Sunday, January 22, 2023

don't let bawang go free


The Home Minister

Leave his fear in his door

He has a job to do

For the nation and her people

Behave like Jokowi

He clamped down the extremists

He clamped down the religious fanatics

He will not tolerate such groups

The Home Minister

Bawang has said of the bribes

In GE15 when videos gone viral

Now it's the time to book him in

Though he twisted it as charity

Giving out in GE15 wasn't

It was a bribery to win voters

The police should have stepped in

Bawang feels he is above the law

He feels is untouchable with his antics

Because the police haven't booked him yet

Will the Home Minister take action!

Now the Home Minister

What will he say still shaking in fear?

Bawang has his followers

Use the law and book the man

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