Friday, December 01, 2006

admit the truth it will set you free

Why people never want to admit if they are wrong? Leaders should recognize that their private lives arent private any more when they offer themselves in public services. Once you have the confidence of the people, the people respect you to carry out your public duties with honesty and sincerity. When you are caught in social nightmares or whatever that is wrong, it is good to readily admit it. Because trying to patch damage control will make people ask for more. Why? How? When? The decisive action will control the malicious talk which would spread through the internet or smses or whatever forms available. When the bud is nipped on time, it can control the malicious lies. What I have seen are leaders who refused to accept it. They go to deny all the way which eventually will make them keep defending themselves but to what ends? If they win or they say it is right they never do, they should say it immediately. Going out to get people to confirm this and that will make others think too. Orgy perhaps? Daredevil excursion too? Like some politicians always say they are misquoted by the press eventually they are the ones who look so stupid....Admit the truth which will set anybody free

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