Thursday, January 26, 2023

the home minister


The Home Minister

You can't pretend you don't read the news

Of the moos and crocodiles seditious statements

Something needs to be handled immediately

Stirring up racial overtones isn't welcome

In a way these politicians try to destabilize the government

As the Home Minister you need to be on top gear

If you can't perform your duty it is best you let go

The Penal Code 124 says it clearly

Why not use this law to tackle it?

The Non-Malay mustn't be the punching bags

They have their rights in the Constitution too

The worst is when you kept quiet

You don't issue statement to remind these politicians

The election was over time to tackle the economy

No more racial discord to disrupt the harmony

So Home Minister

It is your call to harmonize the situation

Let the bad politicians face the law

No compromises but be serious

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