Saturday, January 07, 2023

the Sabah frogs


It's like the wind

Blowing in every direction

Directing its needs

Hitting every object

It doesn't see the debris

Throwing everywhere on the ground

The scattering waste an eyesore to the mind

Still the wind just whirring high and low

It's like the politicians

They can't decide their roles to play

They only think of themselves

The power and wealth in their minds

Every time there is a plot

The gathering of frogs will happen

They don't think of the people

They only think what they can get

In the land below the wind

The back door plot still whispering

Arguing on the point of the state Constitution

The CM has the majority support what's the issue?

As long as the person has the majority support

He will have the right to claim the post

He can be an independent but enjoys the majority

He can lay claim to the position

It's like the politicians

They aren't thinking of the people

They only think of the short term gain

They don't think of public services but their own benefits

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