Saturday, April 30, 2016

the 2 snakes

Snakes in schools
Snakes in the city
The bites seem familiar
Delay treatment lost of life

Clean the compound
Throw away dry leaves and rubbish
Throw away empty bins and cups
Stacked up everything properly

The city folks are familiar
With the liars on the corridor
The dishonesty has no shame
They still walk proud and arrogant

They think we owe them plenty
They forget we are the ones who make or break
The power in their hands come from us
The ordinary people fighting to live in harmony

But the rural folks forget
They keep up the rubbish and lies
For a token of a miserable sum
They forget how to live

We have to sweep clean the minds
Let there be a new horizon to climb
Enough of the one way ticket
We have to break free

The snakes on the ground
Lithe away with hungry eyes
Don't provoke me I will bite
You don't want it to happen

tell me it isn't true

Tell me it isn't true
You get the money
Now you want to go?
Leaving everything behind?

You are there for the money
You get the chair you can do
Take the money you want to say
Tell me it isn't true

The bumpy rides I see
You have no principles
You have no honesty
You take and you want to go

Tell me it isn't true
You get the money
Now you want to go?
You have no honesty

You don't believe in curses
You better do for it will happen
Dishonesty has a price to pay
Tell me it isn't true

the bumpy rides in our eyes

There are so many holes
The straight road can be seen
The bumpy rides in our eyes
Listening to the liars poking line

The blue gang sing elsewhere
They hit the note on the unknown
Using the blue pills to intimidate
Cowing the ordinary people to behave

The will of Hang Jebat
Nobody wants to be bullied
These ordinary people will rally
To get the truth out in the open

The holes on the road
It tells why the taxpayers are angry
To the betterment for the nation
It is diverted into something else

The silent whisper of the wind
The worried people will slowly rise
When the time is right to strike
They will go for it without fear or favour

the cards have fallen

The cards have fallen
Everything seems falter
The bad the nation feels
Crying through sleep

The crooks still walk free
They still talk big issues
They don't give explanations
They give bad impression

The paid cybertroopers
They twist and groan their ways
Telling the lies to feel good
The bad the nation feels

The mark on the agencies
It has fallen asleep too
The dream of pies
Local or foreign bake?

The cards have fallen
The truth will spread its wing
The liars will be caged
In Bamboo River singing songs

no good news

I sit and read
The newspaper in my hands
Eyes scanning the headlines
The way of daily life

The high of a high jumper
He makes the national jump record
He earns a ticket to Rio
A big smile for the nation

Then our squash queen fails
In her bid to defend her crown
A second time she lost on home soil
The world title out of her cabinet

In East Malaysia I read
They play the game of divide and rule
They are afraid of the mainland opposition
The government will ban them for good?

Is this democracy at work?
I guess it is the warlord game
Afraid to lose the power
But losing will make the change

And then the naughty child of !MDB
It makes all the wrong reasons
The billions seem diverted elsewhere
The statement of excuses

As I fold up the newspaper
The taxpayers will be taxed heavily again
Like the history told of the past empires
Too much taxes the people will revolt!

Friday, April 29, 2016

the open burning

The open burning
We can see it everyday
Dry leaves, twigs, woods
Even plastics and rubber
Together into the mix
The smelly wind blowing by
It chokes your breath
Breathing will be difficult
And who to blame?

The police will not take action
The town council will say the same thing
Call the DOE to net the culprits
But in small towns no DOE!
So the open burning thrive
The agencies turning a blind eye

Even in the rubbish dump areas
The rubbish will be burned
Now who will take action?
The Town council officers?
Since it is council dumping site
But nothing will be done
There is no patrolling unit
Catching the culprits

We can cry on open burning
The authorities will say about law and fines
But where are the enforcement unit?
Not enough personnel we hear
The civil servants ballooned to 1.6 million!

the snakes

Snakes crawling out
The habitat has been destroyed
With the intense heat and forest fires
Where else but in the gardens and homes

The reported cases of snakes bites
In the homes and schools
It leaves a fear on the people
Though snakes will not bite if it leaves alone

But the instinct of survival hit the head
The snakes will automatically bite
Leaving its marks on the victims
For snakes too want to survive

The snakes leaving its habitat
The heat and destruction
Who are to blame?
The humans who else!

hey blind date

Hey blind date
Know where you are going
Don't let the sun go down on you
It will be the saddest day

You are on your own
Facing the life by yourself
You think you have the wings
You can fly like the wind

Hey blind date
Don't become a victim
Once you are in a devil clutches
You will cry in vain

Don't be in a hurry
There is always a time and place
Don't be afraid to be old virgin
It is better to be late than be sorry

Hey blind date
Know where you are going
Don't be in a hurry
It is better to be late than be sorry

going for a date

Going on a date
The high in the mind
The cruising speed
What lie ahead?

You shouldn't keep it alone
You never know what is in store
The date you have today
It maybe the last you stay

Don't get blinded
Know your date
On a blind hook-up
Better covered your spaces

Don't go crazy on a date
There are many wolves in sheep clothing
Pretending to be gentlemen
Watch your step don't get cooked

There are many get lost
The frantic searches come to nothing
Some may have murdered and buried
Some may have turned over to slavery

Going on a date
Tell somebody where you will be
Whom you are meeting today
And write it down for safety reason

Thursday, April 28, 2016

aids the wrong choice of life

AIDS has no cure
There is nothing to feel bad
It's the wrong choice of life
In the wrong crowd

Though there are medications
It will help to prolong a life
The changes need to be done
The stigma will hang around

There are many ways to get AIDS
It is always good to flow in the right crowd
Once on the stray street chances are there
Practise it safe all the times

I had seen AIDS
How my former employees passed away
They got on the wrong wagon
Forgot the advice I gave

Once it is there
Don't hide it away
Learn to cope with it
Take the medications

a man with no shame

A man with no shame
The many skeletons flowing
The images keep floating
In everyone's mind

And the man with no shame
He still walks free
The bad aroma floating in the sky
He doesn't smell it

He thinks he does no wrong
The birds of same feather sing
The all familiar tune
You help me we help you

On the choppy water
A man with no shame
He sits there getting his feet wet
Listening to the familiar tune

You help me we help you
You don't have to worry
We will make it go away
On a clean white satin

A man with no shame
He doesn't smell the bad
As he paddles along the river
Listening to the familiar tune

here they go again

Here they go again
Putting blame on others
They are the angels
They make no wrong

Here they go again
They sing the same tune
Everywhere they go
They put up a straight face

They want the chairs
The power in their hands
It is difficult to let go
They will make up stories

Here they go again
The familiar record keeps spinning
The same dance routine for all to see
They can't let go the power

Here they go again
They put blame on others
They don't say they are
Putting us into shame

don't spend time worrying

Don't spend time worrying
What you will become today or tomorrow?
It is better to feel the tentacles of life
Taking you to where you will be

You know the economic situation
There will be a high and a low
There will be a rich and a poor
There will a beggar and a homeless

Everyone has an equal opportunity
Living in this world of the good and bad
Some will stay on course; some will fall
Losing hope of the station in life

There is a reason
You make your own station of life
With help from friends or strangers
And a bit of luck to carve your way

Along the way don't lose hope
Believe it is a test of faith
Learn to cope on adversity of life
The rewards will be plenty

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the blame game of lies

It's so sad
The lies still keep flowing
Into the public minds
The opposition is the punching bag

Everything that is wrong
The opposition is to blame
The scandals and leakages
The opposition never block it

It's so sad
The blame game of lies
There is no honesty
Hiding it seems the game

The opposition isn't in the loop
The darkness of the backlane
The cats will hide the dogs will walk on
Who will know of the darkness game?

The warlords will say
The opposition should put a stop
It's so sad
The blame game of lies

will the dream realize?

Will the dream realize?
Failure will keep trying
Until the day has arrived
So what will it be?

The bad keeps smiling
The roses in the garden
Walled it up let nobody see
What is hiding?

The bad will not go away
It has the tools to make it
If only the good wakes up
See the dream get it realized

It isn't too late
Get rid of the bad
It has eaten into our roots
Don't let it take the body too

The good has to wake up
See the dream get it realized
Break down the walls
Let everyone smell the roses

we are getting old

We are getting old
There is no stoppage of time
The time will move on
We can search everywhere

When we were born
We realize we would be getting old
We could scream our hearts out
The time will move on

Some aren't going to live long
Along the way they are shipped back
To the place once they came
Screaming of unfairness and pain

Some passed away in the adult world
They will be killed in crimes or murdered
They will be killed by accidents or war
They will be killed by religious zealots

But many will live through
We are getting old
There is no stoppage of time
We can search everywhere

don't be cowed

The warlord in Sarawak
He puts bare his afraid to lose rule
He bares the opposition from the Mainland
Afraid he says to spread ill-will!

The opposition members are Malaysians
It sounds so silly to ban our own people
Though our political differences are different
Why say democracy but practises dictatorial?

The warlord of Sarawak
He forgets the line of democracy
The voters in Sarawak better think twice
Pick a better party to manage

Don't always be cowed
Wake up and deliver the punch
The majority must wake up
Why let a minority rule over the majority?

Don't you learn all these years?
It is better to change for the future
You learned your lessons by now
So make the way to a better world

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

mental disorder

The parents can't play ignorance
The sons or daughters mental disorder
They live with them for ages
They should recognize the symptoms

The parents should make a wise decision
Take them to see a specialist to get it done
No doubt sometimes it can't be cured
But medications will bring a balance

Once the parents ignore it
The mental problems children will suffer
In the long term effect of pretending
The parents only make it worst

The mental disorder is real
It will hit any person any time
Sometimes it runs in the family
Early detection and treatment play a role

you say they say

You say they say
When you don't like it
You cry foul
Like a small boy

Running home
Knocking bins and doors
You say they say
You can't take the bad

When you are wrong
You don't hide it to make report
You should face it
Like a true person of value

But you never do
You say something else
You say take out of context
The audio recording says it all

You say they say
When you don't like it
You cry foul
You don't hide it by making report

the smell is bad

The smell is bad
When the wind blow
It doesn't make sense
To live this way

Seditious speeches
Rousing the crowd
Telling the story
Of race and religion

When report rings
The culprits claim it false
The police reports make
The arrests weave in

In this age of modern living
No racist can escape
The audio and streaming videos
It will say the truth

The racists can't claim false news
But the police never catch up with them
They catch the messengers of truth
Letting the damned walk free!

Are we still sleeping?
Time to sweep away the crooks
Clean up the rivers of foul smell
Let us make the change now!

the cakes on the lake

The cakes on the lake
It tells the story of the hot weather
Bearing the consequences to the land
When there is no water from the rain

The preachers will pray
Every corner to get the rain
But it sometimes never hit the chart
There is just the hot sun smiling

The bright sky the eyes see
The smoky haze drifting by
As the weather changes
The preachers pray for rain

It will be a long haul
It is said until September
Why it happen here?
We can't say we don't know

The preachers will pray
Every corner to get the rain
The cakes on the lake
We can't say we don't know

Monday, April 25, 2016

the pockets always empty

The people cry
The pockets always empty
The costs keep rising
The taxes have to pay

The leakages unplugged
Nobody is called to pay
The easy way to go
Writing report keep in the drawers

The people cry
Every day and night
The hot stuff of El Nino
It makes us annoy

The road of lies
It keeps rising the tide
The people cry
Afraid to toast it

Until they see today
How a snake has made many nests
Don't kill the snake
And see what lie ahead...

And the people cry
Every day and night
If they don't wake up
Nothing will be changed

you can't cage the people

The ruling elites
They feel afraid
They marshalled the agencies
They made the laws

Screwing up the people
Walled them up like cages
In the compartalized zones
Thinking the people will stay

But the freedom to choose
The freedom to move freely
The call of exercising our rights
The people will break free

In history through the ages
The people always are supreme
They alone decide their destiny
No draconian laws, police or soldiers

History will show the way
The people will stick together
The freedom to move freely
In our lives and religions

there is no rain

There is no rain
The ground seems to dry
The heat from the sun
Bearing full its intensity

Many will pray
Sing the Lord's songs
Praying for rain
But El Nino grips its full throttle

It is a lesson
Like all the other warnings
We have to learn
Before we pay for our sins

The cloud seedings
Sometimes it helps
Bring the rain
But it never bring the answer

There is no rain
The ground seems dry
It is a lesson
We have to learn

the disorganized people

A man ran amok
Drove his car to an Indian temple
He destroyed the deities
Then he fled the scene with his car

His car met with an accident
The polce came and arrested the man
As he has mental problem
If he is certified as a mental patient

Most likely there will be no case
Under the Police Penal Code
Of unsound mind the police will not apprehend
Until he destroys properties or doing pysical harm

I called up the police
Telling the officer of a zombie man
He said he would send his officers
They came talked to him

Nothing was done
They rode away
Until he does something bad
Or the parents make a police report

I think the police
Don't want to dig in
Under Penal Code 504
Something like breaching the peace

Under the Mental Health Act 2001
Act 651 section 11 (1) and (2)
The police can act on it
Arrest any mental problem people

Sunday, April 24, 2016

if we could wake up

If we could wake up
See the bad happening here
We will know how to change
We will not feel losing it

If we could wake up
We will know why
Monkey see monkey do
We will change

If we could wake up
We will see the tricks
The bribery, greed and corruption
The lies to bring us down

If we could wake up
We will see the darkness
We will read the bad
We will change

If we could wake up
See the bad happening here
The bribery, greed and corruption
The lies to bring us down

intimidation on our faces

Intimidation on our faces
It shouldn't be happening
It has happened too many times
In the decades under one party
It's leaders refuse to change
They still think the country's wealth
The taxpayers' monies belong to them
They can do as they so please

Don't vote for us
There will be no developments”
They forget we decide our destiny
It isn't the politicians
Why must we feel intimidated?
The politicians should be afraid of us
It shouldn't be the other way

We mustn't feel intimidated
The power is in our hands
We must think what have been done
The nation crying for us to change
For our generations we mustn't let she down
There is a way; it is in our minds
Do we let it be and forget?

Intimidation on our faces
We mustn't be afraid to change
The country is crying for us
Don't let her sleep in sorrow and pain
We have the liberty to make it right
It is in our hands and minds
For our generations we mustn't let it slide
We must be the lights to the darkness

haze is back!

Good morning people
I come to haunt you again
See me in the white clouds
I am not going away!

It's me!
I don't forget you
My name is Haze
Don't you like me?

I know I am a nuisance
Blanket it white in the sky
With El Nino causing draught
Now I bring the haze

Cool to be back!
I know you don't like it
You will curse me
I know I will

beware of smiling faces

Listen to the politicians
Do they love us the voters?
They want the seat of power
They don't think about us

Election times they come
With smiling faces hidden goals
They think we are stupid
Receiving handouts for votes

Corruption or money laundering
They will say it is political donation
Even the laws are specifically in tune
The agencies will not prosecute

The power on the chair
Allowing the religious police to run
One way destination of a religion
It tells us of monopoly

They will forget our nation destiny
The Nation is a secular country
Even speeches in Parliament
The police will catch on seditious tendency!

Something isn't right in the country
Where lawmakers aren't given the due respect
It is time we take back our destiny
We must tell we have the power

Saturday, April 23, 2016

we must say we have the power!

They glorify each other
Telling the audience
They don't want to lose power
They twist the game

The bad of yesteryears
These leaders don't say
They keep quiet
No questions will be entertained

In this political game
Filter the truth don't fall for it
The lies will keep coming
They can't accept the bad they have

They glorify each other
The birds of the same feather
It is better we change them
We must say we have the power!

keep the forests

The crown of thorns
It isn't easy to balance
One has to do it truthfully
Else the thorns will do its weaving

It's networks will work
Cruising it through
One will feel the bad
And the sleepless nights

Selangor should listen
Forest reserved forests should stay
It's no use building highways
It will cause congestion

Don't build many concrete jungles
It will not help Nature in anyway
Listen to the wind of El Nino
It will tell us to change

Selangor seems to have a thick white smog
The Selangor government leaders should listen
Don't try to flow with the steps of developments

Blindly it will cause many missteps in the State

don't suppress the truth

Don't suppress the truth
It will never make sleep easy
There will be nightmares
It will never go away

Don't we learn in schools?
Don't we learn from our parents?
Don't we learn while growing up?
Telling lies bring us nowhere

The sun; the moon; and the truth
One can hide away from the sun and the moon
But the truth will keep pushing to be free
It will not simply disappear

The powerful will think they can do
Dig up many holes and walk away
They forget they have to return
A cycle to make them known

Don't tell lies to feel good
It can safe your body but not your soul
Why want to lose it this way?
Tell the truth it saves all the agony