Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the childbirth

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting by ilsebatten
Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting by ilsebatten

The childbirth
The agony crying
The job of population
The women suffer
Just the guys can smoke cigars

When the time arrives
The labour pains and the crazy times
Decision must be made

Caesarean or natural flow?
The sharp knife or natural pain?
The agony and sweat
Calling names just to forget

Cutting belly one or two
In later years it shouldn't try
No more children what will the guys say?
Short cut affairs or mistresses on the side?

Caesarean when you want to pinpoint date
Exact moment to coincide with somebody's life
Believing it can bring good start in harmony
Of life you wish for the new baby

Sometimes it is the fear
Of the natural birth of labour pain
Pushing it hard tearing up all the reserves
You can't stand it when pain rips the mind

It isnt easy to deliver babies
To populate the world to renew generation
Marriage isnt for the babies
It is for a woman and a man
To be united and float as one
Babies are the bonus
Taking much of the times

it is just that..........

life must go on by nunui ™ [ AWAY 11th.May - 5th.July.2009 ]
life must go on by nunui

Life must go on
When setbacks occur
It is just that.........
Letting you know

The brake of a journey
Feel the moment don't cry
It isn't the end
it is just that
You have to move on

The hardship isn't a finality
You mustn't fall for the trick
The journey of a life
It is like a traffic light

It is just that......
People forget
Chasing materialistic wants
Forgetting about compassion
Forgetting about giving alms
They tell you economy is bad

Life must go on
The brake of a journey
It is just that....
Letting you know

the silence of birds

The silence of birds
The little birdies gone
Release them into the open
A new beginning a new generation

I dont know about the lonely birdie
I dont hear the tweeting this morning
I dont see the parenting birds flying in
So I guess the poor fellow gone to the ground

The prowling cats may have eaten it
On the ground when it learns to fly
The silence in my garden
The little birdies gone

A new generation may come
Searching for a place to nest
And my garden will be noisy again
When the small birds flying in

as the light changes

Dark and Light by Bearfaced
Dark and Light by Bearfaced

As the light changes
Bright light goes out to heaven
Leaving the darkness
For the unsavory characters

Don't you never learn?
Bad company getting you
Into the realm of neon lights
Mesmerising the eyes
You get hooked you can't decide

In the watering holes
The blasting music eroding etiquette
Bad company brings you down
Into the realm of make believe

As the light changes
You wake up all dignity gone
Pills popping mixing drinks
Bad company full of regrets

show solidarity to agree

When a decision is made
For the collective good of the state
It is best that who had disagreed
To show solidarity to agree

Thrashed it out in inter-party meetings
Raining dissatisfaction claiming of prior agreement
It is for the people benefits one must remember
It isnt for the politician whims and likes

PKR must teach its boys
To be a man to accept decisions
Good or bad intention it is for the council to play
It is the people who will criticize

The cracks appear
In a party of different plateform
The boys should respect the leaders
Running the state not otherwise

Unhappy with a decision
Argue and play out in the meeting
This is where problem could be solved
By protesting and showing no respect
It will be a good fodder for UMNO

Don't Pakatan learn?
They use to do with UMNO
Now don't play mistakes
Learn the lessons well

Get the leaders who can work for the people
Discard and sack those who are deadwoods
It is the people that counted the most
Nothing else matters in public services

Monday, June 29, 2009

the little lonely birdie

The little lonely birdie
Wings can't fly a solo shadow runs
On the road running no direction
Tweeting loudly forget about predators

Any which way it tries
Tweeting along hoping to get it right
The parenting birds no where to be seen
Finally the little lonely birdie disappears

In the bushes the tweeting loud
Capturing the ears of onlookers walking by
I hardly see the other two birdies
Wings of freedom forgetting its brother
So is the parenting birds

Is it a logic?
Rearing it big when it can't fly
Abandoned it let it finds its way
Tweeting in the bushes
What will happen end of day?

lovely cupids

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow by FindersKeeper
Cupid Draw Back Your Bow by FindersKeeper
Lovely cupids
Walking on the streets
Swaying curves crushing minds
The traffic halts
As the sun rising hot

Lovely cupids
The new generation ogles
Fresh out from schools
Fresh in college years

The temperature rising
Smoke getting cloudy
The sun getting hot
On lovely cupids

The older generations
Smiling of yesteryears
Lovely cupids
Time for them to move on

the grease of life

May Happiness Blossom in Your Eyes..... by -RejiK (Away)
May Happiness Blossom in Your Eyes..... by -RejiK (Away

The smile in the eyes
The glow of anticipation
The needs get it done
The way it should be

Nobody can say
As you take the first step
Into the world
Where the fittest they say
On top of the masses

The materialistic world
You go in with eyes open
You know the rules
All around you

Yet you go in
The smell of power game
The world will wake up to you
As you bring it home

The smile in your eyes
The aroma of power
The grease of life
The needs get it done
The way it should be

the little birdies free

The little birdies
Let them fly away
Into the freedom
The space of green

Reluctant to go
Catch them release
When the smell of freedom
Flapping wings bliss begin

One little birdie
Running on the ground
It can't fly
Only running towards the green
Tweeting its way
No cat comes to eat it away

The parenting birds
The sound of bliss
Knowing 2 birdies
Forgetting the one
Running on the ground

The bliss and doom
Only the fittest survive
The human race
Any difference when setbacks occur?

perakians know your way home

The pirate runs the state
Court appointed forgetting Constitution
The judges forget their oath of office
Belittling Constitution curry favors

People friendly services
Projects to benefit the whole
The pirate and gang canceled all
Closed door tenders know the grease

MCA and Gerakan
The days are numbered
The leaders can say what they want
By GE 13 there is nothing left to say
Close shop and sink it away

MIC has tasted it
Going through back doors
The rejects by Perakians
Don't show your face
You aren't wanted here

Perak must be by the people
No back door antics and grease the walls
The pirate and gang have your bonfire
When people tsunami hitting you
You have nothing left to tell

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the birdies tweet loudly

The birdies grown
Flapping wings jumping high and low
In the cage showing off antics
Tweeting away calling for food

Now the birdies learn
Picking up food in the cage
Eyes wondering surveying surrounding
As the day passes new skills acquired

The eagerness to fly
Wings stretched getting ready to go
Eyes looking upwards
As if there is a hole

A week ago one managed to get through
Out of the cage clinging on the palm leaves
I managed to catch it put in the cage
The birdie wasn't ready to fly away

Now the scene is different
These birdies gearing up to fly away
The open space and the plenty of food
It is the dream the birdies wanted to go

The days are numbered for my observation
Time I have to let the birdies fly
The tweeting becoming louder
As the birdies mature time for the open space

trick or treat?

Trick or treat
1Malaysia ring
For the country
One people one nation

Read the leaders statements
It is hardly really
The political ruling party
The dream works for the cronies

The policies and rules
It isn't string a harmony
I am afraid it is just a trick
When race supremacy say

The shadow play
The people must know
Read the speeches
Know the hidden exploits
Don't get wooled over your eyes
Be alert of hidden agendas

when the weather is fine

When the weather is fine
Everything seems on line
People get about
Living it out in open spaces

When the weather is sunny
In the Botany Garden lovers cool
The joggers and walkers exercise
The monkeys have a good time

When the weather is hot
Insects and birds fly
They search for food building nests
The new generations will arrive

When the weather is fine
Businesses flow people hard at work
Forget about poor economy
Everything there is an upside

When the weather is breezy
Early morning reading papers
The tweeting birds in the air
The good day will shine

Saturday, June 27, 2009

life on the fast lane

Life on the fast lane
There is no tomorrow
Everything must be had
On this day as it unfolds
People gather
People sing
People in watering holes
Drinking it up or drowning sorrow
Life on the fast lane
There is no stopping the flow
You want to get all into it
Quickly satisfying your ego
Life on the fast lane
You want it done in discreet
Don't want religion to crash the party
You want to live in living free
Life on the fast lane
Nothing will be given free
There is a life to be paid
Now or in the future
It is your game

the victims of love

The victims of love
Men and women glow
In times of good embrace
Nothing done is so wrong
When love turns sour
When sorrowful tales to tell
Men and women treat each other
No decorum no respect
Nude videos and pictures
Lovers' scorn payback time
The good times become nightmares
In the internet the story never ends
So lovers out there
Don't be a fool don't get caught in the web
Don't say to each other everything will last
It never will when commitment isnt there

when love is lost

When love is lust
The desirable body in the mind
When the body isn't taken care
Abuse it with rights in marriage
The day will come the marriage will be gone
Demanding of rights
In whatever laws exist
When abusing body speaks
The rights shouldn't be accorded
You can be rich; you can be poor
You can be powerful; you can be a royal
In the eyes of the Lord you are just his children
Letting you to taste the life and fruits with responsibilities
You can't hide behind
Any law to pursue a lust
When you can't differentiate it
The game is lost; the tastes will be a dream

we can heal but.....

The humming birds have grown
It's over 3 weeks tails have lengthened
Yet in the cage tweeting all day
For the parenting birds to know
"We are here in the cage"
The feeding non stop
The parenting birds fly in
The loud chirping and flapping wings
The eagerness to chase for the food
With all the tweeting sound
They attract the cats
One grey cat is trying
Today jumping on the flower pot
Hoping to pull down the cage
The parenting birds signal
The birdies hold still without movement
It is the standard operating procedure
"Play dead when face danger"
When cat is chased away
The birdies will start tweeting again
The incident the birdies forget
As if nothing has happened
If only humans can easily forget
The nightmares and evil treatments
From the government and police
And march on to enlightened life
We never could
The pain and memories too hard to forget
We need change to pursue redemption
By changing government we find our solace

MJ au revoir

Many tears flow
On the day MJ died
The man who danced into our world
With his characters and songs and dance
We remember him of his dance moves
The songs blasted into our youth and beyond
The man whom children can know his name
The singer and dancer young and old enjoy
Be part of his history and the way it was
We read about his exploits on stage
The stories of his personal life
The flawed genius got it all
The balance sheet he tried to sell
The entertainer he wanted us to remember
Once a while we saw God sent one
The stage will be left empty
To find a calibre of MJ
Today the world mourned of his passing
Where he left his legacy
For us to remember he once touched us
Through his songs and dances

the tears of sorrow

The w0rld has too much problems
Every one seems getting it wrong
The greed and corruption greet us
In this land we call Mother Earth
The tears of sorrow
The pieces of shattered light
It cuts into many shadows
Each takes on its own flow
The mountain of advice
Nobody seems to get it right
NGO telling Earth is going to die
We must heal our wounds unite to fight
For Mother Earth is where we all belong
There is no time to think
Of colours of religions of belief
Mother Earth has sent her signals
If only we open our eyes and minds
The light of sorrow
It is only then people unite
By then isn't it too late
To sing praises for Mother Earth

Friday, June 26, 2009

people fall in love

People fall in love
It is as natural as the breeze
Once you fall in you feel the hot splashes
Gushing hot juices eyes full of brightness
Nothing will shake your believe
Everything is smooth sailing
Even wrong signals you close your mind
It is the moment nothing else
You forget about your believe
You say love is blind you are jealous of me
You open up give everything falling in love
The whirring breeze making you forget
The slow motion of life
You want to feel it as you yield to it
Taking it all leaving nothing to hold on
As the sun set the darkness strikes
You never know of things you dont see
Blindly walking feeling your way

the streets of unknow shadows

Life must go on
Good and bad memories
It isn't a one track street
Even some think it is the end
Studying the birdies
They know how to enjoy
In the cage united in adversity
Dreaming when they will be free
Days come and go
The birdies are still locked in
The parenting birds never fly away
Like clock work from morning till late
When the sun goes down, they disappear
So whatever circumstances
One mustn't give up die in vain
It is a journey the streets of unknown shadows
It is a test of faith; sometimes fear dwells in light
Of every step it can be last on the journey

Thursday, June 25, 2009

life of dreams

like stars in the sky by faeryboots
like stars in the sky by faeryboots

Powerful witch-craft
In the high rise building
Summoning the lord of the rain
Pouring it out from heavens

The messages silently travel
Into the eyes of the angel
Bringing it to the Board
It seems right let it rain

Hot sweaty weather
Half naked people
On the beach
In the homes
Sorry no CCTV

The hot dreams
The way eyes can see
On the beach island
No ticket to purchase

Millions stars
The dreams seem alive
The wishes of many
They have to act on it
Otherwise it is just that
Life of dreams


Second Swine flu outbreak confirmed by Teacher Dude's BBQ
Swine flu outbreak confirmed by Teacher Dude's BBQ

In the house
Affected people
They can't take it out

All cook up
Under the house
24/7 seems a life sentence
As they look out
Of how much they have lost

Yet they must remember
The event of that day
When Ahini makes its presence felt
It is hard to accept the fate
Quarantine for the good of all

The swine fever spreads
Last night reached 80
We will never the number
As some may want to hide from it

People do our part
Clean hands
Seek medical advice
Stop the spread of swine fever
It is our duty to control its spreading

reach out and do it

The Fish Jumped Out! by Dunny
The Fish Jumped Out! by Dunny

Life is white and black
How you see define the flow
Into it you see and feel
The way you believe

Boredom the flow of mind
It makes you realize
There are many things to find
Reach out and do it
Maybe touch somebody's hand
You can feel the flow again

All Souls Day
Pay them a visit
Ask yourself again
Don't they feel bored waiting for the call?
The gift of life to heavens
Heat and rain; rain and heat
All days long

It is testing of one's soul
Living in this world
It is good you felt it
The journey has not ended

Degree, work and flow
9 to 5 sometimes midnight
It is part of living
Learn it accept it know it
Only don't give up
When the tougher the journey is

the whirring whisper

jumping fish by duck+flea
jumping fish by duck+flea

Don't give all away
Know the ground rules
Listen to past stories
Of people lost
Virtues gone

The bug always hit
The arrows aim high
When it falls
The bleeding smile
Believing it so true

The absence chasing
The drowsy dreams
Of needs want to get fulfilled
Quickly as the mind writes

The whirring whisper
Haunting seductively in the mind
Temptation to get it done
Like a fish wants to get hooked
Dangling in the air
Hoping the angler let it go
Into his net not into his boiling wok

The mind plays its game
Of sound laughter and heartbeats
Derailing the physical energy
As it works its erratic way

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

maids for hire

Indonesian maids in Hong Kong by digbyross
Indonesian maids in Hong Kong weekly off

The part of families
Raising children
The mothers standing in

They take the loads
Working hours unlimited
Getting up early hours
Children and house work

Yet in all these
Maids get abused
Maids get scarred
Maids take the verbal onslaught

Maids divide families
Maids seduce guys
Maids breakup of family units
It takes two to tango

Maids involve in crimes
Robberies, thieveries and affairs
Sometimes murders sometimes run away
Employers must pay

Sources of maids
Let the employers decide
Languages and religions
Don't restrict maids recruitments
On certain countries

Maids now
Part of families ties
Children grow up attaching to them
Families can't enjoy work
When there are no maids around

the mask on the wall

THE MASK by simonadll
THE MASK by simonadll
The mask on the wall
Cemented hard concrete
Feel the rough texture
It is laid for life

The hard knock
The mask never tells
You walk pass it
Every day
You don't show a second glance

Occasionally like clockwork
Water gushing out ringing fall
It attracts people especially children
Standing innocently admiring the mask
Only it can speak
“Be a good boy”

The mask on the wall
Laid to rest for eternity
Water flow telling no story
Only the sound as memory fades

the masks of lovers

Venetian Masks by PlasticSquid
Venetian Masks by PlasticSquid

The masks of lovers
Every day different routines
Changing them like beer
Under the house of watering hole

The night of pleasures
Of inner satisfaction
And the chase to win
As the bottom up begins

The smile and laughter
The eyes contact and the hidden agendas
The masks of lovers
One night stand tomorrow again

In the city
Of the watering holes
The masks of lovers
They make the night
The romantic glow

the air you breathe

Fraser's Hill IMG_1939 by tk_yeoh
Fraser's Hill IMG_1939 by tk_yeoh

Love in love out
You get into it
You feel the whirlpool
The romantic illusion
Then you can't keep the pace
You are out of breath
You wait on the outside

The distance travels
The air you breathe
You smell of the aroma
The whisper you wish you have

The romantic lovers
Walking pass ignoring the crowd
The world is theirs
As they hug hold each other tight

The music playing
The songs of love
The melodious whisper
You look around
Sitting on the bench
Staring at the distance
Of life that should have been

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the eyes of public

2 laws 2 citizenships
In the eyes of public
On the Bee Anne line
Every one isn't above the law

The false slogans
Don't we hear a lot?
Telling us to soar like the eagles
Catching ikan bilis we take home
The meaty meals
The rich and powerful and royalty
The laws seem running away

Even police and MACC
Pick and choose who to intimidate
Make a report
The messengers get screwed
The penetrators escape
Without a handcuff or a night in jail

Imalaysia is 1Malay unity
The UMNO leaders try to impress
Every speech is about Malay supremacy
Hello we are Malaysians!

No doubt we are screwed
By Bee Anne playing race game
In our history we can't fight
Siam laid waste and controlled territories
Indonesia could land her troops
So our loopholes flashed out
Yet Bee Anne never learns
The country can be colonized again

Even crooked judges
Decision fray the Constitution
They must act according to the law
Yet they put their souls for greed

We try to tell
We get screwed in our lives
The ruling government wants to hide
The many ills besetting the nation
Change must come else we have no face
To stand tall in the world stage

why 3rd bridge in johore?

The Second Link by mohamed.shaaz
The Second Link by mohamed.shaaz

Mega projects
Costing billions to spend
Telling you to start up economy
It is only into cronies wealth

3rd bridge to Singapore
Preliminary projections
Don't they have the second bridge?
See why it is under utilized?

The report on the 2nd bridge
It is relevant if it going to 3rd bridge
Does the government really needs it?
Singapore wants it for her economy
Malaysia always has been

Sultan of Johore is right
Opposing it the billions channel it
For a better causes in the country
The rural areas need a lot of money
To transform it into an economic activities
In this way the young will not flock into the cities
Choking up the housing and transport systems

Don't need to study the viability of the bridge project
Enough of wasted taxpayers' money with this government
Every thing allegedly seems to cost more in the end
There is allegedly a clause to milk the public fund

Look at the PKFZ
All the highway projects
The contracts clause to increase charges
And the government has to pay
For political treats to the public

So Sultan of Johore is right
No more 3rd bridge for his state
The billions better use for people's projects
In the rural areas

the number rising

First case of swine flu in Hong Kong by H.L.Tam
First case of swine flu in Hong Kong by H.L.Tam

Ahini on the rise
The public must be aware
It is not something to ignore
When you are weak
Ahini sings you to death

Overseas travels
People and tourists arrive
It takes 1week to know the symptom
By then many will be infected

Ahini like the white sharks
Hunting for humans to get its name
Complacency brings tearfalls
As Ahini brings you a knock out punch

The number arising
Now stands at 58 infected
How many have contacted then?
We don't know
We move around a lot

So Ahini will arise
Like the haze the cloudy sky
Belittling our intelligence
Poking us for a fight

Monday, June 22, 2009

the cat attacks

Today the cat attacks
On the bird cage
Standing on the flower pot
Uses its paws to frightened the birdies

The flapping wings
Flying up and down the cage
Tweetering loudly
To scare the cat away

Opened the sliding door
Chase the cat away
The smell of fear in the birds' minds
Even the predator gone
The little birdies flying up and down

Since the cat knows the spot
At night I shift it back to the porch
Hanging it up with blue cloth
Camouflage it in the night

The birdies sleep like a log
Movements on the cage
Nothing change in its sleep
The dream of birds
Far away hide out
Possibly opposite
Of a few big trees

the dark edges

Death stalks the night by Teak for Two
Death stalks the night by Teak for Two

The dark edges
The cruelty of the mind
Inflicted on the innocents
And the captured in jails

The freedom of souls
There is none to bargain
Behind closed doors
Many things have happened

The court of law needs evidence
Of physical abuses to make charges
When captured prisoners
Long time to walk into medical needs

By the time arrives
The marks have gone
It looks natural in the light
There is nothing to fight

The internal injuries
The naked eyes can't see
The judges only take a glance
All cases dismissed

The innocents suffer
In the hands of the blue
Knocked your heads or slap your thighs
Sometimes naked sitting on ice

Water hose to inflict injuries
Internal blue death can result
When medical attention arrives too late
Death will stalk the victims

The penetrators escape
No finger pointing no filing charges
They walk in the dark edges
Minds of evil camouflaged in sheep skins
Inflicting pains and deaths
On the innocents and captured souls

go for 2 party systems


Unity talk
Pas will lose
It isn't about party
It is about Malaysians

A few Pas leaders
They hope to be in the cabinet
Into it they think they can change
They will be neutralized

The people are the power brokers
Every election the voters will decide
On the ground they want change
Yet Pas leaders seem to be blind

The 2 party systems
The people want it happens
So Pas should stick with Pakatan
Marching into voting battles
Patience will win the ultimate prize
The road to Putrajaya

Don't go for short term gain
In the end the final battle is lost
Pas should think inwards
As Tok Guru says
“Pas may lose big in the next election”

So forget about unity talk
On race better ignore
This is a multi-racial country
It should involve all the races

ahini fever

pandemicP1040468 by -i-
pandemicP1040468 by -i-

Ahini fever
On the rise in the nation
School children infected
In the city

Don't take chances
The risk is too high
Closed down school
To stop the spreading

Ahini fever
Contact from human to human
Wash hands with soap
When in fever seek treatment quickly

Ahini fever
No colour blind
No religion preference
No political interference

Everybody must help
Take control of your own hygiene
Stop the spread of Ahini
Travel overseas when is absolute necessary

flying down to bring food

The 3 little birdies
Day 4 in the cage
Comforting each other
Cuddling for warm at night

When the weather is cool
The little birdies edging close
Flapping wings when parenting birds
Flying down to bring food

The parenting birds fly opposite
Of the bird cage then stop fly back
It is a flight pattern of aircraft takes flight
In the sky on the routes designed

Watching the antics
The flapping wings of happy chirping
When eyes see the parenting birds
Flying down to bring food

the bond is gone

No Manners! by parkluck
No Manners! by parkluck

The young people forget
The school of manners to seniors and older people
It only needs words to express
Touch the mind the flow will be gold

The materialistic wants
Abrasive quick temper no compromise
Even when they are jobless and in colleges
The foundation of yesterdays all gone

The way they talk and express
Shouting with aggressive behaviour
As if they are in the war zones
Conflicting views and generations
The common ground of manners
The young people ignore

We don't hear the exploits
The young people give up seats for older people
Nothing of manners and civilized upbringing
You are old so be it!

Parents too busy
Working hard for the money
Leaving the groundwork to maids
The bond is gone so are the manners

Sunday, June 21, 2009

dont cheat you will fail

Play a fair game
In politics in business
Everything must be on the table
There shouldn't be a hidden plan

Yet words never find its way
Action seems the opposite
Fishing for votes promising dreams
Like Mat Jenin people flow with it

When the landing is hard
People find the empty promises
Now they open their eyes
They think in their minds

Police brutality
Arrogantly showing their power
Even though we pay them
with our earned money through taxes
Yet we don't deserve protection
We are treated badly in lock-up

Even judges of twisting fame
They want to get promoted forgetting principles
Some of these judges bring a bad name
For the judiciary rings a bought over soul

The ruling elites will find underhand tactics
To stay on power dig up wealth
When GE 13 arrives, they will find ways to cheat
No principle no fair game
So we must be on the guard
When the empire begins to crumble
The foundation is shaky waiting to fall

dont give up

Genie in a Bottle by onggon ~ [ outstation ]
Genie in a Bottle by onggon ~ [ outstation ]
Never give up when odds stack
There is a way to go
Initially there will be false hope
Disillusion and disarray of the mind

When in the predicament
Fear always blind the mind
The eyes getting scared
Seeing the blockade no escape

Even when death stalks the door
One has to fight before surrenders
The ancient people thought us
Don't give up without a fight

Now the humming birds
Calling the birdies time to fly
Yet within the cage birdies try
The outside world is just that
Beyond reach for this time

Do the birdies give up?
Watching I doubt the birdies do
The outside world freedom lies
This is why never give up
When obstacles clip your wings

the job on trade

The job on trade
The experience ones teach the young
Showing the way how it is done
Cajoling never give up
The parenting birds
Telling the little birdies to fly
Showing them how it is done
Hopping from tree to tree
Tweeting words of encouragement
Telling them they can fly
The little birds flapping wings
Around the bird cage they try
Putting out heads
Trying to muscle it out
The steel cage holds them back
It isn't time
Yet the parenting birds try
Feeding food encouragement many folds
Days gone yet the little birds caged
Watching them they do fly
Around the cage wanting to be outside

you are your boss

Beca man by cc_koh
Beca man by cc_koh

Work on your own
You are your boss
Get up early go to sleep late
You decide the way best for it

Contacts build
Hard working chasing for the next meal
There is no 9 to 5 job
You dont have to race

No traffic jam
No getting raw deal
No swearing in silence
No getting up in cold sweat
Forget to finish that report
When the boss wants it early morning
Before he takes flight somewhere

You go as you please
Answering to nobody
Only with clients with agreed time
You can watch movies go holidays
It is your own game
The business flow you chase your own

Beginning is always a tough game
You must save in those years sweating in 9 to 5
Now you feel you have the skills needed
Doing the job you are suited for it

Give it a year to get it off
If you don't, don't give up just yet
You still have your finance stock up banks
Study what has gone wrong
Then move on again

Success lies in your ability
Within reach when you put hard work on it
It never comes easy in the beginning
You need to build your reputation
Like any company starting out
Services the game to be on top
All the way to the bank

Saturday, June 20, 2009

go beyond the comfort zone

complacency by steena.nolita
complacency by steena.nolita

Complacency breeds laziness
Into it dreams will not be realized
Even promotions and freedom
It is just a by product
On a lazy afternoon
Sipping tea dreaming about it

The wants must be pursued
One failure try and try again
Yet don't flow with the flawed systems
Change ways go for that dream
Freedom or wealth or both
It is within reach in a life time

Studying the little birdies
Waiting to be fed don't want to move a step
Tweeting noises to get the marks
Sitting in a row waiting to be fed

The little birdies see
The empty space the greens
Within the cage they are imprisoned
They don't know the difference

The little birdies just want to be fed
Sitting on the bar waiting for the moment
When food is brought chirping loudly
Of life beyond the cage hard to say

Complacency derails dreams
It is a fact many let it go
Feeling comfortable doing 9 to 5
Sometimes in graveyard shift

Take one step into beyond zone
The phobia of the unknown brings fear
It is back into the comfort life
When retired talking about the dreams

no report yet!

The CoA judges sleep
No judgement report release
Promise one week dragging on
Is this the way to uphold Constitution?

The code of conduct
It should be used on the errand judges
It is no use to have these rules
Yet no disciplinary action is convened

Nizar has to file his appeal
Time delay justice will be denied
So now he has to go in blindly
Without the grounds he hopes he gets justice

The Federal Court must put it right
The Constitution of the nation
The judges shouldn't go interpreting it
They are to follow the spirit of the Constitution
No other laws should usurp the supreme law

Unless the judges want to pass laws
They should become politicians
Now they should follow the law
And the Constitution in the nation

the white bird's cage

The white bird's cage
Shining bright in the early morning ray
Casting warm shadows amongst potted plants and palm trees
As I watch the little birdies antics

Hopping in the cage
Exercising its legs and wings
Probing for ways to get free
Thinking the freedom is within reached

The observation drags on
As one little birdie tries
Dragging its head and body
Into the steel wire to free

Push and push it finally did
Escape to the palm leaves
Taking a short break
It is then I caught it
Back into the bird cage

Too much energy expanded
The little birdie can't fly
The time isn't right for them
The predators wait for the silly birds

Now all in the bird cage
Brushing feathers looking neat
As the sun rises into the hot sky
I leave them in the palm trees shade
As the little birdies doze to sleep

the little birdies sleep

The night the cool breeze
The little birdies sleep
In the cage hanging by the stainless steel bar
Swaying with the light wind

Slowly the little birdies creep
Together to comfort in warm
From a far as I watch as if it is one
Clustered peacefully silence in the night

Even when I put cover on top
The movement has no bearing
The little birdies all in deep sleep
Together clusted in the little water container
Deeply into the bird's dreams

The dim light shine
The soft breeze carrying along
As the dark welcomes the sleepy night
Others stay awake while some sleep
Leaving this world temporarily
Venturing into the free space
Floating touching the dreams

Friday, June 19, 2009

the promised land

Giving encouragement
Feeding with food to survive
The little birdies will do the bidding
Of the adult birds to fly

When we think of humans
Of wealth and power will smile
The mind thinks of the devious ways
To lock up any one who protests

Promising land of grandeur
The adult birds keep whispering constantly
The little birds all lapping up
Flapping wings eager to fly

When a government keep harping half truths
Spinning it in Parliament and in dialogues
Repeating it so often to make it believable
When people ask for details, there is none to tell
The believable scenes slowly become dark spaces
Of the elites wanting to close the gaps

Now the little birds stay
In the bird cage bought for $25
Studying them for hours
Of what lessons witness
It can apply to humans

Constantly whispering
Encouraging with food to entice
Showing the way to freedom
Of power and wealth in the open
The little birdies flapping wings
Hopping mad to get free
For humans lies and cheats
Promising of grandeur and wealth
Instilling it in the mind
There is nothing wrong
To take what is in the land

the little birdies

Constantly return
The humming birds flying in and out
Though it may look there is no way
The little birdies will be flying away

From a far finding insects
Bring it quickly to feed little birdies
Opening up challenging to get filled
Tweeting loudly to get noticed

No predator no human
The area must be constantly free
Even a slight shadow will trigger
loud tweeting noises
As if one is taking away
The precious little birdies

Watching for hours
Studying the patterns
Of the little birdies
Waiting to be fed
They don't move
Tweeting away loudly

Now in the bird cage
The antics of flying
Jumping here and there
Pushing hard to get free
Though they are weak

The parent birds feeding
Encouraging the little birdies
Tweeting loudly when adult birds arrive
Bringing for insects what else

When little birdies are full
They fall asleep instantly
When they are awaken
The flapping wings
Pushing hard to get free
For now I am just watching
Learning a few antics about birds

don't we learn in our lives?

Don't sleep with the devil
He promises many none will be fulfilled
Painted glory in dreams you see
The bountiful flow you wet in dreams

You think the devil gives freely
A life is worth his calling
He wants soul to rejuvenate
So he can fulfill his needs

Yet the greedy amongst us
Forsaking principles ignoring advice
Selling souls to get the devil's promises
He takes it all he laughs all his way home

The messages written in ancient times
Go for the straight no crooked ways
The devil likes it when he can make it
On the corrupted souls willing to sacrifice
For a short end of their lives

Don't we learn?
We are as gullible as the next guy
Thinking the road to power and wealth
Is in this kingdom not beyond our eyes

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the boatman rows

Love Boat Captain by Trinitas Imaging / Udit Kulshrestha
Love Boat Captain by Trinitas Imaging / Udit...

The strong muscular boatman rows
On the calm river on his boat
Gliding with his oars in the water
He pushes hard biceps expanding
Rowing his boat plying for his trade

He stares at the ferry terminal
Built by his people years ago
The sweating labourers and hard workers
For his country he thought worth it
Then the big players take over
He loses his job so are his people

Rowing along the calm river
He watches the scenes
Thinking of those years gone
Where he is the chief of his people
Now he has nothing
Only as a boatman rowing along the river

The economy blooms
It brings joys and bountiful
Then it suddendly turns awful
Companies close down people jobless
Parading along the streets
Under the dim lights hawking for services
The ills of modern living
It makes the people lose bearing

He rows his boat
Slowly gliding along the calm river
He has his plan in secret
He just waits for the opportunity
To get back what is belonging to his country

work on the relationship

The Love Boat? by @rmando
The Love Boat? by @rmando

Love cheats
It never brings
The harmony one seeks
As roving eyes capturing illicit affairs

It takes two to tango
On the crisis of relationships
Of married persons seeking romance
Of singles getting thrilling rides

The lonliness creeps
The loveless marriages
Of needs aren't satisfied
The mind conjures up dreams

Every where there is a story
As history repeats as many as we say “I do”
The relationships the waves flow
Know where it lands
For years the spot must stay

Love cheats
When two minds open differently
The journey has turned bumpy
When there is a chance to forgive
Take the road swallow pride
Give it one more try

beware of the little demons

Unity talk
With Pas and Umno
Is it for Malay unity?
The way Umno wants

The Malay supremacy
Umno way of doing things
Pas shouldn't fall into its trap
For the consequences will be many

It should be for People's supremacy
That is the way for the country needs
It shouldn't be a race to rule
It must be a multi-racial nation

Tok Guru got angry
Of his party leaders harping on unity talk
No way he will agree
For he knows what the country needs

History of Pas and Umno
Of marriage turned bad
Divorce was bitter
Pas cut from the same cloth
When Umno turned casanova
Bridging with Alliance now Bee Anne

As they say
There is no permanent enemy in politics
Yet principles must be acknowledged
It is the foundation of all things standing

Pas should forget about unity talk
Stay on with Pakatan to fight the days ahead
It is the long term strategy
Don't fall for the short term gain

dont do a job half done

2 little birdies want to fly
Flapping wings when time isnt right
Flying for short distances
Thinking they can get away soon

Chasing after the 2
Catching them put them in the coconut shell
Yet for a while the 2 birdies stayed
Then they try to fly again

Catch them
I put them in the water to swim
Flapping and running every where
Birds like cats dont like water

Back into the coconut shell
It isn't for long they wanted to go
Flapping wings when time isnt right
Lucky for the birdies there is no cat around

Now I put them in the long hollow black tong
Into it the 2 birdies squat until it is known
When time isn't conducive to fly
The birdies have no strengh to airborne
They will be preys to the roaming cats

The youngest birdie stays
It never wants to attempt to fly
Maybe it knows its limitation
Why so stupid when it is just a short distance?

Lesson learn
Don't do job half done
Don't do something when details aren't in
When study hasn't done completely
Announce it when everything ready
It shows character and patience
Not like the pirate in Perak
Half cooked saying it is good

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the journey of 1000 lights start with 1

A thousand lights... by skygirlyne buzzybuzzy

A thousand lights... by skygirlyne buzzybuzzy

The birds fly freely
Into the sky tweeting away
There is no barrier to halt them
The sky the span of their wings

Look at them
Flying here over there back in circle
Clinging on branches sucking nectar
Some busy building nests when season ignites

Others stare at their images
In mirrors hopping and calling mates
Singing melodious tunes
Waiting for responses

Some eggs hatched
The little birdies tweet
Closed eyes as new
Waiting for days to fly

Together in the nest
They seek warm and comfort
When eyes open seeing the surrounding
Any new perceived danger each on its own
The able ones go the weak ones leave behind

The antics of the little birds
There is not much difference with humans
We run to safe our skins when danger lurks
Leaving behind others to fend themselves
Else giving excuses one way or another
Life is one; life is precious
Only those who know about God works
They aren't afraid of danger
It is better to give then receive
The journey of thousand lights start with one

You want to be free?
Touch somebody's hands
Giving a warm gesture
Telling there is a friend
When every thing fails

modern slavery

Modern Slavery by Syl V.
Modern Slavery by Syl V.

Modern slavery
Malaysia get the shame
The Bee Anne should take the blame
For letting it happens

The world now knows
Listed as the modern slavery market
Oh Malaysia the ill reputation!
You must cry for the injustice!

Many things the Bee Anne should do
The leaders let it slides into the bottom
Fighting for their survival and digging wealth
And the power crosses into their minds

Malaysia in modern slavery list
The shame befalls the nation
We can't let it be as usual business
We have to wake up finally manage change

It is too long in power mode
Of over 5 decades time to change
We can't be called a slave market
We must feel ashame!

it's so free!

The man laid steps
The climb to the top
Breathing it hard
You want to get there

The whirring wind
The buzzing insects
Every step mind is free
The bustle and hustle of life

Leaving all behind
Even for a day or two
You want to get away
To find peace of mind

The cool breeze rustling along
From the trees to the bushes
Shaking the leaves giving jolts
Of nature domain life is free

On the top
You forget it all
The cool breeze
The quiet solitude
It's so free!

unity makes the nation glow

Human Parade by wazari
Human Parade by wazari

You don't say hello
Wake up quickly go
Into the market place
Of stock exchange

Eyes of money
Mind of wealth
Spare a change?

Big companies
Calling them wasting money
Pressing buttons merry go round
Telling you good customer service
Neighbour you never walk the streets

It isn't a place to talk economy
Of law and discriminations
Of one sided treatments
It is about suspension
Out you go

New bills new laws
Neighbour hiding the elites sins
Nobody can question it
Tune in to OSA

No hello we are alone
Even Constitution frays
Distribution isn't fairly done
No transparency no accountability
We must fight for our own

The walls crack
Neighbour you don't have to go
Lend us a hand build it up again
Unity makes the nation glow

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the routines of ordinary scenes

Trekking by jslwong
Trekking Langkawi Mat Cincang by jslwong

In the day
The sun hit the ground
Heating up the atmosphere
Sweat flow the insects fly

The buzzing irritants
Swarming from the lake to the bushes
As the trekkers hike through
Scratching on arms and legs
The poor hikers forgetting mosquitoes cream

The heat burrow on the soft pores
Grudgingly the salty sweat dripping
The sun smile as gliding through
Under the cool shades taking a break

Some energetic ones
Feel the care free world
Running wild smiling magically
Of a world leaving behind

In the day
The routine of ordinary scenes
It comes to end
As the light dims low
The hikers pack and walk home

as long as the same people rule

you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free by christshospital@btinternet.com
you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free

We dont get the truth
As long as the same people rule
In the administration of the nation
You will hit the fire wall

The games playing in secrets
The behind scenes amongst a few
Calling the orders blending it freely
For the truth hides
Only the fake roaming

Using race as the catching card
Division seems the way out
Each party tries to get its share
We don't get the truth
As long as the same people rule

The slogans and concepts
Each leader tweaked
Hiding behind the slogans
Cooking up behind the scenes

So dont let the self centred leaders
Chasing you by election near
Giving promises to gain your trust
It is just empty tong putting a dollar or two

Wake up smell the smog
The haze and black smoke
Don't stay silence is golden rule
It never helps when it matters most

we can't take it as it is

Hope by Mohamed Essam
Hope by Mohamed Essam

Once a upon a time
In the decades of our minds
Silence is golden
Sitting in the library
Pretending to browse books
But eyes surveying something else

Years of conditioning
Silence seems to work
We came out tuning robots
Looking at the sparks of adventures
Silence we walked slowly home

In work in universities
Trained them to be silent
Feed them with one track mind
In the end the living robots
Bodies without the souls

In 1998 things erupted
Silence isnt golden any more
We can't keep quiet
And let things be familiar

We voice our opinion
The freedom we need to share
Though laws will be used
We aren't stupid no more

Time to say a piece
The direction the country needs
The people must wake up
Partially happened in March 8

The political awakening
A new seed germinating
The political dinasaur
In GE 13 to let it rest in peace

the bird's nest split

The bird's nest split
It was partly my fault
I went to shake it
See how the little birdies response

I knew the bird's nest going to break
Clinging on the leaves withering yellow
And the wind keep blowing hard on it
The twigs holding it will not last
I had tied a netting to support
In case the little birdies fall off

Now I put the birdies
In the empty coconut shell
I hang it there on the clothes line
So the parent birds will see

The adult humming birds came
Minds couldn't believe what they saw
The little birdies in the empty coconut shell
They looked perplexed left and right

Finally the parent birds accepted
They came bring food for the little birdies
As I watched at a distance
Another week the birdies will fly away

Monday, June 15, 2009

the colourful sunset

 by Mr T's Bling
Untitled(langkawi island) by Mr T's Bling

The colourful sunset
Blooming in the sky
As the eyes reflect on it
The dim enticing light

The yacht lies
On the sea lonely trip
With nature and the cool breeze
Bringing it the magical ring

The ripples on the sea
The soft waves friendly touches
As one waits and savour the surrounding
As if God says “watch over it”

When the wind begins to whisper
The yacht sets sail to its destination
Cruising on the ripples feeling angels touch
On its way home before the darkness falls

the span of wings

Okay, so where's my reward? by 120SQN
Okay, so where's my reward? by 120SQN

Dreams in the air
On the streets day and night
The people walk eyes surveying
Who are the easy preys to get?

The traffic lights
Colours change
The pedestrians walk through
Look into the way they walk
Slow or hurry to get appointments
Life to satisfy; life to achieve
The comedy of one's own destination

The drivers of cars
Cool air circulating
Eyes serious mind somewhere else
Fingers tapping on the steering wheels
Ever ready to speed on the streets
The fast lanes the tricks on pockets
And the prizes of women needs

The smell in the dreams
Of men and women; wealth and power games
Parading discreetly camouflaging in clothes and skins
Outside looking civilized; the minds raging to get release

The drum beats of society
Of laws and rules in the games
Bending backwards and backdoors intrigues
These are the dreams reality can be had
With money and some teasing

As the traffic light turning green
Rushing quickly to reach destinations
The span of wings spreading far out
The choices to each to find
Of life needs and delicacies

the circle will trap

Perak State Assembly on May 7 26 by The Edge Malaysia
Perak State Assembly on May 7 26 by The Edge Malaysia

Perak infamy
May 7 still ringing
Of Speaker dragging out of assembly
By the police
The sanctity of state assembly bridged
Does the Bee Anne care?
The pirates came looted and gone
Leaving the a bad taste and a black night
In the minds of Malaysians
The story will be told
Many times in our history
Of the uncouth manner the way it was
Bullying and double standards reigned
Of police behaviour and Bee Anne
The black May 7
The black eye for the state assembly
The uncivilized goons took over
The independence of assembly gone

the earth no second chance

A Colorful Afternoon at the Wetlands to celebrate Earth Day 4-22-2009! by Susan Gary (Sue)
Earth Day 4-22-2009! by Susan Gary (Sue)

The rush of gold
The poor just go
They don't think ahead
What life is worth?

They want a good life
Sacrifices they say
About health only secondary
Get the gold

Don't they know?
Life isn't made of gold
Life shouldn't be a bargaining tool
Short term gain long life health diseases

Will the poor learn?
They rich don't dirty hands
They sip champagne
Parties and networking

Environment is our home
We are put here to live learn it
Take good care of the ground we walk
For we don't get a second chance
When we destroy it for greed

The rush of gold
The dream of easy life
When we forget what we must do
The Earth will not give us a second chance
We destroy our environment; we pay with our lives

the ring of prestige

Bukit Antarabangsa by lastsham
Bukit Antarabangsa Dec 7 2008 by lastsham

Hill slope developments
It comes into the scenes
Greed of prestige
Neighbourly honour forgets

Such tragedies
Causing pain and misery
There is no laughter
As developers try once again

State governments
Say one thing
Its enforcement divisions slow to take
Developers take on the flight
Feng shui location
The people flock in

The sloping danger
Housing estates nearby
Residents living in fear
Of tragedy befalls

Protests and complaints
It all falls on deaf ears
The ring of prestige
The burial ground lays

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the public knows it too well

Palace of Justice by Kuan Hoong
Palace of Justice by Kuan Hoong

There is still no news
About the CoA judges report
One week promise to deliver
It runs into 2 weeks

In court so fast to deliver
The oral judgement in 5 minutes
As reported in the press and blogs
Even promise to deliver written judgement
In one week but so far the judge fails

It is the perception
Of people who know the judging system
The Albino calls the shot
The judges have to follow

Even the stay order of High Court
The Court of Appeal judge never gives his written judgement
Quick, fast and efficient to Albino
Dragging feet when it comes to the opposition

It is the small and relevant part
It will make the Bee Anne fall
It suits up to serve interested groups
And leaders and self promotions

The people are the bosses
Of any democratic processes
The leaders are there because of the people
They are the ones who decide the nation

The delaying tactics to frustrate the opposition
No written judgement how to file appeal to Federal Court?
The judges bring themselves into the low esteem
For the public knows it too well
At the call of the ruling elites

sisters of Islam

Sky shot by unduepain
Sky shot by unduepain

Sisters of Islam
They have a role to play
In the multi-racial country
Let no party leader tries to impose
Restrictions or ban the NGO

This is a democratic country
Every citizen has a right to different view
Even in religion one has to fight for its true applications
Not on the narrow minded self centred leaders

Religion is given to all freely
Read the passages understand what it is written
On human relationships and after lives
They who sin sow their own tragedies
For they will be judged on what they do

Man and woman created equally
With the blessing from Allah
Go and multiply as the text says
For as one they populate the world

Sisters of Islam
They are not trying to divide a religion
They are to promote the religious harmony
Amongst the men and women
Equal treatment equal responsibility
For in unity the house will be bless
The men must understand it
Don't try to put women down
They are the angels of Allah
They are on the top of the game
Only the men should admit and be free!

the 3 little birdies

The bird's nest swaying
By the wind constantly
Brushing it ruslting with the leaves
As it holds on the journey begins

The little birdies think otherwise
In the wide open space they want to fly
In the narrow convex shape nest
The 3 little birdies feel the traffic jam

As the days pass
They have grown
The space has become restricted
They feel they can't take it

Wings formed not perfectly yet
Feathers on the bodies still growing
Eyes still closed blind as well
Yet they go jumping out from the nest

Landed on the soft soil
They survived the fall
Put them back in the nest
When I heard so much tweeting noises
So I went to investigate

The parent birds tweeting loudly
Thinking a predator has come
To steal away the little birdies
It is them jumping out from the nest!

the gentlemen's rules

There may be honor among thieves..... by LaTur
There may be honor among thieves..... by LaTur

Honour amongst thieves
Of stealing goods and appropriations
Agreed on each sharing part
No dishonesty or back stabbing

When government signs treaty
Of peace and surrender
Each party must honour it
For it is the value and trust created

Yet in Malaysia
Peace treaty accord with CPM
Signed and sealed to lay down arms and struggles
The arm forces of CPM are allowed to return home

No doubt there were atrocities committed
Fighting for a cause CPM believed
So were the British and Malayan forces
On the captives and sympathizers

Now the Malaysian government
Broken part of the peace accord
The secretary general of CPM
He is disallowed to step on his homeland
Now in his 80s he just wanted to die here
His request is turned down
Showing yet again a double standard treatment

Malays of CPM leadership
They weren't hindered when they returned
They are allowed to settle down raise families
Be a good citizen of the country

We valued our compassion
We valued our friendliness
Yet when one of our own wants to return
The government of the day refuses

When Malay terrorists killed hundreds in Indonesia
One deceased member was allowed to bury here
No stripping off citizenship no hindering of his return
Even the current one Nordin Top is on wanted list
Hiding and planning to carry out his evil acts
Yet again the government refuses to revoke his citizenship
But the peace accord with CPM
The government refuses to honour it

Communist idealogy isnt my cup of tea
It is the honour one should keep
No matter how bitter the tea could be
When it is signed and delivered
The gentlemen's rules must begin