Friday, January 13, 2023

the houses near the graveyards


The houses near the graveyards

It will tell a different tale to some

Living in it looking at the tombstones

Of the death catching the eyes

Some may not want to live in it

They have the fear of ghosts of revenge

In the dark of night of the whispers

The things moving in the dead night

In Penang the apartments facing the graveyard

All units were snapped up by the buyers

Because it isn't far from Gurney Drive

They didn't think of the ghosts in the apartments

In years to come I heard stories

Of ghosts who refused to live the apartments

They would show their apparitions to the living

It scared them until they shifted or asked for help

Sometimes areas considered bad

The developers shouldn't build on it

The consequences will happen

The dark forces will make its presence

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