Thursday, December 07, 2006

anwar should take his chances forget about PAS

Anwar shouldnt follow the shadow of Pas. The Islamic party is acting towards ala Taliban which is not suitable in the country of many races and religions. PKR must learn from the ground. The voters don't like Pas. He should be aware of the sentiments. He should make himself clearly to the people that he is the best alternative candidate to run the country. Before that he must make sure he shouldn't jump on the wagon with Pas. During the last election, Keadilan was totally wiped out because of its association with Pas. The Islamic party will spell doom for PKR because majority of the votes -Malays and Non-Malays- will not vote for them. So they will again vote for BN. Anwar should recognize the feelings on the ground. To get the votes, he should abolish toll collections because the BN gives the deal to its own cronies. The agreements have become a daylight robbery on the tax payers. They want business and they can increase toll as they like on the agreement. Why lopsided agreement PM? The Cabinet here should be totally voted out. Anwar should seize this opportunity. He was the former DPM so he should be aware of what was going on. Place ACA under Parliament. The DG should present his reports to Parliament and let the MPs decide the course of action required on those charged under the Act. If he can't abolish toll collections, he should limit the companies agreement. It isnt fair to the tax payers on the contracts signed by the BN government. The government may as well establish a company to collect tolls without using the private companies. After all it is the tax payers'money that is financing the project and pay for it for another 35 years or more....So these companies will not lose out in money..Legalized prostitution for a proper control on spreading of diseases especially AIDS and other STDs amongst the people. Nobody or government can beat prostitution at all. Like the adage 'if you can't beat them, join them'

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