know the leaders in the coalition are the 'Yes Sir, Man' Likewise on the recent UMNO General Assembly every speech must be supported by all the delegates. Just look at them. I think they were seeing stars in the hall. They wanted the goodies but they dare not touch on the bad...scared of the Bad Moon Rising. The president speech didnt carry anything new but I only guessed he wanted to stay on the helm longer like Samyvellu to finish his agenda(Samyvellu never seems to finish his agenda after so many decades as president of MIC and the Indians are still backwards and job opportunities are limited for them) When Mukhriz said something different every UMNO leaders wanted him to be punished for going against the party tradition. Hellooooooooooooodont flow blindly!! A person has a right to his view. When he said something different, the leaders should respect a dissecting voice. This is to show democracy worked in the party. I think Mukhriz should quit UMNO and form his own UMNO Terbaru. I believe he can gather all the veterans to join his party and young party members too. In my view the UMNO leaders can't condemn Dr Mahathir so they targeted his son instead.

Friday, November 17, 2006

know your other half

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Dont fall for the trap that you know your other half This premise is why relationship failed. I always hold the view that you can know 90% but watch out for the 10% which will string ripples in a relationship. This 10% will cause unspecify damages if one takes for granted that one knows everything about your other half. A simple rule "Do you know his or her waist line?" Mothers will know best upto a certain age; after which the mothers are in the dark of their children(adults) They won't know what they are doing. Believe me nobody knows. Like the recent case of a husband who is presumed plotted with others to commit a serious crime. Do we think his wife knows about it? About affairs of the heart too....when it finally hits you, you realise you haven't known each other after all. Anybody who makes that statement is to me fooling himself or herself that everything is alright. Like the case of Brad Pitt and Jennifer....they broke up and divorced after denying about the fallout in their marriage. Publicly they seemed like a golden couple but internally problems were brewing and finally scattered out for all to see. Dont take for granted a relationship will stay on course; there is always small storms here and there; ripples spreading or hiding; the dimly lit shadows smile; the unspoken words hovering in the mind; the unsatisfied sexual relationships and etc...So dont say you understand your other half. It is better to work on it everyday and reinvent the relationship to pursue it to the highest level. Be like a sportsperson- always practise to make it perfect though we know we can't achieve perfection but it is the thought that made all the differences

Thursday, November 16, 2006

take stock

There's more to do, says Abdullah

There's more to do, says Abdullah

courtesy The Star

AAB should know that he has 5 years to accomplish his tasks. He can't say he needs more time to go for his tasks. An elected PM should know that when the next election comes he will know his fate. As such he has to gear his plans within the 5 years time frame. He shouldnt ask for time. In other words what he was doing the last 3 years? Even like the President of USA, he has 4 years to accomplish his agenda because he doesn't know whether he will be elected to lead for another 4 years....The government lead by BN leaders use to compare prices with other countries but they dont compare their tenure of leadership. Good things they want to carry on forever but when there is a cap on it, they give all kinds of excuses. MCA president said that if you couldn't accomplish in your term, you can't finish it even it runs into years. Because of poor leadership and bad planning. Likewise the UMNO president should take heed of his own component party ideals. Now AAB should double up his efforts if he feels he is running out of time. Change people if they dont buck up. Even cabinet ministers and chief ministers should go if he feels these people are just warming seats....Take stock of his dilemma not take stock to extend his tenure. This is the sign of poor leadership..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

umno general assembly

Don't play racial cardDon't play racial card

Opportunistic leaders who stoke the “fires of disunity” have no place in Barisan Nasional, warned Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. The Umno Youth chief said Malaysia could not be moulded by the narrow-mindedness, chauvinism and extremism of those who play the racial card in order to emerge as champions of their race. Courtesy The Star

UMNO general assembly always runs on racial attacks. The Youth Wing should pay attention to the needs of the people and how to achieve a national identity. No they want to play the racial hero to fight for Malays and Islam. Where is Malaysia then? Without a country there is no race or religion to figh for. As years down the road, the non-Malays will come under attack. Now the Youth Wing attacked Samy Vellu, Dr Koh Tsu Khoon and Ong Tee Keat. And I am sure these Youth Wings will say something...I always believe nobody should follow blindly for a leader. A person must be willing to say yes or no on the agenda on hand. If things arent right, one has to say no. It can't be yes when the principle is wrong! UMNO always wants to champion for the race and religion forgetting that the other races too play a role in the advancement of Malaysia. The leaders are afraid to develop the concept of Malaysia....believing then there is nothing for them to fight for the race and religion. This is a narrow minded approach in this globalization. They talked about 'ketuanan melayu' forgetting again about the other races in the country. They forgot that Malaya then won't get her independence without the support of the Chinese and Indian forming the coalition government...History has become blurred to these leaders...Every citizen should fight for the Malaysia not on race. It is the wrong basis to pursue a dream. Every great leader will be humbled when he forgets his roots....likewise any party which forgets about the basic pursuit of dreams will be shattered...

Malaysia where are the good leaders gone?

Monday, November 13, 2006

new home improvements

Today Signature Kitchen staff came to take measurement for the wardrobes in all the rooms. After months of doing nothing, finally decided to ask the company to do it. I was thinking on the local carpenter who did the kitchen cabinet. But I didnt like the finished product on the joints. It was not a smooth finished though on the whole it looked presentable at times it looked a bit of class standing from afar. The other part is sourcing for television - LCD, plasma or HDTV and home theatre music system. I am buying everything new. I dont bring along my entertainment units from the other house. Whatever it is in that house, it stays there permanently. I guess I will wait for Christmas sale which is coming up next month. There is always bargain to be found. Currently I go to the old house to watch TV and listen to music and not forgetting my surfing net. In fact I spend alot of times on the net.

sexy legs and baptism

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Sexy legs men get bonkers...Ahhhhhhh I sip my milo ice watching and watching...No comments in case these women go away. Every morning I take my favourite drink at the mamak in the morning and I can watch the college students going to college. Sometimes I manage to see the "Chinese Dolls" out after a day off in the factory nearby. In future there will be many University students populate the town. Now there is a 3 star 150 r00ms hotel in construction. It is expected to complete sometime 2007. I will go and have a look see of this hotel. And up North the council president unkind remark of sexy dressing of a reporter got every one riled up. He should have reprimand his CCTV technician instead he blamed the female reporter of sexy dressing. This is called voyeurism on the part of the technician. The council president shouldnt have made his uncalled for remark. He should be removed from his post which I think he isnt fit to sit on the chair. NOw he wants to draft rules and regulations.......he is wasting tax payers' money. He should organize his house in order and make every one friendly and courteous at all times. He should be proactive in his ways. Don't tell me there are insufficient rules and regulations in the council? It has tons of them. To me it should be burned it all. Come out with two pages what are the needs. And in Ipoh we have the Muslims gathering in a church protesting against the baptism of Malays which turned out to be untruth. Ipoh Mufti clarified his position and identified that the 40 years old Malay woman came to see him with supporting documents to say someone is going to baptise the Malays the church. One has to check the facts and documents to prove that it is true. When damage is done, it will be very difficult to tame the fire......I think I stick to my ice milo and let my eyes do the talking......

Sunday, November 12, 2006

sanitary pad

A school in Malacca apologised to the female students for uplifting their skirts.....oh my the culprit? find out who threw a sanitary pad. The school teachers went for witch hunting trying to find out who was uncivicly throwing away the sanitary pad in the rest rooms. The school teachers what have they trained to do? They forgot about privacy...I think the whole female school teachers should be retrained to understand what is privacy....Luckily the parents didnt fail a law suit to claim for personal damages in the lives of the students. I wonder what will be the emotional setback these students will face in their lives. Bearing in mind, it isnt an offence or as if a thievery has occurred. The emotional trauma will not be assessed now. The authority had moved in swiftly after the parents complained. The school teachers should advice nicely and properly that one should take care of one personal hygiene. Throwing a personal sanitary pad anywhere shouldn't encouraged but it should be in a proper place. Do the school provide the facility? I doubt it has. Of course I should say I won't know because I came from all boys school then.(Now my former school is co-ed) I hope proper guidelines should be introduced or advice the girls what to do. This is part of the teachers' job beside teaching..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

money politics

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Money politics in the party ACA can't investigate. So if the public officials involved with it, these leaders will be free to administer the country. Likewise every body better joins a political party and played money politics in the sly..It isnt easy to catch those who indulge in money politics to gain promotion in the party leadership. Are we telling the people this is the right way? I think I better reconsider my party membership which I had lapsed it for many years. Basically I moved from one branch to another and nobody seemed interested in my membership even at one time I talked to the state chairman but nothing came out of it. I think the party leaders send the wrong signal to the masses. Although it is a party affair, it is still corruption no matter what term one used to describe it. ACA must step in to investigate without fear or favour..But my guess it won't one councillor puts it every one doing it so I do it too your steps. There are too many potholes on the roads

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tan Sri in love boat

A prominent banker with a "Tan Sri" title is reported to be involved in a love triangle. A former newscaster made a police report against the Tan Sri who is reported to be in his 70s. The woman is married to a prominent banker too and also a Tan Sri. I dont know why he wants to pursue a married woman. With his wealth he can easily get any woman he wants. There are many willing women in the city and why go after a woman who doesnt appreciate his ventures? Love has no grade or some say love is blind. But I say it is a stupid thing to do. One has the mind and eyes to is greed of conquest or a stubborn streak of refusing to give up which befalls any one. It was not reported in the front page of any newspapers. Because of Dr M and the Mongolian murder case......Dr M is recovering nicely......and the Mongolian model murder case will be taking up shape soon. We hear the reasons....

sex laws in singapore

The changing times and outlook Singapore adapts and passed laws to regulate prostitution in the republic. This I believe will control the trade of the flesh. Men and women will visit those designated places without fear of the laws. In this way the control of diseases if any will be easy. These people of the trade will need to check regularly for their own good and of their customers. Lately the island republic will pass laws to make it legal between consenting adults to engage in oral and anal sex in their private domain. Look many people have gone and done it. Leave religion aside. This is what the people have been doing in the beginning of time. But in my country the leaders are not open. I dont know what they are thinking. Afraid? If they take a poll, I believe they are at least 50% of the sexually adults are doing it. So there is nothing to feel ashame about it. Bring it out in the open. Teach and advice but make it legal afterall most people engage in it. I dont see anything wrong with it provides the adults agree. If I read the scriptures, only Quran against it. There is nothing mentioned on the Bible or Buddhist text. Kamasutra encouraged it which was written over 5,000 years ago before the religions of Islam, Christianity and Buddhism came to light. Homosexual acts are wrong. I wish our leaders dont drag their legs to regulate prostitution and those sexual acts in private....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

dr m

Dr M suffers a mild hearth attack!!!!I pray for his speedy recovery. And I hope he will continue to lend his voices telling us about the poor management of the present government. I feel I have lost the confidence of AAB running the country. He can't really decide what he really wants. Corruption in his party leaders he doesnt mint his words. Silence. So I hope Dr M will get back soon and fight for the rights of the people but this time he must take it slow.....

the worst murder in the nation

Political analyst remandedPolitical analyst remanded

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda was remanded Wednesday to assist police in their investigations into the murder of a Mongolian model. He was handed a five-day remand order by magistrate Manira Mohd Nor, allowing police to keep him in custody until Sunday.

courtesy The Star

The murder rocked the nation. The Mongolian freelance model was blown to bits by C4. A well known political analyst and 3 police officers were involved. Currently they are in custody in remand. Why was she killed in this manner? She came to look for her boyfriend or husband whom she met two years ago. What was the motive that the police officers were involved? The political analyst is linked to the top government leaders. People ask. People want to know. If the affair is over, inform the woman. If the child belongs to one of the guys, pay the child support. Why kill her in this explosion manner? A man who feels he has to lose his face? Taking life is worst I rather lose my face and live to enjoy the sun and the moon and everything magical I can get.....

weekend mail caught in position(s)

Weekend Mail is suspended over "sex in the city" article We want to teach sex education in school. We dont want it to publish for general public consumption. We want to keep it as 'Asian values' like dont discuss it in public. It is not good to me. Sex though private should be discussed. It shouldn't hide behind close doors. In this global age, it isnt closed doors no more. The leaders in government should be opened and let the people judge on the survey. I for one feel there is nothing wrong with it. When guys gang together they talk about women. When women get together they about men, make children, cars or houses..and sex. We can't be shut off of doing what we are made to do. Maybe the government leaders think the people here are really stupid still thinking of honey and bees....Hellooooooooooo surf the net there are many articles and pictures or videos to watch and learn and dream about it...

SOURCE: Weekend Mail Nov 4-5 Edition, Page 3

Think of sex every makes you healthy

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

mazda 323 1.5

My Mazda car got morning sickness. Because we refer cars as 'she'. So this Mazda got running low when her engine suddenly dies off. I start the car she wakes up and dies off again. I tried a few times to resuscitate her she goes down. My whole body is sweating trying to bring the engine to start. The morning sunshine is hot and I am trying hard to start the car. Finally she comes alive! I engage into gears and off I go. I put into 3 gear until I arrive at her usual workshop and explain the problem and leave the car there. Now the verdict I receive....It is the loose hose that caused me the problem. So I guess it is the workshop fault because they are the ones who handle the car's surgery- changing her brain with a reconditoned 1.5 engine.....

forget about promoting malaysia

Image Preview

Forget about promoting Malaysia. Use the advertising money for something else. Helping the poor. Build more affordable houses for the can't really afford families. Know why? The religious officials raided an apartment in Langkawi where an American couple was staying and demanding marriage certificate to proof that they are married and not committing khalwat. The couple is an American citizen and Christian and so what right that these religious officials had the right to demand for it? Tell me do everyone carries his/her marriage certificate at home or overseas? The MB feigned he didnt know asking for report...Now I dont see him say any more. It is so difficult to summon the officials or the head of the raiding team to see him in Alor Star? Get to the bottom of this! will be forgotten but the foreigners won't forget that easily. Malaysia truly.......what? A land of elegant silence!!!! Sultan of Johore says foreigners are dirty....because he felt his ancestors were cheated by these Mat Sallehs losing Singapore...So I guess our elegant PM just flies off without making some corrective actions. The tourism dollar on marketing and advertising should stop. Why ask foreigners to visit Malaysia in 2007? The bad publicity has damaged the creditability of the country. And our corruption index fell further in the lastest ranking....The slogans of the last election disappearing........because AAB doesnt know the true meaning of the slogans...

Monday, November 06, 2006

doctor make my baby smart!

Image Preview

"Doctor make my baby smart!" This is what the future mother wanted the doctor to do for her baby. DNA engineering to produce a brilliant baby.....I think the scientists have nothing to worthwhile to do. AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis B or C, TB, Cholera, Malaria and etc have made many people suffer and die. Earlier cases of detectiion may yield positive results but there is no way to guarantee a life will be saved. This the scientist should go and find out then diverting energy to develop a 'super human' which will become a nightmare later. Hitler did try to create the Aryan Race.......supposely of superior genes but nothing really turn out. Every one looks the same. No human can create another of superior quality. It takes out the fun to learn something in life. So I honestly dont believe the scientists can do it. Dont create a freak human!

Malaysia is keeping a tight reign on NEP to benefit the ruling elite and UMNOputras!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

stop whining pensioners

The whining pensioners crying over late payments or cost of living. Some ask to increase their pensions to suit the modern living.No doubt they have contributed their services to the country, they should be grateful that they have pensions to survive though as some have pointed out it is difficult to live in the increasing high cost of living. When they are in full service, they should plan what it will be when they retire. They can't wait for government funding. As far as I understand they have monthly pensions to live through. Will stop to think about the private sector employees who retire at aged 55 years? No pension at all! Will the government help these people? No way! much will they have for the majority of employees? I think around $50,000/- which I believe it can last maybe a year. After which what will happen to these people? So the government employees shouldn't whine and cry about cost of living when they retire. Live on what you have. Basically I think they are better off than the private pensioned employeess who have nothing after their golden rainbow.................

Saturday, November 04, 2006

political linkages

Sultan of Johore asked the government to scrap the causeway which he said the Mat Salleh played dirty. Singapore benefitted it for her ports. Now with his idea ships can sail through easily and Johore port can prosper. A few days ago he asked Dr M to retire as a pensioner and stop attacking the government. Many have suggested that Dr M formed UMNO Terbaru for his UMNO Baru. Will he do it? Maybe Dr M should think about it. I believe he picked the wrong guy to run the country. If I understand correctly, I think AAB never keeps his promises to Dr M. A promise must be kept. One shouldn't break it eventhough it may looks bad on the sitting PM. We have a 'speed queen' in Azalina Othman who received 28 summons....wonder has she paid up yet? She accummulated over 4 years. Why the police never go knocking her doors?

IGP says there is no police state but Dr M says his invitations now many organizatons or parties or people cannot invite Dr M....yet the PM says he doesnt order the clamp down on the former PM...

party members above graft laws

Nazri says party members above graft laws. It is an internal affair so the laws doesnt apply. This is the narrow minded person who wanted to tell the people that UMNO leaders/members are immune to graft laws. No wonder these leaders can get away with it. All because of Dr M who pushed for it that party members are not touchable by the laws of the country. So we had seen the latest development of the UMNO leaders in Klang - building houses without approval just a fine and a stop work order but ordinary folks or hawkers it is pulled down no negotiation or ask to submit plans. Even PM said Zakaria Md Deros is a good leader. Is he blind or what? Is this how he talked about accountability, responsibility and transparency? This is what I said that he didnt know what he is talking about. I think the coalition partners in BN are worried in the next election. They won't get the mandate as was in the last election. Even now the former PM is fighting it in the open because of the inept administration by the current PM. He shouldn't be blinded by the turnout in his Raya open houses...It did make a dent in the population. It has been weeks there is still no news on the methodology of NEP done by the government. The 9th Malaysia plan is out and working papers should be there. Unless UMNO leaders want to hide something else.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

rape, kidnap, and I dont know 2

It has been 2 weeks for the missing girl in Ipoh. A student of Tar college gone missing shopping in nearby complex in Ipoh. Now the reward prize has gone up to $30,000/- There is no lead yet. Damn no picture publish. The newspapers should publish her picture regularly as a service to the community. Also the form 2 girl of ACS Kampar nothing about her. She used to run away from home for a few times. Now she reaps her own stupidity. The parents shouldnt cry over spill milk. They know they have failed to bring up their daughter properly. I just hope in years to come these women will find their way homes though they may have forcibly soiled themselves then. It is said if you couldn't beat the devil, join him to live. Now I wish the IGP should set up a special unit to deal with these kidnappings and rapes and or missing persons. In US of A FBI takes over the case immediately. Likewise it is hope the IGP could do it. Pondok Polis is a waste of manpower deployment. He should use the voluntary services of Rela and PVC to assist in crime prevention in the housing estates. Give these people some police powers of arrest and seizure...

Malaysia..... a police state(?) it depends whom the police does business. Ask Dr M the former PM of the country

nep sudah sampai dah!


courtesy of Malaysiakini

NEP achieved in 1997 reported in University of Malaya by Dr M Fadzilah Abdul Samad. In his report he stated that the NEP equity for bumiputra was 33.7%. Now I want how our PM going to tell. Or his spin doctors going to edit for him to say. I think most people have been fooled by his spin doctors. Leave him alone to speak his mind he isnt good at it. Basically he doesnt understand economics and accounting. He should understand that NEP is dragging it for too long (35 years since 1970) which I think it is enough to help Malays to achieve economically. If the Malays can't do it with all the government backing, then the Malays shouldnt blame anyone but themselves. Allah wants every one to be happy and enjoy their labour on equal playing field. I dont think His Grace wants to rule and divide. It is the devil in the power that be who wanted to rule and divide. If the BN government never learns the lessons of the British Empire, the government will collapse in this century (21st century) As I said before, the BN government has grown fat and arrogant. Look what the UMNO elites are doing. They make wave of mistakes yet they dont own it up but blame others for it. I should also add the coalition partners are too blame for allowing it to happen without putting a brake on it. They are the lame ducks who can't flap their wings to fly....they are scared that the hunters would shoot them down..psst making roast ducks good to eat...I enjoy eating roast ducks. So far AAB and his team havent come out with their methodolgy of calculating 18.9%...I think they can't compute it. They realize they are wrong and they dont admit it. AAB wants to stick his neck out knowing too that the computation is wrong. A leader must be brave to give due credit when it is due. A leader shouldnt hide his facts. A leader must also admit he doesnt know economics and accounting and let the people understand. Right now he doesnt want to admit his mistakes. As Dr M said before AAB looks like a saint.......To me a saint too has his/her own sins.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

police pondok

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Police pondok in housing is only a temporary measure to solve crimes in the district. It is still the cooperation among the people and police which will reduce crimes. Regular patrols at night will reduce crimes like pick pockets, snatch thieves, house breaking ins, robberies etc. The police is aware that parental guidanace too play an important role to bring up children before they become adults. The atmosphere at home must be conducive to guide these young people to appreciate peace and harmony. Most of the criminals come through the gates of problematic families or single parents or mixing in the wrong crowds...and most of the time it is the greed of money and wanting to live an easy life...But I still believe that each individual should take charge of his/her life situations. Nobody should blame only the individual who chooses life of crimes. So every one should take precautions and be responsible citizen in the neighbourhood to report crimes in the district. Of course one shouldnt be a hero in a crime prone area(s) because for the simple reason one is not trained to handle is only through reporting a crime which everybody could do it

Monday, October 30, 2006

the little war lords

The little war lords rule the country. My letter to the council about a road with two names delivered personally received no response for over a year. Likewise what with Zakaria dubbed the King of Pandamaran disobeying laws of the state. From a low position to rise to be state assembly man he has forgotten his humble beginnings. It is always said that power always corrupt no matter where one is. So it is true for Zakaria. I met him when he was following Anwar Ibrahim decades ago. At that time he was friendly and jovial man because he hadnt tasted power yet. After that time I read about him. He had achieved his status but he had forgotten his roots. Allah always finds ways to punish his subjects in mysterious ways.....Now he feels the heat is cornering him and so with his family. The only honest way for him to do is forget about his position, resign and let go of his politics. To me he is finished because he wills it to himself. So he has to pay for his sins many times over. Zakaria letakkan jawatan untuk kebaikkan diri sendiri

Now the UMNO has to deal with this public outcry regarding its own leaders. I hope UMNO prsident will not practice double standards. When China Press editors wrongly excuse a person in the video tape, the editors had to resign as ordered by the PM. To me the PM has lost its credibility long time ago. He hasnt answered in full his son's businesses and son in law playing behind the scene in his administration. I only wish the people who were ask to make way or ask to do something should come forward. Don't be a lap dog.....And his involvement in oil for food scheme before he becomes the PM. Now I read his son has 180 ships.....this is only one business what about others not mentioned at all? Dont hide it that 180,000 went for your open far as I knew Malaysians love to go for free food, that you are loved by the people....think about it we have over 26 million people....Now Kedah UMNO youth want Dr M to be punished for his criticisms. To me these leaders are bankrupt of leadership skills. Dr M is their former president and founder of the present UMNO and former Prime Minister. Because now Dr M has no power these young leaders become arrogant and forget their manners towards its own founder...