Tuesday, December 31, 2013

put a smile on our faces

Put a smile on our faces
I guess it will not come our way
We have lived through the unfairness
The little napoleons ring in the court

Put a smile on our faces
There are many questions in our minds
We have to keep our minds in control
The foolish statements we hear so often

Put a smile on our faces
We have tried and we have lived it through
The wind of change we hope
It hasn't arrived on our shores

Put a smile on our faces
The guitar chords of the melodies
The tempo rising in our minds
There must be a way out in the end

Put a smile on our faces
The rhythm of our movements
Somehow we will come together
The common goal we have in our minds

the year comes to an end

Finally the year comes to an end
The year of many footprints for many
The stories of lies and bad intentions
The Pied Piper songs filtered into our minds

The wastage of public funds
The silly excuses aired in the press
The admission of truth was so far out
Jet here jet there cost cutting a sorry affair

The illegal capital flight
Hundred of billions gone out country
The whisper of the wind
No denying that it had happened

The shape of the economy
The painted face of colours
The rural folks may not realize
Cash handouts they sold their votes

The ruling elites drove branded cars
The rural folks bicycles or motorbikes
They didn't see the difference
They thought they got a good bargain

The city folks made the huge cry
With feelings of angry eyes and minds
The wastage of public funding
The rampant leakages without a care

The unfair policies and practices
The silly slogans and many committees
The never ending possibilities
Nurturing just for a race

The story of our diversity and history
It seems to be put aside on the side road
This is the bridge to instill peace and harmony
We have to remember how this nation was formed

Tomorrow a new page to write
Thinking of the fairer deals in our lives
The just society and peaceful living
The wishes of many in a land of plenty

let us enjoy our diversity and history

The faith is wanting
The cry in the dark
Afraid to engage
The meaningful discourse

The confidence of a faith
The blind sees better after all
These groups of small fanatics
They should open the holy books

They behave in low faith
God has given us the prophets
They had come the job done
God doesn't need any help

The inferior faith
The work of the weak mind
Every religion has one Creator
Where is the line drawn?

The Constitution says plainly
Every religion is free to move
No law should impede one's religion
As freedom of religion enshrines in our Constitution

Why it is so hard to accept?
The way of our lives of many colours
Let us enjoy our diversity and history
The bridge to our lasting unity

Monday, December 30, 2013

the lights in the darkness

The dark shadows move
Afraid of the light in the day
They can't stand the heat
They will cry losing confidence

When the torch lights shine
They find the glow too much to hide
They will say the defeatist way
If you don't like me you can leave”

The torch lights just flicker
Glowing its ray of lights far and wide
What did you say?
You must have something to hide!”

The dark shadows move deeper
Into the woods to hide themselves
We don't like your lights
You take away our privacy”

The lights have nothing to lose
It blasts its ray of golden beam
Into the darkness to spread its light
The way of the good of transparency

where is the cheese?

The rats carted the cheese
On the table where nobody sees
With a quick movement it is gone
Into the fixed deposit holes

The cat meows in the hallway
It can't see how it happens
The cat moves around waiting near the hole
Eyes never want to miss it all

The cheese is gone
How did it happen?
The cat has no idea
It was so quick in its eyes

The owner returns
Shouting out loud
Where is my cheese?
Where is my cheese?”

The cat hides near the corner
Pretending to fall asleep
It has failed its duty
Allowing the rats to steal the cheese

spare me a little

Spare me a little
Don't take it all away
Working so hard for a living
Paying my taxes yet I am feeling the heat

Don't you spare me a little?
For me to live my existence
In the nation of rising costs
Working so hard who is to gain?

The ministers never walk the streets
They are afraid to meet the people
Even if they try to show their faces
The bodyguards and followers surround

Spare me a little
Don't take it all away
The day will come
The change has to cry

Spare me a little
Don't take it all away
Working so hard for a living
Paying my taxes yet I am feeling the heat

the camouflage in green

The men in blue
Crawling under the mist
The dark of trees
The camouflage in green

The big spenders go
Live the way of free
Jet here jet there
Say one thing do the other way

The party dogs bark
The men in blue run
Into the mist of the woods
Peeping the innocent

The party dogs telling lies
The men in blue never try
They allow them to escape
No law can touch them

In the mist of the woods
The flying birds big and small
The creepers crawl along
The insects hide burrowing deep in the soil

The thunder of hooves
The big sound in the silent woods
The men in blue never hear
They fall asleep counting sheep

Sunday, December 29, 2013

when the cat sleeps

When the cat sleeps
The rat will begin to roam freely
In the house taking the free food and drinks
The slow rock of its time

Molly the pet dog looks
The eyes of anger the claws out in the open
The sound of barking under the table
Waiting for her opportunity to strike

The rat running in and out
The world in the house belonging to it
As the cat sleeps in its dream
Molly can't do a thing

As the clock strikes 12 midnight
The rat looks up and listens
The little bird comes out to hoot
You better go home!”

The rat runs down to the floor
Thinking of the danger in the corner
One eye to the door
Molly appears with her paw

The rat sees it too late
The strike on the bowling alley
The tenpin balls rolling a strike
The rat lays still falling deeply into the hole

The cat strolls out to investigate
Hey what's that noise?
Is there anything wrong?”
Molly just hides under the table

When advantages take for too long
The road of potholes never see
One wrong foot the falling of shame
The misery of life of lame

the faces of many shapes

borrowed picwals.com

The faces of many shapes
The colours under the sky and clouds
The way the description is written
What is a face?

The makeup artists perform
The colours on the faces
The shades and tones
The way the eyes see

The performing arts
The gathering of many colours
The faces on display
What is a face?

The truth is a made believe
Underneath it is all the same colour
Bone to bone dust to dust
Scattered in the air by the wind

the drama on new year eve

The drama on New Year Eve
The gathering of like minded people
On the last day of year 2013
The year like all previous years ago

The gathering of youths
The splash of end of the year
This is what going to happen
The celebration before the prices hike

Now the police issue statements
Without basis of toppling the Bee Anne government
Why should the police give a press conference?
The police top brass have no proof of anything as yet

The police shouldn't play politics
The police job is to keep law and order
Without fear or favour to any group or people
Yet the police is found wanting by its handling

The police should watch
The running dogs playing the games
On our memories of the past
The create instability allowing ruling elites to control

The masses will not allow it to happen
The country has her bad management
The country has her bad leaders
The people will wait for the general election

The peace and harmony of this nation
It is made up of all the races
Living together with our differences
In a democratic process to vote for change

Saturday, December 28, 2013

smoking kills

borrowed listofimages.com

Smoking kills
There is no way about it
It may not kill immediately
It takes years to bring the doom

When it comes
The internal organs will be done
The decades of building it up
Slowly webbing into every part of the body

There will be tell tale signs
The breathing difficulty no appetite
The constant coughing inhaling difficulty
The addiction can't run

Smoking kills
The legal drug to doom
Many spend on it
Puffing the demon's smoke

the hungry leaders

The line exercise
The shoring up for the power base
No matter what the people think
There are money seeking leaders

The fixed deposit areas
The ruling may want to increase
The ruling elites can't live in fear
They will seek a permanent feature

The lopsided scale
The equal representation in numbers
The ruling elites can't stomach it
The meandering will be allowed to flow

Unless the rural folks rebel
Knowing they have been had for decades
This is where the spot will begin
The downfall for the ruling elites

The country can't afford to hand out cash
This is just the day light robbery fishing for votes
It is wrong yet EC will close an eye
The law says so but the weak in the mind

This will be seen
When the ruling elites have no 2/3 majority
It's time to treat the citizens' riights

It shouldn't be on unequal terms

the missing children

The missing children
It happens every day
We hear it report
We hear strangers talk

What will the parents do?
In the world outside of the homes
The children in group and in buses
On the field or playing in the park

There are predators moving along
Men and women with bad intentions
Kidnapping children sometimes adults
The men in blue have no time to hunt

We read report
Parents complained angrily
The men in blue taking own sweet time
The missing children many disappear

Now the report is out
Every day 6 persons go missing
On the streets outside of homes
What will the parents do?

Maybe we should put chips under our skins
Like what it is done on the animals
It can be traced and identify quickly
When signal is triggered for help

Most will pray
When the children go out alone
Going to school or to malls
With friends or strangers parents last to know

the dark winged angel

borrowed free-hdwallpapers.com

The dark winged angel
In the dark dim mist she flies
The silent flight in the dark forest
The eyes of red and hair long

The night breezes sing
In her ears she listens and smiles
It's good to be alive
In this wood the angels roam”

The exercise of the night
It has been a long while
It has been over 8 years
She hardly flies in to check

The division of lines
It seems the creepers spread
Unevenly on the ground of Nature
Some want to rule forever

The dark winged angel
She sees it all in her red eyes
She doesn't need what to do
She knows the unholy union

She doesn't want to be lopsided
She wants to be fair to every living souls
The division of lines
The creepers can't get it all

Friday, December 27, 2013

the fence of seahorses

borrowed freecoolhdwallpapers.blogspot.com

The men's minds flow
Into the dark and light atmosphere
Bringing reality and dreams into focus
The fence of power bringing the weak to heel

So it is to this day
The powerful becomes aggressive
The majority becomes haughty
They forget about humanity

So the minds crafted
The fence of seahorses
The metals of creation
Crafted together of no escape

The minds of power game
The fear it makes its way
The fence of seahorses
The silence as it gets

the dark forest mist

borrowed freecoolhdwallpapers.blogspot.com

The dark forest mist
The blades of light dim
Only the handful which break free
The darkness dwell in it

The roots of obstacles
It lays down on the ground
Though Nature allows it
The darkness takes its hold

The creepers plant
Crawling silently in its way
Covering the ground of Nature
The rough carpet of green

Among the lot of dark trees
The green leaves glow
Nature has her way
The dim light on the dark mist

the light of misty dew

borrowed trekearth.com

In the misty morning
The long straight road
Both sides the shadowy trees
Whispering the soft verses in the air

The endless walk
The eyes see the straight path
Will there be danger lurking somewhere?
Only the light of misty dew

The whispers of Nature
It will make any one feel at home
Let your mind free of impurities
The walk in the woods

The wind of caring breezes
The dancing blades of leaves
Waving in the misty morning
Of sun slowly bathing in the sky

the light in our faith

borrowed photoswinprizes.com

The exclusivity in religion
It never will be in the circle
The fanatics can impose restrictions
Like history of the past it will fail

God's religion
Whatever colour it comes
It wants others to make the way
The gifts of religion the way of harmony

It is a sad case
When a State tries to impose its way
Forgetting on the Constitution
The freedom to practise one's religion

The lame excuses even for a Name
God never appoints guardians to defend
God has sent prophets long ago
The job is done only humans argue

The light in our faith
Who is confused or lost direction?
The weak in the mind
Right or wrong the space it forgets

life isn't in a bottle

borrowed dreamstime.com

Life isn't in a bottle
Corked it up pressure rises
Is this way people lived in?
Afraid to share and enjoy life gifts?

We hear stories
We read report
Of the flying supermen and women
Down to the gravity pull

The tragedies of life
There are help centres around
It is just a phone call away
But then who knows it?

It is best to talk to friends
In church, in temple or mosque
It will soothe the depression
It will show the way of hope

Some say stressed can turn into desserts
Chewed on it and think ahead
A small part of hurdle one shouldn't fall
Take the challenge as life unfolds

Thursday, December 26, 2013

it is God's way

Some are born lucky
The stars on the right coordination
The life of easy moving
There is nothing to worry

Some say it's the karma
In the previous life they may have helped others
Now they are born into a silver spoon class
Will they learn when they walk on Earth again?

The hardship they face
In the life of the past
Helping others to salvation
Nothing about themselves

Now in the new beginning
Some are born lucky to rich families
The karma always comes full circle
So it is better to do good deeds here

the day of christmas

Someone was missing
The good food and its smell
The day of Christmas
The Merry eating all around

The plates went talking
The folks and spoons laughed
So many dishes to scoop
Would it be full?

In time the food
Leaving the spares behind
In the ring for the next bout
Of Boxing Day comes around

The day of Christmas
The smiling faces to see
The tall Christmas tree
The lights sparkle on the food display

in life don't think what others say

In life don't think what others say
You may like it or you may disagree
You can't control what they say
You have to live with a straight face

Some may have smiling faces
The way they make you feel at home
You think you are in good company
What's in the mind you never know

If you have watched movies
The actors and actresses will show the way
The performances they make it believable
The interaction of people easy flowing

The dark minds work
The pretending of good deeds
The fall for many into the clutches
The betrayal of trust and friendship

It is best don't dwell on it
Pray to God and ask for help and guidance
There are no hidden costs and mishaps
You know you are free to come and go