Sunday, January 31, 2010

the drumbeats behind the scenes

Cupid arrows
So stupid sometimes
Hitting the wrong targets
The married guys and women

Some glow with pride
The pond seems so wide
The fishes glide in the water
Freely to the outside eyes

Look at them
The koi fishes
Many colours to single out
The Muslim guys smile
The lustful desires
The wrong road to degradation

Fairness hard to come by
One guy married 4 wives
Yet he has affairs behind
Isnt it lust to score the card?

The other races
Affairs behind the curtains
Mistresses and toy boys
Plenty listening in the city crowd

Cupid arrows
It never shoots straight
Here we see, read and know
The drumbeats behind the scenes

hey we are Malaysians!

1Malaysia down the drain
A party of Malays
Fighting rights
Speaking without fear or favour

And the wielding keris
Dr M launched Perkasa Selangor
Of vision 2020 a footprint in history
The glory for Malaysia
A long way walking home

The way they are going to do
Afraid to lose it all they seem to talk
They should work hard
Don't wait for handouts..........

Don't forget history
We were sacked many times before
A colony to foreign powers
It may happen again

When we are lazy
When we can't fight in one spirit
When our oil dries up
Where will Malaysia be?

And here we have another party
Fighting for a race............
Hey we are Malaysians!
Have you guys forgot about it?

pakatan bleeds democracy working

Pakatan bleeds
A sign of democracy
Every leader has his right
To say for the people
They want the truth

Nothing must be hidden
Of things sweeping under the carpet
The voters aren't stupid
For a change a better way

Unlike Bee Anne
The coalition partners sleeping
Taking the crumbs wagging tails
They don't say
Afraid of losing projects and positions

This isn't the way
Of democracy the people need
Bee Anne wields its power
Cuddling it in one party
Pushing partners to curry favours
And the people suffer
All those years ago
We are to blame
For crumbs we forget the bigger picture

Pakatan leaders fight
Amongst themselves
Though they should settle quickly
For now they bleed
So we know who are good
And who are crazy of power
Forgetting principles and people
The nation waiting for the light

of a time a breath of wind

The erotic flow
On the crafted trees
Images form alluring dreams
Whispering from the wind

The faint pulse
The aberrations glow
On the trees the curiosity capture
The eyes and mind treading along

The shadowy dancers
The caressing breeze ignite
The glow in the misty glow
The rays of white flow
Of the misty darkness glides

The crafts of exotic forms
On the painted trees slip and slide
Every trace the faint pulse
Trailing and gasping air
As the light blossom
Rays of golden shower
On the darkness slowly disappearing
Of a time a breath of wind

Saturday, January 30, 2010

the male grey cat

Early morning rise
The male grey cat meows
Calling out she cats
“Hey I am here!”

Along the pavement
The male grey cat walks
Meowing all the way
As I stood at the balcony

The sun blossoming bright
Facing the mountain breathing fresh air
And clean water not in Klang Valley
As I left behind years ago

Even at night
The male grey cat meows
Poor cat he gets no company
Walking in the dim dark street
Lighted by the balcony light

As the rain falling
Hitting the roads
Water clogged on potholes
Drains cleaned up
Yet I hear the male grey cat
Meowing far in the distance

the future

Umno knows
The rumblings on the walls
The hammering doesn't stop
Until it is finally gone

The Malaysian Indians
Once you were many
In JKR doing a good job on the roads
As years gone by
You were gone too
Now the roads Class F mends
Many times in the same hole
And taxpayers money go to waste

Police is one trading journey
Owing to Umno currying its favours
By right police should be neutral
Yet it is double standard in its ways
And taxpayers money go to waste

The Malaysian Indians
Wake up and think about
Don't you realize what happen to you?
You have been pushed aside
Now it is your opportunity to make right
Vote for change

Pakatan will bring the light
In this century we all must share
We have the power in our hands
We must decide the future
Where we want our country to be

Don't think of the few millions
It is our tax money beholden to nobody
So think of the future generations
Vote for change
You will make history
And Happy Thaipusam
May the light shine always
Wherever you are
In this world.....

run down buildings

Run down buildings
The authority can't see
A haven for homeless people
A place for drug addicts

It is sign of human decaying
Blending into short term gains
When the body becomes weak
The short run disappears

The derelict buildings
It becomes the sanctuary
Of the misplaced humans
They chose the wrong way

Some may get help
Go back to society
Others will drop dead
Of hunger and forgotten identities

Run down buildings
Sometimes hear of ghost stories
Of those who pass through
Of floating lights and white aberrations

variations art of life

The taste
The taste
Sweet or acidic?
Smell of perfume?
Smell of decay?

The exporting brand
Within the geographical boundary
Shifting a little differences lie
You can't deny
Maybe the angels let you by

The taste of glory
The taste of submission
Within the hollowness
The darkness dwells

You may not want to forget
Once you taste it.............
You keep going back
As the dreams float
You try to decide
Is it worthwhile?

Friday, January 29, 2010

anwar you know the drill

You know the drill
Amino wants you back
In the dark prison

High Court judges
Understand the law
Comes to appeal
The Apex Court rules
They say it is according to the law

Every citizen has a right
To know the charge and its contents
Fairness must be allowed for defence
Now Anwar you can't get justice
Save your time challenge it in open court
Let the trial begin
We want to hear
What the prosecution fabricate

Prepare for the worst case
Plan your successor to lead
Let Amino wins
We see them out in GE13

be happy others will feel it

Every day do a little kindness
It doesn't cost a lot of efforts
Give a smile and a hello
It makes others feel back home

As the journey takes
Away from home on the roads
Meeting all kinds of people
The characters changing mind escapes

Bring a small cheer
Within your ownself.........
Selfishness has its place
If you aren't happy
How to make others feel the goodness?

When the road is dark
Give a hand 2pairs better any time
As you walk the dark alleys
Watch each other back

Yesterday today tomorrow
There is always a chance to share
As the mind is pure everything would be
As you smile the world smile with you

motivation the force within

Motivation comes within
The inner force to make it
What a person really wants
In life as he goes about doing

You can attend
Many courses and motivational talks
Listening to the “how to make a success in life”
When you walk out from the seminars
Is the inner voice calling?

Success is through sweat and tears
Hardwork and dare to fail in every venture
It is here where the different lies
Of failure and success in one's journey

It is within the self worthiness
Of values enshrined in the mind
Opportunities are many in life
Yet many fail as they battle to get into it
Of poor business plan and laziness to fight
They always want to make it quick
They forget fruits of labour take years to mature

Motivation is how much you value
The life you want to reach.........
It is here where the needful would get it done
Some are for greater things; others for the small
Find the way life will be a bliss

in life and pursuits

You can't please
Anybody you meet
In life and pursuits
There are some who don't agree

Look around ourselves
Even among brothers and sisters
Disagreements rule everyday lives
Nothing should be kept
For tomorrow brings something else

Even in working environment
You hear the “Brutus” knifing abounds
Leaving the weak hiding in closets
Only the brave dare to make the challenges

On relationships the boundary explores
Amongst married couples and lovers
Agree to disagree it helps in pursuing
Yet there are divorces and breakups
When “Brutus” dancing in the minds

Motivation must come through own experiences
When you say something to an audience
They will wake up listening to every word
Jesus(pbuh) is the best motivator....
“Whoever believes in me
He will have everlasting life!”

In most people lives
God always at the end of the list
Yet God doesn't mind at all
Giving us every chance to make it right

the footprints of memories

Some parents are good
They give their children the gifts
Of guidance and humility
Others breed the half past six rascals

Yet when we look back
Parents give us life
It is how we made it
In our lives as we grow

It is good to write it
About parents who left us behind
Especially those parents close to us
It will be hard to let go

Death is just a journey
We have to live and then experience it
For our first parent got it wrong
When they picked the wrong side of The Tree
So it isn't lost yet......
God still make way for us to enter paradise
We live the life and death earning our credits
When we finally at the gate.......then we know

We remember the sweetest memories
Of our parents who lived and gone
Yet the footprints will stay in our minds
As we work and live through our lives

Thursday, January 28, 2010

united in one voice

The peace
Some can't live in
They want to destroy
The good life

The chaos in shadows
Doing it in secrets
Drawing out fire
The ignition of flares

If it spreads
The shadows hope so
Working behind hidden agenda
Destroying peace
They can't live in

We must stay focus
United in one voice
Forget about political affiliations
We must send a clear message
We want to live peacefully
In a country of many races and religions
Sharing our cultures our values our belief

dont fall for the trap

Don't fall for the trap
Of the evil minds creating racial tension
Don't feel happy the harmony of our multi-racialism
These evil doers hell bend to make it worst

By making religious upheavals
These evil rats want to make it
The races clash because of desecrations
Of churches, temples and mosques

Don't fall for the trap
As long as we stay united and understand
Our country of many races and religions
Nobody can make inroads into our harmonious relationships

We must understand
To agree disagree on issues relating in the country
We must never tear our fabric of interwoven fibre
It cements our ties and history

We can decide
In our general elections
Of those leaders incompetency
We will vote them out
Let them stay as a has been

Don't fall for the trap
Of the evil rats trying to make issues
Challenging races to fight for their own
We are one nation with many races
So let us remember
We have our history tied it perfectly
In our nation progress

frogs will be history

PKR MP going to frog
In Penang it is the talk
Of collective defection
The turncoats in PKR

It is better they go
The former Umno members
Let them go to the sinking ship
Let them be the “Titanic”

In history of footnotes
Of frogs and money trail
By next GE they will be gone
Into the sunset they will stay

PKR if it is true
Let them go without tears
They may help to get back 2/3 majority
For Bee Anne to please in passing any law or amendments
Let the people know
Come the next GE
We will vote wisely

Frog for money or position
Selling your soul and reputation
For self gratification
You will be history

the rats in organization

The rats in sewers
In the drains in cupboards
In kitchens in every place
Spreading its contents of lies
And destruction in slow process

By the work of evil minds
The rats run in silence
Until one explodes
The organization crumbles
Of the public outbursts

The marketability decreases
The perception will erode confidence
When the leaders fail to tackle it quickly
Delaying decision exposes its weaknesses

Every organization has its share
The back stabbers the behind the scene diggers
They work for the wrong decisions
Self enrichment and destroying credibility

Leaders must act decisively
It is best to boot them out
As quickly as possible.....
Delaying the outcome will cause more damages
In America you are asked to go immediately
There is no such thing as to wait..............
When facts are found, get into it quickly

The rats don't keep them
They will bite you all over
When you don't take in quickly
You will fall on your own fatal indecision

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a long track to paradise

A long track to paradise
When our forefathers did the wrong
The freedom of choosing
On the tree of life and death

In consequences on that fateful day
God sent them down to Earth
To live the temporary exile
Of miniature paradise and die

Of what the long benefits be
Adam and Eve got the wrong way
Into it our lives experience births and deaths
A long track to paradise

Now we live through prophets
Listening to the words of wisdom and revelation
Of what our lives could have been
Yet the pathway is still open to us
We must face death as we experiece life

A long track to paradise
Jehovah hasn't closed the door
Only we must follow the Holy Books
There is hope yet at the gate.........

know the traffic lights

Know the traffic lights
On the road on traffic junctions
You have the freedom
You have a choice
It doesn't mean
You can break the traffic rules

What will happen?
You know the law
You know the consequences
You are equipped with it
Why forget your training?

Some people
They never know
With qualifications and experiences
They can't see beyond
Only in the coconut shell
They talk so great
Amongst themselves

Other people of different views and religions
The premise of tolerance and understanding gone
With egoistic plundering the rights seem lost
On a journey on the traffic light junctions

blue jean

Blue jean
The eyes get wild
On display on the shop
Customers stopping by

Blue jean
The lasting impression
The long days of wearing
It still stays together

Blue jean
It doesn't go out of fashion
Buy from the display
The price doesn't run

Blue jean
The eyes hook on it
Take out money
You get it in

ice cream

On the way back home
On the traffic light at Gunung Rapat
A middle 20s Malay woman
Licking her ice-cream while waiting
The traffic light turned green

She enjoyed her ice-cream
Chocolate with vanilla flavour
Licking it off forgetting the traffic
After work she couldn't wait

The poor ice-cream melted
Dripping on her blouse yet she kept going
When the traffic light turned green
She held it on one hand on her steering wheel
Licking her ice-cream as she drove along

She forgot about traffic rules
She could cause danger
to herself and others on the road
Yet she was hooked to her ice-cream
Driving along the road
As the traffic went along with her

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pkr get rid of the moles

11 years of its history
On the streets to political recognition
Of leaders and members
Bringing it high for political fight

History of internal squabbles
Some left citing ideals changed
Some left on personal reasons
Some left enticing by wealth and positions

A multi-racial party
Challenging into the political equation
Bringing a change a nation needs

Now its members..........
Some aren't in tune of party struggles
One such person antics bringing the party in dispute
For the people read and listen

Personal crusades
Tarnishing the party image
Collective leadership and responsibilities
Get it together for cohesive challenges
Yet this MP ignores................
It's time the party release him to be free
It is better to lose him
The future is Putrajaya

PKR must bring house to order
The disciplinary board must take action
On members who can't fight for the party
Only bad mouthing and discredit it

PKR get rid of the moles
Clean up your membership list
Let the genuine members enjoy
The struggles and triumph


Shopping complexes
Opening day and night
Allowing people to shop
Allowing people to meet
The sides of a coin

Maybe close at night
Let the people spending time
With families and children
As they say quality time

In the park
Feel the wind children laughter
Running along in the open fields
Allowing people to meet
Allowing children the mixes

In this way
Social ills can be controlled
Teenagers and young adults
Staying home watching shows
Studying for their future too

Maybe this is Asian way
Something of a tradition
Shopping day and night

Monday, January 25, 2010


The homeowners can't live without
Providing his skills with reasonable rates
The home business in city of busy dwellers

Tell me how many know how to fix small things?
Even some changing bulbs getting nervous
Climbing up ladder to change it
Of leaving the ground what say in your mind?

Putting curtain rails
Repairing tiles and scrapped grouting
Plastering and fitting wardrobe cabinets
Repairing airconditioned units wiring and gas
No experience can't be DIY

Take care of your daily routines
You can't be one
May as well pay one to do it

make your own decision

You are born
You are free
You make your own decisions
You make your own life

Don't be a coward
As you strike it out
Heeding advice
When you don't know the facts

When you have the data
You make your own decision
It is your own life
You aren't living with somebody's else

Good or bad
You should take charge
Believe in yourself
Believe in God grace

Ultimately you find
The journey you seek to live
With the footprints you desire
Only you make your own decision

nature blow

Tree top drama
The light aircraft crashed
On bad weather on flight
Landed on tree top
In the dense forests of Sarawak

The pilot died on his injuries
The passenger suffered immense pain
Hanging onto his life as rescuers came
Sped him off to hospital

Up in the air
Many things can happen
With experience handling it
You think you know the best

When nature blow
In the air heading on
It's best to land
You can't win
When nature get angry

May the pilot's soul rest in peace
May the living God grant grace
For we may not know nature call
Good or bad when life takes flight
p/s full report read The Star 25/1/10

Sunday, January 24, 2010

stage of a life

When patients lie in hospital beds
With all sort of needles poking around
It isn't heaven neither it is hell
It is a stage let the humans think a while

On the stage
Trying to read your script
Of things you want to do
When you get out of this

The fire within
The adrenalin pumping great
“Let me live today
Tomorrow I fight in your Name”

The wrongs we want to right
The excessive blundering of nation's wealth
We can't leave it as it is
We need to make it public

Alone just ripples in the sea
In a group the waves waving touching shore
Here nobody can pretend..............
The drum beating waves raging along
The windy wind whistling into the leaves

We don't have to do big things
Even the needful aims will make a difference
As we tell our stories sharing thoughts and experiences
In a way life is......about sharing living harmoniously

the cupid arrows

Love and religions
Of faith and fate
Lovers sing bad light
Of peer pressures
And family objections

It isn't romantic
When lovers face the music
Of minds filtering into corners
Trying hard to find solace

Colours of skin
Standard of living
Different faiths
Bloodlines issues

When cupid throws arrows
It is blind lovers wanted to believe
Reality sinks into the minds
Love shouldn't be blind

The bad moon
The lovers cry
The broken line
The filial duty binds

So it is said
Cupid throws arrows
You find your mate
Know the rules
The status you sink in

pkr clean up your house

PKR clean up your house
The glass panels, doors and backlanes
Too many dirts too many spiders
Building webs of deceit

The hearts and souls
The party must find its own
Recruiting self interests members
The party will be in spot light
For the wrong reasons

PKR clean up your house
Some members tarnishing its image
The party stands in multi-racial wheel
They make the party sounding bad

PKR clean up your house
You have problems of managing members
Does it now before dreaming about Black Hill
Show the people you have solid ground

sold on me 2

Sold on me 2
Afraid to lose
Learned the lessons
The elites never do

Sold on me 2
The carrier wants his day
So eager to get on the plane
Telling his side of the story

The elites make it
The country's image so so bad
Learned the lessons
They never do

The running dogs snarling all the way
Carrying the plastic T-bone barking hard for it
Learned the lessons
The elites never do

Saturday, January 23, 2010

find the master planner

The arsonists caught
Days of molotov cocktails
Only when one went for medical treatment
He dished out his friends
So the police claimed

The big fish
The police in the dark
The amateurish arsonists
They could be paid to do a job

The police must dig deeper
It can't be so simple
This could be thought out plan
Using religion fervour for ulterior motives
The police should find out quickly

No doubt every one stay cool
The way it was and now
We can't let wayward people
Dishing out Malaysia

when we think of prison

When we think of prisoners
We think of them committing crimes
As punishment they are sent to prison
To learn and ponder what they have done

By doing it
When the sentence is served
We hope the convicts will learn
Flow with the life in society
Earn their living expenses
Through proper and legal routes

When we think of prison
We think of others as well
Of love life traps in limbo
One way street heartless souls

When we think of prison
Of marriages turning sour
Of loveless marriages
Parties having affairs

We all live within our prisons
The walls and locks without keys
Screaming silently protesting in self mode
The prisons enslave the silence

When we recognize it
Knowing it is within to set free
Then life gifts can be enjoyed
Without hindrances without prejudices
So there is no prison
We can go free

the waiting game

The dark greyish cat
Sniffing on gates walking slowly
Along the row of houses
As I watched in my car

One empty the cat just stared
Then it moved away though nobody in
On the next house the cat rested
Staring at the house opposite
Rubbing its whiskers thinking

Then it got up
Slowly walked into the next house
Sniffing along the car's tyres
Tail raised only a minute or two
Then it walked out going back on its route

The dark greyish cat moved away
Swagging its tail along the street
As I put in gears I drove away
In the mid-day sun clear blue sky

Malaysia cry

Malaysia cry
Living in harmony
Sharing cultures and religions
Shattered by intolerant few
Hiding behind veil of secrecy

Majority doesn't say
You have exclusive rights in the nation
It is sharing for peace and harmony
The projection of a united race

Malaysia cry
Of a few deranged minds
Lighting smoke and fire
Cowardly hiding away

The Constitution
It is the Supreme law of the nation
Yet the ruling elites don't follow
They divert it to suit their administration

Malaysia cry
Wiping tears strong windy breeze
Upstaging her equilibrium
As her people tend to forget
Harmony, peace and compassion
Amongst our cultures and religions

Friday, January 22, 2010

God work behind the scenes

Positive values
Generating chi within
A process to awaken the lazy soldiers
Fight on the intruders
Prayers and believe
God will listen......
Empowering angels
Using the 'golden fleece'
The life healing powers
Invincible yet it works
The big C
The fear registers in the mind
Of journey breaks looking life itself
It is only temporary as proper medical cares begin
Positive values
Believing all will be well
Nothing is impossible
With prayers and needful help

the tweets in judiciary

Judiciary moving
The direction the people wish
The last pillar within the democracy
Let it be a permanent feature

The Federal Court decision
It put back what law requires
Fraudulent transactions to 3rd party bought
The law shouldn't be on his value
He can't play innocent..................
He should know the dictum
“Let the buyer beware”

So a good decision
The past must be made right
With it the fraudulent transactions
The rightful owners now can claim back

Judiciary makes it counts
In your delivery without fear or favour
Make the country proud of your profession
Don't be a just one case scene

Now we will wait for Perak backdoor case
It is the State Assembly
deciding the tenure of a Chief Minister
It isn't under the State Ruler prerogative......
Make your move spell it like Constitution says
It is 2 months yet decision waiting....

life in a coconut shell

We should let our minds explore
Beyond our everyday existence
Living 9 to 5 and gravy yard
We must explore our dreams
Make it or not we live to try

Yet in Bee Anne leaders
They want to ban technology
It isn't good for our souls and minds
Living interaction with outside world
Our minds will be corrupted absolutely
They are the ones with pure minds
Setting golden ray of wisdom.....

Our minds to heavens
We shouldn't allow to say or sing
It has become a one way street
Growing old thinking we are the best

Old ministers retired 'generals'
Afraid of new wonders trapping their souls
So they will do the best thing
Ignore it at their own peril
brewing with their own drunken wasted vomit
And they say it is good for harmony
All they want the golden fleece
Sparkling bright full of life
We are just the irritants
Spoiling them the catch

So in the coconut shell
The elites want us to stay
Within the 4 walls darkness and repeating songs
Croaking all day knowing no direction
And they can say
“We feed you
Why worry?”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

macc sandstorm

The sandstorm brewing
The small fries in the sandy net
Getting entangle with greasy palms
For small amounts getting caught

The big news by the main newspapers
Telling the people how fast these people caught
On greasy palms with lower ranks
As usual the big fishes no where to be found

The billions macc officials blink
In the deep dark water they swim
Countless reports yet nothing come along
They don't say; they just walk away

It's no use telling
When the masterminds aren't apprehended
The billions will slip through........
Then reports will be made

dreams will survive

Life many challenges
Only time to unlock it

When you can't see
Beyond what it lies
Take a break
Go for a walk
See a movie

Sometimes do nothing
It makes the mind free
To explore many
When it flows back

Working and studying
It isn't easy to juggle it
It takes full of energy
Forgetting leisure pursuits
You need time to finish it

So no distraction
Dreams will survive
In the small fire burning
Motivation will set it aglow
Into a place in the mind

a face with a hat

The yellow palm trees
On the ground waving free
As the cool breeze rustling along
Bending leaves dancing it wild
As I see watching the scenes

The nature conductor
Weaving its way
Telling the yellow palm trees
“Dance with me”

Down at the base
The yellow palm trees
One shoot an image
“A face with a hat”
Staring back at me

The nature conductor
Swiftly weaving its magic
Dance on its way
The guardian angel smiles
In the garden of yellow palm trees

when power lost

When power lost
The mind can't accept
Retiring without power
For some the mind gets overdrive
Imagine scenes sabotaged own people
Just to tell the whole world
Isn't that stupid?

Lucky for most of us
We have long known his antics
When power is gone
Growing old gracefully
Leave the stage
Write memoirs or do gardening

Some just can't
They think of the imaginative power
Brewing up statements
Ranting of an old man

The people don't owe him anything
He had done what he could
For the country and her people
Good or bad history will do the talking

The painted hearts
Enough of the elites
Time for the country
And ourselves
The recognition we deserve
As the power brokers in general elections

no double standard please!

When police do it right
Nobody will say otherwise
It is the double standard practising
The people get annoyed

When police report lodged on Bee Anne leaders
Nothing really comes around
The police take own sweet slow time
Then nothing is found

When police report lodged against opposition leaders
The police swing into action like a king cobra
Going all out to take the opposition
Raiding offices recording statements

Even candle lights vigils
The police condoned off the peaceful gathering
When Bee Anne members or parties linked to Bee Anne
Demonstrations no police to block and harrass them

When Karpal Singh lodged a report on CPO Selangor
No swing of action nothing come out in the news
Only Karpal Singh police report where he told the press
Any fast swing of action to record statement?

Police should work without fear or favour
Catch all criminals in any form
White collar, black collar, yellow collar and whatever
Even amongst their own ranks no quarter should be given
Prosecute them according to the law
Make it right image will rise

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

painted slogans

Painted slogans
Years of each prime ministers
Let people dreaming
Thinking the positive values
We will share............

We gave Bee Anne the votes
Every election for the last 52 years
Then the colours flake
We see painted slogans
What a fool we have been

Our systems painted thick
Prejudices one race journey
Corruptions emerged into the core
Leaving others crumbs of appreciation
With names painted on it........

It's the shame
Painted slogans
We can't let it flow any more
The hundred billions gone
Our oil money

Painted slogans
We musn't be fooled again
We must change the direction
Let us dream
The fruits of our labour
On this soil where wealth is made


Rashes appear
Without warning
In a hot day
On the skin

The red dots
The eyes can see
No itchiness
It doesn't pull tricks

Now apply antiseptic cream
On the skin to see the result
Rashes appear with red dots
After a shower in a hot day

Food in restaurant
The freaking out red dots
It doesn't tell
It comes naturally
No itchiness...

give the hard facts

Bee Anne Perak
Boasting about $11.2 billion investments
When it isn't got it off the ground
The pirates and gang just want to show
They have something on paper...........

The backdoor anniversary looming
They want to show how good they are
When before Pakatan legitimately took over
What were they doing through the years?

Many necessary reports have not yet submitted
On paper the investors will invest providing all necessary tests done
So far there are no new job opportunities in the State
It is only talking to show what they have done

Perakians aren't fools
Go to the polls to show you have the support
Backdoor government come out clean
Enough of brewing people want to decide

home accidents

The home accidents
Parents shouldn't go away
Leave the children to play
Without adult supervision
Tragedy may happen

Children are naturally curious
They want to feel and learn
The learning minds want to see
They don't think of accidents

Naturally without supervision
Accidents and deaths do occur
Parents will be crying for years
When a child is totally unexpectedly taken away
Leaving no sin only the mistake to learn

The sadness of a life
Gone before the maturity cycle
Hard to believe..............
The negligence parents sometimes do
Forgetting about young children
Inquisitive minds wanting to learn

A child fell from a 8th floor apartment building
When her mother gone out for an interview
A 21 inch TV fell on a 3 years old child
She died on admittance to hospital
The parents let her watched TV alone

The home accidents
Watch out for young children
Learn the basic rules
Be alert with supervision

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why reluctance to switch it on?

Interfaith dialogue
Peace must prevail
Respect for each other
View and belief

A learned man
Quoting nonsense
It will tell..........
Learned by the books
Applications go awry

The ancient should retire
The grey cells can't function at top speed
On the front line brewing half heartedly truth
One can read it through

Some say old with experience
Experience of old modern gadgets have to relearn
Will the minds of old politicians ready to absorb?
My take money works quickly old or young

Of the works of God
It will take a long circuitry to connect
The switch is there to press it on
Yet the reluctance to do for all

When we live in a regime of falling grace
They will tell all kind of reasons to look believable
In their hearts and minds they want to milk many
Shield them for a longer period of time........

You see the walls are crumbling
And a new kid is gearing to take flight
“Give me a chance
The light will shine in all darkness”

dont tell the unknown

Don't tell the unknown
The password and account number
Of a bank through email or sms
The day you do...............
The day your money disappear

They are commercial crooks
Masquerading as bank officers
Telling you to update accounts
Or whatever reasons the bank requires

Don't be a fool
The cyber crooks flourish
On the insecurity of people
The easy tricks happen all the times

The banks will not launch a full investigations
The managers will try to give excuses........
They say the banking systems are full proof
Nobody can crack it though they can try

Play safe put a minimum amount
In your saving or current account
If you are using internet banking
Don't put all the eggs in one basket
You will cry when all are broken
The bank managers will just walk away
“Oops sorry we never know!”

the dragon boat tragedy 2

The dragon boat tragedy
Don't blame nature blame our carelessness
Knowing in the open sea
Undercurrents and other boats sailing

When you go to sea
You think it is child play
Splashing water gleefully running
It isn't my friends

The ghosts of the sea
The lost souls many
They are waiting
So don't try to evade safety rules
You can't put a blame on anybody
It is your own fatality

The dragon boat tragedy
It is human error of judgement
It has nothing to do who's to blame?
Like the car accidents
It's the drivers speeding or ignoring regulations

the ancient man

The ancient man
In the world of today
You can't accept technology
You can't accept ideas change

The ancient man
He is jealous of things change
He uses it yet he condemned
The way new ideas bring
He's afraid of corruption of minds

The ancient man
Corruption of wealth
He doesn't want to say
The hard solid gold
It dazzles any one
Old and young

Oh ancient man!
Wake up before you go
The world isn't waiting for you
It has to move on

Monday, January 18, 2010

pakatan learn how to manage

Politicians work for the people
The way you are elected the people come first
Look after your constituency it works for you
Forget the people; they dump you aside

Promises many
Understood in elections
When it is over and done
Try to live up the promises
Choose the best one to fulfill
It carries a lot of weight

People don't like to hear excuses
Even in the workplace the boss wants action
Likewise the people are the bosses
They want action less on talking

The products are what they see
In which the people can proudly talk and sell
In this way they work hard for you
You work the hardest for the people

Don't lose sight
The people can play
Pakatan must wake up
Playing opposition should stop
Now learn how to manage
The people centred concept
Else they will dump you
When next election is called!

time to change course

When our oil wealth gone
What will the parasites do?
They dump the country
Flock it elsewhere
They have the money
Properties, trust funds, equities

What will happen to the ordinary people?
We don't have to look so far away
Our neighour Indonesia
How the people there suffer
When oil wealth was gone

We must wake up
Don't let the Amino and partners fooling you
Giving out peanuts drawing out millions
Let us play with toys
They have the real things

Enough of wastages
Benefiting the cronies
We must put our affairs on line
Time to change course
Else we will go down
Ala Indonesia!

now we will wait

No more lies
No more half truths
No more fancy slogans
When honesty so low

The true colours
The people already know
Only the cronies and parasites
The hungry ones for wealth

The spinning wheel
It has to come down
As gravity pulling it
There is no way to hide

Amino and partners
Staring into the mirror
“Have our time done?
Oh tell us there is more?”

“You have forgotten
The basic foundation of life
Telling so many lies and half truths
It is finally done
You will be gone
It has been written”

Now wait for the time
The new chapter unfolds
The journey the country will go
On the world stage she will glow!

no life jacket

The dragon boat tragedy
Of sane people knowing the rules
Learning it through attending courses
Tips from the season rowers

On the dragon boat
Floating gliding in the open sea
Facing the natural giveaways
Windy breeze choppy waves

Feeling good the good wind
Plowing in the sea water
Drumbeats rowers rowing
Cutting through the water
At furious paces

Then the choppy waves
The dragon rowers battle it
When the boat is capsize
The rowers fall into the sea

Life jackets they forget
A few drowned as the tragedy of the sea
Is it true the fault of the wind?
It's the carelessness of human beings

We see plying everyday
On rivers and open seas
Life jackets hardly wear
Is it fate they believe?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

small is beautiful

Technology moves
Even when we sleep
Dreaming about paradise
When we wake up
Something new

Once we must be living
In the city to ilk a living
Rushing into sardine cans
Compartmentalized smog filled sky
The city of sin and money making
And don't forget the power chase

It is still there
The same new set of people
Converging sucking into its silky web
The money honey and the glory

Now some can stay away
Into a quiet abode live the life
Yet the modern new tools
Reaching far and wide in marketability
Only we embrace the new vision
“Small is beautiful”

people the change in your hands

Political conveniences
Let the people debate
On the current issue

The political leaders
With its running dogs
Designing new ways
To let out the news

With half baked decisions
The political leaders let it out
Even questions they don't want to answer
For the answers haven't found yet

So they tell
We are doing this and that
Letting the people know
They think they are great

You think it is in the slogan
It is way down the food chain
It is business coming first
The people are place the lowest rank

People the change in your hands
You have to decide where to go
Make your choice for a clean break
You must enjoy the fruit of your labour

the youths of today

Bursa Malaysia
The youth group skips investment
Look at it this way
It is still a form of gambling

You buy and sell
Knowing not the future
The way the shares are played
By the “big boys” catching the unsuspected

The money better place
In banks though with low interest rates yet saved
Invest in trust funds and insurance policies
Properties, gold and precious stones

Many may go for lottery
Small investments pay millions
In Bursa Malaysia only hundreds or thousands
Even subscribing for shares
One can be eliminated and the long queue

Only the old investors
Habits hardened can't find ways to change
They may have made some in their lives
So they still flock to Bursa Malaysia
Thinking of the sweetness of yesteryears

Time changes
IT savvy by clicks of a mouse
One can find the many ways to make wealth
Some say
“Look at us
Holidaying making money
IT makes our wealth
Lean our secrets
Unlock your skills
In internet business”

I think Bursa Malaysia
Should change its course
Make it like a lottery
Paying out millions

mat rempits misplace youths

Mat Rempits
The youth of energetic skills
Aerobatic stunts life so very cheap!
Of others they don't care

Amino wants to take
Championing them for a cause
In a way channel the Mat Rempits
On doing charitable deeds
Is it the truth?
With Amino many faces to polish
We will never know

The Black Dragons they call
Come out on election days
The bikers revving loudly
The deeds they do
Intimidation on voters

So we don't see the charity
Mat Rempits still rule
Police once a while
Catching them pushing their bikes
On the long walk to police stations
Fine them they are free

One of the solutions
Stop manufacturing smake cc bikes
Sell the bigger bikes on the streets
In one stroke Mat Rempits will be gone

Hurt their pockets
The affordability rules
Will they go crazy on the roads?
We will see a drastic drop

Saturday, January 16, 2010

life a circle

Life a circle
Don't try to forget
When you learn the ropes
Be kind and grateful on your way

Do the good
Stay a moment to reflect
When you are there
Feeling the world at your feet

Don't go to the darkness
What you see isn't real
It is just an illusion
It wants to trap you

Life a circle
It moves round and round
You think you can escape
It comes back to haunt you

Life a circle
Invest in your future
The Book of Paradise
Let your name be in it

the old man cries

The old man cries
On his walk by the street
Struggling to get his day
Discharged from hospital
His family dumped him

The heart surgery
It was a success
Years he should take his medicines
On his walk he reflects
No money what will he do?

Tears falling
The sun hot biting his skin
The days of his life
He should have died

Now in old age
Recovering heart patient
With no work and shelter
How long will he live?

Friends provides temporary shelters
The old man is grateful yet it saddens him
The punishment comes in sweet and severe
Maybe of things he had done when he was young

Finally he is sheltered
In the welfare home of the aged
Maybe he thinks he deserves it
Of his family he better forgets
When he looks up to the sky
“Life a circle
Don't think you can escape
Be kind to others
When old age arrives
You will not feel bad”
update real life story in Kangar
about a son put his old man on the street
always arguing with his ex wife

we dance on thin ice

We dance on thin ice
Of the religious events yet unsolved
Though people go living as it is
Trying hard to forget

The sensitivities of each religion
One group should show the way
The majority should have the resolved
Paving it with love and compassion

We talk of One God
The Creation we live in it
The stories and scriptures
Written thousands years ago

God's name
We shouldn't impose
God never ask
God want us to study
The messages on the Holy Books
Learn the way of good
Share our values our stories
Bridge the gap live peacefully

Each one of us
Make it for all
The Kingdom of Heavens
We must make it
Be good and fruitful
In the Book of life and death
Heavens or burning in hell!

without honesty as a base

Courtships and marriages
People go and do
Believing when the time comes
Everything will be fine

Sometimes the heartaches
Derailing the nuptials
On the day itself
One party nothing is done

Married brides never tell
Even through proposals secrets hide
Married grooms never disclose
Even through proposals secrets deny

On the day of nuptial rides
The heartaches and faces let down
One party never shows up
The crying shame of nuptial blue

Courting couples still do
Hiding facts in relationships
Without honesty as a base
Failures will be the crying shame

Friday, January 15, 2010

it has been told in scriptures

Earth will take the heat
The way it is done and more
The World leaders talk and talk
In the end it is just talking.........

The ravages of our greeds
The taking more than giving
Everything as in Nature
Man will grieve of his folly

The changing through walking with God
It is here the reversal could be achieved
God words had spoken thousands of years
The way it should be; the way it will be done
We feel the heat; we will feel the burning Sun
Until we realize that then changes will come

We don't have the power to change the top
We have the power to do the needful things
Within ourselves in our everyday living
This is much we could achieve.........

Allah issue

Allah issue
Why fret over it?
Why think who used it first?
In the beginning, middle and last?

Allah's name
Let the name be spoken
Every breath we take
Every smell we breathe

Allah wants
The messages spreading far and wide
In the North; in the South
In the East; in the West
Let the people speak
The name in their hearts and souls

Allah all mighty all compassionate
All loving all caring all forgiving
Have we not learned at all?
Let us live in harmony
Sing Allah praises and words

Let us walk the path
The peace loving one should cultivate
For by the time we reach the heavenly gate
We may win our triumph yet lose in the Book of paradise


Malaria fever
The small sucking vampires
In the shadows and in the nights
Flying unnotice penetrating skins of delight
The natural blood transfusion
The mosquitores drinking it hungrily

The unlucky ones
The fever heralds its curse
Malaria fever
TKO many once

Scientists found cure
Culled it all in its shadowy tunnels
Leaving them dead wimpering cries
Amongst its deaths the humans survive

Once a while the story
The Malaria fever comes by
Telling the humans fight isn't over
“We dare to dream
We know will be exterminated
We still make our play
Let the humans worry a while”

Nobody should be complacent
The eradication of diseases
They can mutate learn its lessons
Then they will try

the heartless children

The heartless children
The many we hear and read
When they grow up
Get an education life change

Make it big or failure
In the economic circle
They live the life
The roots they forget
The heartless children
The priority changes

When age parents grow
The heartless children forget
Let them to fend for themselves
Leaving them in their sunset years

We hear quite often
In the neighbourhood or newspapers
Like the case of a son in Kangar
Dumped his father after heart surgery
The poor man aged 57 years
In senior year sadness in his eyes

What values we learn?
Religions and knowledge
Doing good some forget
Charity begins at home
Life a circle know what it means?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

haiti crying

Haiti crying
The devastation on the ground
Earthquake hit on 7.0 scale
The sorrows begin
The pains choking the minds
As people walk in daze and silent prayers

International relief workers
Swing into action to help
The streets of deaths
Wailing out for assistance

100,000 feared buried alive
Houses and government buildings collapse
The worst in her history
The earthquake came

Pictures of horror
Death the game of destruction
The message is clear
Live in the way of God

11 hits

11 hits
The work of naughty boys?
How the Amino HM spins
Tell the truth

Planning small fires
It cracks up the religious tolerance
Yet the majority love peace and unity
The hidden agenda never comes to pass

The Police already hands tied
Looking for RPK
not enough personnel to walk the streets
So the 'naughty boys' have free runs
Throwing stones and molotov cocktails

The compassion flowing
The Muslim NGOs come to assist
In time like this
The racial barrier breaks free

The police has no clue
Though it says it has
Buying time to stop the naughty boys
Making them like beach run

One more hit today
In Kota Tinggi it says
Painted red like Ah Long
St Elizabeth Catholic Church

The works of naughty boys?
The HM wants us to believe
It is political agenda
To reinvent a dying breed?

we must learn

Haiti hit 7.0
The island state didn't know
The earthquake causing untold damages
As buildings, roads, homes and lives buried

The crumbling buildings
Instant deaths on the crashed sites
Bodies piling up; others trapped inside
The sorrowful faces; crying of distress
The toils and sweat and tears of decades gone
It came rumbling down on 7.0

On a normal day everything was fine
Cool sunlight calm sea......................
Without notice the devastating destroyer
It raked up destruction opening can of sardine

Thousands may be buried alive
As rescue workers working round the clock
International relieve workers get into help
As nature yet again telling us why

Enough of plundering
Enough of lies and deceits
Enough of warring states
Now learn to live in peace

The sorrowful state
Eyes bewildered tears falling
Nature makes her presence
We must learn.................

a change and a light

The end of the Bull's runs
It's kicking up storm
Of mud, debris, stones and pebbles
Blinding eyes forgetting directions

Even political parties
Internal squabblings agreements disarray
Political leaders trying to catch the chairs
Challenging publicly or in shadows
Knowing the political life is at stake

Religious freedom usages and norms
One party wants to brand it as its own
Knowing fully it is for all
God is One everywhere every time
We are the children to bring God's glory
And why quarrel over a name?

The pursuit of wants
And the corruption game
Anwar's trial will carry on
The truth will be known
Of stones and smoke
The untruth trying to make is true
Challenging the judge's integrity

The ghost of the Atlantuya
She will spread her span of wings
She will seek her justice...........
Before the country is finally free
Of changes which will come

The Bull's runs
The toils and tears
When the Tiger roaring in
Crumbling walls setting up new
A change and a light

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

our compassion rule

The test of characters
The Malaysians carrying it through
Inspite of the church attacks
Level headed leaders in religions
Condemning the chicken way to act

Though the issue may not go away
With the bad publicity of a new year
Malaysians must demonstrate to the world
We can effectively live peacefully
With our cultures and religions

No doubt it was a Black Friday
Engineered by self interests of some leaders
Prolonging the agony of falling grace
Majority of Malaysians showing the world
We are united as one facing our challenges

May Allah bless this nation
Of many races and cultures
Practising many religions
Tolerating our mix bag of diversity
We are one Nation one Destiny
We are Malaysians

the black dogs

The black dogs running
Barking in day and night
Creating noises staring in your eyes
Leaving behind its trade marks
“Telling you why”

“I am black
Shining eyes of white
I am not black or brown
I take what I want
It's mine
Look at my pack
Telling you why”

They hit and run
Barking it loud in the neighbourhood
Running away hiding in shadow
“Telling you why”

Across the black dogs eyes
Everything they see
They want a bite
Telling you why

“Look at us
We are the pack
We control the territories
Barking day and night
Telling you why”

the missing indians

The missing Indians
They came to the country
For holidays mixing the crowd
Finally they aren't found

Over 39,000 Indians
Flooding the country
Where are they now?
They already know
Our enforcements are weak
They exploit it
With help from locals
Telling them about our weaknesses
Years on the road
They may have lived married even
We never know when fake “Mykads” can be bought
With money and agents to make fast buck

Where are the missing Indians?
Oh yeah over 39,000!
The immigration officers can't tell you
They are too shy to plug the loopholes

alimony for muslim women

Alimony for Muslim women
Where Muslim husbands fail to pay maintenance
Using tax payers money for the weak enforcement
Is this the signal the government sending?
The Muslim men can go chasing between the legs
When lusts are satisfied let the women go?

Enforcement is the key
These running away former husbands
They can be found in EPF and IRB data bases
Is this difficult to coordinate?

The Bee Anne government sending an excuse
Giving the former husbands and those lining up
Why worry let the government foot the bill
As the men go after new brides leaving the old

Likewise for the Non-Muslim women
The government must be fair in its dealing
Why leave out the Non-Muslim?
Don't they face the similar dilemma?

IMalaysia yet one sided in its dealing
Let the package feed to all Malaysians
The leaders in government must think through
Every woman in every religion and culture
A similar pattern do it fairly

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the days are numbered

Amino tries
To bring down Pakatan
In the richest State
Yet the black dogs run
Wagging tails behind legs
Wailing with losing grades

The plotting begins
After March 08 election
The crying of losing the Jewel
Amino tries to get it back

Back door tactics
It failed though some points were gained
Running down the Pakatan States
Only in Perak got it made
The 3 frogs alledgedly paid
On corruptions and debts

Now the churches torched
The beginning of 2010....
Amino will have a lot to answer
GE 13 the losing battle
The leaders face

The majority doesn't agree
Staying calm on extreme provocations
The Amino got a shock..............
Now it backfired

The empire is falling
Brick by brick slowly disappears
The days are numbered
The change will knock on doors

who's to blame?

Who's to blame?
On the religious intolerance
Torching churches
The same God they worship

Newspapers writing
The editors should be more fruitful
Yet it is race and religion
The majority thinks they own it

The political ruling parties
Sending bad signals.........
The police becomes alledgedly incompetent
Allowing the blaming game

Who's to blame?
The sad news splashing locally and the world
We don't need the bad publicity
Here we are after 52 years of peaceful coexistence
We can't seem to agree on law and Constitution
The court has ruled why the sour face?

the virus

The sore throat
The sneezing
And the cough
In the day; in the night

The virus holding it
The patient tries to beat
Visit doctor getting medicines
Yet the cough pestering
Day and night

The sleepy mode
It circles in the mind
Laying down to fly away
Into the dreaming world
Only the pestering cough
It comes knocking

The body fights
For the well being it deserves
Days and nights the battles
Ringing it through

the old photographs

The Old photographs
Flipping in the photo albums
Of the years taken keeping it away
Now I took one to look at

Years on a certain place
Memories swaying into the mind
The year and walking footnotes
In the photographs telling a story

Of the sea rolling waves
Dirty sand waving leaves
The warm breeze in the hot sun
On the cendol stall drinking one

The years take its toll
As the pictures surely tell
Different sizes colours change
Yet life put in memories

The old photographs
Of the years all gone by
Places of interests places of work
The footprints imprinted in the mind
As the pages turning........................

Monday, January 11, 2010

let the light shine

Stay calm
Let the light shine
Through our darkness
See the good
For it is there

Life of good and bad
Light and dark everywhere
So stay calm
Let our God whip the evil doers
They can't hide any where

Evil doers are cowards
Hiding behind shadows
Inflicting damages of narrow mislead roles
Chances they will go
The fire crossing their souls

So stay calm
Adversities spark of life
Pray for peace and compassion
Sing it through
Let the songs bring cheer
To every corner every where

candles of summer

Candles burning in my mind
As I watch the day goes by
Of things I have to do
Now I just let it go

The years all been kind
Some years brought me tears
Of believing helping out
I got burned in the end

Summer flow many lights glow
Let me float into space
Dreaming about the breezes
Touching souls forgetting few

Candles burning in my mind
I watch the events unfold in my eyes
Simple yet sweet memories glow
On the years continue to come

Candles of summer
In this place I sit
Feeling the breezes
Caressing its way
Life so free
As I look to the sky
White and blue
It makes me smile

we have to change

The ugly truth
We have changed
Sharing common destiny
The goodwill and peace

Decades of brainwashing
Subtle ways to split the minds
Into the market we see the products
They can't stand the heat
They will melt down

They are the easy targets
For the authority to manipulate
Feeding them with benefits
Let them feel superior
It's just a shallow front
It will collapse surely

The brainwashing children
Growing up feeling they are great
Only in their glass houses
Not in the common market

The ugly truth
We have to change
Return to our foundation
The answers recorded
In our Consitution
The way of our God

dont get fooled

The religious fire burning
The smoke galloping in the air
Telling you it is man made agenda
Let the Rakyat covering in fear
Of what will come.................

Don't get fooled
It is the black knight plotting
Fuel the drama hiding his weaknesses
He can't handle defeat; he can't sleep well

The corruptions and greeds
Cronies feeding misusing funds
Going backdoors doesn't care
About law and Constitution
It is power taking his toll
He can't handle it
He is going to explode

The submarine deals
The overseas rendezvous
The underground cables
Wealth made disappeared

Jet engines gone
Misusing of power in contracts
Deaths and crimes jump
He has no answer
He lacks the final push
As a leader he fails miserably

Don't get fooled
The fires just a distraction
Buying time to troop his PR
It is our public funding
He thinks he sounds so good

The way to the future
A new kid should take the helm
A change must be had
For the country and ourselves


Cameron Highlands
Once a cool place to holiday and stay
Years down the road
Over-developments and illegal farming
Destroying the natural forests
Nature cry in vain

Now when you step on Cameron
It isn't the cool weather greeting you
It is the buildings cornering around
The natural flow completely changed

Wealth creations
The cause of her dilemma
Political cronies demanding rights
Lands reserved suddenly changed

The knockings and excavagations
Turning the cool hill resort into a warm flow
Once it was now a crying shame
All because of profits and greeds

We must have a responsible and caring government
We don't see the accountability amongst its leaders
They ask you to write long love songs.................
By the time you finish the projects take off

It is time for change
More so now into our future
We are the power maker so we must act like one
We can't be kept quiet hoping it runs
No more Sir; it's time we take charge of our destiny

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the changing time

The changing time
In this century we will see
As prophecies of ancient
Talking into the future

The 4 empires
Came and gone in history
As it was foretold in prophecy
Babylonian Persian Greek and Roman

The Books of Scriptures
Daniel seen into the future
End of history events will flow
In this 21st century

The fragments of the empire
Along the ashes 10 will form
Into a formidable force in the world
In Europe the economic giant will unleash
It has been formed nursing to grow big

The Bad lord will rise
In Vatican City he raises his stake
Conquering the world he controls
For a time before it collapses

Then the sky turning bright
Brilliant shards of light
Illuminating into glorious shine
The songs and praises
The Lord will descend

The dearly departed and living
They will raise to the clouds
The Lord will decide
The deeds and crimes
Punishments will be meted out
And the Lord will rule

know your faith

Don't waste time
Arguing about who is right
Know your faith
Carrying on spread the Word

Living in a tough time
Selfish agenda using religion to instigate
Promising heaven when there is no right
Weak minds corrupted souls selfish ends
The way to paradise
Good deeds and works

No one can promise
Heaven for a deed
Read the religious books
Vengence belongs to The Lord God
God take God give God forgive
We the children work for our redemption
There are many works need to be done

Fighting for a cause
Forgetting the messages of peace
Goodwill and compassion
For our fellow beings

sharing peace and goodwill

Churches torched
Let it sinks into our hearts
It brings the people together
Sharing peace and goodwill
Amongst people of different faith

Places of worship
The House of God
The songs of peace
Sharing with goodwill

The evil doers
Thinking nobody sees
God's angels watching
Recording it down in detail

Only humans' eyes can't see
Beyond walls and darkness
God sees through the angels
No one can escape of evil doing

Tolerance and compassion
Respecting faith with sincerity
God is One everywhere
Let us sing praises
The Kingdom waits
For those doing God's work
For those sharing helping others
4 churches torched

Saturday, January 09, 2010


People think about it before doing anything silly!

we aren't alone

We aren't alone
The Universe we live
The Earth we wake and die
There are others
Coming our way

We aren't alone
There are heavens and Hell
So we know............
There are others
Watching us

The Earth we live
The sun rise and sunset
Measuring it every day
We aren't alone

Think about it
Heavens and Hell
So there are people out there
Waiting for a time
They will come


Sabahans and Sarawakians
Now open eyes to see
What had happened on Black Friday?
Use your vote wisely

Don't be happy
Telling you are Amino fixed deposits
You only get the crumps with low interests
And you sound so grateful

Now you see
Now you read
How evil doers spread
With money plenty
Instigating chaos
Hitting on the streets

Remember Black Friday
Use your vote to make history
When the next GE is called
Let the change sweep the country

black friday

Black Friday
Malaysia to the World
A shameful and despicable act
It was allowed to go

Police knew
Nothing was done
No FRU no police roadblocks
No water cannon trucks
It was allowed to go

Black Friday
After Friday prayers
What had these fanatic Muslims done?
Creating chaos to serve somebody's agenda

Allah is for all people
It is written it is said
Yet the weakling of the faith
They can't see the light
Only the darkness of wealth

Black Friday
The black mark in our history
The World is watching us
As the government allegedly let it happened

We talk of our diversity
The cultural and religious tolerance
Now it is shattered
Deja vu of Kelantan 1977
All about political power
Greedy to control the richest State
Forgetting all about 1Malaysia!

Black Friday
Malaysia to the World
A black mark in our history
Of one man's greed
In love with the richest State
Selangor the happening pulse
Where wealth can be made

the evil doers

Desperate leaders desperate measures
Drowning in focus darkness drawing in
The minds just can't think straight
Chaos to sustain the power base

The walls cracking
The debris will fall
Sure you can touch it up
With money yet darkness closing in
It will be hard when power slipping away

God has given
God has taken
So there is no reason
To cry when opportunities abused
Now to take a bow
Be grateful for the decades
Shoring up wealth

The evil doers
Torching up churches
Creating fear the game
People know now matured
The signs are there
The end will come

The calm amongst the people
Only thugs, hooligans, arsonists and fanatics
The political wealth digging groups
Hoping something will explode
They get nothing only minor flares
Majority of people know the tricks
Let these groups play their firecrackers
Get burn in their souls and minds

Friday, January 08, 2010

love your neighbour 2

A peaceful friendly nation
A country of many races and religions
Driving working peacefully
Though with lopsided policies

Yet the multi-racial people
With multi-religious background
Diligently work and struggle
Make this country great

Political differences tolerated
Even racial bashing by a race
Every time the party holds convention
The people just ignore carrying on their lives

Now the word “Allah”
The Supreme God to all nations
The name spoken with honour and compassion
The Almighty All Forgiven and All Praise
The people bow in praying and homage

Now the difference opinion
The name “Allah” for a religion
Political Amino gunning its survival
Cracking the walls the city churches torched
Is it the way of religious tolerance?
The way of Almighty All Forgiven All Loving?

The World watch
As a small peaceful nation cries
In the Capital City skirmishes
Of churches torched

1Malaysia sounds so hollow
When there is no heart and soul
My friends it isnt working!

a church torched

One of the city churches torched
By an alleged group of 3 persons involved
In the late night when traffic quiet
The burning church..............
Somebody wants chaos ruling the nation

The black dogs snarling
Running hard to get the bite
Day light hiding in shadows
Night running unleashed

The way it holds
Fear they want to paint
In God you can't hide
The evil doers will pay
They can't run free

In the late night
A city church was torched
Fire burning it didn't spread
Firemen came on time

The police will know
Unless closing eyes once more
The religious debate in Court
Under the law so be it
Constitution says 'freedom to practise'

So let sane minds prevail
Nobody can't claim a right
A name of Allah..............
It is for all in this World
Where Allah rules in eternity
1) 3 churches torched in early morning


Judges give without fear or favour
Your oath of office to the country and her people
This is the solemn oath swearing by on taking office
Do not short changed the job you hold

The noble job carrying it with wisdom and compassion
Let the laws and Constitution be your guides
Along the road of many obstacles and intimidations
Do not sell your soul for glory of a personal gratifications

Judges know the line in your profession
Bring the good name of the Hall of Justice
Be the arbiter of good conscious
Do not spoil role you have chosen
The last bastion for the country and her people
Do the right way always in your pursuit of fairness

The last 2 decades
The judiciary falling from grace
What's more with judgements
Belittling the laws and Constitution
Now the time to make it work
The way to bring glory
The noble profession once again

the common virus

It's the virus
The common one to sing
In the market
Some unlucky ones get it

Watery eyes
Sniffing noses
Coughing in the market
It's the virus
Nothing to worry

Go visit doctor
Few minutes all he takes
Nothing serious
It's the virus
In the market place

The cloudy weather
It rains heavily in the early morning
Rattling the rooftiles
Nothing to worry

It's the virus
The common one to sing
Go visit the doctor
He takes only a few minutes

Thursday, January 07, 2010

2012 a wake up call

Bright eyes sad smile
Looking at the sky
Will it shines when it matters most?
Of the day when life seems unsure

The changing star
The ancient says end of the world
A new direction a new dawn shall rise
We will see it coming
In this century

2012 a couple years away
The small fires cracking up walls
The books of scriptures
Torah, Bible and Quran

The people of the scriptures
Battling it out without knowing the truth
It is there in the Holy Books
Even names others try to muscle in

2012 a wake up call
Study the scriptures
On the final Holy Book
The last Messenger had written
Through the voices of Gabriel

Yet here we have loggerheads
About names and protests
There is One God through the ages
Believe it get our acts together
2012 a wake up call

tin dredge in tualang

National Heritage
Without money nothing will be saved
Leaving it in the open
The tin dredge will be buried
Deep in the hole where wealth once flew

Our cabinet high up in smoke
Filling their lungs and minds
How to make wealth quickly
You think they want to dirty hands and legs?

They know the end is near
The last song has played
When the crunch to make the right move
On 1Malaysia........the black knight falters

When there is no money to be made
The cabinet will not debate..........
Let nature take her toll
The tin dredge a piece of history
Where wealth once was created

In Kampar Tan Sri Hew See Thong
He is building a tin museum in New Town
He was a tin miner turned housing developer
So he wants to house his tin mining equipments
For the future generations to visit..................
At least he is trying to show the way

The tin dredge in Tualang
Maybe it will sink into its watery hole
Unless Tan Sri Hew wants to salvage its history
But then again he isn't building a big museum

Expect our ministers to do
They aren't reading about history
They want to write own stories
On food and cheap broadbands
It's cool in 3rd world mentality

the jet engines

A low ranking officer
He took out the jet engines
A sergeant at the base
Alone he is charged

Amongst all the Air Force personnel
One low ranking officer could cart away
Two jet engines out of the base
Who was sleeping on his job?
The base commander why escape?

Outsider is a company director
Involving with stealing the jet engines
It still begs the question...........
Who gave the order?

The deja vu spins
Involving the black knight
In 2007 theft only in the news in 2009
Covering it up until it came out

Many questions arise
No low ranking officer
Allowing to ship out
The jet engines without authorisation
What AG is saying............
We aren't fools in kindergarten

maid on fire

Maid on fire
Burning a house
Escaping to the city
She thinks she could

Neighbours managed
Putting out the fire
She is caught
A bus to the city

Underaged girl
False age declaration
The employer gets a shock
Treating her like a daughter

Now in police custody
She will be charged
Maid on fire
Now life will be behind bars
For quite a while

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

the bully in uniform

The bully in uniform
Working for the political master
Running the victims down
Don't let them say
The truth or simply the truth

Let create a diversion
Delay the probe breathing space needed
Police report lodged
Citing irrelevant reasoning

What's more in store?
The bully knows wrong
There is no way to hide
Only delaying tactics
Thinking ways to hide the facts

The bully in uniform
Rule of law simply put aside
Muscle in to intimidate
Thinking the victims will cooperate

4 wives not enough

A man married with 4 wives
He should be happy counting his blessing
On his journey of marital bliss
Four women he should be amply satisfied

Yet he isn't
Aged 54 years old he sleeps around
The 4th wife keeps tabs
Counting at least 10 other women
The man had slept

Now in the court
The man doesn't appear
Maybe he has others in his mind
Let his lawyer go bargaining

The lust of men
Marrying many yet unfulfilled
What wrong with these guys?
4 women married with a man
Yet he chases other women
As if he is still a single hormone charging bull
The women's field his domain to lust around?

yesteryear gone

Yesteryear gone
I didn't score big; I didn't get small
I just enjoyed my time
Watering the ground breathing breeze

The green around
The air will make surround
Flooding into the house
The healthy signs the darling of the glow

Yesteryear gone
Memories good and sad
It enriches my life journey
As I take on the next assignment

A new page to write
A new journey to explore
Yesteryear gone
Memories good and sad
As I start again
The journey of my life

the new kids

The new kids on the block
The new lights a new beginning
The change one has to go
The sacrifices all for a good cause

Time and the crazy demanding ones
Energetic full of playful smiles and cries
The eyes watching every move
You think you know all about it
Then you are back to square one finally

Sitting and watching
The demanding times of a day
It is worst than working.....
Here you don't get a break!

Yet the efforts and sacrifices
It will make all seem worth the prize
Giving them a world to see...........
Listening to the talk no order in sequences

The busybodies they think they know
Every new kid has a new form to write
A new page to learn every day
It isn't the same; DNA different in every way

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

there is One God

There is One God
Every religious person knows
The Earth, Planets and Heavens
He is the One Now And Everywhere

God has many names
God wants the children to play
On the chess board God sits and moves
Always the Planner the children go
Seeking fortunes and paradise

Along the way God throws in spices
Blowing it hot and summer time
The children fight for a good time
Finally they forget what they must do

In twilight sunsets
The children talk and pray
Suddenly they remember
Every race every colour
They are the same breed
For they must learn share skills and ideas
Sharing common ground to survive
Walking the gates to paradise

What in God name fighting about?
God smile thundering light in the sky
“I have many names children
Call me any one of them
You have no patent right
I am the One always will be
For you are the sheep
I am the owner I keep you all
For free in my World”

There is One God
We should know the truth
The names are many
Share it find our ways back to heavens
We have no patent right to God names

dont be afraid

Dont be afraid
Hiding it away
The blue mark
The system weak

Don't be afraid
Visit the friendly doctor
He will have answer
Listen and get proper medications

It is no use hiding
Every one is afraid
Of finding out the truth
It is there already
The blue mark
It says it loud and clear

So don't be afraid
Life many more to enrich
Now tackle the present one
Look to the future
It lies what you do today

rank and file

Engines costing millions
It can't just walk out from the store
The higher rank officials must be involved
Else engines worth millions can't ship out

Blaming the rank and file
It isn't solving a case
These people just carry out orders
When documents are duly executed

AG and Police
Don't put blame
Look into the higher ups
There you will find the culprits

Rank and file
They can't pass the gate
They have no authority
The sentry will not allow it

Now who's to blame?
Millions gone how many more?
Many loopholes covering it up
It's time to change

dont ignore sickness

It comes with warning signs
It doesn't come in silence
It wants you to take precautionary measures

When you realize there is a wrong
You shouldn't postpone citing nothing serious
It always starts from small doses
Letting you know be on the alert
Go for medical check-up
The small step will make a huge difference
Of life happiness watching many sunsets

Many people getting on with years
Eating habits lack of exercises
It only takes 5 minutes of your time
It makes a world of difference
Living to a healthy life
And growing gracefully aged
Like a good wine tastingbetter
After years in storage...........

Learn the good habits
Fruits, greens and water
Enough exercise keeping you healthy
Go for medical check-ups
When you show signs of impending sickness

life wishes

Life wishes come and go
Along the path you walk and take
What opportunities big and small
Do your best as you take it

It is still held true
Don't be choosy
You will miss it
You never know
What plan lies ahead

A circle will come
In it you have to go find out
Missing it your turn will wait
A round trip it may take some time

Get the experience
Along the line of the circle
When opportunity comes
You are there nothing else

So remember
Life wishes come and go
Yesterday today and tomorrow
What plan lies ahead
You will never know

molly will wait at the door

The back to normal routines
The short holidays cruising to a close
Families going away once more
Leaving goodbyes will come again

Molly lying on the floor
Sadness seem the way she shows
Pretending not to know why
Once so many people
She could play along

Now the silence fall
On the house once busy with voices
One after another driving away
Leaving the door Molly tears
She can't understand why
Only there will be no friends to play around

Molly the pet dog
Ears pick up hearing doors close
Knowing people going away
When will they return?
Wait for the holidays

Molly has seen it all
The voices all come to close
When she wakes the next morning
She will listen to the silence
Once more she waits at the door