Saturday, January 28, 2023

the wolf party


The clean up of the wolf party

It has to be done quickly

As some are Trojan horses

Hiding behind the doors

Some are known to the media

They could talk openly against their own party

Causing disunity within its ranks

Letting the opposition to grab a junk of it

It's the power game

Wanting to be in the book

The leaders will hunt for it

Though breaking the rules

Now some are in the hot soup

Boiling feverishly to be shown out the door

These Brutuses mustn't deny their roles

The wolf party leaders have the documents

Their fate will be decided

They can't blame the party but themselves

They wanted to back the right horse

The party of misfits to enter the power game

They lost in their gamble

Now they have to face the disciplinary board

Likely they will be expelled or suspended

They can kiss their political career goodbye

The wolf party

No traitor or Brutus

It needs to clean it up

GE15 told them to act on it

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