Thursday, December 28, 2006

wide world wait

The WWW is in emergency ward. The doctors are attending to it. Along the corridor they whisper what to do with it. It is now on life supporting gadget pumping it up to stay alive. The world will go on living as usual. Some will get angry; others will curse out loud and they are others who just dont know what to do....Back to the old fashioned way I suppose. Pen and paper to write..I had this problem many days ago. Sure I grumbled at TM Net. But when it is a monopolistic company one cant do anything about it. Unless the government opens it up for other players to come in then we can have good value on our subscriptions. Then my keypad got angry with me - it went on strike. So I closed my notebook and kept in the bag. When I returned back after a few days in Kota Kemuning I got my notebook out and what did I find? It is recovered for now. I find so far nothing is wrong with it. Yet the line is still very slow...

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