Saturday, November 30, 2019

the trojan horses

The Trojan horses
They stay behind the scenes
They don't want to be recognized
They will know the consequences

The tell tale signs
It will be known to the watchers
Why the Trojan horses still carrying it?
It's the obligation of favours

In a group the Trojan horses will show
The ordinary people may not recognize it
It is for the watchers to pin it together
The leaders should keep abreast of their commanders

They shouldn't lose sight
Once they forget the Trojan horses will strike
They don't announce they will grab it
Leaving the leaders out of the circle

the bad wolves

The bad wolves still running
They don't feel the shame or regrets
They still can spin their tales
The long court battles ahead

Though it is reported widely
The bad wolves don't feel the heat
They have their zombie clans
Shouting for their names

But the hunters keep watching
The long process to get the pack
The major ones are in the dock
Yet they don't feel the shame

The people mustn't lose track
It is their burden if they don't wake up
The bad wolves will swallow it whole
When they smell they have their way

AI will come to stay

The Industrial Revolution 4.0
Where will the people stand?
This is another wave of AI
Taking over the work of the people

No doubt it has the advantages
How will the working people behave?
The machines are taking over
The super efficiency linking to profitability

No company will ignore it
The companies will embrace totally
AI will come to stay
Nobody can run away from the game

The education systems must change
No need khat no need religious classes
Use the time for AI study and progress
It will be the machines world

AI will come to stay
There is no way to ignore it
Embrace it to progress
Don't become a lamp post

don't run the wrong

Don't run the wrong
It will take you down
On the slippery rope of darkness
You will live to cry

No doubt you will get results
The short-term gains in life
That will push you to forget
The darkness creeping in

Once the court appearance
Everything will be known and gossip
Life will not be the same again
Once the cover is blown nothing to gain

Though prison will hide away
The trauma of shame and regret
But the life will not stand still
You will live to cry

Friday, November 29, 2019

honour the hatyai agreement

The ashes
There is no name
There is no identity
Who is to say?

The merry go round
Wasted time and efforts
It looks like unforgiving
The ashes of the past

Honour the Hat Yai Agreement
This was the agreement to stop the infighting
Of different ideology and move on
Every one should respect it

Yet there are people
Who can't forget but try to create problems
Malayan Communist Party is dead
Let the dead stay underground

Now we have trade with the Communist country
We have established diplomatic missions
So why the dishonour on the Hat Yat Agreement?
Don't talk of sacrifices both sides paid dearly

We fought on our own people
With different ideology and thinking
We must accept the Agreement and move on
There is no gain to investigate the dead ashes

the broken dreams cry

Smoke house
The members stare
The broken dreams cry

By warlords
They don't learn
The way to popularity

2 camps
Unwilling to compromise
The road becomes maze

Unwilling pawns
Play by warlords
The hidden game plan

Stay united
Learn to forgive
Share the game loads

the game of political throne

The game of political throne
The deals and backdoor ringing
The tension seems high in the mind
The casino chips high stakes on the table

The knights of ulterior motives
They will march to serve certain leaders
It is always the wealth and power to be had
It blinds them for the truth of changes

The game of political throne
A few want to take it home
They will smile and play Brutus
They don't really show their hands

It is only the knights galloping in dust
Digging up smoke to fill the air
The heat up in their minds
The hungry look on the political throne

the sink holes in the city

Sink holes in the city*
A car nearly drowned in it
The driver had a lucky escape
Only the underground pipes cried

The authority knew
The aging pipes underground
They don't inspect it thoroughly
They wait for the burst pipes

Now the city mayor wants a full mapping
Of the underground pipes in the city
Perhaps Putrajaya should order for the whole country
Before too many sink holes suddenly appear

Maybe drones should be used
Since it is underground it could save time
They have to check records on the pipes laid
It will take time but it should worth the efforts

The sink holes in the city
The motorists should drive in alert
They shouldn't drive without knowing
Stay alert it will save life

*kuala lumpur

Thursday, November 28, 2019

the young girls

The young girls
They shouldn't be married away
The parents shouldn't allow it
The parents shouldn't avoid responsibility

The young girls
The men will try to groom
Use every tactics to rope them in
The unripened fruit pleasing in the mind

The young girls
They may hop in to the net
Lure by affection or wealth
Sometimes want to leave homes

The young girls
The adult men will gallop in
These men have lusts in their minds
It isn't love at first sight

The law must be passed in Parliament
Once it has achieved its way
Then Putrajaya can look into the states
Where the MBs have to answer

The young girls
They need protection
They don't need to get married young
A wrong done isn't right to get married

living in this country

Living in this country
There are many stories to tell
We can listen to the politicians
We can listen to the police

Though the army and navy stay aloof
The generals don't want to be busybodies
They will keep abreast of developments
They stay clear of political involvements

Living in this country
There are clowns dancing around
Educated with degrees some are bogus
Flying car and upgrading the systems down

The public amenities in bad shape
The public toilets nothing to clap
The attitude still sucks big
They wear fashionable clothing

In this country
Living in harmony still is
The people still respect each other
The people still respect each other faith

In this country
It is the politicians making mistakes
Though they don't admit it
The economy still needs a push!

Living in this country
There are plenty of food and drinks
We will not go hungry if we are hardworking
We aren't afraid to take all kind of jobs

Living in this country
It is a paradise in many ways
Only we stop and look around
We are bless in many ways

let Chin Peng sleep

Let Chin Peng sleep
It has no bearing in today
No need to make so much noises
Let the dead stay dead

What to investigate?
There is no crime in it
His ashes distributed by the wind
Why must police want to investigate?

The police should spend time
Going after Isis militants bases
These are the groups need to be caught
They will bring harm to people and properties

The police should have a critical time policy
Why go after ashes of a dead?
He had his history
The good, the bad and the ugly

let the dead be

It's free
No need passports
Let the dead be

Jumping high
Open investigation papers
On ashes Chin Peng
Double standards

Find ashes
The people involved
They can deny it

No law
Ashes no passports
The dead had gone

Let go
Ashes no value
Nothing to profit by

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

the backdoor locked

The game is lost
The backdoor locked
Now there is no way
Splashing news

Though the political runners
They aren't satisfied to keep quiet
They may try to invent other troubles
Possibly to make them relevant

The smell isn't good
They can use religion and race
It will not work with the people
It's freedom and choices to make

The intransigent politicians
They will not see beyond
Changes have to make waves
Not the old methods to entice

The game is lost
The backdoor locked
No need to give excuses
The payback will halt their plan

ashes returned home

Ong Beng Hwa's ashes*
Nobody can hide for long
It is so easy to take it home
Where he wanted his resting place

There is no law to ban ashes
No law can proof it is his
The ashes of a man
You hate or like him

He made his name in history
Fought against the Japanese
When he was cheated he fought against the British
Where promises weren't kept

Then he fought against the country
As he wanted to turn it into a Communist state
That was the bad move and he was branded a traitor
Though he signed the agreement in Hat yai to lay down arms

Now it is said his ashes had come home
Brought back by his friends and relatives
His ashes scattered with the wind and sea
In Setiawan and Lumut

He was a freedom fighter
In later years he wanted to form a Communist state
That was his mistake
He was branded as a traitor

Note since sept 16 2019*

the country needs changes quickly

The changes are slow
Why it takes so long to hit the show?
We don't want the draconian laws
Why waste time to study to amend?

Get the laws to Parliament
Throw it out by the votes
Why it is so difficult to do?
We don't want the draconian laws

The Old Man seems the stumbling block
He can't effect changes with his way
Even now he says the ministries can award
Direct contracts relating to each ministry

This isn't the way PH wanted it
The Old Man may cause PH bad publicity
TP had shown the displeasures of the people
PH leaders better watch your steps ahead

No more wasting times
The changes must get on the scale
Let the people see they aren't made mistakes
The country needs changes quickly

every person has a right to defend

The disciplinary action
There are rules to apply
You don't sack a person
Without calling him to defence himself

This isn't justice
It is persecution
You want the person out of sight
Let him go and sink himself

Democracy is everyone has a right
Let it be the guiding principle to light
Though the person can be wrong
He is still entitled to his rights

Let him have his say
Let him show his reasons
Why he shouldn't be sacked
Let him have the opportunity

Do not allow injustice
It will reflect a bad position
Every person has a right to defend
Let the person has his day

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

one brick at a time

One brick at a time
You don't have to rush
You don't have to worry
Leaving sleep in floating night

One brick at a time
In time many bricks will rise
You don't have to worry
Believing in yourself will grow

Climb higher on target
Laying brick one at a time
There is always a hope and a dream
Stick to it to get it done

One brick at a time
It isn't difficult to do
You need to focus on it
You don't have to worry

AA in bushfires

The bush-fires
Burn the mind
He forgets his root

Never attend
Bersatu he goes
The praying with red

Turning blind
They forget struggles
Fighting Bee Anne and police

Turn around
The circle fire
You can't escape heat

Wake up
Power drains soul
The circle fire knocks

the cold stare

The blue fought
The decades for reforms
Some suffered in political wilderness
Some gone to prison

The believers didn't give up
They went on to fight for justice
Believing there was always a way
The mighty would fall

The blue leaders fought
The followers went for it
They preached to the nation
The hard battles to win of the minds

After decades in it
The blue got its victory
On GE14 the blue scored big
As a partner in government

Now the spoils they argue
The split in the camp
The heyday of their suffering
The leaders have forgotten

Now the cold stare
The divisions in the party
Better remember the old history
Else nothing to change


A disease
Of the mind
Once you are caught

Playing mind
To fool members
It is our rights

The hollow
The dark descends
The burning of heat

The pull
Know the pitfall
The roots of evil

Forgiving souls
The marks display
Sins of shameful life

Monday, November 25, 2019

the extinct animals

Crying rain
The way flow
The greedy to blame

The wild
The camouflage nature
The natural air breathe

Roam freely
The balance system
The support its needs

Greed corruption
Imbalance in nature
The sorrowful nature cry

Last rhinoceros
None in Malaysia
Don't we feel sadness?

pkr in 2 camps

PKR finally in the open
The two camps can't see
One camp trying to challenge the master
Knowing full well it will be a losing battle

Impatience will make many fall
AA and his team should realize by now
Trying to gather storm to serve a hidden cause
The fire will circulate back to them

The root of its beginning
PKR members mustn't forget
Now the party is in government
Yet the Brutus tries to undermine

AI tries to stay his cool
Maybe years in prison did him good
But he can't be forever stay a good guy
He has to stop the rot before it turns worst

PKR in camps
The president has to put his foot down
Impatience will make many fall
Doing nothing will cause headaches

suicides the end

The end
Why this way?
Life has no meaning?

Many ways
Learn by it
Accept and move ahead

Satan gains
The humans lost
The souls in the bag

In honesty
No long tales
Walk the talk through