Wednesday, May 31, 2023

the crocodiles are nothing but a bad dream


Don't drag the crocodiles in

They are nothing but a bad dream

They will not add value

But a bad vibration in the system

They will sing their own praises

Everything to benefit their own kind

The others they will dislike

They want to push them aside

Even on religion

They will claim to hold the truth

Yet in their actions they tell a different story

The crocodiles better they stay in the swamp

The crocodiles on land

Everything is a game to bite

They will not add value

They will sing their own praises

don't be greedy on opportunities


The opportunities are plenty

Every one has a chance to grab it

Provided they are at right places

Else it will be a forgotten opportunity

When we have our own projects

We mustn't be too greedy to get more

It may cause us headaches and financial woes

Because of greed we can't say “No”

Sometimes it is good to let go

The opportunities on our way

Too greedy it will not be good

It will be a downfall for many

We have to listen to our voices

It will tell us what not to do

If we have nothing on the plate

It will be good to grab the opportunity

the former wolves


The former wolves

The Ronin on the move

Searching for a party

And a master to shelter them

In the wilderness

They will not survive

They yearn for the stage

Hear the sound of cheers and applause

They have to choose wisely

In the wrong camp they will suffer

Slowly they will be forgotten

They can't afford to face it

The former wolves

The Ronin on the move

Hide in the wrong shelter

They will be forgotten for good

they have tails hard to hide


The crocodiles

The swampy lake to the land

Eyes turning wide seeing prey

A good hunt in their minds

They can't stand the obstacles

They find it cumbersome to navigate

They don't find it easy to socialize

They have tails hard to hide

Give the crocodiles a chance

They will bite and they want to spread

No truth will flow from their words

It is always for their own kind

Now crawling on land

They want to behave the way

But the trust deficit is high

It's better to return to the swampy lake

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Macc should gear it up


Macc should gear it up

The cases on the Moos

They shouldn't stay quiet

Letting the rats run loose

Now the Moos go to court

Finding ways to get the account unfreeze

Lifting of travel ban too

Macc shouldn't let it happen so soon

The High Court allows for judiciary review

The application in a full court hearing

Macc mustn't let their guards down

This battle must be won

The Moos are afraid

Losing the battle and go to jail

Macc must gear it up

Don't let the corrupt get away

the rainbow watches


The rainbow watches

What in a name the authority afraid?

LBGTQ the word on the watches

Why have the narrow view?

Freedom of expression

In the Constitution it stays

The Renaissance Man should see

The wide len instead of a narrow view

This community exits in the world

They want their lives to stay in normal

The world has many sins

Why add more to our misery?

They are God's children too

If they are wrong in their outlook

Ask God for the reason how it happens

He is All Knowing in His creation

The rainbow watches

Why make a fuss about it?

Yes or No does it really matter?

Live in the world don't hide in misery

the corrupt civil servants


A nation will fall

When corrupt civil servants rule

When corrupt ministers run the show

There are laws; they are above the law

It has been recorded in history

The empires fell through corruption

When powerful warlords and runners

Making their wealth without sweat and tears

History will tell on us

The way of the greedy humans

A short term gain a life time of misery

When they are exposed they cry for mercy

Here we have the leakages of funds

The corrupt officials catered away the wealth

Maybe protected by ministers or warlords

The AG Report will testify to the leakages

Through the years

No official or minister is charged

AG Report is written and forgotten

Everything is back to normal

Now the game is changing

Reports emerged of missing millions

The corrupt civil servants will be found

The paper trails can't be erased easily

Monday, May 29, 2023

Gerakan better closes shop


Gerakan going nowhere

Joining a coalition only bring it to demise

It may just for window dressing

Nothing great to be seen

Its heyday has gone

No need to stand in Penang

Gerakan will get the thrashing

Lose deposits and all

Gerakan should know its fate

Its mojo is gone so is its reputation

Joining forces with moos and crocodiles

It sends a wrong a message to itself

Gerakan better winds up

There is nothing the party can do

No need to contest no need to waste time

It has lost its credibility now

the poor


The poor

Many will still stay

What they have been

Afraid to climb over the walls

Education can play a part

It isn't the whole to get them out

They still have to learn

Stay confidence in society

They may fail many times

They mustn't lose sight

Staying poor isn't an option

It is unwillingness to change

Choose the right groups

Learn it from them

It's still hard work and play smart

Staying poor isn't an excuse

The poor

They must make effort to climb

Over the walls to get out the chains of life

Praying without action they will fail

the gay community


The Renaissance Man

He wants changes

Yet he holds back

Where will the nation fare?

The gay community

They have their own lives too

The authorities hell bend to control

Afraid of this minor community?

The gay community

They can make a difference

On election day to any politician

They have their supporters and families too

The Renaissance Man

They don't ask for any

They only want to be treated as humans

Living their own lives in peace and joy

It is God's work

Testing us to show compassion

The Renaissance Man

He wants changes better start a new chapter

crying is good


Crying is good for the mind

Don't control it let it fall

Let the eyes see feel the flow

It will say we are humans after all

Crying will cast out misery

Of life we are living every day

The recognition of its value

It will bring emotional stability

In a way it will bring clarity

When the crying is done and gone

It's time to take stock what is wrong

A trigger of the past or the present

Crying isn't a shame

It shows we need it sometimes

Looking inwards to recognize the weaknesses

Maybe of joy in success

Sunday, May 28, 2023

the family unity


The family unity

The base for a strong nation

We have seen how it is

When family members disagree

The poor have a better sense

The family unity as they strive to live

The daily struggles to get a decent living

Though working under pressured conditions

Nothing will progress

Nothing will rise

As family unity is lacking

The future will be a rough ride

Unity must be printed in our minds

Together many great things can be done

Many have lost sight of it

Living in the 7 sins and decay of the mind

the poor have to rise


The poor have to rise

They can't live the way they are

They have to believe they can go far

Stop waiting for help or funds

Life is hard for many

I know because I lived through it

Staying in a room house

With 9 people in the cramped area

I had to chop wood

Carrying it a long distance home

Cutting into small sizes then sold it

Life was hard then terribly losing hope

I gave up schooling

Working in a gambling den

Earning cash to tide over

Thinking that was the life for me

But my Malay form teacher

Called me back to school

She came to the house

Talked me out of it

I had a decent education

I battle it out in my adult life

Though I never forget where I came

Living poor can't be forever

We have to bend our ways

To will it to get up and fly

Living poor is no excuse

Learn how to fish the rest is free

the stateless children


The stateless children

Born through out of marriage

The parents of the country's citizenship

The government shouldn't deprived off their rights

The High Court ruled in their favour

DNA tests confirmed to their biological parents

In the Constitution they have their rights enshrined in it

The government can't deny them the right

Yet the government leaders file for appeal

Letting the stateless children cry in limbo

There is no justification to appeal

The children's parents are the citizens

The Renaissance Man

Changes must come from him

He wants to change

Yet he has his team bringing bad vibrations

Every child born here legal or out of marriage

Every right a child has in the Constitution

As long as a child is born to the citizens of this nation

The government has no right to deprive them

the men will bend the way they want it


The men can't lose

In life they are living

They can make their dreams true

Through their will to succeed

They have the energy

They can't stay low forever

The men through the ages

The common thread wanting to succeed

The men will bend

The environment to make their own

The architects of physical changes

That's the men wanting to be like gods

There is no stopping the men

We read about their conquests

Through the ages and now

The men will bend the way they want it

the funds from gambling


The funds from gambling

On normal case it isn't illegal

The political parties accepting it

The leaders should be honest and say

As it stands today

The political parties try to hide

Its leaders dare not declare it

They want to show they are straight

Gambling in religious context

It is a sin and it shouldn't be accepted

The parties accepting aren't saying honest

They beat around the bush

The parties involved can't escape

The funds from the sins companies

How are they going to explain?

The parties shouting on religion and race?

These politicians are the bad

Camouflage in sheep skin to tell lies

They can't tell the honest truth

They beat around the bush

Saturday, May 27, 2023

macc on the hunt on the moos


The Moos will be gone

Even if they try to make stories

The top man is charged in corruption

Karma will make it gone for good

The Moos never learn

They think they can take without earning

Macc is on the hunt for more

The Moos are feeling the heat in their minds

Though they will try to create lies

Maybe confusion to their own race

Telling them it is all political prosecution

Let us watch the court cases unveil the truth

The Moos in hot soup

The heat rising bubbling hot

The leaders will try to hide

But the steam hissing out loud

the monkey has options


The monkey sits on the cable

Staring at the trees and offerings

Feeling the world he wants to see

Trying to consider his options

The instinct will tell on him

He can't pick the wrong one

He will lose his game

He can't blame any one

Now he sits and pondering

The cable still strong with connection

The monkey still evaluates his option

One wrong move he will be forgotten

He hears shout ringing in his ears

Many will come offering their menus

The monkey has to decide his options

One wrong move he will lose his aces

we haven't learned in religion


God doesn't need protection

God doesn't need law to stay relevant

What God wants for us is to live in joy

Share our abundance living in unity

The world has many issues

We don't need one race to cook up excuses

Read the scriptures properly understand its values

It isn't about superiority

What has gone wrong?

It is the humans doing the bad

Spreading too many religion

The 7 sins spread on the bread

Still we haven't learned

The prophets gone the messages stay hollow

Yet we don't value ourselves

We want to live in the 7 sins

live in abundance


Live in abundance

No matter the place or time

It doesn't involve wealth

It involves the deeds we will enjoy

Leave the stress behind

It doesn't need to crawl into our minds

Let it stay in the background

Don't let the cortisol rings loud

Walk with nature

Feel the wind flow

Listen to the birds and insects

Watch the sunset and the stars

In life let the abundance flow

It will enhance our living

Don't let the negatives take control

We don't need bad vibrations to ring loud

Friday, May 26, 2023

the rushing of greed


The green eyes light

The soul and mind die

The rushing of greed

The need to satisfy

The caution of good values

It suddenly erodes in the mind

Nothing will block its fury

The green eyes will cry

Many have fallen

Let the green eyes high

Leaving the soul and mind in disarray

Arrows fly fear grips the mind

The green eyes

The soul and mind die

Don't let it get into the mind

Karma will take for the rides

in unity the values grow

The unity partners

They need to help each other

Let the new phrase work

Although with different values in politics

PH and Bee Anne growth

The leaders should put aside their differences

The members too must flow with same goals

It's the nation and people glow

PH will have the advantage

They have the same leaders

They are together for decades

They know each other well

It is Bee Anne

The nature of the wolf

Solo or running with pack?

They can't stay divided too

They want to taste the power

They have to follow the pack

In unity partnerships should give a punch

The opponents will get the headaches

nothing wrong with MA63 only the politicians


Sabah and Sarawak

It can't be removed from Federation

It is the solemn oath enshrined in the Constitution

Singapore was the last allowed to leave

It is base on a treaty signed in 1963

Binding Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak

And at one point Singapore

Brunei pulled out at last session

If Sabah and Sarawak never developed in high

The people should ask their politicians

They are the ones tasked to develop it

Don't put blame on the Federal government

Rightly the High Court judge didn't agree

It is in the Constitution better leave it to the politicians

He dismissed the suit ordered to pay damages too

The Federal Constitution the supreme law of the nation

in relationships


In relationships

We can't know the way

Of men and women thinking

Even years in the growth

The long term interlude

The families perception to tie the knot

The lovers on the same page

Everything seems alright indeed

Even my nephew fell to the trap

Years he was with his woman

Everything seemed good on perception

But he did the 360 degree turn

He married a different race

Leaving his old flame crying in the blue

He didn't explain his action

I didn't ask him why he did it

The marriage didn't last

He divorced her took another new bride

To me it is still boil down to the mind

Grow old together or keep changing cars

In relationships

It is about honesty and understanding

It isn't about long term or current chase

It is about running the marathon and finished it

Thursday, May 25, 2023

the hottest women


The hottest women

The weak men will fall

These women will toy with their minds

Until the weak men can't know why

These women will use charm

The best form to get the poor souls down

Even the macho men will get hit

Playing in their minds

The hottest women

Money can tame them

But how long will they stay?

When they steal all the wealth?

Growing up in the village years

The old guys would tell us stories

You want to play with hottest women

You can but don't marry them

They will be like polished dolls

Forever wanting to stay beautiful and young

Time will change every one else

The hottest women aren't one of them”

The men with weak minds

Don't waste time with these dolls

It is better to get those within the range

At least they have a better playing ground

the sound of dissatisfaction


The sound of dissatisfaction

There is always running in

Nobody can escape the raw hint

It is always to belittle confidence

We have to remember

We aren't living in a perfect world

Recognize it early to understand

The living of humans always finding faults

Even living alone too

We will find ways to sink our minds

We may try to compare and note the faults

We will then feel the rusty nuts and bolts

The sound of dissatisfaction

Let it ring to keep us in perspective

Recognize early we aren't living in a perfect world

We will feel the rusty nuts and bolts

the face masks


The face masks

Slowly the people

Take it off and breathe free

Knowing Covid19 is going away

WHO recognizes the fact

Covid19 is on the bend

The world of nations

Finally breathing free

Though we still hear

About the infection rate

It is considered like a normal flu

Stay at home take medication

But is it really over?

The virus may go underground

Take a break then make a splash

So find a cure before Covid19 hit again

get the foundation strong


Get the foundation strong

Then you don't have to worry the storm

When the mind is weak

Everything see seems to be darkness

Every sign on display

It seems to scare a race

Every air seems contaminated

A race will find hard to clear the head

The reality of life

Everything needs to be shared

Nothing is exclusive

Unless one is so afraid

If it is our work

We can patent it

But when it isn't our labour

We can't pass law to claim

We will get the bad karma

Hitting us hard to the ground

We can't say it is our right

Because we don't invent it

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

the bad drama on corruption


Full of shadows

Walking in the night streets

Imagine the drama

Imagine the players

Once it was

When the bad ruled

The cast of actors

Plotting for their own

Billions were gone

Nobody heard about

During the height of Covid 19

The bad politicians got it away

When the Renaissance Man came

The tales of billions trooped out

Macc have the bad arrested

The spinning tales of billions

It hasn't ended yet

There are many cases under investigations

The can of worms crawled out now

The court cases will hear the juicy narratives

Full of shadows

The bad drama of the politicians

Still spewing their tales of lies

Afraid to sit in the cells