Sunday, June 30, 2019

the painted leaders

The painted leaders
They don’t feel ashamed
They wear the badges
The buttons of 40s or 100s

They go around
Telling their lies again
They don’t feel remorse
They will breed the similar kind

The nation doesn’t need them
Nor the followers of the blind
The eyes see the glittering gems
They think they need it too

They say it is cruel
They will face jail time
They can’t be free
They will face jailhouse

Yet they speak of air of arrogance
As if it is their rights to be corrupted
The followers of the blind
They better wake up before it is too late

the addict life

The addict life
The darkness in the mind
The future is nothingness
Living by drugs
Slowly life will be gone
The future in God’s hands
As the addiction takes hold
The wasted time and moments
Puffing up the smoke in the veins
Leaving all the signs
Life becomes a bad dream
Hiding in shame running away
Living in homeless crying in sober times
But it’s the addict life
Friends may turn you away
Family may disown you
You are left alone
Walking like shadow in the dark streets
Wondering how life make you into a zombie
In and out of jail
Life is still hard to change
You will go back to the dream world
Puffing up your veins in smoke
Unless you summon your will to change
Only then God will show His way
Putting you back in the civilized world

the tainted leaders

The tainted leaders
They shouldn’t stand on stage
They aren’t the sages
They have soiled their names

They better tie their names
In their homes and stay in
They shouldn’t show their faces
When the charges keep piling high

Some runners will sing high praises
On the tainted leaders in their midst
Though they forget how these leaders behave
They took monies for their own

The members should keep a distance
They shouldn’t associate themselves in it
They should use their minds to differentiate
Sadly, they don’t see the crimes committed

It’s no used praying
When they don’t follow it through
They get involved in the bad crooks
They will burn in the lake of fire

The tainted leaders
Jailhouse has their names
It will be waiting
The day they will walk in

the home minister should listen now

You don’t get the same flock
To investigate their own group
There is no way to find the truth
There is always a bias on the investigations

The calls of many
The Home Minister must change his decision
He should incorporate others into it
Increase the task force members

He has nothing to lose his face
Though he should know better
To appoint the same uniform group
It will perceive as bad faith

The force appearance shouldn’t be kept low
It affects everyone of us living here
We want to know the truth
Why the special branch carries it out?

Who gave the order?
Who wanted to cover it up?
Why the Past IGPs kept quiet?
Let the truth be told

LBGTQ will stay with us

The stigma in the straight life
It will not go away no matter how one tries
This group of people will not fade away
They will play on their shadows in the lights

LBGTQ are people too
It’s only their tastes are different
They aren’t from outer space
They aren’t born aliens

It is God’s way
Test the faithful
People who live in religious faiths
How they are going to accept these queer people?

Don’t judge others
When you don’t want to receive the same
The straight should offer friendship
LBGTQ people aren’t going away

The straight shouldn’t sound so holy
When you say bad against LBGTQ
You have sinned in your soul and mind
You forget queer people don’t commit crimes

Let these people be
They live their own lives
They contribute to the economy
They contribute to the voting systems too

Saturday, June 29, 2019

it never rains

It never rains
The clouds are white and blue
Shining bright by the sun
The golden beams in straight rows

The leaves put up fights
Giving shades under the sun
The potted plants still burn
The leaves all turn brown

It will go down
The leaves will fly away
When the hot wind will blow
Leaving the vacuum for the lights

It never rains
The hazy zone over the mountain
The clouds are white and blue
Tomorrow will never know

Changes will come
The old habits still die hard
The haze over the mountain
Tomorrow will never know

my time on the net

Spending my time
Crossing the net
The colours I imagine
Nobody can tell me away

The arm-chair traveller
Browsing the streaming videos
Of the sights people have seen
I can imagine how it is

Search my mind
Of the memories gone
Spending my time
Crossing the net

The pictures, sounds and words
It flows back like droplets of memories
There is no way to forget about sights
My mind will cross it imagine its world

Spending my time
Crossing the net
Search my mind
Of the memories gone


The crooks are free
The charges file in double digits
Yet the rule of law taking a snail pace

The main ones are in file
The names the public know well
They aren’t going to escape
Out of the Jailhouse

They will face the strong arm of the law
They can’t escape with their silly excuses
The documents are easily available in banks
There is no way to play innocent victims

The calling of their names
The singers sing it in the bars
The inmates waiting to learn a thing or two

The casting net should rope more in
Don’t let them speak out arrogantly
They still dream they are the ruling elites

don't be cruel

Don’t be cruel
The natural environment
It is there for a reason
To sustain our lives

Don’t be cruel
Digging up into holes
Leaving it barren for decades
It will breed mosquitoes

Don’t be cruel
Using words to influence
Thinking of gains and profits
Leaving the nature in bad shapes

There is a price to pay
When nature goes on strike
We will suffer for our greed
Turn around be good to nature

Don’t be cruel
Nature helps us
Don’t be blind on greed
Don’t let nature strike we will be dead

assets declarations

Assets declarations
The law-makers must show the way
Nobody should try to escape
The law-makers must be honest

These law-makers mustn’t give excuses
There are no reasons they will feel the fear
Of kidnappers or gangs coming for them
They are laws to deal with these criminals

When it is table by motion in Parliament
All the law-makers must vote for it
Macc should note who will be absent
It will show they have something to hide

We want our law-makers to be clean
In every word and action, they say or claim
We do not want our law-makers hiding in excuses
Macc should haul them in for questioning

Time our members of Parliament
Declare their assets to Macc
The Speaker must take appropriate measures
To haul up the reluctant law-makers

Friday, June 28, 2019

no double standards please

Malaysia shouldn’t play double standards
PH leaders must have guts to make the right decision
Zakir Naik shouldn’t be allowed to stay here
He has nothing to offer but shame to the nation

Dr Mahathir talks about rule of law
Play it by the book send back Zakir Naik
India has requested her citizen back
He has to face his Amla charges

PH leaders must tell the Old Man
There is no reason to hold him back
He isn’t our citizen why the red -carpet treatment?
For goodness sake, send Zakir Naik back to India

Interpol will issue a red notice in due course
Malaysia mustn’t play double standards
In time the nation will suffer lack of credibility
And don’t tell us follow the rule of law!

Send Zakir Naik back to India
This is where he will belong
He has to face his demons
The Amla charges of over $115 millions

wait for the night

Wait for the night
Nobody will know
The shadows nobody wants to see
They will hide safely in their homes

Wait for the night
Many watch the televisions
Many on handphones or notebooks
They are lazy to watch the darkness

The sky can be bright
The midnight stars shine
The twinkling stars high in the sky
The night of shadows crawl on the walls

Nobody will see
There is no time for the night
Even the streets are alone
The whoring wind whispers low

Wait for the night
Nobody will know
The silence of the shadows
Only yell of surprise in the end

rhythm of the Old Man

Rhythm of the Old Man
He plays his old tunes everyday
It is only way to keep his sanity
It plays in his mind the whole day

Rhythm of the Old Man
He doesn’t wait for the clock
He wants to get his way
Listening to his old tunes again

Bersih can shout and say
PSC can say it too
There is no law to say he can’t do
He needs to get his way quickly

The coalition leaders stay put
They allow the Old Man his way
They are learning the rope to govern
The skills on the streets they put on hold

Rhythm of the Old Man
He knows what he wants to do
Give him the spaces to do his performance
Listening to his old tunes again

dump the rubbish

Dump the rubbish
Get it away
Leave up the piles
An eyesore for the eyes

NGOs complain
The action takes a while
The contractors and landlords
They will smile to the banks

When action finally arrives
The stop- work orders sealed off the land
The landowners will plead guilty
Go to court face a wrist of fine

$1,000 fine for polluting the land and water
The air we breathe of the burning plastics
The landlords will still smile
They don’t face the prison time

When the law never changes
The polluters will return
They are willing to be fined
They still make their pile of wealth

Thursday, June 27, 2019

the composition of the task force

The composition of the task force
To probe and investigate the forced disappearance
It smells a bad choice by the Home Minister
Why the police officers in the group?

The task force should be by independent group or persons
The police officers shouldn’t be involved in the investigations
It will never show the mental strength of fairness
When they will be involved with their fellow officers?

How to investigate their own officers?
The Home Minister should have picked the right persons
He can pick it from the Bar Council, NGOs, independent lawyers
Maybe the Old Man can add a few members to the current list

The investigations must be fair and true
Let the public have the confidence of its composition
The Home Minister fails on his mission
It isn’t too late adding a few more persons to the list

life a highway

Life a highway
I can go fast or slow
I can go wild on the road
Nobody will say a thing

Maybe they will whisper
“He’s going to the graveyard shift soon
Speeding like a wild thing on the road”
Life a highway pumps up the blood

I watch the cameras on the highway
It will catch the highway speedsters
The drivers will know the locations
They have driven the highway so often

Life a highway
I watch the scenes
I see the crashes
I see the graveyards

It isn’t good
Speeding all the way
Slow down a little
It will save life

Life a highway
Don’t fall into the graveyard
It will make a life short
Learn to drive within the speed limit

we have to move on

We have to move on
The sex scandals aren’t something new
It is the gutter politics of the worst kind
It shouldn’t be entertained at all

The private affairs of any one
Let it stay that way
It doesn’t bring any benefit at all
It will be blowing with the wind

It is used to tarnish a person’s life
In the private affairs it should stay
The persons who put it up should realize
They aren’t saints but sinners going to the lake of fire

We have to move on
We can’t be held up on the sex scandals
It isn’t something new in our world
We have seen enough of it

i watch outside my windows

I watch
Outside my windows
My eyes scan the garden
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of the Persian cat

I know he is gone
There is no morning greeting
I am left to keep his memories
I watch
Outside my windows

I listen to any calls
I can’t pick any sound familiar
I watch the streets
Outside my windows
I know he is gone

The Persian cat is gone
Maybe he finds his new home
The cat lovers who can feed him well
I am left to keep his memories

I watch
Outside my windows
My eyes scan the garden
There is no familiar face
My little friend gone for good

anwar ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim
The day he shall sing
He shouldn’t keep saying it
He shouldn’t let his runners say

Anwar Ibrahim
He better keeps his house in full gear
He can’t have division of conflict
He has to take decisive action

Anwar Ibrahim
He is in the driver’s seat
The road ahead he can’t decide
He should keep his house in order

No doubt his party in his coalition agreed
He will be the next prime minister
He shouldn’t dream and wait for it
He should do his duty to pull the forces in

PKR conflicts flowing in different directions
It never sounds confidence in his handling
He should put a stop to the bickering
It isn’t about free speech but conflicts

It will tell on him
If he can’t put his house in top shape
He has to show his qualities now
Before he can take the role of prime minister

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

the dead woods have to go

The dead woods have to go
They are the parasites eating up the grains
It is a normal way to stay alive and competitive
It isn’t about R$R to boot about

The opposition parties have no credibility
They can’t manage the nation well
As a result, the nation was in a bad shape then
Lucky for us, we booted them out of the corridor

Now the opposition screams on R$R
Bankrupt of ideas only want to be fed
The nation doesn’t need the pythons and the rats
She needs planters, innovators, investors, directors

It isn’t about R$R
It is about economy
Choose the able talents to manage
The projects and companies for the nation