Saturday, May 25, 2024

breaking all the tears


Breaking all the tears

Stand the Federal Constitution

The beacon of hope to stay relevant

As the majority dreaming of heaven

They don't see their faults

They believe can commit sins

As long as they can pursue their heaven

Ask for all the benefits forgetting a new day

Renaissance man has shown his colors

He dares not spook his race

Afraid he will not be supported

He should realize he needs all to flourish

The 16 syariah laws vetoed out by Federal Court

Now the Cabinet wants to study it

As long as it conflicts with Federal Constitution

Such laws will not see the light of day

Renaissance man

Everyday he has become a bad solution

So much hope for him to make the nation proud

But he goes out doing it for himself

The road to heaven

Is making living on Earth as paradise

Nothing will come near to it

If compassion and living go in different direction

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