Sunday, November 30, 2014

the old malays i knew

The old Malays I knew
Way back in my village years
They were the helpful lot
Sometimes I could get free food

The village of my life
The children played together
We didn't sing about race
We knew we stayed in the village

What have gone wrong now?
Amno old could string the races together
Living in those years sharing stories
After May 13 the life of the nation shattered

The race erosion walked in
With fear and division cropped up
Dividing the races through ineffective policies
In the long run we saw the cracks of unity

Amno baru leaders
They thought about their own race
They see others as threats to their survival
They paint the bad canvass for their kind to see

They forget we all Malaysians
Under the sun under the moon
On the ground we walk and die
We share the same destiny

Village of my time
Races lived in harmony
The children did mix around
We didn't see anything wrong then

it's age catching up

It's age catching up
The lazy bones work extra hard
You can't take it easy
There is no way it allows you to do

The signs spring many surprises
As you take your day by day
Sometimes you feel good of it
Sometimes you feel bad in the bones

It's age catching up
You can't hide it away
It follows you day and night
It never wants to go

The signs keeping showing up
Putting flags on your mind
The sign of age catching
It is to enjoy the life

the nation belongs to all races

Amno baru Malays
What is there to say?
You all so blind
Bashing other races
You think you have the right

Look in the mirror
Tell us what you see?
You don't see your face
You see us as well.....

This nation belongs to all races
Who live and toil the land
Paying our taxes for the country
Amno baru doesn't pay you a sen

What you have in your pockets
It is through public funding
It is the people you should show respect
They are the ones who make it happens

Amno baru Malays
Be kind to your souls
Don't let Allah put you in vellfire
It is a compact life you don't find freedom

the frogs

The frogs keep jumping
On the lotus leaf to another
Sounding its call of its race
Others can go away

They stay among themselves
Waiting for the insects to fly by
Together with their long tongues
One hit the insects gone in seconds

The frogs can't keep its promises
They don't stay in one place for long
As long as there are insects to be found
They will stay just a bit longer

When they see an alien face
The frogs will jump and hide away
It is something the frogs never wanted to share
They live among themselves rain or shine

our destiny our game

The waterfall gushing down
On the hilly slope down to the plain
It isn't the clean clear water
It is the coloured sign of sin

The political leaders in Amno baru
You can shade the colour you can hide it
The end result the sins of the water
Nature shows it for all to see

Who are your enemies?
You try to deflect it to the other races
The bogeymen in your ancient mind
You tell it so often in many general assemblies

Don't you think it has become stale news?
There is nothing new coming out in your agenda
The country's economy and poverty rings
You don't discuss and plan it ahead

Amno baru marching
Into the wall it has built
Within it lies the stale smell
Of the sins it has accumulated

It is better to look in the mirror
Be honest and say it out loud
The walls are crumbling down
The patch up work will not last

Our nation's history
isn't run by its 3 million members
They don't decide our destiny
It is time to look in the mirror

Saturday, November 29, 2014

in memory

The truth is
Death has to come
When and how nobody can tell
Sometimes it is no goodbye
It breaks hearts when it hits
Leaving the passing memories
Holding it in our heads
We will keep in memories
Our loved ones who passed away
Leaving us with their footprints
In our daily life we keep remembering
The lives they touched and wisdom shared

In heavens and paradise we pray
The departed souls will go and flourish
Leaving their earthly homes and friends
They will share a new world in God's land
They sing the new way of life
Watching us hoping we never fall
Learn all the good deeds in our lives

The truth is
We will never know
We will be buried deep underground
Burning ashes to ashes
Nothing to be seen or heard again
It is only our belief
In heavens and paradise we pray

the black and white bird

The black and white bird singing
On the palm tree looking everywhere
Under the cloudy sky of white and dark
The bird sings his sad song

He tries many times
The singing echo in the sky
No familiar returning tune
He is alone hopping around

Occasionally he picks up food
In the garden picking up insects and grasshoppers
Hopping with eyes wide angle coverage
The sharp eye and the food intake

If you ask him why?
My partner gets caught in Sedition
Going from house to house to catch food
The notice says no trespassers

Yet my partner flies in
Challenging the owner and his food
The cat gets angry so he is there since
In Sedition cage waiting her fate”

On the palm tree he sings
If you can help me
Chase away the cat
Let my partner go free”

When the lights dim
The black and white bird flies away
Singing his sad tune
My partner under Sedition”

the seat will have a new face

The darkness will arrive
There is no way out
The rule of the game will change
The seat will have a new face

The decades under abuses
Corruption and greed spread
Distortion in history books
Talking about race and race and race!

The religion flourishes
Yet the dark shadows rear its head
Finding bogeymen to take the fall
In the mirror the reflection of sins

The ranting of fear
It is about gravy train than about race
It is the wealth they can't forget
Losing in polls they can't sleep well

The end is nigh
Every year it is the same menu
Dishing out on the bogeymen
Why can't gentlemen's rules apply?

Friday, November 28, 2014

if you are lazy

If you are lazy
No matter what 'jihad' is used
You will still fall flat
You will still see stars

Over 57 years
One race keep harping on its needs
What were they doing all those decades?
Dreaming of the moon basking in her brightest lights?

For a start cut the umbilical cord
You will stumble get bruises and cry
But you will learn to stand firmly
Learn the way of how to make the grade

You will chase hard
Like the rest of the pack
If you want surge ahead
Enjoy your labour and wealth

Go by the sins
You will always fall
You can't beg all the times
It makes you weak

Learn to stand on your feet
It is better to learn and start now
The decades had gone into the drain
It is time to wake up and move it!

who are the serial killers?

3 dead bodies found
Floating on a river in Penang
The police still investigating
The serial killers sending signatures

In my mind now it stands
22 dead no arrest
It must be a poor record
The police must make arrest

It has sent shiver
The people in Penang
Who are the killers?
Cutting heads and bodies

This isn't an ordinary murder case
It has the full intention to kill
The serial killers never on the run
They stay put in Penang

What now men in blue?
Will you catch the serial killers?
Do you wait for more bodies piling up?
As you look for clues but find no where

It is fear making its round
The dead bodies giving no clues
Who are the serial killers?
Running free in Penang!

time to go

Amno baru
The party is falling
The free fall will come
When the losses hit the sign

The party leaders
They fall in love with Sedition
Giving excuses to protect religion and race
Sometimes royalty to serve its purpose

Amno baru is afraid
The glittering sight will be gone
The last ditch effort to stay in power
Learn from history you have your time

The ground is sinking
The movement of constant sinning
It can't take it anymore
It has to break away

Amno baru
Sedition Act will tie around your neck
With more bites to end your days quickly
Don't you see the sign in your eyes?

Amno baru
The time to fall is nigh
No matter what you want to do
Learn from history you have your time

the back door act

The man never learns
Sex in the back door
Learn how it is done
You don't go in like a kid

The anus has no lubrication
It isn't like the female's vagina
You need to lubricate it a lot
Before you even dream of trying

A wife runs away
When she can't take it anymore
Of her husband sexual preferences
Watching action on pornography actors

He forgot to learn
The action behide the scene
The preparation and tips
Before the camera shooting in

So she makes police report
File her divorce to her religious authority
For a year she tolerated it
The painful sodomy of her husband's lust

Many times she had gone to visit her doctor
Getting it treated of her misery
The man must be a brute
Without knowledge of anal sex

In the back door
Proper techniques must be used
Use a lot of lubrication
Go in slow let the ripples flow

Sex experts will advice
Anal sex understand it well
The couple must agree
Lubrication all the way

Now the husband under police investigation
Under penal code 377B of Colonial law
It is an offence to engage in it
A maximum jail term of 20 years and 10 strokes of the cane

Thursday, November 27, 2014

daughter of darkness

Daughter of darkness
You don't have to play
You have sinned it all
One race got your fall

Everything they see
It is their shadows they can't run
Every time you wake up
They follow you to hell

Daughter of darkness
You gave them the painted brush
They could comb it every where
You made them fallling in pit of sin

Now they stand in deeper hole
They can't see the right and wrong
They still sing your song
Daughter of darkness fall

In the web of shadows
Painting over their souls
They scream and beg
Nobody will hear

sedition act U turn

The Sedition Act
The bane in our society
Now it has to stay
The U turn by the prime minister

He promised to change it in 2012
He gave his assurance that the Act will be repealed
Now in Amno baru general assembly
He has no balls to make it right

The Colonial shadow still lingers on
In the minds of all the delegates
2,700 Amno baru delegates decide
The way of the nation!

Consult the other people
That he never willing to do
Cornered by his warlords
Cornered by his own heavy baggage

The Sedition Act smiles again
Once it lives in the dark room
Suddenly after ISA repealed
It comes out blasting its guns

GE14 that's will be the “OK Waterloo”
Amno baru will sink into the deep ocean
Else the majority has lost the game
The nation will cry in pain

the crown will be changed

Amno baru Malays
The fear of shadows
The fear of losing game
Now they hear whisper
The crown will be changed

Amno baru Malays
Speak for yourself
You don't represent other Malays
In Pas, PKR, DAP and independents
The crown will be changed

Afraid to lose
Creating fear once again
Amno baru Malays
The sins that you make
The crown will be changed

Amno baru Malays
The pathetic rhetoric
It brings you no grace
It is time you will be changed
The sins that you make

loneliness brings you down

It brings you down
You don't have to sit alone
Dreaming about the world

You shouldn't stay afraid
Living outside your safe cocoon
Interaction is good for your soul
The every day light and shine

But don't let loneliness
Let you lose your mind
The darkness will always stand nearby
Ever ready to pound on it

Don't let the vultures sing
All the good words and gifts
Taking away your soul
Leaving you with nothing

Go out and mix around
Life is an adventure and a memory
Let loneliness stay underground
Let the vultures bury with it

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

don't be fooled

The soap stories
Of how foreign women say
Putting it up on social media
Hoping to ensnare victims

The foreign men
They will promise the moon and stars
The lonely women will fall victims
Losing dignity and money

The local men
The eyes see of beautiful women
The heart pounding eager to help
Down the hole the nightmares begin

It is about money
They aren't taking of marriage
They aren't talking about love
It is just a trap to ensnare lonely people

So don't be fooled
Look locally for companionship
They are many lonely people
Waiting to set up family

the walk of time and place

When I am sixty five
Will I get a Valentine?
In the mail or in the web?
When my hair turn black from white?

I use to hop on planes
Unpacked my luggage look at the nights
Counting the stars wondering its shine
Thinking of the time I am sixty five

On the house facing the sea
I take my time to have a rest
Counting my blessing
God is kind in every way

With candles to blow
With birthday cake to say
It is my birthday
When I am sixty five”

The birthday rings
The loudest on this day
The stars will shine
The songs will make you smile

The Happy Birthday Choo
The wishes come through
Wine, cake and candles
And the walk of time and place

amno baru marketing strategy

Amno baru marketing strategy
We shouldn't believe what they say
When they want something else
They will polish up the good work

Now they say
They need the non-Malays to stay
Cultivating them into power
Is there anything new?

The non-Malays have known long go
Amno baru words aren't what they say
They will talk about race, religion and royalty
Do they bridge on Malaysians as a whole?

Don't forget we have their sub contractors
They will be the ones coming out with fire
Scorching the heat let us feel the unwelcoming attitude
What they care is the power to rule at all costs!

Amno baru leaders ranting
The non-Malays always watch and see
They know their antics afraid to lose power
It has to come the expiring date is done!

the police mapping out

The head in a black plastic bag
Two persons on a motorbike came
Threw it on ground at a coffee shop
They sped away into the dark night

This murder could be 19
The police still can't find the killers
On the hide in Penang
Police have no clues

Maybe it is the work of illegals
The police should round all up and interrogate
Find out from them any sources to prevent the gruesome killings
It brings a bad name to the nation

The killers are still free
Watching the police
The killing will come
As no clues can be found

It isn't the work of gangsters
It could be the work of militants
Sending a chill message to the police
We want to be caught but can you catch us?”

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the annual ghost stories

The annual ghost stories
Amno baru delegates will say
The web of faint shadows
They can't take it away

They always say
They are weak in many ways
They need protection
They need government funding

They keep singing
They can't let go of the benefits
Even 57 years of independence
They still want to fill up the basket

The forefathers agreed
It was for a short duration
It has been going on for decades
Harping on social contract

No documentary evidence exist
Of what is the social contract?
Nobody can find it
Only Amno baru singing

We are Malaysians
In this land of many opportunities
Why can't politicians wake up and see?
We aren't the enemies in our land

But Amno baru singing the classic song
We are moderates we are fair to all
We share the spoils of the land...
We give every one a fair deal”

The sub-contractors belting out rock and roll
Shaking the ground hitting the ceiling
Hitting hard on its drumbeats echoing in the waves
Every one listens crying out of the bad choice of association

Amno baru assembly
The shadows webbing it through
Capturing the souls telling them to behave
Talk like Malaysians not about a single race and benefits

the white paper on militants

The militants
They are here hiding
Living like ordinary persons
Walking and working like us

Out of the eye
The militants will try
Spreading the military tactics
Using human shields to do the dirty work

The police and military
They have to step up gear
The militants waiting time
Playing a game of hide and seek

Now a white paper to be presented
Telling about the militancy groups
It had already happened in Sabah
The militants came and died

The militants find the loopholes
The police spending time catching opposition
Chasing after student leaders in universities
Looking for those under Sedition

Even the crooks are thumbing up noses
Telling the police to chase after them
The police should concentrate on these groups
Let the politicians argue among themselves

The government through police and army
They have to score points on the militants
Don't allow them to roam freely
This nation doesn't support terrorists

those were the years

The natural pose
Those were the years
The young boys and girls
The photographer captured in memory

Well..Peter wanted to take all
Standing at the middle and looked
The natural reaction looking into the len
The children of those times decades ago

He was a bigger size
Showing his frame puffed it up
In the eye of the len
The girls giggled he was a sweet pie

The natural way
The girls and boys behaved
Those were the years
Where are they now?

don't bury the head in the sand

A leader can't get high
He buries his head in the sand
Digging it deeper hiding his face
He thinks people will forget

The web of faint shadows
Hitting on his head
He doesn't want to hear
The windy breezes calling him

The songs of bigots and extremists
They sing of one race one destination
All other races aren't in the loop
They want to party in one race basket

The claws of corruption and greed
The work ethics a slow time to grind
Letters of complaint take a long time
Sometimes they don't bother with it

Like the public toilets
A public disgrace in our lives
How to promote our country
When the basics we fail so bad

So the leader hides
The advisors hang around the dug out
Have they all gone?”
They are waiting for your call”