Tuesday, January 31, 2023

will reforms begin?


Anwar fights for reforms

During those years in the opposition

He nailed it on the ground

The changes the nation needs

Now he is on the driver's seat

His focus may have changed

The tasks ahead will be plenty

He needs trusted leaders or advisors

By appointing his daughter to advice him

In economy and finance for the nation

Does he going out for reforms?

Maybe he needs time to reset the focus

No doubt his daughter has the credentials

The years she spent as member of Parliament

She has the experience to look at solutions

But many don't agree for it isn't a reform

Maybe Anwar wants to groom his daughter

The future he sees she has the potential

To become the first female prime minister

In 10 years time starting in 2023

As long as she can play her role

The nation needs to progress economically

Nobody should question her credibility

She isn't a greenhorn in politics

get into gears


Get into gears

3rd gear for a start

It will tell to many

Changes on the way

The changes talk

In his time in opposition

Now Anwar on the driver's seat

He can't tortoise walk it

He has seen the bad vibrations

Those years he spent in prison

Those years he was the opposition leader

He knows what need to be fixed

His ministers must rev it up

Let the sound roar high in the air

Anwar has to give the good vibrations

It will cement his skills and winning state elections

Get into gears

3rd gear for a start

Let the sound roar high in the air

Anwar has to give the good vibrations

the changes the people wait


It is a slow process

The agenda of change

The people are hoping

A new horizon will rise

As it stands now

We haven't seen the results

Anwar may announce it

In February with his budget

The coming Parliament session

Anwar and his ministers must show the way

The agenda of change the nation needs

There will be no excuse to delay

Don't get drown out of senses and reasoning

The people want change to rise quickly

Enough has been said in politics

Now is the work needed to get it done

the bad strokes of corruption


The leader of the Moos

He seems to stay quiet like a mouse

Maybe he is afraid of his footprints

As the hunters going underground

The creative ways of the $92 billion packages

A few caught involving in it

The hunters still keep a low profile

The investigations in hush paces

But the leader of the Moos

The grapevine spreads of his intentions

The months under Emergency rule

The echo comes back to hit the score

It's like the sea of white waves

The undercurrents vibrate silently

As the hunters diving deep to investigate

The bad strokes of corruption

the politics flow


The politics flow

The stride must be even

Let the good spirits smile

Every one has a prize

A link to good fortune

When the outcome is fair and joy

There is no lopsided bargain

Every one has a prize

The lines are drawn

Every one has a chance to win

The stride must be even

Let the good fortunes run

The street noises

If politics is uneven flow

A leg up to a race

The bad vibrations in the ears

The politics flow

The stride must be even

Every one has a chance to win

Every one has a prize

Monday, January 30, 2023

nobody should behave high and mighty


The bad leaders

Now they are out of the loop

The party doesn't want them

They are let loose

They will feel the loss

The followers will slowly disappear

When the power is lost

The followers will go hunting again

In politics it is about power

Together with benefits to play along

The followers aren't fool to lose

Once a leader falls the followers will not stay long

One former leader can't use a public hall

Though it is name after him in his former constituency

Now he will realize once he is out of the party

He will stare at his loss

This is karma for the bad leaders

Nobody should behave high and mighty

A day will come when everything is stripped naked

One wrong move nothing will be forgiven

step up gears to reform


Anwar Ibrahim

Step up gears to reform

Don't wait too long

Enough has been said

Don't create controversy

It will not make a good history

Let the people tell their stories

Let them push you higher to celebrate

Anwar Ibrahim

The reforms must hit the road

Enough of talking and high teas

The nation needs to change

The bad laws and bad policies

The bloated civil service too

Get it on the prime agenda

Don't always think you have the time

Anwar Ibrahim

Don't make the mistakes of the past

Get the changes done quickly

Because the Brutus and Trojan horse lurking

the old work horses


The old work horses

Time they stay away

Let the next generation fight

The workloads of the nation

Some may have stayed too long

They can't contribute much to the nation

One like Ku Li the voters let him go

He is too old to play the political game

Even the Old Man suffered the similar fate

He couldn't keep his promise but harping on a race

Likewise the voters cast their goodbye to him

He is too very old to stay on the game

Some of those who are frogs

Backstabbers or get sacked from their parties

They too should consider a different career

As life in their politics will come to a close

The old work horses

They have their times and pleasures

Time they seek a different game in their lives

The voters will reject them in politics of election

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Gopal Sri Ram


Gopal Sri Ram

He fought his battles

He fought with fairness

He served the nation with distinction

Now he is gone

He left his world for another

Leaving behind his unfinished business

Of Najib and his wife Rosmah cases

The hot-shot lawyer will be happy

He tried many times to stop him

He failed in his attempts

The courts rejected his filing

Now he may smile

The man has gone

He feels he can play his cards

But his clients can't escape

Gopal Sri Ram

The retired Federal Court judge

He leaves his marks behind

The high profile cases somebody has to try

the little napoleons


The little napoleons

They rear its ugly faces

Causing headaches to the authorities

On the segregation of needs

The recent flare up in Johore

About a school preparation to a race

Leaving out the other students

Saying it was near to Chinese New Year

MOE didn't handle it well

A different view was offered

It looked like an after thought

Saying there was another section

Sultan of Johore

His Majesty wants an answer

He doesn't like to hear or read

What has happened in his state

This is the fault of little napoleons

They have to learn they aren't alone

They are other colours in their eyes

The sooner they accept the better for all of us

the bad wolves


The bad wolves

Got the sacked

Now they cry foul

As if they forgot the rules

They knew what would happen

Helping the enemy to win

This is treason in its world

The bad wolves couldn't play innocence

The bad wolves

Some got suspended for 6 years

It will nail their political careers

It is best they retire and stay quiet

It is bad to help your enemy

They plotted and failed

Now they got the sacked

They felt it wasn't fair

When they broke the rules

They knew they could be sacked

They only wanted to say now

Trying to say they were the saints

the game of double standards


The affairs of other countries

Our leaders shouldn't shout and protest

What are we forgotten our principles?

It isn't our problem to hit back

Our political leaders shouldn't play

The hidden ploy in their games

The other nations have their laws

We have ours to make it fair

The political leaders should look in the mirrors

See what have they said and one to the other races

They don't follow the human rights law in the World

The country is part of the World body

Our political leaders should play a fair game

Get the MA63 contractual obligations done with

Let Sabah and Sarawak have their dues now

The affairs of other countries we should stay neutral

It is a poor taste on our part

Poking our noses into other countries affairs

We should be mindful of our own unfairness

Correct it before we want to say about others

we rock to die


We rock to die

Everyday in our lives

We can't escape

It is in our DNA

What we want to do?

Go out and kick out butts

We rock to die

We can't live in lies

We think we know

We learn nothing in space

We are still wondering

About aliens

Back in our cocoon lives

We can do what we want

Don't break the laws

Don't break the rules

We rock to die

Everyday in our lives

We can't live in lies

It is in our DNA

Saturday, January 28, 2023

the way of success


The way of success

It is keeping on learning

Even failures shouldn't bring a bad thing

It says one needs to carry on to feel the hope

The way of success

Is to study the successful ones

They will show the way how they make it

Learn the traits but make your own moves

Because every road has many tributaries

It will ensnare your eyes and mind to wonder

Which way to drive through and find the pot of gold?

Learn what you are best at and make it happens

The way of success

No action nothing will happen

Dreams are made but actions turn to reality

Let it be or roar like the tiger

action is the word


Action is the word

It isn't be the worm

Anwar and his team

Let action sing

Talking is easy

It will not bring result

Anwar and his team

They should know

They were in the opposition

Arguing their days of the wrong

Now they are the government

Action is the word

Tun Musa says it again

During his dialogue in TV

Action is the word

Talking is easy

Anwar and his team

Time to take off the dreams

This is the time to implement

Action is the word

a few were sacked by the wolf party


It's finally on

The wolf party starts to clean up

The bad apples in its rank

They finally got the suspension

A few were sacked

Undermining the party structure

They shouldn't say bad things of their own party

It sounds of betrayal in the party's constitution

Those who are keen on Moos and Crocodiles

They will be gladly accepted by them with open arms

They were the ones helping these parties to win

Now they may have a home to stay on and fight

They may have an honest way to change the party

But airing it during the campaign in GE15

It was on a bad taste playing by them

They were undermining their own party chances

On the whole these members deserved it

There will be no cry or regret as the outcome is known

They deserved the punishment for stabbing their own party

Planning their moves to get the back door back again

the wolf party


The clean up of the wolf party

It has to be done quickly

As some are Trojan horses

Hiding behind the doors

Some are known to the media

They could talk openly against their own party

Causing disunity within its ranks

Letting the opposition to grab a junk of it

It's the power game

Wanting to be in the book

The leaders will hunt for it

Though breaking the rules

Now some are in the hot soup

Boiling feverishly to be shown out the door

These Brutuses mustn't deny their roles

The wolf party leaders have the documents

Their fate will be decided

They can't blame the party but themselves

They wanted to back the right horse

The party of misfits to enter the power game

They lost in their gamble

Now they have to face the disciplinary board

Likely they will be expelled or suspended

They can kiss their political career goodbye

The wolf party

No traitor or Brutus

It needs to clean it up

GE15 told them to act on it

Friday, January 27, 2023

the chief wolf should work within the country


The chief wolf

He doesn't need to travel overseas

His duties will be consigned in the country

He doesn't need to apply for his passport to return

Within the country he can travel freely

His duties will not carry him out of the country

There is another DPM to handle overseas assignment

So he can concentrate on his trial in court

He hasn't been found guilty on his cases

The benefit of doubt still belongs to him

He still has his advantage to carry his duty

Let the Judiciary decide his fate

Anwar shouldn't show his hand but let the court decide

He needs Zahid's support for the nation to grow collectively

Though the chief wolf should stay within the country

There is no need for him to request the return of passport

we want to live


We want to live

Like the wind

We can't live with rules

We will lose

We want to jam

No restriction no religion

Imposing tracks stifling glow

We will lose

We want to fly

No wires to obstruct

We can go anywhere

Nobody can say we can't

We want to grow

Rock in the band and crow

Loud of our voices

Singing our hearts out

We want to live

Like the wind

We can't live with rules

We will lose

don't protest for selfish needs


Why do the Islamic followers protest?

This is a foreign country internal problems

Let the country handle her own affairs

It has nothing to do with these followers

Even Anwar shouldn't say much on it

He can send his protest note to the Ambassador

But our leaders shouldn't say bad things about the country

We should understand Sweden internal problems

We have much to do on our economy

Even those Islamic followers should look in the mirrors

They talk bad about the other races in the country

They should show empathy and practice their faith sincerely

Our country needs healing

The unity seems out of context

Every time the opposition leaders speak

It is about their religion and race

They are living in fear

Afraid of the ghosts cascading their minds

Milking them to taste the wrong instead of the right

They should wake up and see the lights

Don't just protest to gain personal benefits

God will not be kind to those selfish needs

They have to look in the mirrors

What they say about their own country people

the magic in our lives


The magic in our lives

We have to stop and listen

The wind whispering through

The waves of the leaves

In a moment of bliss

We know it is there to feel

A few seconds then it is gone

The magic in our lives

Some will call it luck

Some will say it is fate

At the right moment in time

The magic glows in our minds

Along come religion

Slowing us down our lives

We spend much time trying

Praying hard yet going nowhere

A little magic we ask

But it isn't happening

We thought we are fooled

Living it up staying aloof

But then magic flow in

We never know why

Maybe our prayers say hello

Maybe we are at the right time

Thursday, January 26, 2023

the touch in our lives


The touch in our lives

We mustn't forget it all the times

The glow in our minds

As we don't lose sight

Technology is good

It saves us time and energy

It can give us information

As quickly as we click the mouse

But we mustn't allow it

Claiming in our every day living

We can see how the behaviour changes

Look around in cafes or restaurants or on the streets

The communication seems in the background

We don't hear much of the talking now

It is the show of the hand-phones

Every eye will glue to it

The touch in our lives

Don't let it go to waste

We aren't living underground

So let it glow in our eyes

the home minister


The Home Minister

You can't pretend you don't read the news

Of the moos and crocodiles seditious statements

Something needs to be handled immediately

Stirring up racial overtones isn't welcome

In a way these politicians try to destabilize the government

As the Home Minister you need to be on top gear

If you can't perform your duty it is best you let go

The Penal Code 124 says it clearly

Why not use this law to tackle it?

The Non-Malay mustn't be the punching bags

They have their rights in the Constitution too

The worst is when you kept quiet

You don't issue statement to remind these politicians

The election was over time to tackle the economy

No more racial discord to disrupt the harmony

So Home Minister

It is your call to harmonize the situation

Let the bad politicians face the law

No compromises but be serious

we are bad


We are bad

Somewhere in our minds

It is there all the times

Under lock and key

The prison will tell us

Why these people stay in

It is because the bad going free

Jumping up the queue land in the cage

We are bad

When we lose our control

Within our abilities to stay relevant

We lose the focus and history

We will hear the bad news

Every media will report on it

We are bad

When we lose our control

Mat Sabu has to put aside his jokes


The costs of living

Still stay high in our lives

The hawkers still rising it

Even in the New Year

Mat Sabu has to seriously tackling it

Walk the ground get the necessary feed back

As it stands now he should have the statistics

Be serious get to the bottom of the situation

The previous government may have allowed it

Without a proper control of the prices on the ground

Along the chain of distributions and hiking up costs

Seriously cap the costs of the food prices

Any one or company rising the costs

No licence should be issued

Let it be known greed has no place in economy

Clamp it down hard and prices will plunge down

The costs of living

No place for the greedy

Mat Sabu has to put aside his jokes

Tackle the issue head one without compromises

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

the way forward


The unity government

It should be the way forward

It doesn't need one majority party

Lead the nation and people

When the elections dust have settled

The leaders should cobble a unity government

It will help to balance each other values

For the sake of the nation

The day of a single majority party

It may not happen again for the country

The colours of the voters will decide it

No majority party to play the game

Too much will be at stake

For a single party majority

The history of the past decades

It shows us we mustn't let it happen again

Basically we can't believe the politicians

They will sing a different tune in different locations

Power, wealth and benefits must be checked

The past decades show us why