Monday, December 04, 2006

tougher cyber laws?

The government wants to introduce tougher cyber laws to curb the "freedom of expression"of the bloggers. On one hand the PM says he allows press freedom and on the other hand a minister wants laws to curb the bloggers from expressing seditious contents in the net. Every body is matured enough to understand what is written on the net. It is exposed through the borderless community and sometimes the bloggers may not have any visitors or maybe one or two who drop by to read. It is the way that the government of the day is afraid of. The government is afraid of what it is doing. Everything the government is doing is hiding behind OSA which nobody can say about. I dont expect full democracy but I expect the freedom to express my views in my own blog. The government should start its own blog too. Give the information or tell the truth about what it is doing. The opposition parties are blogging all the way. Every one who reads it will not just act on it; no every one will weigh the contents and discuss about it. If the government wants to curb bloggers' freedom, I think personally AAB and his Cabinet and parties will lose votes eventually.

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