Thursday, March 31, 2011

little people your day is now

Little people
You should dance your tune
You don't have to get coward
In this world you have to make it

You may think of giants
Walking on the streets
One kick or a shout
You will fly into oblivion

But think about it
Every one has his day
Little people your day is now
There is no other chance

The open gate of freedom
It is in your hands to decide
Walk the bridge though you may fear
Little people your day is now

the right game for the right cause

The rumbles on the dark corridor
The shadows keep flying round and round
Putting up a friendly face to hide the truth
Even report card writing by itself

It makes the shadow feeling good
The programs planned and executed
The people asking where did it go?
The cronies laughing walking into banks

Now the streets of mamak stalls
The rumbles on the dark corridor
The young ones clasp their “teh tarik”
“Where will we be to the future?”

The future lies in their hands
The young ones must decide
They shouldn't keep quiet
The future lies with them

The rumbles on the dark corridor
The shadows keep flying round and round
Offering bribes and projects on the ground
“It isn't wrong in election”

You hear the rumbles on and on
The young ones should wise up and play
The right game for the right cause
Else your future will be taken away

change will move

Change will move
The barrier in one's character
It's nothing to do with cheap thrills
Unless one doesn't want a change

The Land of the Hornbills
Enough of plundering of minds and souls
The wings to fly out of the box
The Sarawakians must decide

Do they want change?
Do they want hope for a better future?
Do they want to be modern slaves?
We will wait for the day of recognition

Sarawakians shouldn't live for the cheap thrills
The decades they had with peanuts in boxes
It's time to think for a better future
Get the change then the fall will take place

how low you will sink?

Datuk Trio
You sunk so low in your life
Peddling pornography in politics
You thought you wanted to gain notice

Honored titles should lead
In your case as well as others in your ship
You row of filth into your backyards
Unbecoming of leaders in your faith

The laws must be used
There shouldn't be double standards
Maybe you think you would
Be with the ruling elites

Datuk Trio
You have sunk so low
In the eyes of the country's population
Only your kind thought you did it right!

The game of gutter politics
How low you will sink for putting your mark?
In the eyes of the people
You are a disgrace!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

land of the hornbills

Land of the Hornbills

Land of the Hornbills
Lived under the dark of clouds
The misty white mist in your eyes
Do you see your land and wealth disappear?

The ancestors land changed hands
Living there for ages yet it is taken away
Will it come to haunt the land of ages?
You have to put it right; it's the time

Land of the Hornbills
The largest State in the country
Light the beacon of hope
For yourself and the nation

Go make the change
Change the government quickly
Before you lose everything
Land and wealth the riches you deserve

Do not be fooled
By small tokens and money
Of promises only in elections
Else you are forgotten

Land of the Hornbills
Change the record on the turntable
You owe it to yourself and nation
Let us see you light the beacon of hope

let a new kid take the challenge

It's so sad
The ameeno and partners spin
The make good feeling
Only themselves do

The majority will live
The way they have been
For the decades under their rule
These people haven't learned

Nasi taxi spinning
The goods offered in by elections
It isn't corruption though it would be given
When there is no by election nothing happens

The macc just allegedly has no tooth
It sits in the high rise building plotting on the opposition
Why don't they go after the ameeno leaders?
They know the reasons in the grave vine

EC can't move
Without the green light from the top
The top the same boat
Hungry for power to plot his stay

Now one of the members of parliament
Degrading the women driving habits
In Parliament what he did is wrong
Doesn't he need the women support?

On top of it all
They gave their own report card
GTP they screamed they were successful
To whom the bell toll my friends

People you have to decide
Which way the future of the nation
Enough of crafted lies and spinning
Corruption and greed the hallmark of our times

Come GE13 make the change
Let a new kid take the challenge
The country needs the vitality to grow
So let us make it true!

a moment of life

The morning sunshine
The glorious rays of light
It brings new hope for many
As the day brings to every breath

Yesterday storm
Nature sent her spies
On the roads to collect data
What the tenants did on land and sea

The predators attack
Leaving no survival to tell
On animals and other creatures
In the jungle roaring with delight

On the roads we see
The drivers race
Pushing the machines
They think they can fly

Yesterday the little birdies died
Leaving a vacuum of sound bytes
This morning the parenting birds
With food no birdies to chirp by

A moment of life
Live it to the hilt of time
You may not know tomorrow
The pages can turn a note send

know that lottery isn't a life

Lottery the game
Of the past time to dreams
Without money to indulge in it
The millions just smiling away

Luck and fate
The draws of life adventures
It makes the day a purpose and a beggar
Know the rules of the game

Dreams are made in instant
Knowing your luck believing in it
For a wager to dream
Don't dream without betting

Some will say it is bad
The social stigma of wasting money
The hard earned cash down the hollow
It's the dream that drives the force

Know the rules of the game
Know what you can spend
Know what you can do
Know that lottery isn't a life

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the last birdie farewell

The last little birdie
The whole day I saw
Sitting quietly closing eyes
I thought it could survive

The parenting birds came
Brought food to feed
In the morning the little one could
Towards afternoon it gave up

It seemed to know its fate
Willing it to go quickly....
The father bird seemed to recognize it
The food it rejected as it was fed

The tweeting loudly
The father bird flew away
I watched the little birdie
Hopping for a while I thought it would live

Around 7.05pm it died
I was popping the floor
I went to take it out from the cage
It looked at me the last time

So I buried it
Near yesterday 2 little birdies died
I saw the stray kitten in the afternoon
I chased the kitten away

nature inflicted with fury

Pray for Japan
Over 10,000 dead souls
Of the recent earthquake and tsunami
There was no second chance

The waves of anger
Nature inflicted with fury
From the sea swept to the land
Under the belly the cracks swallowing up

Pray for Japan
The tragedy of lost lives and properties
Taking its toll on the people
The future takes a dive

Now with radiation contamination
On food, crops and water.........
The second wave of inflicting pain and sorrow
Of Nature we mustn't forget

Pray for Japan
The tragedy will bring hope and renewal
As the people join together to rebuild
What were lost by Nature's anger

silence in the cage

The chirping sound silence
In the morning with the sun
The little birdie closing its eyes
The shock nearly got into its life

There is no cheerful chirping
Nothing to hear to know its alive
The parenting birds have a hard time
They try to feed sometimes successful

The chirping sound silence
In the garden of yesterday tragedy
A stray cat came to take the birdies
The smell of lost souls the birdies gone

Now one sitting alone
Closing eyes shivering with fright
Of yesterday dream hard to forget
Alone never wants to see the light

pas hold your horses

PAS hold your horses
Put it in the stable
Groom it up properly
Before you let it parade

Learn the law
Learn the culture
The Federal Law over rides State Law
Don't you know in your administration?

Now see what you have done
In the spirit of coalition in Pakatan
You have to abide the consensus
You can't move it alone

Why waste unnecessary bullets?
Why waste time trying to explain?
Learn the Federal Law.........
It is the Supreme Law of the nation

The state secretary could be wrong
Interpreting law of the State........
He has to read with the Federal Law
Before he lets out his own interpretation

PAS hold your horses
See what you have done
One silly stroke of religious fervor
You lost much goodwill with the people

the lost paradise


The Lost Paradise
We dream through the ages
Once it is gone
It isn't easy to get into it

Adam and Eve
Forgot the rules; they disobeyed
Down the spiral of life and death
Ever since people suffering in dreams

The honey coated words
The way it was cajoled
Eve fell so Adam too
Into the void of disgrace

Many prophets came
Painting the streets of wisdom
Yet it is hard to work on it
It's the Lost Paradise

The way of human lives
It is the dark and light
It was sealed in Lost Paradise
It isn't easy to get on track

Monday, March 28, 2011

the small birdies gone

In the night
When I was out for dinner
Started the car out of the house
The small birdies chirping loudly

The strong wind blowing
Putting its mark on very branch and leave
I rolled out with easy of mind
On to the new town

The whirring wind whisper
I never listen to its call
Life rolling on
The crowd of many college students

The echo of conversation
I couldn't pick out the words
The animation of the crowd
The nerd amongst themselves

Back to the house
Parked the car gone to look
The bird cage fell
I knew the worst

One little birdie's head
In between the plastic rods
It was alive living in shock
Two more disappeared

I thought they could fly away
Using torch light to search
A short distance one died
The claw mark on its abdomen

Ants already came
The poor little died horribly
One torch light shone
The other dead without its head

It was a sad night
The little birdies grown up nicely
I suspected a stray cat came
Knocked off the bird's cage hanging high

Now one is still breathing
For tomorrow alone it will be
For the night has its torturing cry
No more its kind to chirp away

the dark cave

dark cave

In the dark corner
Where light can't be seen
The dark shadows of life
It rekindles the fear of the eyes

The stories of evil
The worshipers of Satan
Burning black candles
Calling out his name

The dark religion
Through history it is worshiped
Until the dawn of heavenly light
For now it will be by word of mouth

The dark cave of silence
On a lonely night of midnight
The activities of wayward worshipers
Black candles burning calling his name

The wayward lives
Some will have to live
It has already been told
The stories of black night

the cave

Blue Cave from Dark Cave

By pippagill
Blue Cave from Dark Cave

The water flow
In the dark cave
The marks it makes
Cold and silence

The soft breezes
Singing echo hear
The silence grips into
Forces of evil; forces of light

It's the life
Nature paint dark and bright
On which way she wants to tell
The stories lurking in the dark cave

The ripples flow
The patterns on the water
Nature paint her canvass
The dark and light dancer

Mesmerizing sight for the eyes
The nature wonderful gifts
Cold and silence drag the sight
Nature paint her life

it's only through change


The pot of gold
The shining glow in the dark sky
You see it; you want it
Yet you can't take

It's the river
The man made manipulations
There's no way to row
No permission no bridge to cross

You see the dark shadows
Eyes of green lust of souls
Wings of greed and corruption
You want to go; you pay toll

They don't promise you
The pot of gold you think you see
Sparkling rays of golden lights
In the darkness fall you see the golden colors

One vision of lies
It never really belongs to you
Sharing it is out of your reach
The leprechauns hold it greedily

It's only through change
Where life can be free
The pursuits of wants and happiness
It's our duty to make it happens

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the old houses at kampar old town 4

kampar old town neglected homes by e.ttan

The old houses at Kampar old town
Rows and rows of the wooden planks homes
Finally it was taken down planks and wooden pillars
Leaving the vacuum of once of its heyday of tin mining

For nearly hundred years it stood
The generations passed and moved away
Now the footprints all gone with the disappearing old homes
It stays only in those memories and in movie

The old houses at Kampar old town
The contractor and his workers came to pull down
Now it is covered up with zinc sheets
The day of new development will come

The old must always give up for the young
The cycle of life and nature and things
Likewise we have seen the fabric of life
There is nothing to feel sad or sorry

The footprints will sing in echo
For those people who once lived there
The wings of their memories will live
The old houses at Kampar old town

no matter what you do


No matter what you do
You can't escape the lies
You can't run away with gossips
You can't control the enemies

They will keep on running
You wish you can live far away
On a remotest island living free
Counting the seagulls flapping wings

The mad dogs and cats in our society
They will keep on running to put their marks
On the streets; on open fields and in the gardens
You can't chase them away even if you try

No matter what you do
Money will buy for the corrupted souls
Putting up play cards and demonstrations
They are just the paid running dogs and cats

In public life there is no escape
Every detail will be scrutinize
NO matter what you do
Even counting seagulls flapping wings

we dont owe you anything

people power

The black knight wants power
He can't sleep without it
He struggles to run his way
He knows he can't have

Now he walks in his black corridor
With the night breezes calling him a fool
The shadows of pillars growing bigger
He seems to grow small with it

He stares at the shadows
The pillars shove him its middle finger
“We don't owe you anything
You owe us by our protection”

He walks quickly
Dreaming the power he wants
Forever into his hands and cronies
The moment of history

The wings of souls
The crying of anguish and despair
The double standards in administration
The lines crack wide open

He trembles with fear
In his eyes he sees it all
His huge heavy baggage
He carries with drooping shoulders

Now he spells it out his desires
He wants the power
He can't sleep withoout it
He harbors with his open arms

It has to happen
And he knows it too well
The ground is cracking up
Only his party leaders still dreaming

Saturday, March 26, 2011

remembering the day

By sys71
mother earth

Remembering the day
When life was easy
It didn't have so many rules
Living like the breezes

Remembering the day
The souls were free
The wings to fly
When life was easy

Now the pitfalls
The rules and its games
Lives catch up with money
Wealth; status and greed

Lies, deceits and corruptions
The fall of humans burying it deeply
Remembering the day
When life was easy

remember mother earth

mother earth

mother earth

We live for money
We live for food and shelter
We live for sex and affairs
We live to make lies and greed

Every move on the street
You see the faces of dreaming
The hide and seek facade
The things they want to do

The bond to the Earth
It is pushed back to the back hole
Nobody cares to take a look
There is no money to hook

The back doors seem worth it
They say how good to make
We live for money
We live to make lies and greed

The old good ways
It seems gone for ages
You don't find the manners
You only see and read the bad

We live for money
We live for food and shelter
We live for sex and affairs
We never think of Mother Earth

Now the canes swing
The wrecks of havoc reign
The wings of souls crying
Repent; repent; repent!

the monkeys

The fishing line in the river
The fisherman waits for so long
The morning sun till the sunset
He sits and smokes his pipe

He listens to nature wonders
Alone on his fishing boat.....
The magical flow to his eyes
The ripples pattern drawing him near

The monkeys hopping tree to tree
They make fun at his stupidity
“Don't you know there is no fish here?
The water is dead decades of decay”

The fisherman smokes his pipe
Blowing holy smoke to the sky
He listens to the monkeys cry
“You are stupid receiving lies!”

When light finally dim
He decides he has to go
The fishing rod he takes it back
On his fishing boat

The monkeys sit nearby branches
Waving to him and saying goodbye
“Don't take peanuts for your living
Don't be like us we beg for it”

the cry in the darkness

A Cry In The Darkness

The cry in the darkness
The sorrow and pain flow
The eyes of red the souls bare
What will take it to change?

Hear you; hear me
There's a storm coming our way
The cry in the darkness
For all we know

The minutes take so long
The change the country needs
Forget about the promises
It is our money don't you know?

The cry in the darkness
The sorrow and pain flow
What will take it to change?
The minutes take so long

Friday, March 25, 2011

the black knight lives in the black hill

For all we know
They want to let us go
The different places we can pursue
Telling us how nice to stay away

The black knight lives in the black hill
The dark angels will do his bidding
They spread their wings far and wide
They knock you down without mercy

Fear of losing the power
The wings of greed and corruption
The black angels go out to entice
The gullible leaders to fall into the hole

For all we know
They sing good praises to The Lord
How benevolent he is to all
Behind back door there's no light shining

It's the black angels roaming
They knock you down without mercy
The wings of greed and corruption
They want you to take it then stay away

up to the black mountain

The double standards crushing democracy
The way the law bends to accommodate
The purveyors of filth seem to be free
There is no hurry to charge them

The law is clearly passed
Why should authority wait for green light?
They had committed it in public viewing
They knew what they were doing

It is the alleged plot
Up to the black mountain
The sharp branches bending low
Whirring echo catching the wayward

The outsources party
People know what they are told
The authority turning one eye
Allowing space for them to brew

The poison cauldron of bubbling potion
It smells so bad people already know
Up to the black mountain the congregation formed
The black smoke rising the chanting begin in earnest

The double standards crushing democracy
The law of the land they bend it to suit them
Leaving the people with sour taste
We have no choice but to change for good

light up the imagination

SouthEast Woman
SouthEast Woman

Woman you make the world seems so good
Night and day you make it sparkles true
The way the world needs a woman touches
You know the roles light up a life

We don't have to live through
The agony of war and hate
The people throw deceptions and lies
Woman you make the world seems so good

Woman you don't have to play second best
You know your rights live it up to the hilt
What the world need is your feminine touches
Then the fire and passion flow the people rejoices

The hot ground the fire glow
It seems it can't be turned around
Woman you make the world seems so good
You know the roles light up a life

living in the city

kl old city

Living in the city
You see the lights
The neon dreaming ways
You can't be alone
You know it's true
Every day you walk by
Stopping at the stalls

You live the routines
The days and nights something different
As you walk back to your apartment
Living in the city
You think life is worth it
Everyday you walk by
Stopping at the stalls

People smile at you
You know that look
Thinking of something else
Living in the city
You know that's true
Everyday you walk by
Stopping at the stalls

You watch the familiar faces
You know they have no where else to go
You know that look
Living in the city
You think life is worth it
Everyday you walk by
Stopping at the stalls

Thursday, March 24, 2011

one man dilemma

One man dilemma
He never finds the ending
Every day his enemies plot
One case after another

The enemies using perception
Telling their make up stories
Actors and actresses to play
The game of deception

One man dilemma
He is hanging there
The support of his wife and family
They are the part of his backbone

No doubt he had it coming
He may have played his game
When he was part of the team
Now they came to haunt him

He had paid his due
Of the sins he may have done
The highest stake in politics
He knows he can't back down

One man dilemma
The gang of thieves in 40 big pots
One after another came to tell
The stories of 1001 nights

wings of soul

Psalm 57:1

Wings of soul
It wants to get free
Every breathe it takes
It shouldn't be chained

The air it breathes
The caressing touches bring
Wings of soul
It takes flight freely

On the ground it sees
Up in the air feeling the breezes
Whirring magical songs to the ears
Wings of soul it cries for freedom

Let the darkness disappear
Let it not be its daily routine
Wings of soul
It takes flight freely

will darkness ever rule Malaysia?

Darkness Ablaze - Shadowreign

By shadowman822
Darkness Ablaze - Shadowreign

Will the darkness ever rule?
The country called Malaysia
Many want to live in peace
Many want to drag them down

It's the spiral staircase
It goes winding to the loft
What they say we never hear
The political devils hide in the shadows

The draconian laws greasing for the devils
They sing so many praises feeding us peanuts
Every time there is a by election looms
The trade off publicly offered

Why don't they work it out?
The 5 year plan for every one?
We all know in advance what's in for us
No Sir they covered it up for themselves

Will the darkness ever rule?
The country called Malaysia
Unless we allow it to happen
We never participate our rights

We want change
We better come together
We can't allow it to go on
Feeding us with peanuts

the gutter politics

The gutter politics
It never stops ringing
“Hear this! Hear this!
Somebody falling from grace”

It takes a devil
To catch another
This is what coming into
The game of character assassination

The economy rudderless
Maybe floating on the sea
When Japan in mourning
When Middle East bombing and crying

Here it is gutter politics
All because of one man
The ameeno wants to put him away
For a very long time

And we see the alleged paid demonstrators
Silly joke asking for Royal Commission of Inquiry
On a person private affairs and tastes
This is gutter politics

The police shouldn't wait
Catch the conspirators already identified
Why wait so long for ameeno to call?
Showing to public wrong in law and morality

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sex and fools

Sex and fools
We have been and party into it
This is a private affair
Nothing to do with country's administration

What got to do with a man's taste?
He can have his side menu all he wants
As long as he can manage the country's wealth
Without dipping his hands dirty with power in his pocket

The country needs leaders of abilities
With brains to marshal for economic reforms
Give the meaning to accountability and equality
In running the affairs of the country

Some still like the current leaders
Allegedly milking the country's wealth
Look at them with their excessive life styles
With their income they can't afford it

Pakatan has many leaders to helm the country
It isn't on one man's mission to save the lot of us
The future of this country depends on the voters
To be free or to be chained feeding on peanuts

Sex and fools
We thought we are the smart lot
The leaders allegedly conned us of billions
Yet we are talking and screaming about sex tapes

cross them out

There is no way but out
Let the united people cross them
Let them squat in the hot sun
Maybe they will learn how hard to survive

We have made our mistakes
Putting these representatives high
For the decades they take us for rides
We were so blinded now we knew

We shouldn't be fooled again
The rampant alleged corruptions in the systems
The political leaders enriched through cronies
It looks legal no case to argue

The watch dog turning one eye blind
How they could amass wealth in a short time
They don't give any explanation
They know they can escape from the arm of the law

We have a chance to make it
We can't allow this to carrying on
No more silly slogan enticing projects
Let we change the government for our future

If we don't change the government
We will be facing the country's bankruptcy
As our huge debts keep piling up to hundreds of billions
So we mustn't be blinded enough of double standards

the smooth operators

By Kuro-kasai

The smooth operators
They take you for rides
Into sunset they promise
They just want your money

The tigers on the prowl
Searching for the lonely women
They make you believe everything they say
Even the moon they say it is the sun

The smooth operators
They scam they pull away
They promise every sweet word
Words bring you to your fall

The smooth operators
They take you for rides
Watch your step before you tumble
They just want your money and hide

what's there to say?

By adam7519

The flesh trade
In the day in the night
There goes the money
There goes the rounds

The syndicate claws
Sharpening tools of the trade
The bad hats controlling it
Under table money

The runners live
The quick money for easy work
Just handle phone calls
What's there to say?

In hotels and back alleys
Depending on the category
Pay good money the best they are
It's money talk nothing else matters

The lives move in the city
The flow of clandestine deals
The traffic jams of the trade
What's there to say?

The older and young guys need to feel alive
The women of the night will do it for money
Nothing else matters only the honey
Sinking into the deep pockets

Now the spying work
Don't fall for the entrapment
They have the fixed rooms
Spy cameras installed to get the victims

You still get through
You never know what come in your mail
The video streaming of your sexual services
The blackmail begins to cause nightmares

The world of Matahari
It becomes the entrapment for many
Know what you are seeking
What's there to say?

The lambs will be slaughtered
Thinking it is just a one night game
The women of the night who arrive
They have different game plan in mind

Now it isn't just the money
They want to milk you dry
The young studs they leave them
Maybe wait until they become somebody

The older guys better watch out
The money pay services can turn into hell
The women you seek to have some fun
They make make you miserable in time

Maybe you don't realize
In the heat of sexual climb
The spy cameras recording every move
You are on camera awaiting trial

So it is better to stay
Learn the age old grace
Why hunger for the young?
When you had it done

Each of us have a time
We will pass through
Don't carry the extra baggage
It isn't good to show

Maybe some will not believe it
In the room where events happen
You don't want to live to realize the trauma
When the video streaming tape comes in the mail

Don't do it you know it is wrong
Learn to accept the old age grace
You have nothing to prove at all
You have your time now pass the baton

What's there to say?
When you bite one you can't escape
You will feel the minute cuts coming your way
Learn it before you surrender your tranquility

But I forget
The fresh trade
We can't escape
It's the oldest profession

You know them
The women earning their living
Like any job you find in the market
They want to survive

They have agents
We called them pimps
Some under the control
Of the underworld kingpins

The flesh trade
Money will buy
The services you can't find
With your girlfriends and wives

Otherwise how the women progress
Living on the hungry people erotic desires
The women of the night they know
The packaging services make them glow

If you think about it
Somewhere quiet to contemplate
You know you can have it
With your girlfriends and wives

The flesh trade
The downfall of an empire
The structure of a family
The sorrow and pain in a relationship

Now don't think it will go
The flesh trade will flourish
In time of troubles there is Mary
Talk to her you may be free