Wednesday, January 18, 2023

the chief wolf wrong moves


The chief wolf

He can't see the situation

In Sabah and in his AGM

He makes headaches for his members

In Sabah case

He might have agreed

Let the table turn

He thought he could win

But he lost in Sabah

His party was outwitted

His warlord was left without a post

Though it is still a unity state government

In his last AGM

The last minute amendment

No contest for the 2 top posts

Other leaders didn't agree

Though in the assembly

Majority members supported it

They felt the party needed to heal

They didn't want the mess of internal politics

Unless the members write to ROS

The Registrar may want to step in

It will be a headache for the Home Minister

Indirectly it may affect the Prime Minister

A simple way

The chief wolf makes it bad

He should concentrate on the nation

He shouldn't make headache in his party affairs

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