Friday, May 31, 2024

let blue eye contest


Let blue eye contest

In the Sungai Bakap state seat

The party should stand a better chance

Winning it back from the crocodile

The wolves should forget it

With the recent call on boycott

The race base university

The wolf candidate will lose

The crocodile will not win back

Its color has been known

Still drumming for Islamic state

It will not go well with multi-racial people

The Penang voters

They can't be fooled easily

Renaissance man can be slow

He is from Penang

So let blue eye field its candidate

Let the ball roll into the field

Let the state women chief hit it again

For the progress of the nation and state

the billions?


The Old Man alleged billions

Let Macc find out the truth

His children got another extension

Trying hard to plan their moves

The Old Man should keep his intention quiet

Let Macc probe into his family's wealth

It is no use trying to be sarcastic on his take

Telling Anwar to show him where the billions hide

So he can donate to his race

We can see his twisted logic to divert attention

Hoping his race will support his intention

Just let Macc probe into his past affairs

The Old Man

He shouldn't talk so much now

Better he stays quiet and pray

Apologize for his mistakes

the 2 Korea


North Korea and South Korea

Playing their childish games at the border

Barbed out by steel fence

Patrolling by the soldiers

During the time of Joseon Dynasty

There was just one Korea

Hanyang was the capital then

Where the king lived and administered the nation

Now the 2 Korea

Can't agree to compromise

One has the backing from China

One has the backing from US

South Korea activists shot leaflets in the air

Causing North Korea to retaliate

They floated 200 balloons of rubbish

Across the border line

The agitation may cause a world war

As China is touting Taiwan with her military exercise

Over in Russia still pursuing her war

The world watches with concerned

The 2 Korea

They should share their commitments

Join hand in hand for progress

Open up the border for traveling and visits

the vouchers


The vouchers

Now look like king

Those who are eligible

They will receive it

Cash will slowly disappear

As many will use Apps to play

Many hawkers or outlets

Ringing up their tills

The subsidy withdrawn

Diesel will float in the market

As we should know

The cost of goods will rise

Though the companies

Will receive petrol vouchers

Helping them to reduce costs

But business people will raise prices

Everyone will gear it up

The cost of things will shoot high

We can shout out in our minds

Renaissance man will just walk by

Thursday, May 30, 2024

stay in sane politics


Hannah Yeoh

Time she walks the talk

Too much bad publicity

On her other half contract

Direct contact or open tender

She should advice her husband

The public perception will say

She may have a hand in it

As a minister

The public will pin her to it

She has talked against the method

Reflection to her words

It is best her husband pulled it out

Or resign from the company

To avoid of cronyism or whatever

She should maintain her stand

the old men shouldn't stay down


The old men

Still dreaming of High School girls

As age takes over

They will dream

They may want to get going

Living in an era gone for them

Though many will say

Who will want them?

Many will be told

Live your age don't get bored

They can dream of HS girls

This is where they could stay

Some old men

They will not stay

They will go and play

One last game of their lives

PH leaders don't make the wrong move


The draconian laws to change

Renaissance hasn't put his foot forward

He is still dreaming up in the air

Dreaming of ways to protect his position

He is gaming up to his race

Anything about his race he will stay quiet

Though he will say everyone will benefit

Even in his speech he split into majority and minority

This is the man

Promising many changes to come

Now he is in position of power

He feels reluctant to change

Now he wants to amend laws to PPPA

He wants to stop online criticisms or products

Why can't he look into the draconian laws?

These are the promises he would have done

Renaissance man

He is going backwards

The wolf DNA is still burning in him

Once he was the deputy president

PH Council members

Don't sit still and wait

GE16 will be the punishment

When changes still in limbo

too much religion


Too much religion

It will not bring success

A person needs the basics of living

Without it he can't do much

Living in religion

Forgetting reality

The basics of living

A person needs to survive

Religion is a dream

Fulfilling a time to do good

Thinking of paradise or heaven

A gate way a person mustn't be fooled

The practical fact remains

The economy of progresses

Come through productions

Of goods or services or designs

We can see paradise

How we perform our tasks in life

But of heaven and its ways

Nobody can tell

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

arrogance is the downfall


The wolf party

Fighting hard to stay alive

As the party may become irrelevancy

In the next general election

The last 2 previous general elections

The party lost heavily in name and support

Due in part to corruption among its leaders

One party leader convicted and landed in prison

Yet the wolf leaders don't learn

They still play the same old tune

It isn't the way to play a tune

When red paint is splashed on its face

It is better the leaders

Clean up the paint of bad vibrations

Learn to accept defeat and stay humble

If they want to get back their drives

As it stands today

The wolf party will face

The irrelevancy of its pursuit

It needs massive changes

life always hitting with waves


When life pulling you down

You don't have to feel sad and angry

You don't have to hide your face with mask

You should take control to get out of it

Whatever decades you are in

There will be something to click your life

Pursue it and bring back your footing

Life always hitting you with waves

Click to “Youtube” to listen

Those decades of songs and music

It will help to attain a quiet frame

As the mind will shift the change

No need to swallow in sorrow

No need to allow pain and misery

Life always hitting you with waves

Tune in to songs and music to reflection

the highway of jams


The highway

The long road of intimidation

Driving hard to escape

But the jams on the side roads

The politics of division

The ugly truth still breeds

The bad politicians still flag it

Afraid they may not get the cheese

The highway

Suppose to be easy flowing

The smooth flow of traffic

Jams will cause a stop

Renaissance man never tries hard

Letting the jams cling to his mind

Afraid to shake it free

Wanting to hold on to his position

The highway

No smooth flow

The politics of division

The 2R and afraid to change

compassion is the key


Living in cultures

Living in different faith

Living in different views

Don't let us forget

Compassion is the key

Living in society of differences

Nobody should feel offended

What is said and done

Yet we keep finding

The one track road in our lives

The compassion living in the wind

Accept differences some groups forget

Using police for intimidation

Sometimes to create fear

The police should review report

Don't just go wasting time

The drama of fools

The antics of bad faith

Nobody is perfect

Give allowance to live in peace

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

tough on 3R?


Tough on 3R?

Action is required

It isn't about words

It will fall on deaf ears

The political pontianak

They will not listen

As long as they don't sit in prison

Nothing will change

Don't say about majority and minority

It is again drawing on divide and rule

Renaissance man can't see the trend

He still doesn't want to spook his race

Though in unity government

He has to please his coalition partners

But that doesn't mean he has to forget his reforms

He needs to get back credibility

diesel out on subsidy


Diesel out on subsidy

The motorists have to bear it

Not all will be out of reached

They can apply for aid of $200

The public will watch

How the mechanism will work

Will it run smoothly?

Will Padu be effective?

There was hiccup in Padu

There are many still will not signing in

Collecting data for the exercise

While other ministries have it

Rafizi will bear the brunt of hiccup

If the failure of the system will land on his lap

But Cabinet ministers can't run away from it

It is a collective responsibility

Diesel out on subsidy

The motorists will have their say

Let us watch the antics

When the hike of price going up

you make your own progress


You make your own reality

You have to bend it to you will

You have to focus on your goals

Don't let distractions sway you away

All successful people learn it

They have the confidence to march in

They may lack degrees

If they have the conviction they will succeed

Success doesn't come in immediately

Many will face obstacles to achieve it

As long as they stay confidence in their plans

Failures will make them get their rewards

They have to make their own reality

Learn the crafts learn to forge ahead

Failures may happen starting out

Yet the will must shine in the minds

MO1 should do his time


The political play

For the sake of MO1

Now sitting in prison

Trying hard to get free

After over 2 months

His team and supporters talking

About house arrest for him

Though there is nothing to show

The Pardon Board didn't say it

When it was announced publicly

This is a political play

For a man who stole the country's wealth

We will watch

The drama of fools on display

Those crying for his release

Because they owe him plenty

MO1 should stay in prison

Though he is treated well in it

The Pardon Board didn't say

So now what is the game?

MO1 should stay to pay for his crime

He had given half discount by the previous King

Yet he still feels he needs 100% discount

Let him pay for looting the nation

He dares to do his crime

Now he shouldn't cry in his mind

He has to return the monies stolen

He has to do his time

Monday, May 27, 2024

what changes today?


Renaissance man

What changes today?

Are you serious about it?

18 months still nothing

While in opposition

Talked a lot

Now in power to change

He continues to talk no action

The bad laws

He wants to amend with additional claws

This isn't reform but the old way again

He can kiss his party goodbye

He still sleep-walking

Trying his best to cultivate his race

He shouldn't play the divide and rule game

He should know it better while he was in prison

The nation is crying

The bad ways still hanging

The people still complaining

The economy nothing to shout

Renaissance man

Better be cursed to change reforms

Don't dream to hold your position

If he dares not keep his promises

i can't see


I can't see

The political run

Everyday in my life

As I read and watch

The talk

The game of projects

Trying hard to take off

I can't see

I listen

The crowd in the stalls

Rumbling about costs

Nothing going down

I hear it

The truth will hurt

The political run

Talking of sweetness

Yet in all schemes

The divide and rule

The one-sided play

I walk home alone

I can't see

In my mind

Hearing the sweetness

But reality tells me bad vibrations

the former wolf members


The former wolf members

They shouldn't return to the fold

They will look untrustworthy

After what they said and did

Though they may try

Since the wolf party has made the call

Yet the members may not forgive them

Turning traitors to the party cause

The former wolf members

They are lost in the wilderness

Once they had a party to call home

Now sitting under the bridge

Like the homeless

Watching the scenes of life

The political spot light may have gone

They should stick to what they say

The credibility is high value

The former members should realize it

They better find another party to hone their skills

Don't waste time to return to the old party

the political pontianak


The political pontianak

They shouldn't allow to walk free

They shouldn't allow to hold important positions

They will not feel obligated but their rights

We have seen them

Running through our lives

Sucking up our minds

Telling their kind of toxic tales

They are experts in divide and rule

Running fear to achieve their goals

The decades of cultivation

The power takes their souls

With power they can cause fear

Fear is the controlling weapon to stifle dissent

The political pontianak truly skilled in it

Learned from the previous masters of the game

The political pontianak

We must put them to pasture

It will be good for our well being

As well as for the nation progresses

Sunday, May 26, 2024

everything we have


Everything we have

It may all disappear

If don't stay tune

On the extremists antics

Don't elect leaders

Leaning towards extremism

They will cause fear

So they can control

The easy way

Rising fear in our minds

Causing the herd mentality

Until they realize they are caged

As it stands today

The back door way

The extremism knocking in

The bad vibration can be felt

The nation will cry

Feeling her glory getting lost

The wrong teaching will cause pain

Look into Middle East to understand

the hound dogs


The hound dogs

Don't stay quiet in office

Run on with the chase

Bite it while you can

Don't let the political pontianaks

Escape through loopholes or long delaying tactics

Run on with the chase

The nation needs to recover her shame

Even the lost wealth

It must be found and returned

It shouldn't be kept quiet

The hound dogs must bark it loud

The corruption riding high

The easy monies to get in back door

Through payout commissions

Through inflated projects contract

The hound dogs

Don't wait for reports

Go out to sniff it out

The documents can't disappear

the comedians


The comedians

Don't sink your teeth

Into race and religion

It will not bear fruit

They can act

On the everyday living

The antics people do

We can get a good laugh

Race and religion

It is a very sensitive subject

A topic can cause problem

When drama of fools get in

It is best consigned it

In close doors debate

Because majority isn't schooled

How to live in a comedy world

We should recognize our faults

Even in our believe on religion

We should able to take it

Looking at outsiders perspective

the wolves lacking leaders?


The wolves lacking leaders?

The supreme council says

The former or sacked members

May allow to apply to join the party

As long as they still harbor

The party rules and ideal

They will allow to apply

On the same terms and conditions

In public view

It shows the wolves

Finding hard to have experience leaders

The current leaders will not stay long

Though new members

No experience on political fights

They will need years of training

Don't sing on 2R to stay relevance

The wolves facing credibility issues

The corrupt cases with the leaders

The public may not want to welcome it

In unity government to buy time to change

Saturday, May 25, 2024

breaking all the tears


Breaking all the tears

Stand the Federal Constitution

The beacon of hope to stay relevant

As the majority dreaming of heaven

They don't see their faults

They believe can commit sins

As long as they can pursue their heaven

Ask for all the benefits forgetting a new day

Renaissance man has shown his colors

He dares not spook his race

Afraid he will not be supported

He should realize he needs all to flourish

The 16 syariah laws vetoed out by Federal Court

Now the Cabinet wants to study it

As long as it conflicts with Federal Constitution

Such laws will not see the light of day

Renaissance man

Everyday he has become a bad solution

So much hope for him to make the nation proud

But he goes out doing it for himself

The road to heaven

Is making living on Earth as paradise

Nothing will come near to it

If compassion and living go in different direction

another by election


There will be

Another by election

Arising from the passing

Of the state assembly person

Fresh from KKB

Now EC will prepare

Another round of by election

Costing monies again

EC must make a ruling

All candidates must have medical certifications

Allowing to contest in future elections

We don't want representatives die on their jobs

Costing wastage of monies to conduct by elections

EC must study it now for future general elections

All candidates must be healthy and strong

No ill health candidates should be allowed

Sungai Bakap by election

EC should stop the 2R campaigns

All candidates must abide by the rules

Otherwise they shouldn't contest