Thursday, August 31, 2023

does it matter of differences?


In the nation

Of many colours

Does it matter of differences?

It will be good for all

We have to live together

Share our differences

It makes all the good sounding bites

Playing it out in rhythm

But with toxic politicians

They think of one race

No economic savvy

Heading for a fall

Colonization will happen

If debts can't be paid

The rhythm of slow falling

It's a crying shame and pain

But do the toxic politicians care?

They sink their teeth on greed and power

The nation cry with falling tears

They listen to their own sound bites

don't we know?


Don't we know?

Disunity will cause the fall

History teaches us all

No race is superior

WW2 Germany tried

Causing losses of lives

Until she lost the war

Though the radicals still harp on it

In the Middle East countries

They can't stay together

They declared wars

What cause it?

Greed and power

The opponents want it

They spin their tales

Forgetting the Constitution

the brown dog


The brown dog

Walking on the road

Eyes of sadness

Ears hanging low

Sniffing his way

Staring in his sad eyes

Maybe once he had a home

The comfort and food provided

Now he lives as a stray

A vagabond roaming alone

Sniffing his way for food

Near a stall waiting

The brown dog

A life can change

Tomorrow is hard to say

Living well can be the way

the toxic politicians


The toxic politicians

They spin their own tales

The bad vibrations ringing

Do they hear it?

They hear own benefits

Flowing into their minds

Licking it hungrily

Forget the others suffering

The toxic politicians

On a one track mind

It is always on own values

Nothing for the rainbow crowd

The authority should weed it out

Don't wait for it to chart it high

As it stands today they make their tales

Though the High Court rules otherwise

On the vernacular schools

A right guaranteed in the Constitution

Agreed by the founding fathers of the nation

Now the Old Man spins his bad vibration

the days of rain


The days of rain

The tears for the nation

Falling down from the sky

Some will be happy others will cry

The history of floods

The stories of their lives

The losses in properties

The fear in pain or misery

Though the rain is good

If it brings good cheers

Nobody will complain

Everybody will stay happy

It is the worst of rain

The rising tides or the flash floods

Causing the people to stay alert

Thinking of the losses or fear

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

the red alert notice


The Red Alert Notice

The persons will hide

The stash of wealth

Easy to camouflage

Interpol will assist

Countries are put on alert

But will it help the nation?

When our police don't move?

The police can't expect assistance

As the police do not follow it

The culprits on Red Notice

They will live their lives on the run

The nation has one

Yet the police do not comply

Even the government pretend

It is always start at home on charity

If the police do not respect Red Alert Notice

The force shouldn't expect others will follow

Our own crooks on the run in the world

The police can only talk until they take action

the sunset on the market


The sunset on the market

The colours in the sky

Spots of colours for the eyes

The reflection on the mining pond

The diners in the food court

They aren't watching maybe too common

Of a sight nature glows in the sky

Imagine the angels fly

The motor vehicles driving along

Many will not glance to the sky

Thinking of food driving for dates

The sunset still glows for a while

The sunset on the market

The colours in the sky

Look like the angels fly

Painting the sky for the eyes

better to teach unity than on race alone


Spook a race

Let them see

The reality bites

It isn't free

The nation's debts

Still piling high indeed!

The tax collection

One day can't meet its obligation

The pension bill is soaring high

As the years running along

The tax collection will not meet it

There will be hardship in developments

The Renaissance Man should dig in

He can't talk to please his audience

He has to spook a race to get it going

The nation falls everyone suffers

At the rate going

The nation can be colonized economically

The debts of $1.5 trillion will hang to the people

It's better to teach unity than on race alone

the changing


The changing

The new players knock

Yet nothing new

Chained by the old

A mixture of flour

Hard, soft and sweet

On the ground the salty knocks

Nothing new to hold

The new players try

Walking in the maze

The changing wind

But the old whisper

The changing

It will be a long while

The will is still lacking

Still talking without action

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

the folders of life


The folders of life

It will be kept intact

Of a time or moment

A person has to walk

Put in the relevant boxes

It doesn't need to be clogged

Let it stay until a time to see

A direction a person needs to take

The folders of life

Everyone has it

There is no shame to fail

Though going full speed

The whispering wind

The walking to think

Of a time in life

Of a direction to strike

let the lights shine


Stirring up

The good vibrations

Let the lights shine

In every dark side

The hungry for change

It has to happen now

It doesn't need to talk

It has gone on before

The flow of change

It has to get it going

Don't be afraid to spook

Let the good vibrations begin

The worst it can happen

When the changes fail

But stirring up

Will be a good vibration

don't let the extremists run amok


The Bawang

Still running like before

Still talking as if he is above the law

Reports lodged on him

The police say will investigate

This is about what the police do

Nothing has been said or done

The Bawang still openly smiles

He will say he will cooperate

On the investigation linked to his toxic speeches

The police will call him to the station

This is the story nothing happened

That's the reason

The extremism flow without guilt

The chaos may happen

If the police drag on it

it is the wrong way


Once you enter Islam

It is a one way ticket

Once in you can't get out

You have to stay

This is the way here

Afraid to lose followers

The numbers are important

Even many may forget

Indonesia is good

Anyone can leave or join

There is no compulsion

It is religious freedom

God never pick and choose

Everyone can come and go

As long as they play good deeds

Paradise will be the reward

Here is like the Eagles “Hotel California”

Once we walk in we have no key to go out

It is to stay put listening to the song

Until the day climbing staircase to heaven or hell

Monday, August 28, 2023

everyone must stay in politics


The politics of convenience

Afraid to see the truth in the mind

Letting the official story fly

A mark of respect but hiding the truth

Even the opponents will flow with it

Telling their tales to carve their way

The fear of hell will get the prize

The fools will think they can go to paradise

The game of politics

A game of a Trojan horse

The key is in the mind

Who can be the master of the game?

On the battle field

The innocents will suffer in pain and losses

Nothing is good even winning the battles

Everyone must stay in tune in politics

cloud of blinding sunlight


A cloud of blinding sunlight

When we lose focus on our lives

The Berlin Walls in the country

The cake isn't share equally

The freedom of religion

The disparity seems the outlook

Rising to heaven

Cultivating good deeds

Hearts float in unity beat

As long as we are coloured blind

The rolling waves

The races should behave

The cultivation of harmony

Living will be full of joy, smile and honey

The cloud of blinding sunlight

When we lose focus on our lives

let the reforms begin


The stateless can't get citizenship

Born, school or die here their whole lives

Yet getting recognition is so difficult

The pushing around or silence mode

The NGO trying to assist these group

They face a long waiting time indeed

The Minister will issue the excuses

Every NGO knows it is bad decision

Now we hear 45 Chinese Nationals

Get the citizenship for the country

When we have the stateless waiting for years

PH leaders should stay focus and get it done

The Renaissance Man talking of changes

He should kick the ball rolling

Let the reforms begin

This is the time not tomorrow

the Devil will smile everyday


Corruption is good

So says the crocodiles

The wrong approach

The way of life

The fishing in the river

The calm dark water

Corruption of the bad

The murky way to darkness

The infidels will go to hell

Only the fools will believe it

It isn't what we believe

It is the good deeds

Corruption is hell

If only the crocodiles change

Using religion for their own benefits

The Devil will smile everyday

Sunday, August 27, 2023

the bad vibration


The crocodiles

Still can't walk straight

On land they will try

Bring a kind of dance

They sell bad product

The weak mind can't see

The eyes see of fake diamonds

They join the wagon

The crocodiles dance

The Pied Piper for the fall

A race can't see it through

They are blind

When reality bites them

They will realize too late

The crocodiles will chew

The power and benefits

They want to walk straight

They can't perform it well

So they cultivate the dance

Hook them up for their own

the new path


The new path

We mustn't be afraid to walk through

Day in day out to carve a shape

The worst we can do is fail from it

The incel people

Living in the cocoon of the internet

Without getting the real knocks in the open

They think they can stick to race and religion

The ground will fall away

The sink-holes waiting to happen

If these people don't face the cold approach

Reality will show them the way

When colonization through economy

The poor finances of the nation

The stirring of a nation will be forgotten

We will be under the creditor's control

the burden will cause the crying


The nation finances

She will feel the strain

Pulling her down

With her debt of $1.5 trillion

The Renaissance man

The headache will grow

Finding ways to par down

The debt in the book

The incel voters

They don't feel the reality

Thinking religion and race

Will bring economy to the nation

They are living in virtual world

They don't see reality

It will affect them eventuality

They can't escape the wrong choice

The burden will cause the crying

If the nation of unity doesn't share

The economy cake of the nation

The reality bites if the nation falls

let time go


Let time go

You don't have to catch it

You don't have to cry

A day will be gone

The memories will stay

You can go a new day

Leaving behind the old

You don't have to cry

Let time go

You don't have to catch it

Every moment you walk through

It will just be a memory

A song may sing it

Let time go

You don't have to pretend

A day will be gone

Saturday, August 26, 2023

division a fall for many


Renaissance Man

Listen to the crowd

Listen to the NGO

Time to walk the talk

The rising tide

It isn't good to play

As he has to put a stop

On the opponents tactics

Renaissance Man

Where are the changes?

The opposition still using

Lies, religion and race

Don't be afraid to change

The mindset of a race

They can't survive in the world

Using religion and race

Unity is important

Division will be a fall for many

The nation debt is high

Don't let the creditors collapse the nation

the wolves should start the changes


The wolves should start the changes

The losses suffered can be for a while

The leaders should open their eyes

They shouldn't back stab any one

The members shouldn't hide in shame

As long as they remain true in their causes

The party will return to its tradition

Of helping the nation and her people

The bad cases on its leaders

It will a lesson learn in history

The members shouldn't go back again

It will not bring glory but shame

The wolves should recognize

No party can rule by itself

Forming alliances will be the winner

Change a new narration of recovery

don't go telling more excuses


The opposition states

Show what you can do

Progress the states in your control

Don't go telling more excuses

Let the voters know

What you can do now

Using religion and race to win

Now you have to face reality

The economy needs to rise

It has nothing to do with religion and race

This is the physical reality to survive

Now don't ask the Federal leaders to be open hearted

Start your planning on your own

You run the states you won

Show what you can do economically

Don't go telling more excuses

walk away


Walk away

On the bad dream

When you don't get it there

Even you try your best

You don't have to cry

Seeing the dream goes away

You don't have to feel sad

You have to let go and start a new

Walk away

Life isn't a straight road

There will always be ups and downs

You don't have to forget but learn the lessons

You can start a new dream

Tomorrow will sing its tune

As long as you keep trying

Walk away from the bad

Walk away

On the bad dream

You don't have to cry

You know you try your best

Friday, August 25, 2023

the temptation in life


A bad decision

A life time of misery

When everything goes down hill

The mind will feel the chill

The fingers in the cookies jar

The greed fills up in the eyes

The temptation will pull

The shining gold of reflection

Once a decision is made

Hungry for the gold in glow

The place of no souls

What is to worry?

But eyes are everywhere

Nobody can get free and escape

Tomorrow will have to face it

Once a bad decision make

the wolves aren't down and out


The crocodiles

The leaders act as if they are on a rise

Winning the seats by false narratives

The truth will prevail in time

The voters who went against developments

They will realize it when they suffer badly

With the crocodiles brand of management

Nothing will come out in singing praises

Kelantan is a good way to tell

For decades still under the crocodiles

What has the state achieved?

Living in poor begging for funds

Even water coloured

The people still don't see it

The years of brain cultured

Blinded by the false narratives

The state economy will not rise

We are born for physical needs

Only then we can fulfill our religious obligations

Empty stomachs no way to feel good in life

The crocodiles

The wolves aren't down and out

The red moon hasn't shown yet

GE16 will be a good way to respond

it is failing in law


The political persecution

The favourite words to cry out loud

When the politicians are charged

They will not admit but deny all of it

When they are in the government

They will act high and mighty

Flexing their weight and muscles

They will not accept criticisms

When leaders are charged for corruption

Out of power out of control of their past deeds

The favourite words will be political persecution

But they don't explain the huge funds in their accounts

If they are innocent

They shouldn't be afraid to disclose

How they get the funds in their bank accounts

Even taxes they fail to file in and pay

The high and mighty fall

When tax officials investigate

The undisclosed tax returns of their funds

They can't scream “donations!”

There is no political persecution

It is failing to follow the law

It is failing to fail tax return

It is failing to explain the funds received

don't fall prey to the little demons


The corrupt leaders

They will not say the truth

They will say everything as donations

It has nothing to do with corruption

Macc has frozen one top opposition and family bank accounts

Macc must have valid reason to resort to caveat it

The corrupt politician shouldn't shout persecution

He can have his day in court to prove his innocence

The corruption permeates in the society

Those in the corridor of power should refrain from it

It is so tempting seeing the many zeroes in the eyes

Nobody can get it in their working lives

AGC mustn't fail the nation and people

Macc worked hard to establish the links

The corruption must be wiped out

All ill-gotten wealth must return to the nation

The corrupt leaders

It can go to all in the society

Don't fall prey to the little demons

It will be an endless nightmare

Thursday, August 24, 2023

a comet of a green


Lucy of the North

He better watches what he says

The crocodiles will not venture far

Better enjoy now before it is gone

When he can't improve the state economy

The wrath of the people will begin

Riding on a religion to pursue in politics

It isn't good for anybody

Religion must stay clear of politics

Those who fail to realize it

They will not see paradise

They will be stopped at the gate

Lucy of the North

Singapore will not welcome

The kind of preaching you say

You will be stopped at the cause-way

In Johore you will not breathe easy

As Sultan of Johore will listen to your words

Once he steps out of line he will face His Majesty

He better behaves with his big mouth too

Lucy of the North

Don't try to push the envelope too far

There is a limit to what you could say

Just don't carry yourself away