Thursday, May 25, 2023

the hottest women


The hottest women

The weak men will fall

These women will toy with their minds

Until the weak men can't know why

These women will use charm

The best form to get the poor souls down

Even the macho men will get hit

Playing in their minds

The hottest women

Money can tame them

But how long will they stay?

When they steal all the wealth?

Growing up in the village years

The old guys would tell us stories

You want to play with hottest women

You can but don't marry them

They will be like polished dolls

Forever wanting to stay beautiful and young

Time will change every one else

The hottest women aren't one of them”

The men with weak minds

Don't waste time with these dolls

It is better to get those within the range

At least they have a better playing ground

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