Monday, November 30, 2009

live simple life get credits

Live a simple life
No hardship no sleepless night
You enjoy the time
Enough to satisfy
The daily routines of your journey

Along the way
You will see the fruits of labour
Putting up poles for guidance
When time is hard
Lean on it

Jealousy the greed of problems
When you do start knowing the rules
Once you get it, it isn't enough
You will try to be number 1
This is where the ground giving way
You stumble onto your knees
Broken legs scattered soul
You find all come to naught

At entrance of heavens
“What have you got?”
You look bewildered
You forgot..............
You get no credits
You get nothing
You kneel down to cry
All for nothing
You forgot while on Earth
Get credits for a good cause

email scams

Scams on the rise
Now with emails telling of friends predicament
Asking to transfer funds while get trapped in unpaid bills
Names and emails legally entitled

Getting robbed of cash and passports
Stranded in overseas asking for help
Scames like aware
Nothing is the truth

The world full of good hearts
The world full of bad apples
The world full of wolves in sheep skins
The world full of tears and sorrows
Now don't get tricked just because..........
You read wanting to help
A friend in need........

Scams on the rise
The world of good samaritans
Better use the money
Go eat durians

life has full of potential

Don't go the losing end
Don't take life away
Life has full of potential

Learn to live
The problems arise
The way of testing faith
Don't go doing the stupid thing
Taking life problems will not go away

Leaving behind the grieving families
Forgetting about your friends
Leaving it behind it doesn't solve a depression
It makes sadness and a sad memory

Be brave face the truth
A little bit of faith
Seek help talk to friends
Pray it will help
God is always around
Tell God things will work
In the end just keep your believe
It will make you see things

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Life never ends
Now the time
To pursue interests
You put off while active working

The journey is there
Don't let age fooling your mind
Make it active; let it flow
You know the drill
Leaving it inactive
You will surely die prematurely

Now look at the empty houses
Owners never return to keep houses
Slowly the houses running down
Ghosts make homes
The houses slowly die.......

Likewise with retirees
Be active be involved
Anything that bring value
Enriching your life

Don't be stupid
Taking out lives
It isn't the way to heavens
It is the way to burning hell

So think about it
You are nearly making it
Push a little the gate will be opened
Then you can smell the aroma of paradise

living life

Teasing gentle breeze
Brushing the whims and dreams
Of life pursuits 9 to 5
Graveyard shift missing the sun

Blue sky; sunset glow
When you think life is dull and stupid
Then you see the glory in the sky
Blossoming spreading the band of rays
Beautifully naturally mesmerizing the eyes
You wonder life greater gift
The paradise on Earth as we learned

The waking hours
The glory bloom in our minds
Dull and monotonous ourselves to blame
Living life the gift of a life time

Faith is subjective
Yet it holds the power in the mind
As you look up to the sky
Glory the way it should be

more women getting HIV

Women exert your rights
You can't be the punching bag
You have your rights too
So don't go submitting obediently

Women reportedly getting HIV
At one time it was thought
Homosexuals and drug users
Now it is obvious perception changed

In Malaysia 85,000 infected with HIV
Reportedly 15 new cases daily
Up to June 1,497 infected
So women take charge of your sexual lives

Practicing safer sex
You can stop AIDS
Husbands and boyfriends
No more Casanova runs
source The Star

Saturday, November 28, 2009

pages turn reality bring

Romantic illusions
Young and old will try to live on
In the world they live
In the lives they cherish

It makes the mind feeling good
The magic of illusions mesmerizing the eyes
It makes simple life richness
Yet it isn't the way it would be

Where there is no commitment
Where the yellow sign stays a bit longer
The motorists will rush through
Feeling the heat of the summer

The sitting on the edges
The intoxicating work of art
Romantic illusions
A short journey of bliss
When pages turning into life storm
Reality bring the illusions disappear

the ugly truth

It is the 7 sins
With us from the beginning
The way the road signs say
Directing the way
People think is the right direction

It never fails
The road signs
Go this way; go that way
Until the mind getting confused
Then it hits back

The crying pain
The lost souls in the middle of no where
Reaching out for help
Only the large space of nothingness

Every one has it
The ugly truth
People cheat for many reasons
Love affairs, income taxes, hiding from parents
Asking for allowances, others small needful things

Know the boundary
Beware of the silent type
The quiet people who don't share
About what they think and do

Yet life has to move on
Plant your guide posts
For every journey
One has to return...

the scams still make news

The scams still make news
Hunting on the greed of people
Knowing creating wealth for life of leisure
Many succumbed to the schemes

Promising of millions
In a life time you may not achieve it
Here is the easy money
The alleged scams many fallen
Of their hard earned money
To the syndicates prying on greed
Of the people who want rich easy way

The syndicates request administrative money
For processing and whatever requires to be done
Bank in the money the millions will be on the way
Don't be greedy stop and think
Why give you the millions when they can have it?

The one of the 7 sins
Greed makes you poorer and sad
Keep your hard earned money
If you really want to earn millions
Play the lottery games...........

the boat tragedy

3 die in boat tragedy
Depressing, people still forget
About life jackets in boats and ferries
They always believe
“Nay it will not happen to me!”

The vessel carrying goods and passengers was hit
By strong currents and bad weather
About 2 nautical miles from the island Banggi
The boat tragedy in Kudat, Sabah

Rescue and search missions
Looking out for survivors in the sea
Some found hanging on to timber pieces
Fishermen picked them for safety

The ordinary people never learn
The ferry operators conveniently forget?
The maritime enforcers too slacking in their jobs
The death on the sea on boat or ferry
It will continue; it's human's negligence

Friday, November 27, 2009

mca in twilight zone

MCA in twilight zone
The leaders can't make own decisions
It is your party why allowed Umno to interfere?
You have no skills haven't you?

Draw out your hidden agenda
Laying it open on the table
The feuding leaders take a look
Is it for personal glory?
Serving party and community?

Here lies the crunch
The answer for you to appreciate
No need to dilly dally beating around the bushes
Enough shadow boxing community dislike it

The years of following
Now this is what happening
There is no committed leadership
All fighting for own personal benefits

MCA in twilight zone
The magician can't help at all
We have enough of what you guys do
Now we want for ourselves and country
And the next generations coming our way

sacrifice for the right values

Sacrifice on the right values
Religion deals with it in scriptures
Share a little what you have in excess
Let the poor and hungry have a future
As they watch others richness flow

We will face our obstacles
Every breath we breathe
Eyes we see minds to understand
It is God's will testing faith
The poor, the homeless, the rich
There is no distinction
We have to earn and learn our keeps
The path to spiritual righteousness
It begins here on Earth.............

Sacrifice for the right values
God gives us sights and minds
Use it to understand our reasons
Why there is rich and poor
As we struggle to get our balance in life pursuits

Sacrifice for the right values
It will bring you the way to paradise
Taking out lives is pursuing a devilish design
It happens in all religions...........
Going the incorrect way to heavens

“Wishing all Muslims faith
The glory of Allah and His prophets
Be with you as you struggle with your life
Walking the true path to paradise”

dengue alert!

Now dengue alert nationwide
Following an increase of 99 reported dengue cases
within a week with 2 deaths in Malacca and Penang
The Ministry of Health reported yesterday

Don't forget about swine fever
Though the newspapers have kept quiet
It has now a new mutation strand
Holiday season it can spread quickly

Clean up your compound
Throw away unwanted containers or tins or plastics
Cleaned the drains keep free of rain accumulation
You don't want to get sick lying in hospitals
With needles and drips wishing you are somewhere else

Now the flood situation in the East Coasts
Nothing mustn't be left to chance
Build up your immune system to fight
Else you are staring from the hospital window panes
Wishing you are somewhere

it is the inept management

Round 3
The poor trader in Temerloh
Of operating businesses without licence
Court had rejected twice on similar 4 charges

Now AG's chambers reapplied fresh on Wednesday
The 4 counts of running his business
without a valid licence on December 8
So the Temerloh municipal doesn't know
It looks like harassment to the ordinary people

There are so many operating without valid licences
What are the authorities doing about these traders?
Go look in Chow Kit area catch these traders to court
They are operating illegally or owners renting it out
For the illegals to operate businesses

It is the inept management
The officers in the agency do not understand law
Filing twice yet it was a discharged by the court
Now AG's chambers want to get it done properly
Under the law

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the cat and dog game

I chase you
You chase me
The cat and dog game
Of opposing teams

Taxpayers monies
Federal governmen collect
Come to allocations
Opposing state governments get nothing

The Bee Anne government rules
Channel it to another set up in opposition camps
The federal officers allegedly never want to follow
The state governments ruling............

Even in the main newspapers
Reporters tend to right negatively
All for the wishes of the ruling elites
On the opposition state governments

As a result
“I chase you
You write bad about me”
The political game never ends
The conflict of fair game
Humans can't understand

earn your credits

Enjoy what you are doing
Feel the moment; feel the flow
Don't regret what you have not done
Now and tomorrow count your blessings

All the times you think you have
The day you were born; the day you can walk and fly
The day you find you can talk and think
The day you can influence people getting it done

These are things you can do
Learning it acquiring it using it
And you think you have all the times
Then one day you wake up.........
You have no such time

Now you understand
Self satisfaction no way to go
It doesn't bring credits you can share
You have nothing to tell stories
When God ask you
You have nothing in your hands

You are put on Earth
To learn helping others
Any small way enriching somebody's
As it is said
“You can't bring your wealth
You can bring your credits
It will make you free”

drugs and mind arent paradise

The unkind cut
The Indonesian man got
His manhood all severed
By an Indonesian woman
Police say high on drugs

The mind altering drugs
It makes you see things seem real
Faces can change into animals
The mind tricks it so distorted
Real and surreal exchanging as one

The long usage of addictive drugs
It is the spiral down to hell
Believe me I had seen in my kampong days
And life in the city

Get away from its evil claws
Don't ever think “try once only”
It is the way you will go
The mind altering drugs
You will want more......
You think you are in paradise
The beautiful images floating by

Now the Indonesian woman
In custody for probing of the incident
The Indonesian man dead and gone
The truth will be known..............

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the swine fever in judiciary

The Judiciary never changes
The ordinary people know about it
Putting an Umno man............
Favours will be granted

Change the government
The ordinary folks must do
We can't be living under this pretense
Uphold law and Constitution
People it never really happens

Perak crisis
Umno got it so fast
Pakatan got it so slow
The Judiciary time is up...

Even in Kota Siputeh
Umno got stay of order
So fast in the Court of Appeal
Within a few days
Judgement delivered
Citing cost of by election
A lame excuse
The State Speaker had declared so
So why ignore Sect 72(1) of FC?

The swine fever in judiciary
Leaving only a few good ones
The pollution has set into greasy pattern
It takes people power to get the change

a little hot gossip

Celebrity freedom gone
Every time walking on the streets
Devout fans and reporters
Rushing for a little hot gossip

The works of art
The reporters will write it up
Crafted to sell papers and magazines
In the internet world

The freedom gone
The celebrities smile
Acknowledging the crowd
For lives luxuries
They forgo private motives

And the partners too
Hit on the high note
Nothing will escape
The eyes of the public

Celebrity no living ordinary way
Every movement will be reported
In the printed media and internet
Privacy a dream for a dream

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

fresh election mca

MCA what a disgrace!
Qualified people in leadership
Years of experience yet can't find solution
For the party crisis amongst its leaders

So the saying is true
“Too many cooks spoil the soup”
MCA you breed a group of half past six
They create their own problems
They don't want to know the solution

With years of experience
Amongst the leaders manning the party
When crisis of this nature crops up again
They don't learn do they?

Fresh election
Why wait to taste the soup?
You know it's already bad
Throw out and cook a new pot

You don't need Umno leaders
Telling you what to do
When in their own backyard
They have problems too

So MCA leaders
Don't make the community feeling ashamed
Removing others not in your camp
You compound the problem......
Then it will be the end

Fresh election the way forward
Let the grassroot members decide
You are there not for personal gains and glory
So why take so long to decide?


Adeline 21
The time to move up gear
Test your journey
Learn your skills

Birthday candles
Every one makes your wishes
Let you learn what you can do
Of life journey isn't free

Learn about traffic lights
The colours telling you what lie ahead
Understand its meanings
As your journey takes flight

Whatever you will learn
Build your confidence believing your faith
Of life journey full of challenges
Only don't give it up without trying

Happy Birthday
Let the world for you to learn
As you will slowly take flight
Up into the sky

party pills

Party pills
The party goers want a high
The consequences far behind
Only now is what they wanted

Taking it
Money gone
They feel in nirvana
Where Buddha took a life time
What are these people thinking?
Wasting time wasting life

The pushers and manufacturers
It is about economics and money
Life is just insignificant
Wealth and short term hit

In the drug centres
The wasted youths far away eyes
The lives should have been
Destroyed it all by addictions

A straight road refusing to travel
Hook on the side road
Believing the short term measures
Now what they have gone
The fire in hell they experience a life time

giving of alms

Every where you see
The small boys begging
The sorrows and tears
The staring of people
The unkind gestures

The poor and destitutes
In our midst struggling to live
Begging for alms to survive
Are they working for syndicates?

They may influence for our sympathy
Give them money they live another
Are they lazy found an easy way out?
We will never know..............
It is all God's ways
Testing of faith
What we must do the ablest people?

Every where you see
The posts of life testing your mind
Is it a con-job or is it the truth?
Buddha says if you want to support
Give out without hesitations
Else it is has no credit
For your life journey

Monday, November 23, 2009

life nobody born equal

The small boy
Alone begging for alms
On the street or market place
What happen to his parents?

On lookers look
Pitying him sitting alone
The world he sees
Only the sad eyes he was born

Life no body born equal
Rich and poor, beggars and paupers
Nothing is equal of life
Only the motivating gurus will try
Positive thinking...........
The small boy tries
Begging for alms
On the kindness of passersby

The sun rays
Hot on the streets
The small boy begs
Parents no where to be found

God's ways

In the beginning
God alone creates
The World here and beyond
Angels and prophets

God alone declares
Everything good and multiply
On the children God creates
Through Adam and Eve
The sons and daughters in God's image

Animals, insects, plants and trees
Water Wind Air Fire we breathe
The frame of God's handiworks
On Earth for God's children learning

Along with it
God sends prophets
In the beginning
Until the last messenger
God wants the people to learn
The kingdom of God and God's plans

In the beginning
God gives the Torah
The early people
Through the prophets
Exposing the ways of God
And the kingdom of heavens and paradise

Yet the people never learned
They went against the teachings
Of the prophets of the time
Ignoring good advice
Suffering in terrible forms
They prayed for deliverance
And God sends Jesus

The early life of Jesus
Scant details in ancient records
Jesus started his ministry at aged 30
For a short lived life until he died at 33
Jesus says
“I came to fulfill the prophecy
Written in the old Testament”
Jesus never claims new religion

The Old Testament
By the previous prophets
Jesus brought it up to date
During his ministry at aged 30

Jesus never claimed he is the “Christ”
When he was asked his reply was curious
Under Mark 8:27-30
“He charged them to tell no one about him”

Those earlier years of Jesus teachings
Jesus never kept his writings.............
What we learned were the works
Mark, Mathew, Luke and John
Written about 600 years after Jesus death

Jesus spoke of God's kingdom
And the last messenger would come after him
In Jude 1:14 “Behold, the Lord cometh with
10,000 of his saints”

The New Testament (revised in KJV)
Of the works attributed to Jesus
Of his disciples spreading his messages
Only the people forget
Jesus said about the last messenger
“He will teach............”

God final command
Through his last messenger
As Jesus spoke of him
And his coming to teach the world
“Muhammad the Sultan of all prophets”

party pills

Party pills
The young think is cool
Taking it in group and solo
What are they thinking?
History has said

Wasting youth
Money down the drain
Lives lost to party pills
The future bleak tears will flow

Of lives in the fast lanes
A pact with life of hell
History has spoken
The young party goers never learn
They think they will not get hooked
The body sytems break down
Lives of misery death in their eyes

The journey of good and bad
It is in your hands to make or break
You don't have a cat's life
So take care don't lose it in the end

mca falling from grace

Ashamed of the leaders antics
Veteran leaders and qualified members
Simple problems can't handle it
Prolonging its agony for all to see

Subscribe to democracy
Yet the leaders cover hidden prospects
Derailing the mandate in EGM
Squeezing the last creditability
MCA the walls have cracked

The president has lost his mandate
EGM had voted no confidence
Yet he doesn't want to call for fresh election
Only he knows the reasons.........

The party leaders fight for supremacy
The gentleman agreement putting aside
Delegates had voted yet decisive matters derailed

It is the fresh party election
Let the grassroots and delegates elect
The people whom they want to lead
The party calling MCA

Leaders of MCA
You don't need pm to tell
You should tell him to handle his party
Let MCA handles its own

the mute players

The main newspapers quietly forgot
The main actors and actresses silently mute
Reading and listening to the narration of Bala
Reported by RPK to keep alive injustices
Where the alleged players snaking silence

Look at the way
The mongolian beauty extracted her vengence
The cracks in the coalition partners
Derailing its aims and objectives

Look at the ministers statements
Alleged catering for the elite few
The crony companies ignoring the ordinary people
About NAP and its flip flop policy
They don't think through do they?

So it is said
“Silence is golden”
Nothing from the alleged players
There is no game to play

And the ordinary people
In the country may not know
The crimes of yesteryears
Hushed up by the main newspapers
And the Bee Anne public relations team

Only in GE13
We will know
The truth about affairs
When new party takes over
A new horizon breaking new ground
Only in GE 13
We pray to see it happens

Sunday, November 22, 2009

love isnt a chain

Love isn't a chain
When you fall pulling the other down with it
As you tumble along the way
You need somebody waiting

Love isn't doggedly pursuits
Barking at the hour unlimited time
You will choke the relationship
There is no breathing space

Love isn't deeply gone into it
Until you forget the other person needs
The fulfillments and must be free
As you share there is another human being

Love isn't tighteningly the purse string
Controlled the spending the other half needs
Love isn't a one way street factory
Forget the other party when you make it rich

By now the values share
Love is flowing the opportunity to learn
Love is free don't put lock and chain
Let love flowing
It brings peace, harmony pursuits
Sharing the dreams

bye bye tickets

Local governments can't summon
For illegal parking, not displaying valid parking ticket
Open burning, dog licence without the approval of AG
So declared a recent High Court ruling in Pahang

Mini market owner Subramaniam Gopal aged 50
Defying the orders of the Lanchang Temerloh Municipal Council
Asking him to remove his fish and vegetable business to a new site
He claimed the market in the jungle way out of people reach

The High Court judge ruled it is against the Constitution article 145(3)
Now the Municipal Council must get the order from AG to prosecute
Any summon issue by its officers to the public......................
Others who face the similar prosecutions should challenge it
The High Court ruling has changed the way for the people

The Federal Consitution is the foundation stone for the nation
So whatever laws Parliament must take cognizant of the fact
This is also applied to the State Governments
Don't pass laws forgetting the rule of Constitution

Municipal Councils and City Halls should learn
The rights and values of the people enshrined shouldn't be taken away
It is time the Federal Constitution introduced as a study subject
For the secondary and university students.................

misty sky

Misty sky
Lining up with the clouds
White colour floating by
A backdrop of misty sights

Group of friends
Taking a stroll
Along the path of hilly treks
Away from the city folks

Life so care free
It brings the glory
Of nature in her fullest bloom
Of the misty sky
Group of friends
Smiling away remembering the day

Nature calling breathing fresh air
Remembering the cool breeze
Life so care free
In the natural flow

Saturday, November 21, 2009

way out mca

Crocodile tears
Knowing the perks will be gone
The in house battles loom
MCA you make own blue

Personal interests
The way always has been
Leaders want to get it all
The allocations for personal glory

The winner takes it all
On one hand asking to close ranks
Yet the olive branch is just a fake
The losers know it so well

Simple solution
MCA leaders take so long
Call for fresh election
Every one interested contest again
And this time let the grassroots elect
The fresh mandate to lead the party

You don't need pm to tell
You have qualified professionals
It is the self interests making you blind
MCA on the way out....only they don't know yet!

the wealth of experience

Honey I can't dance
I get backache...........
Twisting following the steps
I better take a rest

Now on the stage
A different group singing
“Toto toto gives me a break
Let me spin the winning ticket”

The wealth of experience
The years on the teaching profession
Lining it up now let it goes away
It's time to be the party guys
Light up the stage

The birthday boy clapping away
Dancing slowly to the beats
“Toto toto gives me a break
Let me spin the winning ticket”

good luck

“Psst I give you empat ekor
You buy and write for you”
“You ask me.......
I don't get any”
“I tell you what?
You pay me slowly
Don't tell Netto
He sure comes with a cane”
“So what you think?
Take the challenge
Now there is nobody listening”
“I work hard for my money
How to play on the side?
“Today's your day
Make a splash
Good luck on your way”
“Sure ah no fooling around?”
“You take it from me
I am the god of prosperity”

caley and nigel

Caley wants to dance
She gets on the floor
Walking nearer to the screen
Now the steps............

Nigel watches
Trying to learn her steps
One two three
You dance in a ring

One leg on the left
One leg on the right
Now turn left and right
Like this you will stand

Nigel looks
Trying to understand
“Aiyah playing cars better
Driving on the fast lane”

it's time to roll

Hit the road Jack
You dont have to go and go
Running around the field
Now the time to review

Hit the road Jack
You can't run no more
You have made your name
Now the time to sing

The table drumbeats
Hitting the high....
La la la on the road
It's time to rock and roll

Hit the road Jack
There is no traffic jam
The way all clear to sing
A song of 60 years.....
It's time to roll

Friday, November 20, 2009

life a circle

Who will be?
The card tells a story
Next on the list

You don't know
Life moves in circle
When you least expect it
You find you are hooked

Life a circle
You will get into it
Rounding up in good cheer
Today you make it solo

“I am number 2
Now I am showing it
The circle will come
The ink will be written”

mca in disunity

MCA house in disunity
The leaders patch on their own
Leaving the disgruntling others behind
And they say it is greater unity plan

It is a move to polish ladders
Amongst the interested leaders
The way out is to hold fresh party election
Yet the leaders fail to do

MCA with many vested interests
Even the veterans can't help to diffuse
The disintegration will come soon
MCA time to change

Now the party affecting
Others in the coalition
Until the black knight can't stand it
He wants in when delegates never request

Where will it be MCA?
You make your own crisis
Be a gentleman call for fresh election
Why can't you go ahead?
Maybe too much is at stake?

i told you

“I told you
I got the score
Now this is the proof
Wayne Rooney concedes”

“I am the best
On the field
Capturing the action
Writing up reports”

“You think easy
Engaging on the field
The hot air big applause
Looking at me
Frying the golden mee”

“Now I get a certificate
Acknowledging I have arrived
On the journey I will take
Many more coming my way”

the volunteer

The arena of mee
The birthday boy volunteers
Quickly he raises his hand
“It's me
Let me have a go
You will not regret it
I use to score plenty
Covering the sports news
On live on the field”

The frying mee
The long life it brings
The higher the hand raises
The long life he will achieve

So the MC concedes
The birthday boy gets his wishes
Now he can dribble the mee
Right through Wayne Rooney

there is hope yet on the way

Old age never runs away
The time will come to get its way
No matter how many plastic surgeries
Old age will come

Tears may fall
Regrets of unfulfilled dreams
As age comes to take
Let it comes a journey makes

As the fading eyes watch
The shining glow up in the sky
There is hope yet on the way
When reaching the heavenly gate

The mind may imagine
Of the years gone away
You can't stop time of aging
Let it comes a journey makes

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the test of faith

In the market place
In the surrounding areas
You will find stray cats
And the unwanted kittens

These stray cats
They aren't afraid
They climb on the tables
They climb on thighs
For surviving instinct telling them
Go out and get it done

The stray cats sit
Meowing away staring at you
Pitiful eyes help me please
When they get their filled
They don't remember you

Some stray kittens
Too young the owners release
For a few days dying of hunger
On the road sometimes in the drains
Meowing the whole day
Until death takes it away

In humans we do find
The minds short circuited only the physical selves
Walking picking up rubbish and cigarette butts
Laughing and smiling in unkempt clothings
The human strays a long way from home

Every where we see
A test of faith see what we will do
Don't go looking down
Don't go claiming otherwise
The everyday sights challenging us
Sad to say we fail most miserably

mca where now?

MCA where now?
Leaders changed
One doesn't want to go
Though he promised he would

Now the patchy work
Facing the community
Sharing a common goal
Do you believe it?

At one time one party drilling in
Sacking the other making it a crisis
Now they get together
Everything ok?

The other 3rd party
Crying in the press conference
For the love of the party and community?
For the love of their own perks and desires?
We will never know........

MCA you are down
The racial base party must go
Wake up and do the right thing
We are Malaysians
Say it loud and clear will you?

don't get conned

Don't get conned
In life in religion
See what happen
Of those who fall

Learn it through exposure
Learn it through history
Of the games of make believe
As you struggle through life

Wealth and religions
The powerful tools to hijack life
In the wrong hands
Devastating damages untold miseries
When you wake up
You will have lost many

Yet do people know?
Sad to say history keeps repeating
Right to the present century
You think you know everything
Look in the mirror
“A blank stare
A future still unknown
Yet you will make believe
I know where I am going”

For a start
Read the “Footprints of the Gods”
The historical records of ancient times
It will tell you story
You think about where you are going

don't look down on people

Don't look down on people
It is the test of faith you holding it
When you decide to divide the rule
You have sunk way out of God's eyes

The rituals aren't God's ways
It is the paganism took a foothold
Be it like a corporate........
With division at all levels
Is this what religion about?

God never imposes divisions
Every person is made equal in God's eyes
With the faults and achievements
Go out and multiply

Yet you turn around
Every religion has division
The steps of an organization
Belittling the way God's intentions

Just remember God is everywhere
Learn the truth learn it well
We are made equal walking through the gates
With angels who will be the guides

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God has many names

God has many names
Allah seems the favourite
Amongst the children of the faith
Yet there is no understanding
One tries to say it is

God's names freely spoken
Write it even to the minds
It is again people's ignorance
Trying to stamp a mark as theirs

God's name is known
To the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs
In their own texts God's name is said.........
Yet the children fight over God's name

Peace loving we say
Follow the scriptures we study
Diligently to the end
Yet we don't practise it
Even with God's name
We fight what fools we have been!
As children God know our arrogance

the division of life

The division of life
You don't run away
Putting up guide posts
For your own kind

You see it happens
The way one conducts affairs
Of the rich, middle class and the poor
The division of life

The same feathers stay together
The same skin gather on familiar ground
The same cultures and religion flow
The division of life

Even on religion
Each try to be number one
The best amongst the best
The division of life

God moves the set piece
“I gave you my books
I sent my prophets
Yet what you have done?”
The division of life

So in the end
God waits at the gate
With a cane in God's hand
“Naughty children
Now time to pay
In my kingdom
No division of life”

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Compassion comes from the heart and soul
There is no border; there is no colour to divide
Give it as it comes along touch somebody's life
Be willing to sacrifice a little make others happy

Yet many fail in the endeavours
It is always something to get in return
Publicity to get a name mentioned
Let others know how good it is

Compassion be a kinder soul
Amongst the throes of uncivilized minds
Roaming in sheep skins smiling proudly
Yet directing the wrong compass
The fall of grace the hardship remains

Compassion in our daily life
In action and words we do and say
A little help reaching out to many
Helping someone brings joy
On the world out of compass

people your choice in GE13

ISA has served its purposes
Made into law to combat communism
Now that the communists had peacefully laid down arms
Under the treaty signed in Bangkok

There is no reason for the government holding it
Through the years it is used to arrest political opponents
In this way Bee Anne wants to hold to power
It is the 3Ps vested in their eyes and minds

Parliament passed the Act
So by right Parliament should act on any amendment
Interested groups asking to abolish ISA
Yet Bee Anne doggedly refusing it

People the choice is yours to make
Vote Bee Anne out in the next GE
If you want to live according to our Constitution
Don't let Bee Anne leaders hijack it
Enough of ISA

It's time to throw in the bin
Let the garbageman collects it
Burning in the open dumpsite

yet we forget

God is love; compassionate graceful forgiving Being
The marriage of scriptures God ordained
God make the world
The heavens and hell and paradise

God make the rules
The master of the domains
Living by the standards
“Love my scriptures
The prophets came”

God give the people
The scriptures and the knowledge
“Use it positively; learn the rope
Know my prophets I made them teach”

Beware of false prophets
They came using my name
The last came and gone
Jesus spoke of him
The sultan of all prophets
God has ears for this messenger
As he brought God's final book
To the people of the world

Yet we forget
We fight for our stupidity
Claiming one is better than the other
As ancient of time beginning

6th day God rest

God everywhere
Every time you need
Every day of the week
God take a break
On Friday

God work hard break on 6th day
Designing the world
Angels, humans, animals, insects, plants and trees
Water, oxygen, wind, gifts of life and so many

So God take a break
Viewing the creation
And pronounces good and multiply
On the 6th day praying sessions
Listening to the kingdom sings

On the 6th day
It is for God to take a break
It is time the children pray
Singing song of prayers
Gathering up a beautiful storm

Monday, November 16, 2009

lay on the foundation

Remember the still pictures
Through the years you may travel
The memories flow and retell
On the photo album turning pages

The smile of happiness
The band of lights shining bright
The years of the young on the journey
Learn it well as you take it along

The roads of straight and crooked
Many potholes darkness may fall
Don't take everything for granted
Complacency brings the downfall

In life do the small things
It makes a lot of difference
Lay on the foundation
Let it be strong against storms
As you pursue your life goals

images telling a story

She's smiling
Band of lights on her face
In the camera capturing images
For years to come

What's she smiling?
Maybe a joke or something funny
The camera may have its reason
Capturing the image

Maybe she is thinking
About her day to come
For whatever reasons
She's smiling..............

Maybe she will learn
A thing or two as she absorbs her observations
Watching the scenes the way the animation unfolds
Only Caley busying with her gift..........
As the camera captured the images

nigel mystery gifts

Nigel got his mystery gifts
Looked at him smiling ear to ear
Something he didnt tell
Holding it up for all to see

“Look I got my presents
In a paper box my gifts”
He carried it around
Walking from table to table

He always likes presents
Especially his toy cars, buses and trailers
Bringing them along a few favourite ones
The gifts in the paper box
Smiling happily proudly displaying it

The gifts in his hand
Now he could dream about it
As he's off to kindergarten
He would have many stories to tell

bala says

Bala says
He got paid
$750k of the $5million promised
On his SD1 declaration

About the black knight
The woman he took on the side
Of the mistress of the house
She couldn't sleep at night

Now he surfaces
When he found he wasn't paid
The promising millions
So he is crying out for justice

Bala tells the truth?
You disappeared suddenly
You kept it quiet for 15 months
Now you want to get back
The millions promised to you

The shadow figures
The police and cleaners
Wanting to cover up events
So you took the line
And disappeared

Now tell us the truth
Enough had gone
Innocent victims crying for justice
So play your part gallantly
Let's change for better tomorrow

voices of yesterday

Voices of yesterday
It is his time to face
The familiar smile
As age takes it along

It's the touching base
The faces growing known
Though lines appear
Hair disappear yet it is
The familiar smile
Of friends and relatives

The sea of faces
Shapes and sizes flow
Voices of yesterday
The story enriches
As he takes it through

The layer cake
Rainbow colours glow
Like life it's touching base
As age takes it along

Sunday, November 15, 2009


The pages of passing time
Every article a knowledge gain
Of things life hidden secrets

Adore the hands
Turning it to find
The products enticing the mind

Archives in references
When remembering a story
Flick it through
The information talking

Send as gift
Touch somebody's soul
By the light exploring pages
Of gifts, promotions and favours

segmentation shouldn't come to play

Malaysians have brains
The country leaders chase them away
Brewing lopsided policies
These brainy ones stay in adopted countries

Treat equally in offering scholarships
Don't subject it to race for allocations
It is public funding for all citizens
Yet the implementors ignore the true calling

Branding 1Malaysia slogans
As all slogans from Bee Anne
The divide and rule segmentation
The country will not really progress
For the brainy ones helping other countries
Leaving homes with regret in their eyes
For the Bee Anne government says........
Concrete results are hard to come by

Vision 2020 will fail
There are no reasons it will be achieved
When the good ones aren't around to help the country
The government doesn't know how to keep harkworking people
Chasing them away branding them names

The economic cake
Give the best to best achieve results
We are all Malaysians
Segmentation shouldn't come to play!

lingam tape

Lingam tape
Royal Commission done
Enough evidence to charge
Yet AG says file close
Lack of evidence?
Don't the take people for rides

Taxi nasi talked about a key witness
Out of the country he claimed
Yet he doesn't give his name
Somehow people feel is a red herring
He wants to Lingam file to remain close
Afraid of the worms...........................

No contact to Interpol
RPK the police quickly asked for it
And Lingam case nothing happens
Many cronies will be prosecuted?

Pakatan bought in a witness
She worked in the office who knew a lot
Of things happen with Lingam and judges
Isn't it enough to check again?

Royal Commission the government ignore
Though the evidences collected sufficient to charge Lingam
Yet AG and Taxi nasi close the file
Citing insufficient evidence

We aren't fools
We know what is happening
Let you have your way
In time the walls will crack
Watch out GE13
The regime must fall
All closed files will be reopened
See who will flee the country
We want a clean and responsible government
For ourselves and the future generations

the birthday boy

The birthday boy
He looked young yesterday
As he waited
By the entrance

Friends and relatives
They came to celebrate
The years of decades
Nigel and Caley
the new generation
The new songs to be sung

The voices and handshakes
The years of knowing and friendship
He moved and dance a little
The glow in his eyes
The birthday boy got his time

Table to table
He made his rounds
Yum Seng with some
Then the birthday song
English and Cantonese
Wishing him the best to come

The 60th birthday
He got it made
“More will come”
Kam Boon said
As the celebration ended
Of old friends, relatives
As they walked down the steps

sugar sugar

Oh sugar!
You make it so sweetly
Blinding me with your taste
Once into it
It will hard for me

Every drink and food
A lot added into it
Oh sugar!
You hide your real intentions

By the time you take control
I don't have the will to forget
Every taste you must be there
Oh sugar you make me fall sweetly!

You don't tell me
About the health threatening diseases
You only smile sweetly
Encouraging me to taste it

Oh sugar!
I can change
You have no control over me
It will be what I can do
Spare me your sugar
I will live healthily

Saturday, November 14, 2009

love affairs

Love affairs
The jealousy runs foul
Of moral etiquette and law
One when loses in love
The loser feeling alone

The old man of 80 years old
He went on a jealousy streak
When his cajoling went awry
He stabbed his wife of 73 years old to death
“If I can't have you, nobody will!”

Now the latest incident
A 23 years old jilted lover
He bought a gun in Penang for $20,000
Held hostage his ex lover of 35 years old
The drama unfolded in Kuala Lumpur
Police managed to talk him out of it
Though he had fired 3 shots at the workers
Now he will be facing the Firearms Act 1971
Staring at dealth penalty on his stupid act

A wise man says
In my kampong days decades ago
There are many women out there
There are many men in pursuit
Lose one is a test of faith
God doesn't think you deserve the woman
God doesn't think you deserve the man
So don't get all choked in the head
Go find another one to satisfy your mind

Love affairs broken lives
Involving in it sinful falling
Learn it quick forgiven comes
Know the boundary; know the rules
Nothing is free; nothing for life

kitty store

Kitty Store
The children never forget
The adults will remember
Once they were there

Now it is so easy
Sit in your cozy home
By your click you make purchases
You need to open an account
And payment schemes
Credit cards or direct banking

Isn't it cool?
No need parking worry
No need wasting time
The children can shop together
In your laptop or notebook
All in the cozy comfort of home

Payment through credit cards
All through click and write your number
It is well protected within the standard scores
It is safe no worrying unnecessary

Now come to Kitty Store
For ideas and receipes
Look out for its promotions
You will save plenty

Now you can shop
With your children toying around
Find it out in the web world
In the cool comfort of your home
Remember Kitty Store
You too can buy for yourself
Nobody will raise an eyebrow!

Come to Kitty Store
With a click you are there
Feel the comfort in your home
Pick your choices
We will send the products
As soon as it is done

the road to putrajaya 2

PKR better to lose now
Then happens on the real battle
The former members claiming
Many elected representatives may frog

Presumably money enticement and projects
Promising many to frog to Umno.............
Leaving a principle shattering down the line
For all to see the no principled representatives

PKR better to lose now
Clean up the trojan horses
Clean up the carpet beggars
Clean up the back stabbers

The journey to Putrajaya
You must have members of principles
Believing in a cause, rights of people and country
Within the frame work of the Constitution

PKR you know the enemy
In the power to shackle your existence
Bullying and inducements the way of corrupted game
Let these unprincipled representatives go
We will know what to do in GE13

Friday, November 13, 2009

he breaks the traffic law

dpm without crash helmet!

No crash helmet
Police will summon you
For riding motorbike on the road
Under the traffic law

Now look at the picture
Muhyuddin rode it
The group of bikers
Wearing no crash helmets
Will police charge him and his entourage?

The picture doesn't tell a lie
Traffic offence is broken
Without wearing a crash helmet
The deputy prime minister must be charged
There shouldn't be any excuse for him

What is he trying to tell the school children?
As an Education Minister he should give a good example
Now we understand the two sets of law
One for Umno one for the ordinary folks

is police triggered happy?

Police trigger happy
5 robbers shot dead
Police should give
robbers a chance to surrender
No they shot them
With the aim to take their lives

What excuses they spin!
The police cornered them
They had the fire power and personnel
Yet the robbers were shot dead

The robbers committed crimes
They may have bad records
The laws doesn't allow the police
Shoot first talk later..........
The police must allow them to surrender
Give them a reasonable time to ponder

So many incidents of police trigger happy
Death for the robbers some innocent too
Yet no charges are levelled on them
They are scotched free...................

Time to establish the independent commission
To find the truth and discipline the police officers
For conduct unbecoming of a police wearing badge
It shouldn't be allowed to go on freely
It is time the police must be accountable
For good and bad people

pakatan to putrajaya

Pakatan to Putrajaya
A dream will turn into reality
It is the wish of the people..........
A change must be done
For the country and her future

The 6th prime minister
The tail end of the Tunku's story
It has its heydays now it is closing
The story teller had gone........
Now it is the ending misery

Yet the empire of Umno
And its co-horts of generals
They dream of the glory years
They believe they are the ones
Forever ruling the nation

The expiring date has arrived
Nothing to extend nothing to delay
It must be throwing away
Smelling the bad breath polluting minds
The bad wagons roaming out of control
Spinning lies and half truths
They forget the ordinary people know
Through the forces cyber-kicking in the web world

Pakatan to Putrajaya
The party leaders must settle party ideologies quickly
Work on the common ground and move in cohesive marching
Else the ordinary people will not buy it

the tail spins

The tail spins
The black knight goes under
Ducking the concept
Now we know

Decades ago
Tun Tan Siew Sin never trusted Umno
He campaigned for party Negara under Dato Onn
Though later he joined the Alliance
All because of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra
Not because he believed in Umno

Every one must respect and uphold the Constitution
It is there the guidelines for the country to progress
Amongst the multi-racial people...................
Yet Umno takes it for granted the country belongs to them
The coalition partners have no teeth to bite

In this sense the other races are short changed
Pushing them aside keeping them within the walls
Though the Constitution spells it out clearly
There is freedom to express and practise one's faith

God has 99 names says RPK
Allah is one of God's name
In the ancient text before the advance of Islam
Allah has been used by the paganists in Middle East countries
Allah is not the exclusive name for Islam
Though in the Holy Quran it says
“There is no god but Allah...............”

Tolerancy is one of the hall marks of good governance
Only the twisted minds of Talibanism conveys the opposite view
God's name is exclusive no other can faiths can use it.........
Ask the Indonesians they are more liberal than Malaysians
Indonesians can change religion without any hassle
They believe they are the ones who decide what is best

And here in Malaysia?
You must have certificate to preach
You must have permission to use a name
God's names free to use to know
In our lives on our journey on Earth

the carpet beggars

The carpet beggars
They will go any where
When there is money to be made
Anything under the sun

The carpet beggars
They are willing to sacrifice
For money's worth they will smile
For the future it has to make today

The carpet beggars
They blow the horns
They play the games
Of which they are paid to do

There is no loyalty
It is all about money
It's the silence.....
Amongst the crowd
And the carpet beggars know
The power of money making its way

Thursday, November 12, 2009

trojan horses

Trojan Horses
Galloping into the fore
Giving smoke and little sparks
Both sides claim

Pakatan Rakyat
Learn your lessons well
In Perak case before she fell
One trojan horse galloped in
Then did his damage rode out again

The wealth is flowing
Allegedly backed up by businessmen
In the crony stable calling out to help
On the trojan horses
Beware when you see a wild horses
Galloping free on the open field

Bid your time
Manage your affairs well
You will face obstacles
For a new kid what else is new?

Plant in your guide posts
Screen the recruits thoroughly
For the evil empire can't let go
Knowing it is falling

pakatan rakyat watch backdoors

Pakatan Rakyat
Watch your backdoors
The siege is set
The black knight rides

The termites go underground
Biting the pillars eroding the structures
With money and projects
And the agencies going all out
Capturing your people
Building up fake charges

Pakatan Rakyat
Don't take it coolly
Watch your backdoors
And the frogs...........

3Perak 1Selangor
The demons will try
Calling in the carpetman
Clean up and roll away
With tons of money

Pakatan Selangor
Better call a snap state election
Get rid of your possible frogs
Put in respected leaders

Pakatan Rakyat
The civil servants hardly support
They still think pro-umno
On the way they behave

Pakatan Rakyat
Watch your backdoors
The carpetman comes
Clean it up and roll away

jealousy get you nowhere

It gets you nowhere
It takes you to destruction
All the way down the spiral

An 80 years old man
He got married last year
To a 73 years old woman
Less than a year
she was stabbed to death
By her 80 years old man

It's jealousy
It takes you away
Doing things you can't see
Like trance only know after deed

The monopolistic God says
“Pray to me no other gods”
If God is the only one
No need to issue command!

Ah jealousy
The human trait
Walking freely
Going on the straight road
Nothing to worry
Only when eyes glance side lanes
The green monster emerges
The mind changes

It makes you a demon
Everything you see
An evil mocking your sanity

the carpetman

The carpetman
The smile and eyes
Go for the top
Nothing less to divide

RPK will sing
Carpetman you got it made
in the world of intrigue
In political games

Running errands
Fringe benefits on the side
Carpetman the truth will fly
When PI Bala smiles

The bear has slept enough
The summer holidays arrive
The carpetman can't hide
Sleepless nights
As RPK will sing
Your end is nigh!”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

anwar walks the talk

Kulim MP from PKR
A torn in the works for the party
He is acting pro-Umno
Instead of building up PKR

Anwar should walk the talk
Better to let go those MPs
Refusing to subscribe to People's Supremacy
Especially Kulim MP he has to go

You have no choice Anwar
Kulim MP makes troubles for PKR
If he stands again in the next election
He will not win; he is just one term MP
Then he can do what he wants
People don't care about him

But PKR and Pakatan Rakyat team?
It's the virus infecting the whole system
Better cure it now before it is too late
As it is many have grown annoyed
Of your slow method of diffusing the ill wind

god will help only that much in life

The years had gone
The time passed through
No regrets no thinking of past achievements
It is just a sign post passing through

Tomorrow is the day
New events new post to put it up
A sign of new horizon
A past is a guide line
It shouldn't be the way to fall back on

Learn the pitfalls
Learn the skills of the past
For tomorrow will test you
It is here you would find your way

God will help only that much in life
It is the work going out to make it happens
Dreaming about it nothing will come
Action my friends the way to get home

the covering up

The covering up
The manholes on the streets
The smelling of stinking air
We can't live through
Knowing the odds

The trade and bargain
Amongst the opposing camps
The marbles shooting on the streets
The contracts and discounts fare

The spinning wheel going high
In the air breathing easy
Yet it is for a while
The smelling of stinking air

The way it is
The hide and seek
Telling half truths
The public isn't buying

The covering up
It will break any government
any public institution any company
It is better to tell the truth

the credit cards

Credit cards
Now it isn't a luxury
It is a need for daily transactions
Avoiding cash avoiding robbed

Yet the opposite comes true
Over spending going into debts
When card holders showing lack of financial acumen
The spiral in the bad credit habits ruin a many

Don't possess too many credit cards
At best two will do for your life time
Learn how to manage your finances
Credit cards may make you lose control
Spending and spending as if it is free
Now it is time to cut and cut it down

Susan Mccarthy advises
Don't make the minimum payment
It makes you increase your costs
Don't carry too many credit cards
You can easily rack up your debts
Owing to low interest payments
You can't control your expenses

When payment dues
Don't miss the grace period
You will slap with higher interest cost
It is better to sign up on-line banking
So you dont have excuse to push it away
In the comfort of your home or office
One click your payment is made

Don't use credit cards for cash advances
It is worst than paying Ah Long
The interest rates and service fees
Way up to increase your cost of funds

The credit cards
No more a luxury
It is time to manage it well
What with the impending $50 charge fee
per card per year
So think about it........

time for independent watch dog

The must be an independent watch dog
For the police and macc in the country
The government can't afford to give a free hand
Basing on records too many abuses answering to whom
The public outcry for an independent body
It is high time no more delay............
Not in the days of the sleeping beauty
Too much sleeping major things running away

The pubic perception
These agencies answering to prime minister
Running on his alleged errands............
Intimidation without rules and laws

The ordinary people want transparency
These public officers must account for their actions
Currently the perception is bad............
Deaths and favouritism ringing the bell

Nobody is above the law
Nobody is above the Constitution
So now the time to set up
A public watch dog to check on these agencies abuses
There shouldn't be sweeping under carpet any more

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dont ignore nature

Rain everywhere
The low lying areas
The fear of nature backlashes
It flows without exception

The water rises
Flooding on the low lying areas
Coastal areas and town clogged drains
The natural water flow disappeared in decades

So nature returns
Checking what has been done
Years it came sending signals
Do authority and people take stock?

People may die
Drowning on rushing water
Midnight water rises
No warning nature angry

So year in year out
The familiar tune playing
Have we learned our troubles?
Greed and corruption rearing it up

The flood will visit
Lives will be lost to sacrifice
Until such time we learn the truth
Don't play with nature
We will lose the game!

jealousy causing misery

What love got to do when a life lost?
Through lust and jealousy
The green envy bounds empathy dissolves
The life pieces nobody win

“Doesn't God tell you
Vengence is Mine?”
When life troubles falling in love
When breakup has occurred
Feel the pain though it isn't the end
Wake up face reality though it hurts
There are many out there
Living alone wanting love

When crime commits
Of jealousy or divorce
Death isn't the way out
It causes misery and sadness
Amongst relatives and friends

An 80 years old man
Knifed his wife of 73 years old bleeding to death
Now what is the point taking a life?
Likewise a man throwing acid on his wife and daughter
Causing the wife to die daughter could be blind
For what purposes to achieve?
Guard your jealousy let it stays out of life

where is the integrity?

What greater unity plan?
Integrity one of the hallmarks of quality leadership
A promise make stays on course
Don't spin around citing party rules
MCA leaders
Unity all for one
The directional ways
It's the community and country
Don't you get it?
Nothing to do with personal wants
Nothing to do with acquiring 3Ps
It is service to the community and nation
MCA leaders
Where is your integrity?
The crisis nothing new to MCA
This time it could be the end of the road

Monday, November 09, 2009

breathe constitution to life

The Apex Court
Deliver your decision on the Constitution
On the case of Perak crisis
Don't go treasure hunting

The judiciary is at the lowest ebb
Writing judgements beating round the bush
Basic law of the Contitution never answer
Giving judgements flawed

Now the Federal Court
You have the duty to put things right
The country's Contitution
The supreme law of the nation

So breathe it into life
The Constituion guiding the country
Don't go treasure hunting
You make it worst..........
When you forget to follow the law
And the Constitution

staying on top

Staying on top
The hardest thing to do
Every one at the bottom
Digging out for the downfall

It is the challenge
Every one should learn
New generation no baggage
Go for the new
Breaking barriers all the way

The old doesn't mean wiser
It is the post passing behind
New kids on the block
Breaking it down to build a better one
Else how to get the adventurous spirit?

Listen to the old
The tales of the years
New ones will grow
Breaking new ground
So staying on top
The hardest thing to do

banks on credit card fraud

Banks alert on credit card fraud
Ah Longs have found a new source
Dispensing loans without hassle
Let the banks do the running

The credit card holders
Sign for goods or services
Invoices are billed...........
Ah Longs dispensing cash
No goods or services exchanges
It is just a front of operation

The card holders get discounted cash
Ah Longs bill the banks payments receive
Ah Longs don't have to worry about collection
They get in full raking in millions...........

Now the banks wise up to this fraud
The banks should cancel establishment agreements
The banks should cancel the card holders too
For it is cheating by any standard define
Though card holders will think it is easy credit

Ah Longs must be wiped out
Passing severe legislations will not do the trick
When enforcements are weak
And banks reluctant to approve loans
When applicants are high risks
When applicants have no collateral
So the cycle begins..........

batu caves landslip

Batu Caves landslip
Residents living on the edge
Erosion on the hill
Residents fear building will collapse

The monsoon season
Heavy downpour of rain
The fear watching
The eyes of pain

Taman Jasa Utama
Taman Jasa Perwira
In Bandar Selayang woke up
A nightmare on the door steps

Tragey waiting to happen
Crushing by the massive landslides
The people never learn
Highland Towers and International Hill
Lives lost owing to own negligence
Don't buy these properties........
it is Fung Shui of death

Now the residents woke up
Finally realising the headaches
It will not go away..........
Nature warnings don't put it aside

Greed always playing havoc
Housing developers and state agency
Wake up to study the ground
No more hilly projects.......
Nature has given her warnings

Sunday, November 08, 2009

crashing out

Pas representatives taking oath
Divorce wives if they frog over
Or husbands if the switch party
For dishonesty can't be had........

Umno leaders cry
Saying it is too harsh
Against family values
Against the teaching of Islam

Stop a minute
Take a deep breath to see
The voters give them the trust and mandate
Then they go prostituting it away
Now how to face the family members?
All those years telling them of the other side habits
When they jump ship families know the truth
How to face others when trust is gone?

It is the people trust and values
Unless they jump ship to improve the country's needs
It shouldn't be on self interests ignoring the basic values
Yet we know the reasons
Greed and corruption declaring “friendly to Bee Anne”
Nobody will buy it

The basic truth
Believe in your family
The peoples' trust and values
You are there to represent them
Make life easy and country's growth
Nothing for self interests and gains

If these representatives want to jump ship
Nothing in law can stop them not even their promises
And signing any promissory notes to shackle them
It is their own anchors pulling them down
To the watery hole of the deep sea........
Knowing the trust will be gone for good
Saying sorry will be hard to forgive

change it people

Where is the truth?
It's hard to come by
Spinning tales of make believe
Inventing slogans fooling the minds

What is the truth?
Even laws turning upside down
The Constitution spins away
Interpretations to suit a race

How is the truth?
It isn't what you heard or read
It is your way to find it out
Analyse and know the spin

What is the truth?
The hidden hand playing its game
Telling a story holes too many to count
The truth is..............
We have been conned!

it isn't easy to get recognize

Development brings profits
Any party will know it is true
Otherwise nobody will pursue
Why waste time getting nothing?

It is long years of practising cronyism
Allowing the affected parties to gain upper hand
When the chips are changed or government changes
The cronies will always say “We will sue!”

Heritage recognition isn't a child play
Mind you it isn't easy to get recognized
When a State has got her recognition
All interested parties should celebrate
Either in Penang or Malacca
Yet sometimes we will hear
Developers don't care
Profits come first intrinsic values second

Heritage enclaves must be protected
Guidelines put in place to help its values
Let no others come to jeopadize its prize
It isn't easy to get recognize

the day life begins

The day life begins
The magic in the mind
How wonderful life can be
It makes you forget

The nurturing years
Growing up to feel its magic
The care free time
You don't have to worry much

The foundation flows
Build up your knowledge
Learning the words
In life there is more
In your hands you will shape it

The maturing years
You see the light
You learn about darkness
Successes and regrets
Delusions and temptations

When the foundation is strong
The day life begins to prosper
You will not fall for want of trying
You will make your own difference

When declining years step in
Keep the mind active eyes will dim
Don't give excuses you know the drills
Wallk on the path you make..............

Share the good let go of regrets
The carving is done
Time to move on
The next goal of why you were born

Saturday, November 07, 2009

redemption is near

Mock-u-din says
“We are all equal under the sun!”
He thinks the Indians are cowherds?
Never know the difference in the country?

The Umno spinning lies
1Malaysia only serving one race
Other races don't have any chance
So wake up know the truth
Nobody is equal under the sun!

Mock-u-din gave his speech
Early Novermber in Port Dickson
On the Deepavali celebration
“We are all equal under the sun!”

It is hard to merge his statement
When the laws and contracts benefit one race
Even the agencies fill up by 95% of his race
So “we are all equal under the sun?”

He better do his homework
He can't spin his lies.......
The truth is out there for all to see
Yet with Umno leaders they spin

The end of the party is near
All the signs are there for us to see
History will tell us the signs
When empire going to collapse
The emperor makes fools great

you aren't alone

God never ask
Close your bridge
Walk the road
You think you find

In life
It isn't a one way street
God never tell us
Only you make your choice

You read the scriptures
Written over 600 years
After the death of Jesus
By word of mouth and story telling
How true when the story can be made to believe?
Jesus came to fulfill the prophecy in the old testament
Nothing else he had made or claimed to make
In 3 years of his preaching “died” at age 33

Walk with God
You know how you feel
Yet don't close your door
It isn't a one way street
God never encourage
You may walk the wrong way!

Let the light shine
As you take your journey
You aren't alone any where
There is God watching you

judiciary failed

Sodomy trial
Why so afraid to give documents?
A trial must be fair
Under the law all evidences obtained
Must be disclosed?

Let the accused has a fair trial
As it is now it seems a sabotage
Denying the defence team
To prepare a case..........

The judiciary is again failed
On the wrong road to redemption
The ruling seems to favour the prosecution
It is to fix Anwar Ibrahim

He is just one man
In the Pakatan Rakyat
Let him have a fair fight in court
On a case without merit
Only trying to make it good

Like Azizan Abu Bakar
Saiful too playing the same game
Sodomy trial repeats again
On Anwar Ibrahim

Why so afraid to disclose the documents?
Unless the prosecution knows it will be cut to pieces
Just to prolong it fighting along
Make the perception why Anwar delaying it

cut the money train

Cut the money train
The political elites will disappear
When there is no wealth for distribution
The parasites will let go

The party will fail
A slow death enraging flame
Running amok attacking without reason
It seems to be happening
Amongst the coalition partners

The weak foundation
Building on political base
On money train........
Only for a time
When there is no soul
It will collapse

Leaders must take heed
Branding money to pursue
The brush strokes for a while
It will not last long enough
When soul is weak
The body will collapse

mca change ways

MCA leaders
Self interests run
The community and country
They lack the interests

It's president retracted his promise
Plunging another crisis in the party
He should be a gentleman and resign
Contest again under a fresh election

EGM called and passed resolutions
Respected leaders should have taken notice
Since self interests prevail
MCA will go down in pieces

Now interested party leaders
Requisitioning for another EGM
Fighting for whom the bell tolls
The community and country?
The sins in the closets
Finally too big to ignore

MCA change ways
No racial party
Open it up to all races
It is to survive.....
Enough of personal interests
Flowing out in personal conflicts

Friday, November 06, 2009

the years just fly

60th birthday
All the friends you know
Families and relatives
Wishing you the best

The years just fly
When the eyes full of shine
In the beginning of time
Now the age has taken its way
You wish you will have
All your dreams come true

Yes.....60th birthday
The smile and laughter in the air
The years have been kind
As you see the faces of the years

As you blow the candles
The smoke gets into your eyes
Flashbacks and what could have been
You smile knowing you make it
The journey you have found

if you are not cut for it

Earning income from blogging
It isn't an easy way to create wealth
For the majority of the people........
It is just another way of wasting time
Somebody makes a lot out of your energy

It is just like selling insurance
The talk is so cheap selling a piece of paper
Out on the streets it is so difficult to convince people
They just don't want to buy............
“Nak cari makan pun susah
Lagi nak beli insuran?”

Like selling insurance
Not many make it into high income category
Many fall on the way out..........
Only a few achieve the target
Many fail they aren't cut out for it

If it is so good to achieve an income
Many will have jump into the wagons
Why work 9 to 5 or graveyard shifts?
Doing work at home enjoying the leisure time

If you are not cut for it
It's no use wasting time
Look for something that makes sense
For yourself and your choices in life

road to nowhere

You heard it right
Road to Nowhere
You see money
And wealth creation
The spirit and harmony
Humans and nature
Colludes into smog circle
Polluted streams dirty water
Over 52 years of Bee Anne
Mega projects and greed and corruptions
Draining our natural resources
Culling our lives........wastage plenty
Road to Nowhere
The sign posts for us to see
The laws and policies
The ordinary folks sorry
They don't have any
Road to Nowhere
Don't let the cronies take it all
Change the way
We want it to be
Humans and nature
Respect each other existence
It is our living world
The only place we have
So don't destroy it
We must change
With our votes come GE13

dream but make it happens

Everything you do
You make it by your sweat and tears
And a little help from your friends
And some prayers in solitude

You want to see the world
You have to make it on your own
Dreaming about it is such a past time
You can't set foot on the other side
Even if you pray God will just smile
“Get out of your butt
Save and get it done!”

Dreams a virtual journey
Up in your mind where fools are made
Only it turns into a history
When you make it really!

You want to think it big
Lay the foundation let it be strong
A little help here a little over there
And some prayers to boost self esteem

the singing of ordinary people

Rivers to waterfalls
Roads to hillslopes
Eyes see it all

The wealth gone
Corruptions and greed take it all
Leaving the ordinary people
Struggling to live every day

You wake up
The driveway
Full of corpses

The swine fever mutates
New virus come into play
And the elites keep swallowing
The wealth through greed

Leaving the ordinary people
Struggling to live every day
When growing old to enjoy assets
Freedom to drive with old cars
National Automotive Policy
Swinging with its 6packs gun
Blazing the old buzzards into oblivion

Banks ignore the old
No cars growing loans hard to get
As the eyes close for good
The driveways open
The singing of ordinary people

history of the past

The police state
Subtle ways it moves
By the elite leaders
Gunning down the minds
Of the ordinary people

Every move it makes
It boggles the mind
When it suits its needs
The Constitution conveniently forgets

The police state
The eyes and ears on the move
The ordinary people
Listen to noises you hear

The history of the past
The tactics seem all the familiar
The evils that take them all
The elite leaders they will fall

slopes and monsoons

Slopes and monsoons
Landslides and accidents
The small series of detonations
The rumblings on the ground

Money seems to talk
Ignore it let nature takes its course
As a former minister says
“Act of God what!”

It is human's greed
Causing hardship to many
Fung Shui feeling like god
It's living high on the slopes

It seems the world at your fingertips
Feeling the cool breezes and morning glow
When heavy rain fall straining across
Eyes down mind full of unsecured dreams

The rumblings on the hill slopes
The torrential rain and heavy strokes
Lose the little hope and glow
When nature come charging in

“Act of god what!”
As cries lingering in the fall
The faint light as eyes begin to fold
Breathing slow hoping for a light
“Take me home!”

Thursday, November 05, 2009

let's play fair without fear and favour

The outline of the case
The ordinary people know
What will the judgement be!

It's a landmark case
Where decision will have serious implication
On the rule of democracy in the country
And the Constitutional Monarchy

Nizar requested for 11 member judges
Sad to say the application was dismissed
The judiciary one of the falling angels
The oridinary people wait
For our rights to caste our votes
We will make history and the change

The judiciary on low perception
The people don't trust the judges
They may have sold their dignity
When judgements long winding out of point

When are they judges going to wake up?
Give the ordinary people a break
We want rule of law and uphold Consitution
Let play fair without fear and favour

read your religion

Read your religion
Understand what you visualize
The words have changed its meanigs
Centuries ago till today

Many religious scholars
They changed its perception
And the way they want it to be
The original texts may have lost its meaning

So read it with open mind
Don't follow blindly at your own peril
When you reach the gate of paradise
Don't feel shell shock when you are put aside

God says “Why dont you use your mind?
I give you one to read and understand
You never do you follow blindly
Now at last you find your predicament”

Religious texts are the guide posts
You have to read and form your opinion
Get the correct version and interpretations
But be aware of wolves in sheep clothings

God is everywhere
Any place you can find Him
Only you don't be blind
Following the pack losing your way

the line has ended

Breathe and run
Looking back the demons chase
The skeletons in the cupboard
Dropping out dead

The years of covering up
The light finally shine
Part of the loot in ill-gotten gains
It comes dragging out loud

Lies, greeds and corruptions
It never brings glory and peace of mind
The evil will hit back
Looking back you can't hide

Reports and investigations
The truth will suffice
The culprits will be matched
The line has ended.....

the cyber-space

bernard khoo aka zorro-unmasked
The cyber-space
No age limit to run with
Who give you the right to say?
Only for the young the old should butt out?

This is the borderless universe
The young should learn from the old
The old will give you advice
On the pitfalls they have seen and been

Sometimes the old will learn
A thing or two from the young
But the journey of government
Enriching leaders leaving the people empty
This we must fight for ourselves and country

Currently Umno and Bee Anne
Look what they have acquired
How they help themselves and cronies
Getting Auditor General's report highlighted
Our public funding all go to the wrong hands

The normal sane people
The ordinary people like us
We can't let the alleged crooks take all we have
Leaving us nothing for our generations

The changes will be coming
It is written; it is said
We will wait for the time
Then we will see

So keep on writing
Most of us need all the inputs
For we may not have the contacts
It is through certain blogs we read
Form our opinion and what need to be done